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After Trump Takes Texas, Democrats See Opportunity in a Single-Digit Loss


Republicans in Texas and across the United States had a great night last night. In Texas, though, the margin of victory for Donald Trump was narrower than it’s been for Republicans in 20 years.

Texas delivered Republican Donald Trump 38 electoral votes last night, helping him win the presidency. You could hear Republicans cheering across the state – including at a GOP watch party in Dallas.

State Democrats celebrated the fact that they got closer in this race than they have in recent history. Hillary Clinton lost by just single digits here. Her campaign Chair in Texas, Garry Mauro, told a crowd it’s a big deal.

“We have brought this state a long, long way,” Mauro said. “And I want you to think about that because we didn’t do it, because the national campaign sent hundreds of people down here. We didn’t do it because they sent millions of dollars worth of TV. We did it because we had great, indigenous Texans going door to door and making a difference for Hillary Clinton.”

The good news for Texas Democrats kind of ended there. Republican incumbents had a great night in particular. The Republican-led state House and the state Senate will remain under that party’s control. Democrats only picked up a few state House seats. The makeup of the state Senate didn’t change at all

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A Texas man arrested on suspicion of voting fraud said he worked for Trump and was testing the system

Jaweed Kaleem

There was little evidence of major voting fraud Tuesday, but a Texas county near Houston reported arresting a man on suspicion attempted fraud, adding to a handful of fraud-related arrests around the country in recent weeks.

According to the Sheriff’s Office in Fort Bend County, the man claimed to be testing the system.

“What’s interesting is that he said he was working for [Donald] Trump,” said Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls.

Nehls named the man as Phillip Cook Jr., 62, of Richmond, Texas, and said he was unable to confirm whether Cook really worked for Republican presidential candidate Trump or his campaign. Nehls said he did not have information on where Cook first voted but said the second attempt was at a Baptist church.

“This is the first time I’ve seen this as sheriff. You hear of things like this taking place around the country, but I had never seen it,” Nehls said. “I said that we better place him under arrest and book him into the jail because you start compromising the integrity of the election by attempting to vote twice and we are not going to have that.”

The sheriff did not say for whom Cook had voted.

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Lone statewide elected Democrat loses along with party’s hopes for a Texas comeback

J. David McSwane

AUSTIN – Despite Democratic talk of purple on the horizon, Texas remains safely red for statewide elected officials down ballot.

Just ask Judge Lawrence “Larry” Meyers, who until Tuesday had enjoyed 24 years on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, the state’s highest criminal court which decides, among other things, death penalty cases. Meyers, who was first elected as a Republican, switched parties in 2013, and become the only Democrat holding statewide office.

It was more than a risky move, considering Texans hadn’t elected a Democrat to statewide office in 20 years. After his loss to his Republican challenger, Houston Judge Mary Lou Keel, make that 22 years.

“I’m not surprised,” Meyers said in an interview, blaming his loss on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s popularity in Texas. While he’s lost his seat on the court, Meyers, 68, said he might throw his hat in for some other elected office in the future. “Democratic politics is not in the tank everywhere in Texas.”

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Texas Libertarians clinch ballot access, Greens fall short

by Jim Malewitz

Texas Libertarians fell far short of winning any races on Election Night, but the party of low taxes and little government did clinch the right to try again.

The state’s Green Party, however, was not so lucky.

Texas will give Libertarians a ballot spot during the state’s next general election, after the party’s candidate for state railroad commissioner nabbed more than 5 percent of the vote — the threshold a party needs in a statewide contest to keep ballot access.

That candidate, petroleum engineer Mark Miller, drew 5.3 percent in a race that former Texas Rep. Wayne Christian easily won. No other Texas Libertarian met the 5 percent mark on Tuesday.

Miller, who drew an unusual amount of newspaper endorsements in the contest, was hoping for more votes. But he was pleased to have achieved that “minimum goal” for his campaign, he said Wednesday morning.

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Woodfill: Trump Wins! Harris County Republicans Suffer Biggest Loss in History of the HCRP

Last night’s presidential results were historic. For the first time in decades, Republicans will have a uniquely consolidated power base, controlling the White House, Senate, and House, as well as a majority of governorships. As a result, we should be able to appoint conservative justices, eliminate Obamacare, get rid of the Johnson Amendment (which censures the church), cut the national debt, open up the energy markets, protect religious liberties, and so much more. As my friends at AFA stated, “We were about to go over the cliff. The knockout punch was about to be delivered to the America that our Founding Fathers handed to us. We were about to lose the Supreme Court of the United States to the far left for a generation. Persecution against Christians was about to be amped up the likes of which we have never seen before. After all, Hillary Clinton called us an ‘unredeemable basket of deplorables.'” In Donald Trump, we now have a pro-life President-elect, instead of one who supported partial-birth abortion, and believed that the taxpayers should pay for it.

But incredibly, Democrats swept to victory in ALL countywide offices in Harris County. This is the worst defeat for Republicans in the 71-year history of the Republican Party of Harris County.

I wish I could say that Harris County did as well as Donald Trump performed around the country. Unfortunately, under the leadership of Harris County Republican Party Chairman Paul Simpson, we suffered the greatest defeat in our history as a local party, as other Republican counties around the country were experiencing huge victories. Under the leadership of Republican Chairman Paul Simpson, Hillary Clinton swept Harris County by over 150,000 votes even when she lost nationwide to Trump. Republicans lost all Harris County countywide elections. This is an unacceptable result and the product of failed leadership.

What happened? Among other things, the Harris County Republican Party leadership fails to take a stand. They all but ignore social issues. The Harris County Republican Party leadership refuses to speak out for the unborn. The Harris County Republican Party leadership has run from biblical marriage. The Harris County Republican Party leadership has remained silent while a local Republican candidate brags about her Planned Parenthood endorsement. The Harris County Republican Party leadership has failed to take a stand against the radical LGBT political movement. The Harris County Republican Party leadership refused to engage in our efforts to defeat Annise Parker’s “Bathroom Ordinance.” And the Harris County Republican Party leadership refused to unite around the Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump. Their mantra was “Harris County Works. Vote Republican.” This message would not cause anyone watching Wheel of Fortune to jump out of their seat and vote for the Republicans, nor would it motivate anyone watching football to get up and vote for the Republicans. Paul Simpson never addressed the issues that differentiate conservative Republicans from Democrats.

The election results in Harris County prove that ‘Harris County doesn’t work’ when the local Republican party stands for nothing.

If we are going to win in 2018, leadership needs to change immediately. It is incumbent upon conservatives to stand up, speak up and refuse to accept local leadership that refuses to stand for our values. The values found in our Republican Party of Texas Platform.

Donald Trump is not our savior. Jesus Christ is our King. However, Donald Trump has chosen to surround himself with many Godly men and women like Dr. Ben Carson, Gov. Mike Pence, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Kellyanne Conway and many more. I ask all reading this email to pray daily for President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence. I pray they will stay true to their promises, return our country to a constitutional republic and may the Lord bring a great spiritual revival to America. It is time to fight the good fight!

Jared Woodfill
President, Conservative Republicans of Texas


It’s been a troubling election cycle in Texas.  On day one of early voting in the 2016 general election cycle, reports began filtering in from throughout the state of irregularities and voting machines malfunctioning.

The greatest attention was paid to the reports of electronic voting machines “flipping” votes from straight-ticket Republican to either straight-ticket Democrat, or Clinton/Kaine was selected.

To the dismay of State Sen. Bob Hall (R-Corsicana RER94), State Sen. Don Huffines (R-Dallas RER92), Dr. Laura Pressley, Ph.D, and other election integrity activists, Texas election officials blamed voters’ inability to operate the machines as the cause of these “flips”.

Suspicions were already high going into the voting period.  Director of Elections Keith Ingram has been hounded by liberty movement activists over his blatant attempts to remove any and all safeguards to ensure election integrity as required by Texas law.  The Texas Secretary of State Carlos Cascos, a former Democrat that is good friends with the Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party, has surrendered to every court mandate on Voter ID and has assisted in the rallying of Bernie-loving students on RGV campuses.

On this election day, if you have not taken the time to view the video presentation of Dr. Laura Pressley about how IT IS possible for machines to be “hacked”, this may be the day you need to finally do it.

Team RER

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“Right now, I’d tell you, in my very humble opinion. When the polls close and the announcement is made, there is no one — who the winners are in every race — there is no one that can say with any level of confidence that the results being reported are the collected intent of the voters that showed up at the polls.  And, that is scary.  That is sad.”  A shocking statement from State Sen. Bob Hall (R-Canton RER94) on on Friday, November 4, 2016.

Sen. Hall has been ringing the alarm bells about Texas election integrity since he landed in the upper chamber of the Pink Dome in 2015 as a freshman.  His statement was in response to a question on the numerous credible reports of voting machines “flipping votes” in various counties in Texas.

Texas election officials have snorted off the reports and primarily attribute the machine malfunctions to user error.  However, Dr. Laura Pressley and State Sen. Bob Hall have been relentless in their efforts to battle an apparent attempt to make election fraud in Texas much easier.

During the interview on RER, Hall said, “I’m talking about here in Texas, where we have methodically dismantled, item by item, key parts of the process that would prevent error and fraud from going undetected.  We have machines, these electronic machines. And, the whole system is set up so you can’t collect any proof of any fraud.”

First reported on the Empower Texans website, and subsequently by other media outlets and, currently the largest voter fraud investigation in Texas history is underway in Tarrant County (Fort Worth).  Yet, the most politically charged investigation of voter fraud is focused on the Texas House District 8 2016 GOP primary.  State Rep. Byron Cook (R-Corsicana RER56) advanced through the primary to the general election with heavy questions hanging over his victory.  Allegedly, 1,700+ votes were tallied in HD8’s Hill County, over the official number of registered voters.

The overwhelming evidence in the Cook race forced the hand of Texas Director of Elections Keith Ingram to refer the election to the Office of the Attorney General for investigation.  Ironically, as has been revealed by Dr. Pressley and the work of other citizen journalists and activists, Ingram is the primary player in the methodical dismantling of the election integrity safeguards.

In this RERhotclip, State Sen. Hall explains what safeguards are being removed from the election process, and the danger of the elimination of these safeguards.

Team RER

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Houston voters: Hold your nose and vote ‘yes’ on Prop. 1

By Lisa Falkenberg

Touring the Houston science museum’s hall of paleontology at my daughter’s birthday over the weekend, some of the parents asked for my thoughts on Proposition 1. A few days later, a friend texted with the same question.

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He Has Been Killing Babies in Abortions Since 1967, When a Baptist Minister Asked Him to Do Them


Curtis Boyd is one of just a few abortionists who still openly performs late-term abortions in America.

His practice of killing viable, late-term babies disgusts and horrifies most Americans but not the editors at Cosmopolitan. This week, the women’s magazine published a glowing profile of Boyd that highlighted his work, including his illegal abortion practice before Roe v. Wade.

Boyd runs two abortion facilities in Texas and New Mexico. Several months ago, investigators uncovered a suspicious relationship between Boyd and the University of New Mexico, which receives aborted baby parts from his abortion facility. The university also sent medical students for training at his late-term abortion facility.

A university spokesperson said they did not pay Boyd for the aborted babies’ body parts. The abortion facility also did not receive money for the medical students’ training, leading some to question whether the students’ work was exchanged for the aborted babies’ body parts.

In December 2015, the university broke ties with Boyd, but the women’s magazine did not mention any of this. Instead, the magazine allowed Boyd to paint himself as a hero for helping women to abort their unborn babies before it was legal.

He explained how he first got involved in abortion work back in 1967:

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Anti-Abortion Advocate is Giving Schools Baseless Facts on “Forced Abortions”


Allan Parker, a local lawyer who’s been diligently working over a decade to overturn Roe v. Wade, sent a letter to every Texas school district Wednesday reminding them that parents are not allowed to force their child to have an abortion if their child is against it. 
“Many teenage daughters and adult women have been forced to have an abortion,” he writes.
In an interview with the Current, Parker was unable to back up that sweeping—and terrifying—claim. 

“There is no real data on this issue,” he conceded. 

“It’s the law, right. But we’re the first people telling them about it and talking about it,” he said.
If this allegation is true, this would be a huge failure within the Texas Education Agency. 
This isn’t the first time Parker has asked schools to inform counselors and parents about forced abortion

According to him, these letters have “stopped 95 percent of forced abortion cases.” Parker couldn’t explain how he was able to calculate this outcome.