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In an email thread provided to, Republican Party of Texas Associate Counsel, Eric Opiela, admits that charging a delegate to receive their credentials at the state convention is a violation of the Texas Election Code. However, urged by the party to pre-register for the convention online, a delegate cannot pre-register unless they pay a $55.00 “facilities fee”.

The Chairman of the Jefferson County GOP, Dr. Garrett Peel, and several of his constituents are losing patience with RPT headquarters, the legal department, and Opiela.

The story first broke on RER when Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, discussed the outrage in the Golden Triangle on his independently-produced program, Miller on Mondays. He reported that several first-time delegates to a state convention had contacted him about the cost for being a delegate.  They were unaware that it would cost them $55.00 to receive their credentials in Dallas.  The convention is May 12 through 14, 2016.

Miller knew this couldn’t be correct and legal.  He researched the Texas Election Code and found two statutes that clearly layout the requirements for a Texas citizen to be a delegate to any precinct, county/SD, or state convention for all parties.

Bottom line to take from the two statutes? The only requirement for eligibility to be a delegate to a convention is that one must be an eligible Texas voter, and have voted in a party’s primary. Any requirements beyond that, including charging a fee, is prohibited.

Miller spread the word amongst LM (liberty movement) activists in the Golden Triangle that included those within the inner circle of new County Chair, Dr. Garrett Peel.  They concluded that they were completely comfortable with approaching Dr. Peel about the confusion, and measure his action or inaction.

Peel did act.  It was assertive.

The RERactivist (a citizen journalist) that provided us with the email thread stated that when Peel was spoken to about the matter of delegates being charged to receive their credentials and was shown the election code, he needed no persuasion to promptly contact the RPT and get, as his email stated, “clarification”.

On April 1, 2016, at 2:10 p.m., Dr. Peel sent an email of courteous tone to Cassie Daniel, Senior Director of Party Organization and Training. He requested that Daniel speak with legal about the confusion dealing with the $55.00 fee, and included a link to the Texas Election Code that prohibits such a practice.

At 2:16 p.m., Daniel responded with only six words and no punctuation, “It is in the RPT Rules”.

At 2:30 p.m., Dr. Peel continued the email thread with this simple response: “Meaning that RPT may charge a fee; despite what this code says?  Just getting clarity for the membership.  Thanks, GP”

The next entry on the email thread came at 5:10 p.m. This time, it was from the Associate General Counsel of the RPT, Eric Opiela.  Here is his response in its entirety.


Dr. Peel-

You are correct that a political party cannot impose any requirements above and beyond that prescribed in the Election Code for service as a delegate at any level of convention.  The payment of a facilities fee is not required for a delOpiela #1egate to be credentialed at the state convention.  As the party of personal responsibility, however, we have, for over 30 years asked all those attending the convention to help us cover the cost of facilities rental and production for the convention, which is more than $500,000.  We always have a number of delegates who are unwilling or unable to help cover their share of costs through the facilities fee.  They will be issued credentials just like everyone else who does pay the fee.  Guests, however, will not be admitted without payment of the facilities fee. 

I hope this clarifies how the facilities fee works. 

Eric Opiela

Assoc. General Counsel

Republican Party of Texas



Let’s do the math.

According to Opiela’s email, the cost of the convention is $500,000.  I guess we’ll have to take his word since the RPT will not let anyone view the convention contracts – even a member of its Officials Committ
ee, namely SREC SD13 Committee Member Bonnie Lugo.  If you have potentially 10,000 to 12,000 delegates and guest attending the state convention, and the RPT is able to get as many, or all, of the attendees to pay $55.00, the convention is paid for.

Within his response, Opiela declared that the facilities fee is voluntary.  But, here’s the problem…

As of Saturday, April 23, 2016, the following conditions exist if a delegate wishes to pre-register for the convention, as confirmed by RERteam.

For a delegate, alternate delegate, or At-Large delegate to
pre-register they must visit the RPT website,  Once there, finding the convention page is elementary. You’re given three options on how to give to the Texas GOP.  You must select one of the options.

Once you select the option of your choice to give to the RPT, the site takes you to an EventBrite order page.  Listed there is a menu of all the various convention participant categories.  No matter the category, the $55.00 “ticket” still applies.

Unless a convention participant completes the “order” process that includes the $55.00 facilities fee, they are not advanced to the checkout and registration page.

RERteam noticed that at the bottom of the order page menu, there was a free gala listed as a “product”.  So, we clicked “quantity 1” and hit the button to go forward.  That wasn’t happening.  There was no escape from the order page without agreeing to pay the $55.00.

On Thursday, April 21, 2016, Jefferson County Precinct Chair Jeff Sadighi, wrote an email about the pre-registration process to Chairman Tom Mechler, directly.  Apostle Claver T. Kamau-Imani, President and CEO of, was cc’d on the email.


Chairman Mechler,

Now that RPT legal counsel has agreed it is illegal to charge a fee to delegates, when are you changing the on-line form to allow delegates to register without the optional ‘facilities’ fee?

For Texas,


Jefferson County Precinct 36 Chair


As of the publishing of this RERfirst article, Pct. Chair Sadighi has yet to receive a response. 

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Texas Election Code Sec. 174.003

Texas Election Code Sec. 174.004

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He once sat on the Board of Directors for Planned Parenthood. He ran in the 2016 Democratic Primary against State Rep. Sergio Munoz (D-Mission RER18).  His name is Abraham Padron.

Abraham Padron was the single biggest TLR stakes winner for the 2016 primary – in either party.  The “conservative” graciousness of real estate mogul Dick Weekley and Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC (TLR) endowed the Padron campaign with a cool $173,500 according the Texas Ethics Commission filings – about the equivalent of the yearly salary of a United States member of the Senate or House of Representatives.  Weekley flipped over an easy $10,000 under his own name from his pocket change.

Of course, it’s disturbing to discover more evidence of a perceived good guy that is really a really bad deceiver in these new days of liberty media.  In the steadily-shrinking echo chamber of the Texas political ecosystem, the talking points, buzzwords, and dog whistles, are being gobbled by Texans less frequently.  Therefore, when any organization trumpets its conservative bona fides, and evidence shows that their work has been double-minded, a smacking is in order.

And, so it is with Dick Weekley, and Texans for Lawsuit Reform. has obtained a copy of Planned Parenthood of Cameron and Willacy’s IRS-990 form from 2006.  Abraham Padron is listed as a member of the board of directors.  Click Link to See PDF of 990 – Page 31

Weekley and TLR have a history of getting involved in Dem-on-Dem contests. They routinely choose the most-left of the candidates, and you can be sure that they are staunchly pro-genocide.  In the case of Munoz v. Padron, they went with the one that was certainly more pro-genocide.

In 2014, recorded that Munoz, the incumbent, received a 60% rating from the pro-genocide group NARAL.  That’s actually better that the current sitting Speaker of the Texas House, Joe Straus (R-Alamo Heights RER0), whose last NARAL score was a 100%.

In essence, Munoz, could be counted on, from time-to-time, to vote pro-life.  He basically earned a “D” from NARAL.  TLR and Dick Weekley threw their money at Padron.

Now, Dick Weekley and TLR have endorsed the current Interim-Chair of the RPT, Tom Mechler for re-election.

Birds of the feather…

RER HOT CLIP TLR Gives $174,000 to Planned Parenthood Dem

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BISD terminates Ozen teacher seen hitting student in viral video

By Dan Wallach

The Beaumont school district fired former Ozen High School teacher Mary Hastings on Tuesday, 11 days after a cellphone video of her striking a student in her classroom was posted to social media and quickly was shared across the country.

Hastings, 63, who was charged with assault, has been on leave from the district since the incident.

The school district also took action to create a disciplinary committee to create best practices for students, parents, teachers and administration to follow to prevent the kind of disruptions that might spark similar incidents in the future.

The Beaumont school district fired former Ozen High School teacher Mary Hastings on Tuesday, 11 days after a cellphone video of her striking a student in her classroom was posted to social media and quickly was shared across the country.

At the Board of Managers meeting, current and former teachers asked for the board’s help in supporting teachers who feel threatened by unruly students and who also feel unsupported by principals and by the administration in general.

Candace LeMasters, a teacher at West Brook High School, told the board that she and her colleagues are “pushed to edge” by some students and are then told that a student’s bad behavior is the teacher’s fault.
She said the board must put “teeth” into the disciplinary system and that the administration must stand behind teachers.

Former teacher Kari Choate said she left the profession because of too many classroom disruptions and too little authority for teachers to adequately control it.

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Case moving forward against man who carried AR-15 inside Parkdale Mall

By Brandon Scott

A Lumberton man arrested nearly three years ago for carrying an assault rifle through Parkdale Mall will face a judge after an appeals court on Wednesday ruled against his constitutional objections to the charge.

Derek Ty Poe, 27, was charged in December 2013 with disturbing the peace after walking through Parkdale Mall with an AR-15 strapped across his back, nuzzle down. At that time, Poe’s gun store, Golden Triangle Tactical, was located inside the mall.

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Directly copied and pasted from page 21 of the Republican Party of Texas Platform for 2014:

“School Choice– We encourage the governor and the Texas Legislature to enact child-centered school funding options which fund the student, not schools or districts, to allow maximum freedom of choice in public, private, or parochial education for all children.  Furthermore, we support a state constitutional amendment prohibiting state or federal regulations imposed on private schools, including home schools (as established by Leeper vs. Arlington ISD).”

And, until a new platform for the state GOP party is voted on during the May 12 – 14, 2016 state convention in Dallas, it’s the will of the primary voters of the party.

For school choice to be present in a Texas GOP platform is of no surprise.  The plank is a mainstay.  Yet, why hasn’t school choice as envisioned by Texas GOP primary voters, become a reality?  Instead, the 2015 Texas Legislature, at the emergency legislative request of Gov. Greg Abbott, passed a New York City-styled universal Pre-K program.  Abbott never campaigned on such a leftist idea.  It never appeared on his campaign website.

Plutocratic forces have been at work for quite some time to stop any move toward school choice.  The leading manipulator is Charles Butt of the H.E.B. grocery store chain based in San Antonio.  He is a fierce advocate and financier of the government-school monopoly and “Big Ed” status quo.

Butt funnels money to candidates, both Republican and Democrat, for the purpose of stopping school choice in Texas.  He uses three primary PACs to get the job done.  The leader of the PACs is the Texas Parent PAC.

Of course.  Butt resides in San Antonio.  Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus resides in San Antonio.  They’re connected.

In a February, 2014 article, reported that Butt donated $50,000 to Parent PAC and an additional $500,000+ to incumbent candidates whose conservative index scores was 49%.  The article also includes a spreadsheet link that lists candidates that received Butt/H.E.B. money prior to the 2014 primary.

A September, 2015 article, ahead of the 2016 primary published by, introduced two other Butt-backed PACS: Raise Your Hand Texas and Save Texas Schools.

Watchdog’s article reports that Butt threw more cash at Straus to the tune of $168,000.  Texas Parent PAC was good to go for the 2016 primary with Butt pumping in close to $1.5 million.

Watchdog’s article also lays out how the generosity of Butt to Straus results in anti-school choice appointments to key Texas House committee chairmanships and seats.

In several of the critical Texas GOP runoffs scheduled for Tuesday, May 24, 2016, there is a Charles Butt, H.E.B., Texas Parent PAC candidate.

In four of the six runoff races for the Texas House of Representatives, the “Butt-Heads” are:

  • HD5       Jay Misenheimer (R-Lindale)
  • HD54     Scott Cosper (R-Killeen)
  • HD64     Lynn Stucky (R-Sanger)
  • HD73     Doug Miller (R-New Braunfels RER56)

Of the two Texas Senate GOP runoff races, the “Butt-Head” is Susan King (R-Abilene RER63), a former state rep trying to get promoted.

RER HOT CLIP The “Butt-Heads” of the Tx GOP Runoffs 2016

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Analysis: No Middle Ground in Race to Lead Texas GOP

Q & A: Tom Mechler, Chair of Texas GOP

Tom Mechler, petroleum and natural gas consultant from Amarillo, is the chair of the Texas Republican Party. He is currently running for re-election and answered questions from the Globe-News on Monday.

Q: Why do you think that demographics you are aiming to include (such as minorities and millennials) have eluded the GOP and what can be done to bring them into the party?

We share the same values and principles with most of the minority communities that have historically voted Democrat. Those communities are very conservative and we are the conservative party. We have done a very poor job of communicating what we believe and what we stand for and we share their values.

Q: The fight for the soul of the GOP is being waged across many levels of the party. Does your race for the party leadership mirror the national race?

Read Entire Article


As anticipated, the battle for the chairmanship of the Republican Party of Texas is getting hotter.  The distinctions between the candidates, like different styles in boxers, are making for a good fight.

The incumbent is Tom Mechler of Amarillo that formerly served as Texas GOP treasurer under Steve Munisteri.  Mechler was elected by the State Republican Executive Committee to complete the term of Munisteri when he resigned from office in 2015.  The challenger is Jared Woodfill of Houston and former GOP Chair of Harris County. Woodfill held the office for a dozen years before being defeated by current Chair Paul Simpson.

The differences between the candidates are vast.  They’re numerous.  Delegates at the May state convention will have an absolute choice of which direction they want party management to go.

Direction means vision.  Mechler and Woodfill have unequivocally stated what their visions are for the role of the party and the position of chairman.  And, the visions are entirely 180 degrees opposite on most every issue that is critical to the position of Texas GOP Chair.

Perhaps the most illustrative audio that could be captured to establish this point has been captured by  In the summer of 2015, shortly after his election by the SREC, Mechler began a tour around the state holding roundtables with liberty movement (LM) representatives.  At the very close of the meeting, an attendee presented Mechler with two questions before he departed.

First, how many more Republicans must be elected before legislation consistent with the Texas GOP platform would be signed into law?  Secondly, what is the threshold that a GOP officeholder must breach before the party officially corrects, or censures the officeholder?

Mechler’s response was remarkable.  Mechler essentially stated that any form of protest, or unfriendly demonstration toward a sitting GOP officeholder would result in the officeholder doing the precise opposite of what the constituents of the officeholder wants. Instead, Mechler literally stated if you don’t “carry water” for the officeholders, progress with the officeholders won’t be made.  Mechler is a proponent of what he calls “relationship” in order to get conservative legislation passed under the Pink Dome.

In regards to activists expressing their views towards officeholders in a hostile fashion, Mechler commented, “If all you do is beat’em up? Never worked in 30 years.  I don’t think it’ll work now. So, it’s through relationship.  A lot these people that are catching incoming rounds from a variety of groups and people, all they’re doing is getting madder and madder about it and say ‘By God, you’re not going to tell me what to do’.”

In contrast, Mechler’s challenger, Jared Woodfill was almost breathing fire when he heard the RER audio. Appearing on RER, Woodfill leveled heavy criticism towards the incumbent chair for his stated attitude toward officeholders.

“That go-along-get-along mentality that Tom Mechler describes?  That doesn’t work.  And the proof is in the pudding, folks. The reality is, I’m a completely different type of candidate.  And, I’m going to be a completely different type of chairman. The last thing I’m going to do is bow or bend to the will of these folks when they are standing in opposition to our agenda.  And what is our agenda?  It’s very clear.  It’s in our party platform”, said Woodfill.

Continuing on the role of a state party chairman, Woodfill stated, “The mentality up there that Chairman Mechler described is the exact opposite of what we need to have.  We need to have Republican officials who need to be very concerned if they don’t vote right.”

Woodfill position is that you must “call out” elected officials when they work against the planks of the party platform.

Does Mechler really say “carry water”?  Stick in your earbuds and listen to the RER HOT CLIP.  Did Woodfill really say he’d go into districts of RINOs and work against their re-election?  Stick in your earbuds and listen to the RER HOT CLIP.

RER HOT CLIP Mechler “Carry Their Water” Woodfill “Call Them Out”

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Col. Juan Seguin’s Alamo Defenders’ Burial Oration April 4, 1837

“Companions in Arms!! These remains which we have the honor of carrying on our shoulders are those of the valiant heroes who died in the Alamo. Yes, my friends, they preferred to die a thousand times rather than submit themselves to the tyrant’s yoke. What a brilliant example! Deserving of being noted in the pages of history. The spirit of liberty appears to be looking out from its elevated throne with its pleasing mien and point to us saying: “There are your brothers, Travis, Bowie, Crockett, and others whose valor places them in the rank of my heroes.” Yes soldiers and fellow citizens, these are the worthy beings who, by the twists of fate, during the present campaign delivered their bodies to the ferocity of their enemies; who, barbarously treated as beasts, were bound by their feet and dragged to this spot, where they were reduced to ashes. The venerable remains of our worth companions as witnesses, I invite you to declare to the entire world, “Texas shall be free and independent or we shall perish in glorious combat.”

Colonel Juan N. Seguin
Commandant San Antonio, Bexar, Texas
Army of the Republic of Texas


Dan Golvach of Houston lost his son, Spencer Golvach, on January 31, 2015.  It was the middle of the 84th Texas Legislative Session when an illegal alien pulled up to the traffic light where Spencer was stopped in his vehicle and shot him to death.  The illegal alien, who had been deported four previous times and possessed a criminal record, proceeded to kill two more innocent Houstonians that night before being terminated by HPD.

From that moment, Dan Golvach has been a determined fighter against the existence of sanctuary cities.  He has come to understand the political ecosystem of Texas, very well.  Golvach has caught up on the Texas legislative history that has failed to correct the insidious problem of sanctuary cities.  He has identified a critical force that keeps sanctuary cities alive in Texas: Speaker of the Texas House Joe Straus.

In the last week of the Texas GOP primary election of 2016, Golvach willing allowed Young Conservatives of Texas to release a video in which he unequivocally places blame for the death of his son, and other victims of criminal illegal aliens, on Straus.  Straus’ primary opponents for the House District 121 seat, Jeff Judson and Sheila Bean, were quick to pounce and produced statements in support of Golvach and the content of the video.

Support for Straus came from the most unexpected place.  Breitbart Texas and its chief, Brandon Darby.  Darby, known for ground-breaking reporting on the crisis happening on the Texas border, followed the talking points of the other Straus supporters out of San Antonio and around the state.  All, including Darby, were careful about pointing fingers at Golvach.  Instead, they targeted Judson and Bean for using the video and accused the Straus challengers of “exploiting the grief of a father”.  Golvach wasn’t having it.

After Darby appeared on to defend his defense of Straus that he made on Bob Price Head Shota local pro-Straus radio station in Lubbock, Golvach made a return visit to RER, himself.  He laid down a passionate challenge.

“Well, Joe (Straus) if you’re listening?  I’ve got to ask you a question.  Are you going to pick out a couple of your daughters to sacrifice for this agenda like you decided it was okay for my son to be sacrificed?

“And, Bob (Price), I’d say the same thing to you, Bob.  Are you going to pick out one of your kids?  I don’t think he will,” said Golvach while being interview by RER’s George Rodriguez.

By referring to “Bob”, Golvach is referring to Breitbart Texas reporter Bob Price.  Price, was previously known
for his work for the pro Establishment website before joining Breitbart Texas. is the website where the story was broken about Brandon Darby’s pro Straus comments on the Lubbock radio station.

Price is well known for his support of the amnesty policy known as the Texas Solution.  The Texas Solution was inserted in the 2012 Texas GOP platform with devious cunning.  But, was yanked out by the 2014 convention delegation after a fierce floor battle.

The top lobbyist for the Texas Solution is Norm Adams.  And, Golvach issued the same fierce challenge to Adams, as well, “I don’t think Norm Adams will.  You know, Norm Adams likes to get on his website and talk about his family and how he’s had so much success as an entrepreneur. Well, my son was a young business man.  He’s not going to have a family. He’s never going to be married. He’s not going to have any of those things.”

In his interview with Rodriguez, Golvach went on the question the journalistic ethics of Breitbart Texas and wondered out loud if someone hadn’t purchased the “media cover” for Straus.  It would follow his exposed and repeated pattern of tossing a chunk a cash at critics to flip their allegiance 180 degrees.  Listen to the entire interview on the RER HOT CLIP.

Click to Listen: RER HOT CLIP Golvach Responds to Darby Defense of Straus

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