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Bush comes under fire in Rollover Pass dispute

Photo: Kim Brent

Rick Waynick is among the regulars who fish at Rollover Pass, which is at the center of a squabble between local residents and the state’s General Land Office.


The owners of the popular Galveston County fishing spot known as Rollover Pass are accusing Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush of hypocrisy for seeking to take their land while casting himself as a champion of private property rights.
The Gilchrist Community Association, which is the caretaker of the property owned by the Gulf Coast Rod, Reel and Gun Club, says it has “declared war” on the General Land Office over the contested Rollover Pass. Association president Ted Vega said Bush’s actions contradict his December push in support of residents fighting the federal Bureau of Land Management over land along the Red River.

“If Mr. Bush has ………. read more here.

By Samantha Ketterer

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo bans open carry, concealed handguns for 2016

Photo: Melissa Phillip, Houston Chronicle


The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo announced Tuesday that it would prohibit both the concealed and open carry of handguns by private citizens during the 2016 season.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo announced Tuesday afternoon that it will ban handguns carried by private citizens inside the RodeoHouston complex for the 2016 season.

“The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, in an effort to provide a safe environment and promote a family-friendly atmosphere at the city’s iconic entertainment event, will prohibit concealed and open carry of ……… read more here


By John Boyd and Craig Hlavaty

Analysis: Hegar Could Change the Odds with Horse Racing Vote



Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar could cast the deciding vote on a new form of gambling in the state on Thursday, but he isn’t saying whether he’ll break the monthslong deadlock at the Texas Racing Commission.

In many ways, this is not his fight. In 2014, before he took office, the racing commission approved rules that would allow “historical racing” at Texas racetracks. It’s a way of betting on races that have ………. read more here.

by Ross Ramsey



Dr. Tom Oliverson is a candidate for Texas State Representative, House District 130. The district lies within north Harris County. His lone opponent in the race is liberty candidate, Kay Smith, a former Vice President of the Harris County Board of Education.


During a candidates’ forum at the Cypress Republican Women’s Club monthly meeting, Tuesday, February 9, 2016, the two candidates were asked if they would vote for or against Texas Speaker Joe Straus for an unprecedented 5th term when the 85th Texas Legislature convenes in January of 2017.


Straus, the most polarizing figure in Texas politics, election cycle after election cycle is a point of contention. Who will vote for him, and who will vote against him? Whether a voter is supportive of the LM (liberty movement) or the GOP Establishment (maintain the status quo and power structure), a candidate’s position on Straus has become the ultimate litmus test. A candidate that will openly state that they will not vote for Straus, under any circumstances, is now easily identified as a potential liberty champion with a full grasp of the nature of Texas House leadership. A candidate that waffles on the issue, or openly states their support for Straus and parrots the talking points constructed by his consultants, is now easily identified as a tool for the plutocracy and should be stopped from entering public office in Texas.

For the voters of the LM across Texas, a vote for Joe Straus remain Speaker has become a vote against life, liberty, and prosperity. Therefore, why would any Texas voter cast their precious vote for a House candidate that will call “THE KING”?


RER HOT CLIP Apostle Claver Tees Off on Oliverson & “King Joe”


Team RER

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RERsports: NFL announces Texans, Raiders will play game in Mexico City next season

Brian Bahr / Getty Images Sport / Getty

The NFL will return to Mexico for the first time in more than a decade.

The Houston Texans and Oakland Raiders will play a regular-season game in Mexico City on Nov. 21, league commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed at his annual Super Bowl press conference Friday.

Raiders owner ………… read more here




Three men have had a stranglehold on Harris County politics for 20 years. They have been the “king makers”, without a doubt. Dr. Steven Hotze, Terry Lowery, and Gary Polland.


Dr. Steven Hotze’s PAC produces and distributes the voters’ guides, Conservative Republicans of Harris County and Conservative Republicans of Texas.


Terry Lowery markets a voters’ guide known at the Link Letter. It arrives in your mail box in magazine form.


Also in magazine form, full of glossy ads, is Gary Polland’s Texas Conservative Review. Plastered right the top of the front cover is “Official Voters Guide”.


Election cycle after election cycle, there always seemed to be a strange correlation to the ads in the magazine-form slates and the candidates who had their names checked for recommendation on tear-out sample ballots that can be carried to the voting machines. Folks started taking note. Eventually, more than a few citizen watchdogs, journalists, and activists tracked the money. The unanimous conclusion of their findings? Pay-To-Play.


It’s easy. The candidate buys an ad. The publisher of the voters’ guide, whether any legitimate vetting was conducted, or not, gets the checkmark by their name on the tear-out sample ballot. Write a check. Get a checkmark.


How can we be sure pay-to-play is still going on? Candidates in this cycle have told us they have been approached again this election by slate publishers with the pitch that undoubtedly links a check to a checkmark. More to come on this.


Depending on where you vote in Harris County, the 2nd-largest county in America, on your way out of the polling location, you might want to take a peek into a nearby wastebasket. It’ll probably be overflowing with sample ballot tear-outs. In previous election cycles, the win rate on these slate mailers has topped 90%.


This type of election corruption unknowingly feeds into the frustrations of the Texas electorate as candidates are pushed who were endorsed because they were willing to cough up five-figure ad rates and had the clams to pay for it, and the lack of ethics to pay for it.


If the slate mailers were actually pushing principled candidates driven by liberty, one could perhaps see the value in the strategic tactic – candidates that are underfunded pooling their finances to cut cost and reach for-sure voters. But, that’s not the case. Instead, with the pay-to-play slate corruption you get a hodgepodge of officeholders that you have no idea what to expect from them.


RERcontributor and legal analyst, Ed Hubbard, has been following and fighting these practices for several years and remembers its origin. As legal counsel to the Harris County Republican Party, under his name, just before early voting the party distributed an email warning county voters of the deception that these voters’ guides commit. In this RER HOT CLIP, Ed and Apostle Claver go through all the aspects of the pay-to-play scheme.


The Disappointment of Dr. Hotze. Has He Really Converted?


Dr. Steven Hotze has deep pockets. However, we wonder if they’re stuffed with paper from his own personal wealth or that of candidates and consultants that contribute to his PAC for his endorsement?


He made a logical decision that after two decades of Harris County political influence and dominance, to take his scheme statewide. He began going hard in 2012, and in the 2014 cycle put the pedal to the medal in his statewide involvement with the distribution of the Conservative Republicans of Texas voters’ guide. The sample ballots, with a mail-in ballot usually enclosed, were overflowing with RINOs check marked – including Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus.


In a follow up article, we will give more details of Dr. Hotze’s initiatives that were anti liberty. But, for now, for context, it suffices to say that Dr. Hotze was a huge proponent of the Texas Solution and worked for its inclusion in the 2012 Republican Party of Texas platform. At the 2014 convention, Hotze and his team defended the amnesty plank like momma wolverines, but were ultimately defeated by the one thing that will defeat any pay-to-play scheme – education, information, and organization.


At the 2014 convention, the LM (Liberty Movement) grassroots knew what happened in 2012, were prepared for battle and organized enough to whip votes during the convention fight. Amnesty was yanked. Hotze and clan were not thrilled. Blood was on the convention floor. (Almost, literally)


Hotze went on to the next regularly scheduled battlefield – the 2015 84th Texas Legislative Session.


He went into the session believing he had rock-solid assurances that on his conservative social issues there would be significant gains. He was lied to and played like a grand piano by the Straus=ians. Again, Hotze was not thrilled. But, had he truly learned his lesson?


At the conclusion of the predictably ugly 2015 session, Hotze made it known through the various political channels and factions that he was done with Straus and the Straus-ians. This was war!


During the summer he called a secret meeting in the Houston area of socially conservative and LM leaders from across the state. He wanted to work in that coalition. LM activists were in a condition of near fainting when the news was leaked to RER. Hotze was considered an opponent and here he was aggressively working with those that previously couldn’t stand him.


Joyous signs from Hotze continued. Reports from LM candidates from around Texas was that he was truly reaching out to them and their campaigns was looking like he was indeed walking the talk. His Faith, Family, and Freedom Tour around the state during the Houston homosexual ordinance battle drew good reviews, crowds and featured some LM champions and candidates.


But, then the Hotze voters’ guide, Conservative Republicans of Harris County, hit the snail mail boxes. Oh, oh…


The egregious endorsements were numerous.

  • The “Drunken” State Rep. Dan Huberty – snagged in the APF video recording operation coming off the House floor sloppy blitzed and ready for a fight. LM candidate Mitchell Bosworth is on the ballot.
  • S. Congressman Kevin Brady – with two LM candidates, one with a LM Champion legislative track record with scorecard grades in the 90s, Steve Toth, on the ballot. The other is Steve McMichael.
  • RINO Appointed Harris County Sheriff, Ron Hickman – As a Harris County Constable, he helped to get a convicted drunk driver — nephew of retiring State Rep. and Straus-ian property, Patricia Harless — an early prison release. Oh, Harless’ nephew killed one of Hickman’s deputy constables at a 100mph clip. Hickman and Harless are really tight. Additionally, Sheriff’s Deputy Carl Pittman is on the ballot in that race, and is endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Pittman promises to run the Harris County Sheriff’s Department by the “founding documents of this Republic”.
  • HD130 Candidate Tom Oliverson – is a client of political consultant of the dark side and “former” Hotze partner, Allen Blakemore. LM slate candidate Kay Smith has repeatedly stated that she will NOT vote for Joe Straus for Speaker, whether he wins his primary, or not. Oliverson has called Joe Straus “The King”.
  • And, others


Missteps by Dr. Hotze on his endorsed slate? Perhaps. Perhaps, not.


It saddens us to suggest that you toss Dr. Hotze’s voters’ guide, as well. He’s got some LM candidates circled, for sure.


However, are we to accept a few of his fave RINOs that are connected to his buddy and “former” partner Blakemore for the sake of getting his ok and cash for the LM candidates? No.


Dr. Hotze needs to show consistency towards liberty or he and his endorsements must continue to be distrusted and discarded. The pay-to-play slates must be defeated, the practice must be stopped, and Hotze had best make a clean break and show true conversion, through and through.


Back in the summer of 2015 when Hotze called the secret meeting to announce his declaration of war on Straus, one of the attendees eventually put their name on the ballot for public office. However, when Hotze’s slate hit the mail, the candidate’s name didn’t have a checkmark by it.


RER contacted the candidate via text to find out, “What’s up?”


The reply from the candidate that Hotze invited to that declaration of war meeting? Only three words. “Pay to play”.


RER HOT CLIP Ed Hubbard Exposes the Pay-To-Play Endorsement Scheme


Team RER

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RERsports: Knitting in the stands during the SMU game? It’s for the good of the team — she promises

Photo: Ashley Landis


Kissing a trophy in the tunnel, wearing the same socks 27 games in a row, spinning around three times while saying the opponent’s team name backwards.

“It’s only weird if it doesn’t work,” said every sports fan ever.

SMU alum and dedicated Mustangs fan Kathryn Arata is a prime example.

“Since I’ve been knitting, they’ve been winning,” she said of her superstition and her favorite team, the ….  read more here.

By Ashley Landis

Pro-Life Activist David Daleiden Appears in Court Over Planned Parenthood Video Sting

Credit: Eric Kayne

Attorney Jared Woodfill (L) speaks to the media alongside client David Daleiden (C), a defendant in an indictment stemming from a Planned Parenthood video he helped produce, and attorney Terry Yates (R), at the Harris County Courthouse after Daleiden surrendered to authorities on February 4, 2016 in Houston, Texas. Daleiden is facing an indictment on a misdemeanor count of purchasing human organs, and along with defendant Sandra Merritt, is charged with tampering with a governmental record.

Read more here ….


Texas horse tracks remain open at least through February

Photo: Kentucky Downs

Here’s a look at some of the historical horse racing machines at the Kentucky Downs. 



The lesson to learn from this story is that when you work with Democrats in a society that has rejected the Democratic Party and its ideology, the unintended consequences of the new law produced from such collaboration, will most likely get you burned. This is, once again, the fate of Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus, and State Rep. Debbie Riddle (R-HD150 RER61).

HB2150 was a bill that was passed in the 2015, 84th Texas Legislative Session and signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott. The new law “fundamentally changed” (a term you should be familiar with) how justice is administered in Texas. The new law negatively impacted the Planned Parenthood case being handled by the Harris County District Attorney, Devon Anderson (R). The video evidence showing Planned Parenthood of Gulf Coast allegedly trafficking in baby parts was apparently utilized differently than pro-life and Texas government officials had anticipated, and the courageous citizen journalists that published the video are now facing jail time after being indicted by a Harris County grand jury.

How, precisely, did HB2150 change justice administration? The bill changed the way grand juries are selected in Texas.

Up until the passage of HB2150, the responsibility of recruiting, selecting, and impaneling grand juries was the responsibility of elected judges of the various 254 Texas counties. The selection was altered to make the grand jury selection process identical to how a trial jury is selected – a huge pool of registered voters residing within the county.

The previous practice required judges to consider who they would be asking to serve on the grand jury. To be asked to sit on a grand jury was considered an honored civic duty – the asking of citizens of good reputation, serious comport and understanding the power and gravity of weighing the evidence, conducting investigations, and deciding if a citizen must face charges, trial, and possible loss of liberty to incarceration. Not anymore.

RERcontributor Ed Hubbard reported that judges will literally walk out into the hundreds of citizens assembled in a Harris County jury pool and just scream out, “Who wants to serve on a grand jury?”

Factually, the passage of HB2150 and its signing into law turned the serious tasks of Texas grand juries over to the citizen mob.

Just for consideration… Imagine a grand jury impaneled to hear a case dealing with a white police officer that has been involved in a shooting that resulted in the death of a black male? Additionally, imagine if the grand jury is now comprised of a majority of residents from the communities of color, with a temperament of the Baltimore rioters? Your imagination should be able to construct innumerous scenarios, now. Your imagination should allow you to see, to understand, why Obama-style Democrats would want to fundamentally change how grand juries are selected – in light of recent grand jury “no bills” in such high-profile cases across the Unites States.

The basic argument that leftist would submit? Grand juries should reflect the demographics of the population.

We’ll get back to the importance of this, further down.

This previously unnoticed change to Texas law was brought to our attention by RERcontributor and legal analyst, Ed Hubbard, an appellate court lawyer and legal counsel to the Harris County Republican Party. Hubbard began researching why and how such a bizarre outcome could happen from a Texas grand jury.

The Disturbing Creation of HB2150

HB2150 can only be labeled as a Democrat bill. It made it all the way to Gov. Abbott’s desk and was signed into law. But a legislative bill is birthed by its authors. This is where things go very bad, at the very start.


Authors of HB2150:

  • Carol Alvarado (D-Houston RER15)
  • Abel Herrero (D-Corpus RER24)
  • Debbie Riddle (R-Houston RER61)
  • Joe Moody (D-El Paso RER17)
  • Gene Wu (D-Houston RER13)


One suburban RINO, Debbie Riddle of HD150 in Harris County, worked with four Obama-style, Democratic Party socialists, to craft a bill that fundamental changed how grand juries are selected in the state of Texas. That combination of state reps, alone, should make you shudder.

RER HOT CLIP Ed Hubbard Reveals Grand Jury Selection Change

RER HOT CLIP Apostle Claver’s Full Report on HB2150

Oh, yes. There’s more…

HB2150 was assigned to the House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence. The chairman of the committee is the Democrat, Abel Herrero from Corpus Christi (RER24). The vice-chair of the committee is the Democrat, Joe Moody from El Paso (RER17). The chairman and the vice-chairman of the committee are both Democrats appointed by Speaker of the Texas House, Joe Straus. The chairman and vice-chairman of the committee, appointed by Joe Straus, are authors of HB2150.

Obama-style Democrats live and breathe for fundamental change.

The sponsor from the Texas Senate was John Whitmire (D-Houston RER33), the 44-year incumbent who is sittin’ pretty with a nearly $140,000 per year annual pension (and growing) when he decides he’s had enough fun – probably when he hits the annual pension ceiling.

The senate co-sponsors were Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa (D-McAllen RER40), and Royce West (D-Dallas RER32).

Of those that were pushers on HB2150, there was only one “Republican” that worked with nothing other than Democrats to see this bill pass. State Rep. Debbie Riddle.

Until the HB2150 Reversal, Here’s What You Can Expect

Hubbard has openly predicted that rogue, senseless decisions like the Planned Parenthood grand jury decision in Harris County will become plentiful.

Grand juries have massive power.

  • They have the power of subpoena
  • They have latitude to take the evidence presented, and pursue whatever direction they wish to go – even out of the boundaries of the initially stated intention for impaneling the grand jury
  • They have at their disposal the badged officers assigned to the county DA’s office.

That’s a lot of power for a vindictive, potentially #BlackLivesMatter grand jury to wield.

Thus, a grand jury is selected to hear the critical case of Planned Parenthood and the alleged trafficking of baby body parts, right here in Texas. Pro-life activists are believing that perhaps the final nail in Planned Parenthood’s coffin is about to be hammered; perhaps stopping them from doing business in the state; maybe even genocide profiteers will go to prison. Instead, the citizen journalists are indicted and Planned Parenthood is totally exonerated.

Speaker of the Texas House, Joe Straus, by fulfilling his promise to continue to appoint Democrats to committee chairmanships as long as he’s Speaker, has again done the exact opposite to what the people of Texas would approve of.

State Rep. Debbie Riddle, by being a good poodle of the Speaker, providing bi-partisan cover, has given the electorate of HD150 ANOTHER reason to say, “YOU’RE FIRED!”

Team RER

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