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At approximately, 10:35 a.m. at the 2nd    quarter meeting of the State Republican Executive Committee, James Dickey was elected as the new interim Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

Dickey, the Travis County GOP chair, defeated political neophyte Rick Figueroa of Brenham by the vote tally of 32 to 31. 32 votes are needed to win.

Figueroa was the handpicked successor of outgoing state chair, Tom Mechler, who resigned suddenly and unexpectedly on Saturday, May 20.  RER broke the story of his impending resignation on Thursday, May 18.

Dickey is considered an authentic conservative, and longtime grassroots activists. He’s credited with co-founding the Dallas Tea Party, and founding the Central Texas Republican Assembly.

The audience in the meeting room of the Wyndam Garden Hotel in Austin, packed wall-to-wall, erupted into a thunderous roar when the results were announced.

Just moments after assuming the position of state party chair, Dickey immediately began appointing committee chairmanships and assignments.  The approving of those appointments by the SREC was tabled until the afternoon session to give the members time to study Dickey’s selections. will have full reports upcoming.

Listen to this week for audio reports and interviews.


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RERresearch uncovered two donations to Democrats by Texas GOP Chairman candidate, Rick Figueroa.

As previously reported by RER, Figueroa gave a donation to Democrat Kristi Thibaut during the 2006 general election when she was attempting to turn a red seat blue.  She eventually lost to Republican Jim Murphy (R-Houston RER59).  In 2009, Figueroa donated to Democrat Gene Locke in the Houston’s mayor’s race.

In the heat of a furious, unforeseen campaign to replace former chair, Tom Mechler, a candidates forum for the two candidates vying to replace Mechler, Figueroa and James Dickey of Travis County, took place at the headquarters of the Harris County GOP, Tuesday, May 30.

Based on the reporting of, the candidates were asked if they have ever given to a candidate or organization whose mission is counter to the principles and planks of the RPT platform.  Specifically, Democrats.  The question was generated from the audience in attendance.

Figueroa admitted he gave a political contribution to Planned Parenthood Democrat, Thibaut, in her race against Murphy.  In fact, he stated he was “very proud” of the contribution.

His reasoning?  Thibaut’s father was his little league coach.

Figueroa didn’t finish the question strong, and the audience wasn’t thrilled, as he stated that “I’d do it, again.”

It’s a good question to ask if this situation were to happen while he was holding the office of Texas GOP Chair, would he “do it, again?” Would Rick Figueroa give to a Democratic candidate as Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas?  What if Thibaut’s dad, his little league coach, just popped up again for the same reason?  His daughter is running for office.

After losing to Murphy in the 2006 general election, Thibaut went on to become a lobbyist for ACORN.


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JUNE 1, 2017

Texas Right to Life needs your help!

Due to our firm belief that he will be a dedicated defender of Life once in office, Texas Right to Life PAC is proud to announce our support and endorsement of James Dickey for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas!

James’ extensive party involvement, including his most recent position as chairman of the Travis County Republican Party, makes him a highly experienced candidate to serve as chair of the Republican Party of Texas.  James shares Texas Right to Life’s desire to see a more involved state party enforcing Republican principles in state government, including and most importantly, the sanctity of innocent human Life.

This Saturday, in the wake of the resignation of former Chairman Tom Mechler, the State Republican Executive Committee will vote by secret ballot to decide the new chairman of the RPT.  The SREC sets official policy for the party and is comprised of two members (one male and one female) from each Texas senate district.   This 62-member body will elect the chairman this weekend and we must ensure they choose James Dickey.

We need you to call and email both of your SREC members and urge them to cast their vote for James Dickey!  These men and women are supposed to represent you in the leadership of the Republican Party and they must know your unwavering commitment to protecting Life.

Who are my SREC members?

What’s my senate district number?

For example: if you live in the city of McKinney with a ZIP code of 75070, you live in Senate District 8 and your SREC members are Candy Noble and Karl Voigtsberger.

Personally contacting your SREC members is the most effective way to ensure that the new leadership of the Republican Party of Texas rightfully prioritizes the defense of Life!  Help Texas Right to Life in our efforts to keep the RPT committed to acting on Pro-Life values; call your SREC members today and ask them to elect James Dickey as the new chairman.


Dr. Laura Pressley resides in Travis County where James Dickey is the current Republican Party chairman. She has become known around the state of Texas as the leader on election integrity after filing a lawsuit against Travis County’s election office following her run for Austin City Council in 2015.

Pressley has had the opportunity to observe the work of James Dickey, up close, since she is also an elected precinct chair.  She certainly was very attentive to situation of off-the-wall ex-Chairman Robert Morrow, his resignation from the post, and the Republicans of Travis County urging Dickey to reenter the chairman’s job.

Pressley speaks of James Dickey in glowing terms, “I really like James Dickey! I do!”

“We were just glad he (Dickey) wanted to step back in.  You know, we really struggled.  I was in all those executive committee meetings here in Travis County.  I’m a precinct chair.  We struggled and struggled with Robert Morrow, and I’m a pretty tolerant person,” said Pressley of the short tenure of Morrow.

“We’ve got a lot going on in Travis County, and he (Dickey) has been fabulous.  He’s been a very big advocate for election integrity here in Travis County.”


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Former RNC Committeeman from Texas, Bill Crocker, mass distributed a letter of endorsement via email for Texas GOP Chairman candidate Rick Figueroa on last Wednesday, May 31.

With Figueroa being a virtual unknown to the supermajority of the party faithful, and with essentially no political experience, Crocker’s letter focuses more on gong negative against Figueroa’s opponent, Travis County GOP Chair, James Dickey than underscoring any outstanding achievements of Figueroa’s.

Figueroa, a political novice, has adopted the slogan, “Impact over experience”, as his campaign slogan.  Crocker’s letter attempts to reinforce Figueroa’s claim that experience doesn’t matter and provide him cover – a clear indication that Figueroa’s résumé is a blank page.

Future of the Texas GOP


It is my honor to write today to offer my wholehearted endorsement for Rick Figueroa to be the next Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. Rick’s strong leadership skills, keen understanding of strategy, and experience raising large sums of money make him the ideal candidate to lead the largest state party in the nation. 

For the past year, Rick has played an integral role in developing one of the most sophisticated engagement plans in RPT history. This effort was built on a business model of measurable metrics, clear goals, and an innovative, relational approach. This plan has already received national recognition and accolades and is being evaluated for replication in target areas across the country. 

In addition to his successes with engagement, Rick has the unique ability to raise and maintain large sums of money. With over 20 years of experience in the financial sector, Rick is currently responsible for managing $300 million dollars. Not only is he tasked with raising funds, he is tasked with being a good steward of those funds. People trust him with their savings, retirement, and livelihood. And he has a track record of success. But Rick also has experience raising money for the RPT. Over the past year, he has traveled around the state for meetings with large donors to solicit funds for the RPT. His ability to effectively present a plan and show a tangible return on investment has made him an invaluable fundraiser for the RPT. If we elect Rick as our next state chairman, he will unquestionably be able to raise the funds our Party will need to succeed.  

Rick’s opponent has campaigned on the slogan “experience matters,” but I would argue that impact matters more. You can have a lot of experience, but that doesn’t guarantee success. The quality of the experience and what the experience produces is what matters. I’ve been involved in politics long enough to know that true leadership is not determined by how many years you’ve been in politics, but by your vision and ability to implement that vision.  Rick’s opponent has an inconsistent record during his tenure of leadership. 

When his county chairman’s seat came up for election in 2016, Dickey spent very limited time and money in the first reporting period campaigning to defend his turf. And in doing so, lost his seat to a conspiracy theorist who made Texas an international laughingstock. When Dickey had the opportunity to make amends for this stinging loss and be a unifier at the 2016 National Convention, he instead chose to attempt to subvert the will of Republican voters all across the nation by being a leader in the “Never Trump” and “Free the Delegates” movement. At the same time, Rick was working to unite the bitterly divided factions of our party. In fact, during one particularly heated moment in our Texas caucus, I am told that a Cruz delegate and Trump delegate were on the verge of a physical fight. Rick approached this altercation to talk with both of them, and by the end of it the three of them were praying together. The mark of true leadership is the ability to lead and find peace in even the most difficult of situations. 

Mr. Dickey also has a spotty record of raising funds for the Travis County Republican Party. When he lost his seat to Robert Morrow, the Travis County Republican Party was in rough financial shape. The most important job of the Chairman is to raise funds. During election years, the RPT will need to raise a minimum of 2-3 million dollars, just to ensure we maintain our current seats. A person who struggled to keep money in the bank is not a person with the capability of raising that level of funds. 

Finally, Dickey does not have a strong record of success in his current position. In addition to his inability to maintain his own seat, Dickey has failed to hold on to the precious few Republican seats in Travis County. In fact, from my research, of the 56 partisan elected seats in Travis County today, only 2 are held by Republicans. Friends, we cannot let Texas begin to look like Travis County. 

Our State is at a critical turning point. With demographics shifting and many pundits now labeling Texas as a swing state, it’s imperative that we elect a leader with vision and intention. Rick has laid out a detailed, complex plan to lead us to success. From the start, he’s been transparent about his goals and intentions. He has the knowledge and ability to raise large sums of money. He has the ability to lead and help unify our Party. Finally, he has the unique ability to help engage the diverse populations in Texas. 

I’ve been a Texas Republican a long time. I’ve seen a lot of different leaders come and go. I’ve personally witnessed successful chairmen and failed chairmen. You have the opportunity to do something great this weekend- to elect a leader with a passion and vision for our Party that is unmatched. I hope you will join me in supporting Rick Figueroa to be the next Chairman of our great Party. 


Bill Crocker
Former National Committeeman for Texas 
Former RNC General Counsel



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Artemio “Temo” Muniz heads up the Federation of Hispanic Republicans here in Texas.  The organization is an official auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas.

Based in Houston, Temo was present and a contributor for the inception of the Tea Party in Houston.  His cred as a grassroots activist cannot be questioned.  His style of engagement employs tactics of benevolence in Hispanic communities.  A typical example would be to expend sweat equity by cleaning up the lawn of an elderly, disabled Hispanic couple that received a citation for their poorly kept lawn from the City of Houston.  Temo believes that direct, personal investment in communities of color will yield a bountiful harvest of new GOP voters from Hispanic communities.

Temo was present when things got more than a little heated within the Texas delegation to the 2016 RNC National Convention.  It was all about the controversial speech of Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. Texas delegates were literally in each other’s faces – Trump verses Cruz delegates, as Temo witnessed it.

Temo videoed, and has posted, what he believes is a moment that SREC members should consider as they prepare to vote for the interim chair of the Republican Party of Texas.  The candidates are Rick Figueroa and James Dickey.

Temo’s video shows Figueroa intervening in a near-brawl of a confrontation between two delegates at the convention.  Figueroa was able to bring the combatants to a lower temperature level and eventually lead them in prayer.

In this RERhotclip Temo explains why he feels this is a key component to electing Figueroa as the next Texas GOP chair.  Yet, he is aggressively challenged by Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani on his assessment of which of the two candidates have the bone fides to receive the promotion and is worthy of leading the grassroots activists, such as Temo, himself.


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George Rodriguez politically operates under the nom de guerre of El Conservador.  Growing up in a liberty-guided and politically-active family in the RGV, George’s love of Texas, and his roots within her, run deep.

Before retirement, George served in the Reagan and Bush “The Elder” administrations.  George was instrumental in the founding and guiding of the San Antonio Tea Party at its inception.  The San Antonio Tea Party was targeted by America’s Gestapo, the Internal Revenue Service.

GRod (the nickname he picked up as a charter RER broadcast activist) is both a longtime Republican, liberty-driven grassroots activist, and measuring by his recent multiple appearances on Fox and Friends and Spanish-language media, a voice for liberty that is appreciating in value.

GRod has no tolerance for what he calls “professional Hispanics”.  He considers Rick Figueroa, candidate for Texas GOP Chairman, to be a professional Hispanic.

“These folks pretend to know everything Hispanic, to speak on behalf of everyone who’s Hispanic, and to be what I call ‘professional Hispanics’.

“They even get paid for it.  They even get paid for it, because they are Hispanic and they know what’s best.  Well, these characters are so out of touch, so out of touch with the grassroots, it’s not even funny.

“The best example is the whole immigration issue, and how they have postured themselves behind things like the Texas Solution. And, how they have postured themselves for the rights of illegal aliens who have done nothing to merit being deported. It just infuriates the heck out me!”

In this RERhotclip El Conservador’s take on the RPT’s Hispanic listening tour that Figueroa touts as his greatest achievement to earn him promotion to state party chairman, is a comical evisceration.


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Ken Emanuelson is one of the most respected liberty movement (LM) activist in Texas.  His ability to organize ground games for LM candidates, at all campaign levels, is renowned.  He is best known for being a founder of the Dallas Tea Party. To this day, it is believed to be the largest Tea Party org in the nation.

Speaking on on Friday, May 26, Emanuelson dropped a bomb of knowledge that most in the know didn’t know.  Emanuelson informed RER listeners that James Dickey, a candidate for Texas GOP chair, is an actual co-founder of the Dallas Tea Party.

“The Dallas Tea Party was the very first time I got to know James.  I didn’t know him before that.  And, so we all kind of came together, probably a little mix of fortune and the grace of God, whatever a person wants to say it was, we came together.  And, I got to know James.

“And, obviously in the early days of the Tea Party movement, there were a whole lot of decisions to be made.  And, there were a whole lot of perspectives.

“And, one of the things that I’ve always respected about James is he’s a very levelheaded guy”, said Emanuelson in his strong testimony of the character of James Dickey.

In this RERhotclip, after extolling the benefits of Dickey from his analysis, Emanuelson turns his attention to Dickey’s opponent, Rick Figueroa, and questions his bona fides to lead the RPT.

Emanuelson’s insight into Dickey may be unique because of their close working relationship at the inception of the Tea Party movement.


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Daniel Miller is President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, the largest organization working towards Texas independence on the globe.  Appearing on Monday, May 29, Miller kept his commitment to announce the TNM’s endorsement for Republican Party of Texas Chairman on RER.

“For me, I had to look at it from two different ways.  Number one, I have to look at it as president of the Texas Nationalist Movement who is trying to answer a question that is being posed to us by our membership.  Then, I have to look at it as someone who is a Republican voter.  Watching it in those two veins (the candidate forum held in Tarrant County last Saturday), it was quite interesting,” said Miller as he wound up for the announcement. “It was very informative.  I was more impressed, on both levels, with one candidate more than the other.”

Miller was immediately pressed in the interview to promptly name the candidate that the TNM is endorsing.  “What we are going to recommend today, to our members that are also in the Republican Party, we’re going to recommend that they throw their full support behind James Dickey.”

James Dickey is currently the Travis County GOP Chair.  His opponent is Rick Figueroa of Brenham, a precinct chair and volunteer for RPT Hispanic engagement.

In this RERhotclip, Miller goes into great detail on why the TNM forces are backing Dickey over Figueroa, including the contents of a conversation he had with Dickey.


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What it was like to watch the fight on the Texas House floor

Washington (CNN)On Monday, at the end of the Texas legislative session, things took a very nasty turn. Protesters unhappy with a bill passed through the legislature that would ban so-called “sanctuary cities” entered the House gallery, forcing lawmakers to halt their work. Amid that standoff, there was an altercation — the details of which are unclear — between Republican and Democratic legislators. Texas Tribune editor Emily Ramshawwatched it unfold. Our conversation about the fight — as well as what else went on and whether there’s going to be a special session — conducted via email and lightly edited for flow is below.

Cillizza: The fight over SB-4 — the Texas “sanctuary cities” ban — drew massive attention nationally on Monday. Was it expected?
Ramshaw: The bill, complete with “show-me-your-papers” authority for local law enforcement, made huge waves throughout this year’s Texas legislative session, with endless hours of emotional testimony, rallies and protests, and passionate speeches from the floor of the House and Senate. But that all largely wrapped up several weeks ago, when the bill finally passed.
Monday was supposed to be mostly ceremonial — the final day of the regular legislative session — and all was quiet in both chambers. The only drama we expected was the possibility of some last-minute wrangling over Texas’ “bathroom bill,” which hadn’t passed due to a stalemate at the Capitol, and was expected to send us into legislative overtime.
Then a large, well-organized SB-4 protest broke out at the Capitol, and protesters flooded the gallery of the Texas House. They were so noisy that the House’s work ground to a halt as state troopers worked to get the protesters under control.