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RERfirst: ANALYSIS – TX RGV BORDER COUNTIES WON BY TRUMP (AUDIO) is always encouraging you to listen to as much of our original audio content, daily.  Why? Because the national MSM will not provide the info that we do because they simply do not know Texas.  We do.

Yes, Donald Trump won several counties that literally border the Rio Grande.  Perhaps they want “The Wall” (we can’t understand why the Pink Floyd song isn’t his official campaign theme?) like regular Texans concerned with border security? The national media would have you think that there would be no way possible that the national presidential could ever win a county in which the majority of the primary electorate is Hispanic.  Not so.

We broke the results down for you multiple ways:

  • The counties won by Donald Trump that actually touch the river
  • The counties we call “one county in” that touch a border county
  • Other counties throughout Texas that Trump won outright
  • Border counties that were within six points in favor of Sen. Ted Cruz
  • Other counties throughout Texas that were within six points in favor of Sen. Ted Cruz.

Counties Won by Trump

Counties RGV Trump Close

Counties Statewide Trump Close

It’s hard to figure out what’s happening down in the RGV.  But, there appears to be a strong conservative streak that’s becoming very visible.

For illustration, we remind you of the counties that State Sen. Wendy Davis lost in the RGV during the 2014 Democrat Primary.  Her opponent, Ray Madrigal, with no name ID and no recognizable campaign expenditures, walloped “Working Girl Wendy” in multiple counties.

The general consensus at the time was that socially conservative Hispanics, even Democrats, were firmly disapproving of her famous filibuster to stop the Texas 20-week ban on abortion legislation.

Is the Liberty Movement (LM) missing a “Grande” opportunity to storm the RGV with our message with potentially countless recruits just waiting for an invitation?  Is it worth wondering if such voters in the RGV are aware that the Texas LM exists?  Their access to liberty news and information must be dreadfully limited.

Click to Listen: RER HOT CLIP Trump Wins RGV Counties

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The 2016 Texas GOP Primary is over with a sprinkling of runoffs to come.  The Texas State House race of the cycle, by far, was for the HD121 seat of Speaker of the House Joe Straus. In a field of three, Straus won with 60% of the vote.  He spent $4 million on his campaign that began as a war chest of $8 million at the close of the 2015 session.  But, the aftershocks of the campaign’s last days are still rolling along.


Straus’ two opponents in the race, Jeff Judson and Sheila Bean, had no hesitation utilizing a video featuring Dan Golvach in their campaigns.  Golvach’s son, Spencer, was murdered on January 31, 2015, in Houston by an illegal alien that had been deported four times.  In the video, Dan Golvach places blame for his son’s death squarely on Speaker Straus for his tactics in killing sanctuary cities legislation each session that he has been Speaker since 2009.


Although the race is over and Straus is the victor, Golvach has been relentless in staying aggressive toward Straus, especially after the head man at Breitbart Texas, Brandon Darby came to the defense of Straus after the video was released just days before Election Day.


On a local talk show in Lubbock during the last week of the campaign, Darby gave a robust defense of Straus and accused Judson and Bean of being unfair when it came to saying Straus was responsible for the death of Spencer Golvach.


Dan Golvach granted two interviews on RER, both with George Rodriguez.  During his interview with El Conservador on March 1, Election Day, Golvach lowered the boom on Darby for his Lubbock radio show comments and his defense of Straus.  Darby then granted an interview to RER’s Mary Huls, live.


Darby, Managing Editor of Breitbart Texas, began his comments by saying, “I’m very tea party. Very, obviously, concerned about border security.  Very in tune to this issue.  And I’ve been opposed to Joe Straus as Speaker, quite a bit.  In fact, I think pretty substantially.  But the thing that bothered me most about it, I know the details very well.  Mr. Golvach actually criticized Abbott in the same interview.  He actually criticized most of the Texas leaders.


“But, yet, that ad was edited to just go after Joe Straus, and then it was used during a campaign.  And, I thought that was a pretty bad thing to do.  I feel like it was exploitive of the death of his son.”


Darby acknowledged during his RER appearance “The father does actually blame Joe Straus.    But from what I understand, in addition to other leaders, though, not just Joe Straus alone.  I felt it was dishonest and being used for political gain.”


“His son is dead become we have an open border”, proclaimed Darby.  “The open border, the ability of people to cross back and forth, and the federal government’s refusal to prosecute, that is what led to his son’s death.  It had nothing to do with state leaders and their policies.”


Steadily standing firm that the usage of the video willingly recorded by Dan Golvach that indicts Straus and his leadership for killing sanctuary cities legislation, “I think that goes too far.  I think it goes too far to say Joe Straus has the man’s son’s blood on his hands.”


Darby is renowned for his reporting from the Texas-Mexico border and is credited with breaking several key stories.  He’s looked upon within the LM with some sense of celebrity due to his RGV beat.  Yet, his defense of the Texas Legislature’s status quo and current (and, probable) future leadership brings into question his knowledge of the Texas political ecosystem.  If Darby is truly concerned about the crisis condition of the Texas-Mexico border, being well-versed in the history of how sanctuary cities bills were killed in every session since Straus has held the gavel of the Speaker should compel him to call for the removal of Straus as Speaker.


Darby’s defense of Straus and his tenure as Speaker has caused many who follow his work, including Dan Golvach, to question not only his motives, but also his integrity and has left many wondering if Darby has fallen to the known playbook of Straus – the purchasing of allegiance.


The trusted and revered brand of Breitbart Texas has certainly been tarnished through this controversy. Damage was done to the national brand with the controversy involving a Breitbart national reporter embedded with the Donald Trump presidential campaign that has alleged she was physically assailed by the campaign’s manager.  The alleged incident and the response from the Breitbart brain trust led to the resignation of four key personnel members at Breitbart last week, including Editor Ben Shapiro.  Additional charges of “being Trump’s Pravda”, or basically a communications Super PAC for Trump came from departing employees.


Now, Brandon Darby brings that stain to Breitbart Texas by appearing to be a shield bearer for Speaker Joe Straus and the Texas Legislative status quo.

RER HOT CLIP BreitbartTx’s Darby Defends His Pro Straus Comments

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Republican Party of Texas Chairman Tom Mechler is drawing fresh and livid criticism from party activists from across the state with the pre-convention fundraising campaign that he’s launched. In an apparent effort to boost monthly donations to the party through the RPT’s Grassroots Club, Mechler has promised priority access to the Dallas convention’s discounted hotel rooms for members of the club. The RPT convention is scheduled for May 12-14.

The Grassroots Club requires a party supporter to donate $8.25 per month, or $99 per year. Although exact membership numbers are not known, estimates from those with their ears and eyes on the action place active monthly donors at approximately just over 6000. encourages crowd sourcing for news gathering. Liberty Movement (LM) influencers, activists, and citizen journalists flood us with tips and contents, daily. The emails being blasted out by the RPT on this issue has seen RER’s inbox hit with multiple complaints. The complaints come with comments such as:

“Can’t believe this guy is still at it!”

“Who does this guy think he is? Don Corleone?”


In the RPT’s latest email and solicitation for Grassroots Club membership and signed by the party’s executive director, Kyle Whatley, a deadline of, March 18, 2016 (this Friday) is set to join the club in order to take advantage of the convention hotel room discounts. But, here’s the sliminess of the pitch…

Around the state, GOP senatorial and county conventions are scheduled for Saturday, March 19. Those that will be elected as state convention delegates won’t be known until then. If one is not a delegate, is there really a reason to spend cash to travel there if you don’t have specific business with the party? Yet, Mechler’s scheme means one has to cough up a monthly donation to the party before the SD/county conventions are held, and the delegates to the state convention are elected.

It’s no surprise or secret that many LM activists and voters loathe the Texas GOP at the moment. They plan to attend the convention in May and be active participants in the deliberative and democratic process of party politics. They have no intention of making financial donations to the RPT, and opt instead to give to campaigns, candidates, and organizations directly.

RERcontributor Eugene Ralph of said on RER Wednesday, “I no longer choose to give to the Republican Party. Haven’t done so for years. Why should I? Everything I’d like to see done, they actively fight against at every turn. I learned a long time ago it’s wiser to give directly to candidates you support.”

Mechler’s scheme comes across as a “squeeze” to get Texas GOP primary voters to give money to a party status quo that they are actually fighting.

With Mechler repeatedly showing favoritism to the plutocratic wing of the Texas GOP, LM voters are left with the feeling that they’re being pinched to financially support the status quo just to save a few bucks to participate in the convention in which they’re footing the personal expense out of their own pockets, anyway.

A member of the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC), which is the board of directors for the state party, wanting to remain anonymous stated, “This makes us all look bad. Some of us would like to be re-elected and continue to serve, and you see a fundraising campaign like this and you wonder how do you distance yourself from it? And, it’s your very own party chairman that you supported for election that’s making these troubling executive decisions, one after another.”

Elected to the post of chairman after the mid-term resignation of Steve Munisteri in 2015, Mechler faces election for a full term at the state convention by the entire delegation.

RER HOT CLIP Mechler’s New $$$ Scheme Draws Pushback 

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The fallout from the last week of the Texas GOP 2016 Primary and the House District 121 race are still manifesting.  Brandon Darby, described in a February 27 article posted on as the “boss” of Breitbart Texas, gave cover to Speaker Joe Straus and his record of betrayal on border security and sanctuary cities.

Scott Braddock of the Quorum Report reported within the article “Police Officers and Breitbart Texas Boss Slam Judson for Immigration Attacks Against Straus” posted on, that he heard Darby stating on a Lubbock radio station:

Saying conservatives should not “sit silent” when lies are told in campaigns, Darby said the border security attacks on Straus, Frullo, and others are over the line. “We’ve gotten to the point at going against Straus that we have forsaken fairness and reality,” Darby said. Darby said he is not picking sides in Texas House races, but he wanted to make clear that the attacks being orchestrated by Dunn’s spokesman Michael Quinn Sullivan are untrue.

“This is dishonest and unfair”. 

Brandon Darby of Breitbart Texas is referring specifically to the story that was reported by RER that Dan Golvach, the father of slain Houstonian Spencer Golvach, puts primary blame for his son’s murder on Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus.  Golvach willingly made a video for the Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) leveling those allegations toward Straus.  He boldly repeated those charges on, live, in two separate interviews with George Rodriguez.

Spencer Golvach was murdered while sitting at a Houston traffic light on January 31, 2015 at the hands of an illegal alien that had been deported four times.

Speaker Joe Straus represents House District 121 in San Antonio.  He faced two opponents in the 2016 primary – Jeff Judson, and Sheila Bean. The YCT-Golvach video hit the public domain with only days left before Election Day.

Area law enforcement officers circled the wagons around Straus immediately, not counterattacking against Golvach, but against the candidates, especially Judson, for “exploiting” a grieving father. Then came Darby with the pile on via twitter saying Judson “crossed line and allowed hatred for Straus to make him lose sight of decency.”  Darby Tweet #1

Darby kept stirring the pot with a little help from some friends. (We’ll reveal who they really are in future articles). The Lubbock radio show on which Darby made his Braddock-quoted comments retweeted a Darby tweet in which he continued to challenge Judson to explain how Straus is responsible for the death of Golvach’s son.  Once again, going after Straus’ main primary rival, Judson, and directly giving cover to Straus.

At this point of the affair, the Straus guard had not mentioned the direct quotes of Golvach, or his name.  They did not reference his interview on RER in which he reiterated his beliefs about Straus’ role in his son’s death.  Even in the article posted by, Dan Golvach or his slain son Spencer, or never mentioned.  Darby Tweet #2  

From all indications, both Judson and Bean did remain silent after the storm began, and have remained so.  However, not Dan Golvach.  His tone was one of being totally livid at Brandon Darby, Breitbart Texas writer Bob Price, amnesty lobbyist Norm Adams, and of course, Straus himself when he appeared on RER to slam Darby for his defense of Straus.

“I wholeheartedly stand by what I stated in the video. Joe Straus and his purposefully blocking sanctuary cities legislation is why my son, and others, have fallen victims to illegal aliens that shouldn’t be here”, said Golvach on RER with George Rodriguez.

“I understand that Brandon Darby with Breitbart has done some radio interviews trying to debunk what I’ve said.  I’m a little bit curious about that.  Because if you listen to Brandon he’s one of the most informed when it comes to this issue (sarcastically).  I’m just a blues guitar player. But, I know this, George…” continued Golvach.

Golvach then went on to recite on RER the history of how several bills were killed under the gavel of Joe Straus, flawlessly.

In the midst of laying out the case against Straus, Golvach said, “Here’s where Brandon doesn’t get it, or he does get it and he’s carrying water for someone.”

Darby’s vigorous support for Straus may not be as stunning as one might think.  The connections between Breitbart Texas and pro-amnesty, pro-RINO forces and factions are plentiful and visible.  RER will continue to develop the story.  Yet, it’s safe to say, those questionable connections between Breitbart Texas and the plutocrats have now shown themselves.  Darby and Breitbart Texas have now disappointingly revealed their bias toward the status quo and the RINO plutocracy of Texas.  Let’s hope this is a one-off?

RER HOT CLIP Golvach Slams Breitbart Tx Darby for Straus Defense

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This starts a series to breakdown and analyze the upcoming runoff between State Rep. Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola RER88) and State Rep. David Simpson (R-Longview RER93) for the Texas Senatorial District 1 seat.

On Monday, June 15, 2015, Texas State Senator Kevin Eltife (R-Tyler RER63) announced that he was ending 23 years of holding an elected office and would not be running for re-election for Senate District 1. Within 48 hours of his announcement first Simpson, then Hughes, announced their candidacy to fill the vacancy.

Immediately, leaders in the Liberty Movement (LM) starting picking sides and butting heads. Simpson and Hughes were two reliable conservatives in the Texas House of Representatives where you can count conservatives on your fingers and toes.

On the first day of the 2015 Texas Legislative Session, Bryan Hughes delivered a nomination speech for LM favorite State Rep. Scott Turner (R-Rockwall RER97) for Texas Speaker of the House against incumbent Joe Straus. Simpson, predictably, voted for Turner.

With Straus currently poised to win a historical and unprecedented 5th term as Speaker in 2017, these two anti-Straus votes were critical to count on. Yet, with the announcement of each of their candidacies it was possible that two anti-Straus seats would be lost.

It is not about just voting against Joe Straus as Speaker. In the 2015 session, the Liberty Caucus was masterful in stopping anti-liberty legislation. Going into the 2016 primary cycle, the goal of LM political strategists and leaders was to add to the numbers in the House – to potentially dethrone Straus, or at least have more muscle to push liberty legislation and stop the avalanche of anti-liberty and pro-Democratic bills that are filed and make it to the floor for a vote (and, usually pass).

For the 2016 GOP primary cycle, two liberty candidates placed their names on the ballot to be successors to Hughes and Simpson. In Hughes’ House District 5 it was Cole Hefner, in Simpson’s HD7 it was David Watts that got the nods and notable LM endorsements.

There is no question that Watts and Hefner are LM through and through and within their campaigns they would carry the liberty argument with passion, articulation, and run energetically. But, with Hughes and Simpson vacating their seats to battle for a promotion to the upper chamber, it meant that both Watts and Hefner were in “must-wins” races. They both would have to win to ensure, that at the minimum, ground wasn’t lost to the Straus-ians and plutocrats.


Then, the election results came in on Tuesday, March 1, 2016, the day of the Texas GOP Primary, and it could only be considered a disaster for the LM. Only one seat was gained.

LM candidate Bryan Slaton fell to Straus-ian State Rep. Dan Flynn (R-Canton RER86) by only a few percentage points and Thomas McNutt was shockingly defeated by State Rep. “Lord Byron” Cook (R-Corsicana RER56) by 222 votes. Dr. Stuart Spitzer was defeated in his HD4 race, and State Rep. Molly White was brought down in her HD55 contest. Then the results from the HD5 came in and David Watts had lost to Jay Dean in his effort to replace State Rep. David Simpson in HD7. A previously held anti-Straus, pro-liberty seat was lost.

There was glimmer of sunshine when the vote count sent Cole Hefner into a runoff with Jay Misenheimer in the HD5 race to replace Hughes. Misenheimer has all the wrong endorsements and ties. Unfortunately for Hefner, more pressure than ever is now on him, his campaign, and his supporters to see to it that he is victorious.

A lost by Hefner in the runoff will mean that both previously held anti-Straus seats will have been lost, only one conservative legislator will have been elevated to the office of Texas Senator, and a reliable conservative will find themselves out of public office, all together.

As if he doesn’t have to deal with enough pressure as it is, Cole Hefner is now put into a “must win” situation. And, it’s probably not even his fault.

This situation points to the folly and idiocy of Simpson and Hughes running against each other, in the first place. These two men were both needed in the House to continue to hold ground against the domestic enemies of Texas, the Straus-ians. At the very least, the movers and shakers in the northeast Texas region of Tyler-Longview really needed to make sure that they were going to lock these two seats up. They didn’t. And this all took place in the backyard of some of the more influential LM leaders in the state. Inexplicable.

The various camps of these two promising public servants should have gotten together and decided which of the state reps, Hughes or Simpson, should go for the Senate. An eye should have been kept on the ultimate battle for the House. Forces and resources divided to assist Watts and Hefner could have been combined. And, a victory for the chosen senate candidate would certainly have been assured.

No one can argue that the choice of Hughes and Simpson is a good one for the Liberty Movement. Eltife was worthless and the Texas Senate will again move a bit more to the right. But, wonderful gains had already been made in the Senate with no threat of losing such power. Why the selfish ambition of Hughes and Simpson?

One Straus-ian is poised to take the oath of office because of inexplicable ambition – Jay Dean of Longview. And, if every LM activists within a 2 hour driving distance isn’t in HD7 to get Hefner across the finish line in the runoff, Straus-ian Misenheimer will gladly waltz up to the Capitol and do the bidding of the plutocrats.

Team RER

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This article continues a series to breakdown and analyze the results of the 2016 Texas GOP Primary from a liberty point of view.

Will 2016 be considered a change election for Texas? No. It’s status quo, steady as she goes.

For all the fury, clamoring, brawling and yearning for dramatic change to governmental forces at least in regards to the White House, in Texas state government the Straus-ian Dynasty and plutocratic domination wasn’t even scratched.

The failure to translate and direct the national electorate anger into a tsunami of election victories for solid liberty-driven candidates here in Texas is instructive and reveals several wobbly truths about Texas voters and the Texas political ecosystem. Frankly, the lack of consistency shown by Texas voters conjures up a mistrust of voters from those that are firm in their beliefs about governance and the proper ideology to govern from. Analysis has to conclude Texas voters are simply unsteady, unreliable, inconsistent, or to be kind, sympathetically suffering from bi-polar disorder.

Let’s study the symptoms, shall we?

At the top of the ballot this election, and the race that normally sucks up all the attention and oxygen every four years is the presidential nomination process. Texans were giddy this presidential cycle because Texas was going to have a say in the nominating process. Texas was going to be a part of the new and exciting SEC Primary. And, as anticipated, Texas received its share of the MSM spotlight which included the most contentious, crass, uncivil, and most popular presidential debate since perhaps the days of Andrew Jackson.

When the votes were counted last Tuesday night, a full 70.5% of Texas GOP voters punched the button for either U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Houston, or the international business man and billionaire Donald Trump of New York City.

Total vote of Trump & Cruz



Champagne corks dented Texas ceilings Tuesday night. Ted Cruz, won! Let the celebration commence, let’s have a parade.

Even the most pedestrian of political pundits and observers could conclude that nearly three quarters of Texas GOP primary voters – the most powerful voters in Texas – can be categorized as a member of the “angry voter” demographic. They don’t like the McConnell, Romney, McCain, Boehner, Ryan, (and, dare one say) Cornyn, Bush faction of the Republican Party. Look at the total rejection and annihilation of JEB!.

It may even be fair to say that the frustration with the party dominance from this Establishment faction has literally produced a hatred for the existence of the faction, and what these neo-cons have done to the GOP and the nation, generally. It appeared that Texas GOP voters would aggressively “throw out ALL the bums”.

However, when you scroll down the ballot and compile the results for evaluation, immediately after the presidential portion of the ballot, one sees an inexplicable behavior of Texas Republican voters that can lead the “expert” to question their mental health.

Of all the U.S. Congressional races, not one incumbent was either unseated or pushed into a runoff. Not, one.

Margin of Victory 82%

If Texas voters were indeed angry at Washington, angry at non-conservative governance at all levels, wanting to fire the Establishment and rid the GOP of RINOs, they failed, miserably.

Texas GOP voters didn’t make a single contribution toward changing the tone, direction, and composition of Congress. This is following all the anxiety and gnashing of teeth over even the most recent omnibus spending bill that ensured a $2 trillion increase in United States debt and the continued funding of Planned Parenthood. This is after Texas voters were apoplectic over how many Texas reps said “aye” to John Boehner for Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Texas GOP voters should stop belly aching and whining about the socialist D.C. delegations of other states, like California or Illinois. They assisted in compounding the D.C. problem. They sent the RINO Establishment back to Washington, and granted them another term while hoping for a GOP messiah president.

But the glaring symptoms of bi-polar disorder are further exhibited in the election results of the state government elections. Broken down more intricately in the initial article of this series, the composition of the Texas House of Representatives barely nudged the needle off of “same”.

Of the 40 contested Texas House races on the GOP primary ballot, only two incumbent RINO Straus-ians were defeated. By contrast, two liberty movement freshmen state reps were sadly and dramatically unseated. Only LM candidate Mike Lang in HD60 was able to fill a Straus-ian-vacated seated meaning the LM gained only one seat at the close of elections on March 1.

The Texas government will remain Republican, not conservative, and certainly not liberty-driven.

The sum could change with six LM candidates participating in runoffs. Nevertheless, even if the LM candidates run the runoff table, the power base of anti-liberty, best-friend-to-Democrats and south-of-the-border invaders, and abortionists Joe Straus will not be blunted. Already having announced as a candidate on the day the 2015 legislative session was gaveled adjourned, you can expect Joe Straus to be elected to an unprecedented and historical 5th term as Speaker. Nothing was done on Texas GOP 2016 Primary Election Day to stop him.

And, if Straus indeed cannot be defeated, then perhaps it is proper for Texas to address him as “Your Majesty”. Perhaps Texans should ask him if he prefers “His Royal Highness”.

Although Texas GOP voters pushed the voting machine button in favor of Ballot Resolution 4 instructing Texas elected officials to assert the authority provided by the U.S. Constitution’s 10th Amendment, they re-elected national and state government incumbents that don’t believe in the authority of the 10th Amendment. Bi-polar disorder.


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Texas GOP voters. Tough? Informed? Discerning? Unique? Courageous? Change agents? Rebellious? Liberty-driven? Worthy of Texas swaggin’? Nah. Just your basic sheeple. SOH (shaking our heads)
RER HOT CLIP 2016 Texas Voters are Bi-Polar
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This article begins a series to breakdown and analyze the results of the 2016 Texas GOP Primary from a liberty point of view.

The Texas Primary for the Democratic and Republican Parties concluded on Tuesday, March 1, 2016. Dozens of critical races were on the ballot across the state that would determine the direction of Texas governance for at least the next two years.

It was a devastating night for the liberty movement (LM). Filled with enthusiasm going into early voting and Election Day, LM influencers and candidates were expecting a dramatic remake of the Texas House of Representatives, and a dramatic shift in potential legislation in favor of liberty bills. Following the voting results across the state, it’s apparent that those hopes have been soundly crunched. The chance to see a more liberty-driven Texas legislative session in 2017 is greatly diminished.

The shakeout of the returns means that the status quo, the Plutocracy, is actually strengthened. With six runoffs that include a LM candidate, there still is a chance to capture a few seats. However, even if the LM candidates run the table on the runoff elections, the percentage improvement of seats held by LM reps will be miniscule in comparison to what was anticipated.

The close of the filing window back in December, 2015 produced 40 races in which a member of the elected Liberty Caucus was defending their seat as an incumbent, was a challenger to an incumbent Straus-ian, or was vying for an open seat.

The current membership of the Liberty Caucus in the Texas House of Representatives is 19 out of 150 total seats and 98 seats occupied by Republicans. They are primarily defined by their outstanding and consistent RER Liberty Score and other legislative scorecards, and their refusal to support Joe Straus as Speaker.

The goal for the 2016 primary was to dramatically expand the membership of the Liberty Caucus for the 2017 session when, perhaps, they could actually get liberty legislation passed versus being relegated to the role of being killers of bad anti-liberty bill, primarily.


Seven Liberty Caucus incumbents faced aggressive challenges from the Straus-ian left. Five were victorious and retain their seats for the 2017 legislative session. Happy race results:  

HD106 Pat Fallon (R-Frisco RER92)                            83%     Trent Trubenbach       17%

HD115 Matt Rinaldi (R-Dallas RER99)                       53%     Bennett Ratliff            47%

HD92   Jonathan Stickland (R-Bedford RER99)           58%     Scott Fisher                 42%

HD94   Tony Tinderholt (R-Arlington RER96)             58%     Andrew Piel                 42%

HD96   Bill Zedler (R-Arlington RER93)                      72%     Wesley Nelson 28%


Two very special Liberty Caucus freshmen were defeated. Tragic one and done race results:

HD4     Dr. Stuart Spitzer (R-Athens RER95)               48%     Lance Gooden             52%

HD55   Molly White (R-Belton RER96)                       49.7%  Hugh Shine                  50.3%

On the 2016 GOP primary ballot, there were 31 challengers to incumbent supporters of Speaker Joe Straus and earned unacceptable scores, or were attempting to fill a vacated seat.


Three Straus-ian seats were captured by LM candidates. LM upset race results:

HD60   To fill the vacated seat of State Rep. Jim Keffer (R-Grandbury RER52)

Mike Lang (LM)                      54%     Kevin Downing (Straus-ian)                            46%

HD20   Terry Wilson (LM)                   54%     Dr. Marsha Farney (R-Georgetown RER53)   46%

HD150 Valoree Swanson (LM)            52%     Debbie Riddle (R-Spring RER61)                     40%

Swanson won and “The Riddler” was crushed, outright, with four candidates in the race.


24 challenger races went down to defeat. 2016 LM Massacre race results:

HD1     Gary VanDeaver (R-New Boston RER56)        62%     George Lavender        38%

HD2     Dan Flynn (R-Canton RER86)                          51%     Bryan Slaton                49%

HD7     Jay Dean (Straus-ian)              Open Seat       58%     David Watts (LM)        42%

HD8     Byron Cook (R-Corsicana RER56)                   50.4%  Thomas McNutt          49.6%

HD11   Travis Clardy (R-Nacogdoches RER56)           86%     Tony Sevilla                 14%

HD12   Kyle Kacal (R-Bryan RER52)                            70%     Defeated two challengers

HD14   John Raney (R-Bryan RER49)                          69%     Jess Fields                    31%

HD17   John Cyrier (R-Bastrop RER78)                       65%     Brent Goleman           35%

HD47   Paul Workman (R-Austin RER61)                    61%     Jay Wiley                     39%

HD54   Larry S. Smith (LM)                 Open Seat       21%     Didn’t make runoff in field of 3

HD58   DeWayne Burns (R- Cleburne RER76)                        54%     Philip Eby                    46%

HD59   Dr. J.D. Sheffield (R- Gatesville RER39)          62%     Brent Graves               38%

HD65   Ron Simmons (R- Carrollton RER78)              83%     Ben Kissling                 17%

HD81 Brooks Landgraf (R- Odessa RER76)                 68%     Joshua Crawford         32%

HD84   John Frullo (R- Odessa RER61)                        55%     Jim Lantroop               45%

HD89   Jodie Laubenberg (R- Murphy RER86)            71%     Dalton Lytle, Jr.           29%

HD99   Charlie Geren (R- Fort Worth RER56)                        58%     Bo French                    42%

HD112 Angie Chen Button (R- Richardson RER71)     77%     Chris DeHart               23%

HD113 Cindy Burkett (R- Garland RER63)                  56%     Jonathan Boos             44%

HD114 Jason Villalba (R-Dallas RER55)                      55%     Dan Morenoff             45%

HD121 Joe Straus (R-Alamo Heights RER0)                60%     Defeated two LM opponents

HD127 Dan Huberty (R-Kingwood RER56)                 78%     Mitchell Bosworth      22%

HD130 Tom Oliverson (Straus-ian)     Open Seat       70%     Kay Smith (LM)     30%

HD134 Sarah Davis (R-Houston RER42)                     60%     David Palmer              40%


Six LM candidates earned enough votes to advance to a runoff. Four are for open seats and two are attempting to unseat Straus-ians.

HD73   Doug Miller (R- New Braunfels RER56)          43%     Kyle Biedermann (LM) 40%

HD128 Wayne Smith (R- Baytown RER50)                 44%     Briscoe Cain (LM)       48%

HD5     Cole Hefner (LM)        Open Seat                   46%     Jay Misenheimer        27%

HD18   Keith Strahan (LM)      Open Seat                   28%     Ernest Biles                 26%

HD33   John Keating (LM)       Open Seat                   38%     Justin Holland              33%

HD64   Read King (LM)           Open Seat                   30%     Lynn Stuckey               42%


The sum of the election is that two Liberty Caucus members were defeated while three LM candidates were successful in unseating two Straus-ian incumbents and one seat that was previously held by a Straus-ian. The LM currently has picked up one seat, or 20 anti-Straus votes, with the runoffs yet to come.

The Win Rate? Eight out of 40 for .200, so far and going into the runoffs. That’s a minor league batting average, when you’re facing major league competition.

The 2016 Texas GOP Primary was not a good day for Texas liberty.  

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Straus, and Most of His Allies, Survive Challenges From Right

Photo by Todd Wiseman

Neither of the competing factions within the Republican Party gained much ground in Texas House of Representatives on Tuesday, with most incumbents fending off challengers no matter what side of the establishment versus anti-establishment fight they stood.

That stalemate was mostly good news for House Speaker Joe Straus, whose grip on the top job in the ……. read more here. 

by Matthew Watkins


On yesterday, Monday, February 29, 2016, reported that SREC Committee Member Chris McDonald (SD6) purposefully put precinct chairs on alert that elements of the LM (liberty movement) would be attempting to “takeover” their conventions Tuesday night, March 1, all across Texas. He made the comments at precinct convention training session that was held in Houston on February 23, 2016.


A video has now surfaced of the comments made by McDonald.


Of the five organizations mentioned in the video clip, the Texas Nationalist Movement certainly got folks more than a bit uneasy.


Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement stated to RER, “We never doubted the RER report. And, now they are able to supply the video evidence. Our membership is on fire. We’ve never seen such energy and determination.


“The TNM wants this to be very clear. We believe the people of Texas share our position, that at the very minimum, their voices should be heard on the matter. What we have observed in every region of this state is the sentiment that Texans believe it’s time for a hard discussion on self-determination. The TNM agrees and we’re working – doubling down, now – to see that they get their wishes. The RPT and Texas status quo are terrified of the potential results”, concluded Miller.


Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani, of RER, commented, “If all these jive turkeys are afraid of a ‘takeover’, then the LM ought to give them a ‘takeover’. If the RNC and GOP Establishment are about ready to jump out of a window like it is 1929, first let them go ahead and jump. But, can you imagine how wet Mechler’s (RPT Chairman Tom Mechler) pillow is every morning when he wakes up from night sweats these days? I don’t think that dude has ever faced this kind of pressure. And, pressure busts a water pipe. Fabulous.”


The video was provided to RER by a RERactivist citizen journalist. RER is a strong proponent and supporter of crowd-sourced citizen journalism. The Texas Bill of Rights, Article 1 Section 8 acknowledges that every Texas citizen is endowed with “media credentials”, if you will.


RER HOT CLIP SREC Member Warns of Texas Nationalist/LM Convention “Takeover”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


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