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Car booting companies in Austin have no limits on charges

(Photo: Jenni Lee/KVUE)

AUSTIN – With winter in the air, boots have come out all over the place. But it’s a different kind of boot that is costing drivers hundreds of dollars and there’s no ordinance in Austin to deal with it.

Laura Marczak found out the hard way that getting your car booted in Austin is a costly penalty. Marczak parked in Ramen Fukuya’s parking lot off the drag in central Austin on December 30. She said before going to Fukuya’s for ………… read more here

Jenni Lee, KVUE


Image: ABC 13 Screenshot 

HEB and Simon, the company that owns The Galleria mall, have just announced they will turn away customers who are openly packing heat.

Witt: The Next Bullet

Today President Obama launched into a speech about gun control, yet again. I, personally believe the tears were real. I also believe he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Let me give you a very simple fact. He cited Sandy Hook, Columbine, and the recent shootings, as well as continued violence in Chicago. Tell me, what do all mass shootings have in common? The victims were not armed. They were sheep. They hid, or ran, and hoped for the best. Even Fort Hood. Combat soldiers, forced to go without even side arms, waiting like school children for the next bullet.

Some things look real good on paper. The ideas glow, the math works. If we can only take guns off the streets then crime will diminish exponentially. Right? RIGHT? Wrong! Thirty people have guns. You pass laws to deprive twenty-nine of their weapons, either by background checks, red tape, or just convince them that your theory of human nature is right. So, what do you have left? One guy with a gun. Oh, for your information, he’s the sexually frustrated one who stole a gun from his cop father and he thinks he’s Batman. That, and he’s got twenty nine bullets in three clips. We wouldn’t want to break that ten bullet mag rule, now would we?

I buy guns on occasion. Most of the time I trot down to a pawn shop (hey, I live in Killeen, ok?) plunk down my ID, and good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise I walk out with a Smith and Wesson Nine. Fact is, if I were unhappy with my gun, and wanted a “cold” one, all I’d have to do is contact some “Home Boy” and I’d have a “40” quicker than a pizza. Now boys and girls, that is a fact of life, I crappith thee not!

They only thing that keeps guns out of the wrong hands is if they are addicted to drugs and the price of a gun is either beyond them, or the value is too big a temptation for a sale for another “rock.” I’ve depended on that with my altercations with such people right here. I have never faced one meth head who had a gun. Oh, I know it can happen, I’ve just never seen it, that’s all. But, we’re not talking about those people. Remember San Bernardino? The FBI can talk about all their theories, all their ideas, all their “forensic files,” those were ISIS soldiers! They finagled acquiring their guns, and if one plan didn’t work what do you suppose they would have done? Oh, I know, gave up and went home to the mother land. If you believe that, have I got a bridge for you, and it’s on sale!

The only thing that stops a mass shooting is when Mr. “I can’t find a girlfriend” points his gun at a crowd, twenty-nine guns point back! Ladies, that’s the rule of life! While I am touched by Obama’s tears, I’m unmoved by his logic. You’d think that a Home Boy who lived in Chicago would be more street smart than that. Guess he didn’t pick that up on the golf course, huh?

So, he’s going to embark on encumbering every law abiding American in the search for life, liberty and the pursuit of lunch without getting killed. Starbucks anyone. Not me! I will not get killed because some left wing girly-man never played cowboys and Indians. I, also will not eat in any café, go to a movie, mall, school, Walmart, or church. Land of the free! Yeah, right!

Wilbur Witt

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin



Texas Governor Greg Abbott, like most Republicans, is no fan of President Obama. The Lone Star State’s highest official is likely jealous of the president’s ability to actually govern, something he and his right-wing buddies have no idea how to do. But, Abbott recently took his hatred for Obama too far and actually threatened him on ……. read more here.

By Winning Democrats

The 5 scariest people and groups of 2015

Joe Straus (credit: AP)

The 5 scariest people and groups of 2015 is a frightening list indeed, filled with bureaucrats and functionaries who, shall we say, do not share an affinity for liberty.

If these people share anything in common it is a devotion to nanny statism, overweening bureaucracy, and just plain old bad government on the local, state, and federal levels.

Fasten your seatbelts. The ride will be a bumpy 1.

5. Philadelphia’s “ghost teachers”

Every year, up to 63 teachers are permitted to leave the classroom to work full-time for the …… read more here. 

By Kenric Ward

Box: Obama’s Gungrabbing Lies

For the past seven lonnnnng years, Americans have watched in disgust and alarm at the many actions President Obama has taken to thwart the Constitution and unprecedentedly expand executive authority. His latest egregious example has taken shape in further eroding Americans’ Second Amendment rights. The President claims he wants to keep Americans safe—but this instead is yet another power grab from an ever-increasingly despotic federal government.

How can Obama, with a straight face, say he wants to “safeguard” Americans?

This disgrace of a president refuses to secure the southern border, which enables violent Mexican cartels, gangs, and terrorists to enter America illegally; he promotes and protects blatantly illegal sanctuary cities, which actively put citizens at risk of violent crime from illegal aliens; he favors the release of violent criminals from prisons in the name of “social justice”;  he refuses to acknowledge the epidemic of black-on-black crime, instead blaming “racism” and furthering the agenda of radical left groups like Black Lives Matter; he negotiated with radical Islamist Iranian mullahs and trusted them with disarming their nuclear ambitions (when we now know they have not signed this “historic” agreement); his “strategy” of fighting ISIS and radical Islam consists of calling Americans “Islamophobes”, declaring that “employment” of potential terrorists will counter violent radicalism, going around the world apologizing for America, inviting potential Islamic terrorists into America under the guise of “compassion” for refugees, and giving understanding for the “causes” of radical Islam; he and his administration told our special forces to stand down while four patriots were murdered in cold blood by Islamic terrorists in Benghazi; and his disastrous overall foreign policy has put the entire country at risk.

Instead of proposing solutions that would make our country more secure, we have a president who thinks bulldozing the Second Amendment and criminalizing gun ownership is far superior to, you know, actually dealing with violent criminals in cities with extremely strict gun control laws (cough Chicago cough cough). This is liberals’ dirty little secret. Gun violence is far more prevalent in cities with very tough gun control laws—for a very simple reason. I know liberals think that most criminals are simply misunderstood, or many victims have raaaayyyysism in their DNA (thanks for that little dig, Obama)–but it might shock them to know that criminals don’t actually follow the law! So all of Obama’s and other hypocritical liberal gungrabbers’ actions of closing the mythical “gun show loophole” that doesn’t exist or forcing a mother to do a background check on her son in order to give him her legally-owned firearm will do nothing to prevent one single violent act.

In fact, most mass shootings would NOT have been stopped by gun-free zones or the gun control measures Obama and liberals seek. What MIGHT have prevented the carnage would be more lawful gun owners stopping madmen and psychos and terrorists before they killed even more innocent people. You’ll never hear a liberal admit that though—and these are the same liberals who often own guns or have armed security and bodyguards.  Their hypocrisy is astounding but not surprising.

In Texas, we don’t play. Open Carry just became law (where gun owners with a concealed carry license can legally open carry a weapon in a holster). Governor Abbott has already taunted this lawless president to “come and take it”—a reference to the famous Gonzalez flag from the battle of the Alamo. My congressman, a RINO named John Culberson who has a 60% Conservative Review rating and is facing two primary opponents, is attempting to burnish his conservative cred by vowing to defund the Department of Justice (DOJ) over this issue. To this, I heartily scoff. Culberson and many other of his RINO ilk just voted for a $1.1 trillion budget that not only funds the DOJ, but Obama’s illegal alien amnesty, resettlement of Syrian and other Middle Eastern refugees, Planned Parenthood, and every other monstrosity Obama and Democrats demanded.

The only way to stop Obama and Democrats’ gungrabbing instincts is to fight back on every level—local, state, and federal. And if you want to give your lawfully owned gun to your son or daughter or cousin or friend—go for it.

Come and take it, Obama.

Angela Box

Culberson: The Next Generation

Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
A perfect example is the voters of CD7 sending Culberson to Washington over and over and then complaining when he votes FOR the Omnibus spending bill.
We may be able to stop this insanity because two candidates are running against Culberson in the Mar. 1, 2016 Republican Primary.
Let’s look at our choices:
1. As expected, John Culberson, a career politician, is running again.
  • He has spent the last 29 years in politics; 15 of them in Congress
  • He keeps making us promises that he has a way to use his seat on the Appropriations Committee to stop funding for Obama’s liberal agenda. But year after year no funding is ever stopped.
  • His ranking by Freedom Works in 2015 was 70.
    1. The final GOP candidate is James Lloyd who is so unknown that even Politics1 and US Elections have no information on him or even links to his campaign siteHis 2014 fiscal rating by the American Conservative Union has gone down 36 points since 2010. It was the lowest of all Texas Republican US Representatives in 2014.
      2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
      100 87 92 84 64
      1. Maria Espinoza , a local conservative grassroots activist, is running against him.

      Most of us in CD7 know her from her efforts fighting illegal immigration. She has been outspoken on many issues so there is plenty of information about her for all to research with simple Google searches. Her website includes her platform as well as contact info.……. read more HERE! 

Colleen Vera



FIRST PIECE OF GREAT NEWS:  Thomas Ratliff (the long-time registered lobbyist for Microsoft who should never have been allowed to run nor serve on the Texas State Board of Education because of his conflict of interest problems) forgot to include his filing fee when he sent in his 2016 election application.

Because of this goof on his part, his application was rejected; and his name will not be on the 2016 ballots. His SBOE term will expire at the end of this year.


SECOND PIECE OF GREAT NEWS: Mary Lou Bruner is running to replace Thomas Ratliff. She is a super-duper candidate and will make a super-duper SBOE member. Please read carefully through her campaign statement and do your part to ………. read more here.

By Donna Garner

SREC Members Call On Straus To Endorse Lone Republican


House Speaker Joe Straus (R-San Antonio) is under fire from GOP officials for his failure to support the only Republican in an open-seat special election in Bexar County. Members of the State Republican Executive Committee penned a stinging rebuke for Straus’ unwillingness to support the GOP candidate in the race.

Following a June announcement that he would not be seeking reelection, Farias later announced that he was immediately resigning his seat. Gov. Abbott called for a November 3rd Special Election to fill the seat. Since no candidate received the …. read more of the article here.

by Charles Blain 


For Immediate Release
December 22, 2015
Contact: John Beckmeyer

SREC members: Why Hasn’t Joe Straus Endorsed John Lujan

Today, a number of members of the State Republican Executive Committee of the Texas Republican Party are asking Joe Straus why he refuses to endorse a popular Hispanic Republican in his own county.

John Lujan is a strong candidate for the GOP to pick up House District 118. He is a solid, conservative, Christian, Hispanic entrepreneur and former firefighter. Most local conservative and even moderate Republican officials have endorsed Lujan, including Senator Donna Campbell, Congressman Lamar Smith, State Rep. Lyle Larson, and County Commissioner Kevin Wolff as well as one of the Speaker’s Republican primary opponents – Jeff Judson.

But noticeably absent from this list is Joe Straus, who has refused to endorse Lujan. Endorsing a fellow Republican who might pick up a seat from the Democrats is the bread and butter of politics. It’s a no brainer.

We are scratching our heads as to why this is so hard for Joe. What is Joe’s real agenda?

Is it because Joe needs all the Democrat votes he can get to be reelected Speaker and actually favors Tomas Uresti, the Democrat? If such is the case, he is willing to forego the interests and principles of his Party in order to maintain his power and allegiance with Democrats.

Please Joe – be a leader for Republicans — not just for Democrats! We believe Republican principles help people prosper. What do you believe Joe?

SREC members endorsing this statement include:

Sue Evenwell – SD 1
Tom Roller SD – 31
Vicki Slaton – SD 2
Marvin Clede SD – 17
John Beckmeyer SD – 28
Karl Voigtsberger SD – 8
Mark Ramsey SD- 7
Jeff Judson SD – 25
Alma Perez Jackson SD – 26
Tanya Robertson – SD 11
Terri DuBose SD – 19

Qatar military official & wife enslaved workers in Texas, guilty of visa fraud


While training at a U.S. military base. Wow. These two well-vetted Muslim slave owners should be in jail – they are not, then deported. via Qatar military official, wife guilty of visa fraud in Texas |

Prosecutors in San Antonio say the women from Indonesia and Bangladesh were given little food and slept on a pallet in a barren apartment.

Hassan Al-Homoud and his wife, Zainab Al-Hosani, of the United Arab Emirates, pleaded guilty Friday to visa fraud. They’re free pending sentencing.

Al-Homoud was ……. read more here.