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It’s the year-end political awards that surpass the rest.  Always containing some surprises, Claver and George reveal the winners and “losers” of 2017 with the announcement of this year’s “RAGE-EES”!


The “Raging Elephant” of 2017 – SREC Committeeman Jeremy Blosser

Jeremy Blosser of Tarrant County, is a member of the State Republican Executive Committee for Senatorial District 10.  He is the author of Republican Party of Texas #RULE44.

The “Raging Loser” of 2017 – Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus

The four-term Speaker of the House announced he would not seek another term as Speaker, or as a State Representative.

“Raging Campaign” of 2017 — James Dickey for Republican Party of Texas Chairman

After the unexpected resignation of former Texas GOP Chairman Tom Mechler, a campaign that lasted a mere weeks was waged that changed the ideological compass, management, and direction of the state party.  Dickey grabbed victory by a single vote over Mechler’s handpicked candidate to be his successor.

Legislature “Raging Warriors” of 2017?

Senate – State Senator Lois Kolkhorst (R-Brenham)

Not having a reputation of being a Pink Dome liberty warrior, and with an overwhelming blah legislative record, Kolkhorst was a surprise choice to carry the “Bathroom Bill” in the 2017 legislative session. She was pitch perfect and stubborn in ushering the high-emotion bill to Senate passage, twice.

House – State Rep. Matt Schaeffer (R-Tyler)

Shaeffer came out roaring like a lion in the 2017 legislative session.  It was a side of the State Representative that we had not observed in previous sessions.  He pushed hard to get the “Bathroom Bill” to the floor of the House in the face of gross tyranny being practiced by the Straus-ians, but without success.  However, he was successful in putting the teeth back into the Sanctuary Cities Bill after Straus-ian State Rep. Charlie “Cookie Monster” Geren was assigned to carry it in the House after Senate passage.         

The “Raging Story” of the Year — The Sudden Collapse of the Straus Reign

Quicker, and just as unexpectedly, than the opening of the Berlin Wall and the crumbling of the Iron Curtain, was the demise of the anti-liberty control of Texas politics by the regime of Texas Speaker of House Joe Straus.  On October 25, 2017, Straus, one of the most powerful Speakers Texas has ever known, announced he would not be seeking re-election as Speaker, or as the Representative of San Antonio House District 121.  Four minutes later, his number two, State Rep. “Lord Byron” Cook, Chairman of the most-powerful State Affairs Committee, announced his retirement, too.

The “Raging Rising Star” of 2017 – State Rep. Briscoe Cain (R-Houston)

Although a freshman under the Pink Dome in 2017, Cain is no Johnny Come Lately.  He’s a veteran of religious liberty and pro-life battles, with deep roots in the Liberty Movement.  This background and experience vaulted him to be graded the most conservative legislator in the Texas House for 2017 by the Rice University Political Science Department.  Cain got his legislative sea legs, quickly, and then became a valuable contributor to the brain trust of the House Freedom Caucus.

The “Raging Activist” of 2017 – Dr. Laura Pressley

Since her runoff defeat for Austin City Council District 4 in 2014, Dr. Laura Pressley has been the leading proponent for election integrity in Texas.  Establishment forces from multiple quarters have attempted to discredit her research and short circuit her statewide crusade to inform Texans about the untrustworthiness on Texas election conduct.  Her legal case battling fraud in her own election advanced to the Texas Supreme Court, she forced the Travis County Attorney to sue the Texas AG to prevent them from giving Pressley emails on the county’s election procedures, and Gov. Abbott placed election integrity on his Call for the 2017 Special Legislative Session.

            Honorable Mention — Terri Hall, Texas T.U.R.F.

Being the most vigilant liberty movement activist on the issue of Texas Transportation, mother-of-ten Terri Hall caught TxDOT trying to execute a flanking maneuver to use unauthorized public funds to finance their continued addiction to toll roads throughout the state.

Honorable Mention — Bexar County GOP, Anderson County GOP, Cherokee County GOP, and Hill County GOP Executive Committees

They did the tough and proper job.  They showed the entire Republican Party of Texas what holding your elected officials accountable looks like.  They held to the truth that “the defense of liberty begins in your own backyard”. They censured the RINOs in their own backyards.

Thanks to these dedicated elected bodies of the party, three Republican officeholders were officially censured and recommended for penalties for the first time in party history:  Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus, State Rep. Byron Cook (R-Corsicana), and State Rep. Travis Clardy (R-Nacogdoches).

“Never Saw THAT Coming!” – Hurricane Harvey

The storm rolled off the Yucatan Peninsula and within 72 hours developed into a category 4 hurricane only a few nautical miles from the beautiful beaches and communities of the Texas Coastal Bend.  In late August, Hurricane Harvey smashed into Port Aransas and Port Lavaca and flattened everything in its path.

With no prevailing steering currents, for five days Harvey sat over southeast Texas and spun – dumping the Gulf of Mexico on Houston, the Golden Triangle, and causing significant damage and difficulties in at least 30 counties.

Harvey’s impact on the Texas economy and politics will last for a decade, or more.

“We Told Ya So…”  

A few of the stories can claim getting the scoop.

            Mechler Resignation

48 hours before he planned to spring it on the rest of the party and state, RER told our audience that Republican Party of Texas Chairman Tom Mechler was going to resign before the expiration of his term.

            Straus #RULE44

RER was embargoed on the hot info.  After knowing that the Bexar County GOP Executive Committee would attempt to #RULE44 the Texas Speaker Joe Straus, RER held the critical info for days before e-blasting out the breaking news shortly after midnight on the day the resolution was to be filed by the San Antonio precinct chairs.

            Pink Dome Civil War

The 2015 legislative session in Texas was Gov. Abbott’s first session.  It was also Lt. Gov. Patrick’s first.  By Sine Die that year, the frustrations between Abbott, Patrick and Speaker Joe Straus was starting to erupt in the public sphere with nasty comments exchanged in media.

We read the tea leaves that Abbott and Patrick would team up during the 2017 session to isolate Straus and go right after him on his weakest positions – especially the social issues.  That was clear when Abbott placed an unheard of 20 items on his special session agenda designed to give Straus and the House heartburn.  Straus called the agenda “horse manure”.

The “Raging Class Act” of 2017 – State Senator Bob Hall         

We’re not sure if State Sen Bob Hall (R-Canton) is a prophet.  Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that his clairvoyance on the issue of Texas security should certainly conjure up the question.

Even before his election in 2014 in an upset victory, Hall had become a champion of border security and protecting the Texas electrical grid.  Texas has its own, independent, standalone power grid.  Hall has been fighting to pass legislation for the funding and completion of the grid’s hardening to protect from a hostile EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) attack.   Have you been following the developments in North Korea and with “Little Rocket Man”?

Hall also gets points for being a terrier against toll road proliferation and being instrumental in the killing of red light and speed cameras, statewide.

Although a tenacious legislator, Hall goes about his business with direct, yet, gentle words and abundant courtesy.

The “Raging Chicken(s)” of 2017 – Harris County GOP

Very much like her political mentor, Joe Straus, we can’t think of a single issue within the Texas GOP Platform that State Rep. Sarah Davis (R- West University) believes in.  Most every action she has taken while serving in the Texas House has been a violation of the party’s foundational principles.

Yet, when given the tool to chastise her for being an outspoken opponent to the principles and agenda of the party – namely through #RULE44 – the Harris County Republican Party, under the leadership of Chairman Paul Simpson, didn’t do their duty.

The Harris GOP didn’t protect the platform and the principles of the party.

Why?  They were just chicken.  Thus, we gloss the Harris GOP Executive Committee and its Chairman, as “THE CHICKEN COOP”.

The “Raging Jerk” of 2017 – State Rep. “Lord Byron” Cook

Article 1 Section 8 of the Texas Constitution establishes press credentials for every Texas citizen.  The Open Meetings Act doubles down on the right of every Texan to record and report on any public meeting.

On one given day during the 2017 Texas Legislative Session, Texas citizen journalist Amy Hedtke decided to practice her craft in the House State Affairs Committee Room of Chairman “Lord Byron” Cook.

“Lord Byron” ordered her to cease live streaming during his committee hearing.  Amy refused.  Cook had her literally dragged out of the room by DPS Troopers and arrested.

Now that Cook and the Texas House are under legal pressure for his actions, the Cook defense is that the courts of Texas don’t have jurisdiction within his committee room.  It will no longer be his committee room in 2019.

            Dishonorable Mention – State Rep. Travis Clardy

We’re trying to figure out where State Rep. Travis Clardy (R-Nacogdoches) got his swag, and why?  He fancies himself as the next Texas Speaker. From our observation he’s peddling faux swag.

Clardy may have taken home the trophy if it wasn’t for the unthinkable acts of “Lord Byron”.

The Cherokee County GOP Executive Committee failed to meet the threshold to censure Clardy after two meetings where Clardy made a 100% ass out of himself in an attempt to stop the action.  He was condescending, arrogant, and acted entitled.

Just when he thought it was clear sailing toward the Speaker’s suite, Cherokee took a second stab at it and Clardy went down in history as the second Texas Republican officeholder to be censured through #RULE44.

The “Raging RINO” of 2017– State Rep. Sarah Davis

No brainer.

State Rep. Sarah Davis is pro-abortion with financial ties to Planned Parenthood.  She is pro neo-morality movement.  She possesses a deep resentment toward the principles of the party, has no problem voicing that sentiment. Pretty much every legislative action she takes violates those principles.

We think we can save a lot of money at RER on award costs by pre-ordering the future Davis “Raging RINO” trophies and getting a bulk price break.

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Chris Carmona is running for Harris County Republican Party Chairman.  Carmona achieved the new Texas GOP rule that county party chair candidates must receive the signatures of 10% of the counties precinct chairs to be placed on the ballot.

Carmona, a native of Port Arthur, Texas, announced his candidacy on last Friday.  The filing deadline closed on last Monday, December 11.  Carmona has run for public office previously in the Houston area.

In his first live and exclusive interview on, Carmona began by presenting a gentlemanly approach to his campaign launch and initial branding.  However, by segment two, Carmona’s passion for victory for Harris GOP and his frustration over previous election cycle annihilations began to seep through his comments.

“Let’s talk about the money aspect.  You can have all the cash but if you have the wrong message and the wrong brand you’re spending the money on, you’re going to get what we got in 2016.  And, that’s zero victories countywide.

“I mean, if you spend $6 million dollars and get zero victories in 2016 does that mean you’re making the most efficient use out of that $6 million dollars?  The answer is no.”

A unique critique of Harris GOP’s operation by Carmona is that they’ve abandoned the idea of heavy reliance on grassroots volunteerism.  He charges that they are copying the Democrat model and attempting to establish payroll ground game activists.  Texas Democrats have been known to place ads in Craigslist for paid ground game positions.

What does he think about State Rep. Sarah Davis and the effort to #RULE44 her?

When it comes to Harris County, does the prevailing wisdom that the party must accept RINO incumbents and candidates to continue to win agree with the thoughts of Carmona?

For the answers, CHECK OUT THE RERhotclip.

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In what has to be considered a historical moment in Texas political history.  The Republican Party of Bexar County has officially #RULE44 censured Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus.

The meeting took place tonight in San Antonio and was attended by 100+ precinct chairs.

Tempers flared early even before official debate started. Straus supporters attempted time-killing tactics in an effort to prolong the inevitable and gum-up the well-organized anti-Straus forces.

Perhaps the most vivacious debating was over whether videos supporting the resolution would be allowed to be played.  The body eventually decided to play the videos, foreshadowing what the final and official censure vote could look like.

99 votes were cast.  In order for the resolution to pass according to Texas GOP #RULE44, a 2/3 affirmative vote of those voting would be needed.  66 votes.

The Straus #RULE44 Censure Resolution passed with a total of 77 votes.

The censure resolution now is passed up to the State Republican Executive Committee for official state party censure and penalties.

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On November 29, Tucker Carlson of Fox News interviewed a Canadian academic about a new acronym for the neo-morality movement.  LGBTQ has been extended to LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP.

RERcontributor Tracy Shannon covers the neo-morality beat for RER.  As would be expected, she did research what behavior or belief each letter stands for in the 15-letter acronym.

“In 2009 Canada passed the Equity Inclusive Education Strategy.  And, it required schools to implement these teachings.  That’s why you’re seeing so much of that (neo-morality activity) so openly in Canada.

“Now, here in the United States, the problem is notification is only required for sex education.  But, this (the Canadian model) is being taught across curriculum.  The lifestyles are being taught across curriculum and the parents are not being notified.”

RERcontributor Alice Linahan covers what we call “Big Ed” in Texas – the Texas Education Industrial Complex.  After Shannon filed her report, Linahan followed up with the confirmable evidence that the same curriculum in Canada exists right here in Texas.

Within her report on RER, Linahan stated, “This has been set up. And this is what we’ve been screaming about at the top of our lungs.  We have to start holding all of these people accountable no matter what side of the aisle they’re on, because they have been passing legislation making this happen.

“In November of last year, we had parents go and testify in front of the State Board of Education on the math standards, saying ‘this is not teaching our children math’!”

The entire LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP scheme is about (you guessed it) sex education and the neo-morality movement.  Linahan said, “These sex education standards. These values standards are being implemented in our core subjects. That’s what cross-curriculum education is all about.  You teach transgenderism. You teach ‘Johnny has two daddies, or you give that crazy book…”

“In algebra,” interrupted Claver Kamau-Imani.

“In algebra!”

Listen to the full RERhotclip as Linahan puts blame squarely at the feet of elected officials – and she names names.

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The Republican Caucus of the Texas House of Representatives met on December 1 to finalize the process of selecting the Caucus’ nominee for Speaker.

This is the third time the Texas GOP Representatives have huddled up to discuss this process that’s called for by the Texas GOP Platform of 2016.  The Platform instructs the GOP House Caucus to convene after the November general election and before the opening day of the Texas Legislative Session to select a consensus party nominee for Speaker.  The Platform does not prescribe the process by which to get to a nominee.

The grand idea is that once a consensus nominee is settled upon by the House GOP Caucus, the Caucus is to march into the first day of the 2019 Legislative Session and vote as a block for the Speaker nominee.

In the RERvideo, State Rep. Kyle Biedermann (R-Fredericksburg) makes a report before the quarterly meeting of the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC), the board of directors for the state party.

Biedermann describes how the Caucus came to a multi-threshold process for a Speaker candidate to win the nomination. The first threshold is to win the vote by a 2/3’s super majority. Threshold number two will be a 3/5’s vote total.

Why not a simple majority?  Biedermann explains the thinking of the Caucus in his SREC report.

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Saturday, December 2, 2017, was another historical day for Texas politics and the cause of liberty.  A sitting Texas Republican officeholder was being held accountable by the board of directors of the state party.  The Texas State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) considered a resolution to officially censure and sanction State Rep. Byron Cook (R-Corsicana RER56).

The debate was passionate and worth viewing the 16-minute RERvideo.  The reasons behind opposing the resolution were nonsensical and comical, as presented by the committee speaking at the mic for its defeat.

Mike McCloskey, Committee Member from Senatorial District 5, informed the body that he’d had conversations with D.C. officeholders that threatened to withhold funding to the state party if any elected officials received the punishment of censure.

Jack Barcroft of SD24 said, “I feel the weight of the voters on my shoulders”.  How could a mere 62 turnover the will of the 42,000 voters in Cook’s district?

A potential scandal broke out in the middle of the debate.  Janet Jackson of SD22 stated on the record that she had recently had a conversation with Hill County GOP Chair Will Orr – an extremely controversial figure in the entire Cook hold on power in House District 8.  According to Jackson, Orr claimed that the #RULE44 censure passed by the Hill County GOP Executive Committee didn’t come through him.

Jackson charged that the Hill County resolution was null and void because it was not submitted through the proper procedure.  The Republican Party of Texas Parliamentarian Chris Howe was granted the floor by Chairman James Dickey. Howe testified that he witnessed the Hill County GOP CEC meeting live via video stream and RERcontributor Amy Hedtke.  He confirmed that the #RULE44 resolution was passed without objection by the Hill County GOP slamming the Jackson charge and an apparent 11th-hour attempt by Cook and Orr to derail the censure effort.

The final vote:

  • For: 35 votes
  • Against: 16 votes
  • Abstain: 7 votes

With a 2/3 vote threshold of the entire SREC for the resolution to pass, the resolution failed.  However, it should be noted that significant majority of the SREC indeed voted to #RULE44 “Lord Byron” at the state party level.


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As reported by several media outlets, on Wednesday, October 25, an illegal teenage invader was permitted to have an abortion here in Texas after an accelerated court battle.  Not unusual, in court documents the pregnant teen was identified as “Jane Doe”.

Jane Doe. It’s a name that is intended to offer anonymity, but has led to the discovery that State Rep. Eddie Lucio, III (D-Brownsville RER17) is making a good living sheltering Jane Doe’s.

Here’s the kicker.  It’s all government money.

Yvonne Larsen of RER content partner, noticed the story of “Jane Doe” posted on RER in the midst of the frenzied court battle.  Being one of the best citizen journalist in the state, Larsen decided to do some follow through based on a story posted on the left-leaning Texas Observer.

In the RERhotclip, Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani’s interview with Larson resulted in publicizing some amazing facts about the Lucio enterprise, and how it’s all funded through government grants.

“This pertains to the merging issues around illegal immigration, the Texas refugee industry, and the potential for taxpayer facilitation and funding of abortions requested by illegal aliens, in the custody of Texas’ refugee industry,” said Larsen.

Larsen’s inspiration and momentum to dig further came from previously-unknown facts published in the story by the Texas Observer. The story names the company that operates the shelter where the then-pregnant teenage illegal invader was residing.  The name of the company? Caring for Jane Doe.

International Education Services (IES) is a company based out of Los Fresnos, Texas, in the Brownsville area.  IES runs the shelters known as Caring for Jane Doe.

State Rep. Eddie Lucio, III is identified as merely the paid legal counsel in the Texas Observer story.  However, through financial disclosure statements required of state officeholders, Lucio is listed as Vice President of External Affairs and Legal Counsel for IES. He’s an actual corporate officer of International Education Services.

Publically available Internal Revenue Service records retrieved by Larsen from 2014 went even further.  They show that Lucio, III is actually a Director of IES — more than just an executive office and legal counsel.  However, the IES website doesn’t list Lucio, III as a Director.

In 2014, Lucio earned just over $139,000 in total taxpayer-funded compensation through his positions at International Education Services.

As submitted by IES on their IRS Form 990, the nonprofit received $57.8 million dollars in government grants reported as revenue. The totality of the revenue for International Education Services is taxpayer-funded, government grants.  IES is organized as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity.

Speaking to her motivation and the thrust of her citizen journalism, Larsen said, “Whenever I see these nonprofits getting government grants, taxpayer money… what’s number one, how much?  So, for that year, $57.8 million dollars.  And, then what compensation was going to these officers, directors, key trustees?’

Larsen revealed what her research uncovered when it comes to personal enrichment.  “The President of International Education Services, for 2014, received total compensation of over $675,000 dollars.  That individual’s son, who serves as the Chief Operating Officer, for that same tax year, over $675,000 dollars in compensation.  The CFO, almost $550,000 dollars.

“So, the story I wrote was ‘$57 Million Reason Taxpayer Funded Reasons Why This Entity is Shelter Jane Doe’”.

Larsen found another story on the Texas Observer website about the Lucio family posted in 2010. State Sen. Eddie Lucio, Jr. (D-Brownsville RER43) and State Rep. Lucio, III have interests in the private prison consulting industry.

The mission statement for International Education Services as on file with the IRS:

“To provide the physical and educational care needed by the unaccompanied minor alien children who are entrusted to our care by the immigration officials who have detained them”.

After Larsen shared the mission statement of IES, Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani made this observation during their conversation, “They literally state in the mission statement that they’re here to assist the illegal invaders. And, they get their tax-exempt status.  And, then, on top of that, they’re fully funded by federal grants to the tune of $57 million dollars.”

Larsen, “Indeed!”

Apostle Claver said, “This dude (the CEO of IES) is making $600,000 a year helping illegal invaders and people are wondering why the borders are open?  And, the U.S. Government is paying for it!”

Their 2014 IRS Form 990 indicates that IES received $50.00 from “other contributions”.

On their website, IES lists shelters being located in Brownsville, Los Fresnos, San Benito, Harlingen, Weslaco, and Driscoll.

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Many Texans surely viewed the November 29, Tucker Carlson interview on Fox News Channel with a Canadian academic about a new acronym for the neo-morality movement.  LGBTQ has been extended to LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP.

RERcontributor Tracy Shannon covers the neo-morality beat for RER.  As would be expected, she did research what behavior or belief each letter stands for in the 15-letter acronym.

“In 2009 Canada passed the Equity Inclusive Education Strategy.  And, it required schools to implement these teachings.  That’s why you’re seeing so much of that (neo-morality activity) so openly in Canada.

“Now, here in the United States, the problem is notification is only required for sex education.  But, this (the Canadian model) is being taught across curriculum.  The lifestyles are being taught across curriculum and the parents are not being notified.”

Just because the Obama Administration has exited Washington, to some degree, doesn’t mean the residue of its existence still isn’t rolling along.  Shannon continued reporting, “Just because this is Canada – with these 15 letters and their educational system — that doesn’t mean that the same ideology is not at work here.  It is alive and well here, and our problem here is that we need to know about it.  They should not be covertly operating in our education system to indoctrinate our children, and try to coerce them into these lifestyles”.

Click the RERhotclip to discover what each of the 15 letters mean and Tracy’s full report.

The Canadian was fired, by the way, for merely appearing on Fox News.

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RERhotclip — Quintero Lays Out new Annexation Protections for Texas

Texas GOP Platform 2016 Plank 37:

Property Rights- Property ownership and free enterprise, the foundation of our collective wealth, must not be abridged nor denied by government. We support legislation to protect these bedrock rights. Areas of concern are: annexation, eminent domain (including foreign entities), property forfeiture, extraterritorial jurisdiction, seizure for public or private development, natural resources and conservation easements, groundwater and/or mineral rights, nationalization of lands, and the preservation of our 4th Amendment right to privacy. Property owners should be notified of their rights with regard to condemnation, annexation, or easement; and the condemner should be required to petition a court of jurisdiction to show public necessity. Taking of property should result in immediate compensation of fair market value to the owner. These issues should be administered by elected officials accountable to voters.

At the end of Texas Legislative Sessions, session after session, perhaps a handful of planks of the current platform ever become reality.  An under-appreciated and under-reported victory from the 2017 85th Legislative Session is the restraints put on the practice of annexation in Texas.  It was actually achieved in the 2017 Special Legislative Session – one of the few liberty advancements.

A great tyrannical practice in Texas is the seizing of sovereign municipalities through the power annexation.  Like many things in the Texas political ecosystem, it could be surmised that the property grab for taxing authority is at epidemic proportions.

James Quintero is a frequent visitor to  He heads the Center for Local Governance of the Texas Public Policy Foundation.  His job is to watch the health of liberty in Texas at the local level. That responsibility is massive and his team at TPPF are the perhaps the best in the state.

Apostle Claver conversed with James a few days before new annexation protections are to go into effect in Texas.

“So, the good news is that on December 1, Senate Bill 6– which was the annexation reform bill that was passed during the special session, which essentially nixed involuntary annexation in your large cities – goes into effect” reported Quintero.

“If you take a look around at the landscape, you see a lot of cities that are running scared right now trying to really ramp up their annexation plans in anticipation of this December 1 deadline.  It’s going to be a big, big day.  And I think it’s going to change things for the better when it comes to local public finance.”

Listen to this RERhotclip to learn what new rights your community has to can protect itself from urban tyrannical annexation.

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