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Houston Police chief blasts Texas sanctuary city law at national immigration conference

By Kevin Diaz and Lomi Kiel

WASHINGTON – Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo, speaking Thursday at a national immigration forum, blasted Texas’ new anti-sanctuary cities law, known as “SB4,” that allows police officers to question the immigration status of people they detain.

“It is so counter-intuitive, counterproductive,” Acevedo said in remarks that recalled Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas that took the lives of at least 58 people as well as the gunman.

“When you have millions of victims and witnesses of crime that you’re pushing back into the shadows, people who might know about a guy who’s going crazy and might shoot up 20,000 concertgoers, and they’re afraid to come forward,” he said. “How is that a public safety measure? It’s a real problem.”

Acevedo delivered his remarks at a conference of the National Immigration Forum, a group that has sought to rally moderates and conservatives to a “center-right” consensus on immigration reform.


Hays superintendent’s ouster linked to teacher investigation

By Melissa B. Taboada – American-Statesman Staff

A months-long Hays school district investigation into complaints of a hostile work environment at an elementary school played a role in the abrupt departure of Superintendent Michael McKie, documents obtained by the American-Statesman show.

McKie, hired in May 2013, had two years left on his contract when he resigned May 9. He received a settlement of $236,929, according to a district separation agreement, which prevents the district, trustees and McKie from making any disparaging remarks or disclosing the events leading to the agreement.

The records obtained by the Statesman shed light on a personnel dispute at Hemphill Elementary School that caused divisions between administrators and the school board in the weeks before McKie decided to leave.

Multiple employees at Hemphill Elementary complained that two teachers who are friends of school board member Esperanza Orosco had bullied and intimidated other staff members at the school, according to the records.

Staff members interviewed during the investigation also made similar allegations about Orosco, who frequently visited the teachers at the school.

When McKie notified the school board that actions were being taken to address the teachers’ behavior, some board members raised questions about the investigation, causing friction between a few trustees and McKie and other administrators, the records show. Then-school board President Holly Raymond said in an email to McKie that a human resources administrator had used unacceptable tactics when he interviewed two dozen school staffers.


Ken Paxton investigated for accepting $100,000 gift

By Chuck Lindell – American-Statesman Staff

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is under investigation for accepting $100,000 from the head of a company that was being investigated for fraud, and a decision on whether to pursue bribery-related charges is expected soon.

The money, part of almost $548,000 Paxton has collected to help pay for his legal defense against felony charges that he defrauded investors in private business deals in 2011, came from James Webb of Frisco, the president of Preferred Imaging, a medical diagnostic firm.

In 2016, Preferred Imaging paid $3.5 million to settle a whistleblower lawsuit that accused the company of violating Medicaid billing rules. The settlement was signed by U.S. Justice Department officials and the head of Paxton’s Civil Medicaid Fraud Division.


RER Claver Kamau – Imani Friday Sep 29 2017 (AUDIO)

RER Claver Kamau – Imani Friday Sep 29 2017 (AUDIO)

Texas Right to Life has released its scorecard following the 2017 session. Not many surprises as several Texas Republicans scored lower than some Democrats.

Political consultant Matt Armstrong specializes in campaigns for liberty movement candidates. He talks the landscape of the 2018 primary.

RERcontributor Angela Box and Apostle Claver spar over the strategy of focusing on races for U.S. Congress.

REReditor for Pop Culture Tina Moody Bryan speaks her peace on the #TakeAKnee madness after cancelling her NFL Ticket package. She then reports on a topless protest in New York with a predictable outcome.

RER Girls From Texas Friday Sep 29 2017 (AUDIO)

The Girls From Texas,Holli Feeley and Gloria Cox discuss the ongoing problems Texans are having trying to recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. Our guest today is Darla Redwine, reporting as a boots-on-the-ground volunteer.

Holli and Gloria also discussed Representative Byron Cook and Hill County efforts to censure him for his actions that are in direct oppositions to the reasons he was elected and in defiance to the Texas Republican Party Platform. Joe Palmer is their guest for the last hour to discuss the political shenanigans.