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Analysis: Lots of Traps on Texas Primary Election Ballots

This year’s Texas primary ballots offer plenty of pitfalls for inattentive voters.

As a result, some of the unlikeliest candidates lurking below the presidential races on ballots might be taking their oaths of office in a little less than a year.

That’s especially true in the so-called low-information contests, where voters know a little bit less about the candidates and pay a ……… read more here




Report: Abbott, Patrick confirmed terror suspect’s arrest before feds were ready

The top two Texas officials may have publicly released details of an investigation into a terrorism suspect while it was still in progress, which may have jeopardized the investigation, sources familiar with the investigation told Reuters Friday.

According to Reuters, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick released details from …….. read more here. 

Abbott’s Constitutional Convention Plan Ignores Existing Nullification

Photo of Greg Abbott: Gage Skidmore

Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s “Texas Plan” for a Constitutional Convention ignores states preexisting right to nullification.

Delivering his keynote address at the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Annual Policy Orientation on Friday, January 8, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (shown) unveiled his 92-page “Texas Plan,” promising to return “lawmaking to the process enshrined in the Constitution” and to restore states’ rights by adding nine new amendments to the Constitution through a constitutional convention.

“I want legislation authorizing Texas to join other states in calling for a convention of states to fix the cracks in our broken Constitution,” Abbott said in his address.

According to the website of the office of Governor Abbott, his plan offers the ………. read more here.

Written by  Christian Gomez

Israel’s First F-35 Fighter Jet Unveiled in Texas


The body of Israel’s first F-35A joint strike fighter plane was unveiled at a festive ceremony in Fort Worth, Texas, over the weekend. The plane, named Adir, will now enter the advanced production stage, which is set to last until June.

The ceremony was attended by officials from U.S. aerospace company Lockheed Martin, which produces the F-35, and Israel’s Defense Ministry.

Israel has ……… read more here. 

By Lilach Shoval & Israel Hayom Staff

RERsports: Dirk Nowitzki Channels His Inner Donald Trump in Campaign Video

Box: Is Abbott’s call for an Article V Convention of States a good idea?

Governor Abbott Joined the Movement for an Article V Convention of the States—and Here’s Why It’s Imperative

Recently, Texas governor Greg Abbott joined the growing Article V Convention of States movement by adding Texas to the list of states willing to send delegates to a convention. Some have criticized this move as grandstanding, or an attempt to raise his national profile. Personally, I don’t care why Abbott finally threw Texas’ hat into the ring—I’m just glad he did.

The Founding Fathers were geniuses. Pure, unadulterated, propelled-by-God geniuses.  Their genius is exhibited throughout the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and the Constitution—and  when the Founders, at nearly the last minute of the Constitutional Convention, placed into the document Article V, they not only showed brilliance but sooth-saying clairvoyance.

The Founders knew that, eventually, even the best government in human history they had established would turn to rot—as all governments do. No, it was not the governing document that had turned the government to rot—it was the people running it, and the bureaucratic machine supplying the engine of destruction. Therefore, Founder and future President James Madison insisted on Article V of the Constitution, which reads:

“The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress; Provided that no Amendment which may be made prior to the Year One thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any Manner affect the first and fourth Clauses in the Ninth Section of the first Article; and that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.”

In layman’s terms, the Article simply states that whenever the cogs of government became too unwieldy or burdensome to the citizenry, or when Congress itself became complicit in the country’s demise, a federalist (state) remedy was available. Not only could the Congress propose and ratify Amendments to the Constitution, but so could the states propose amendments. As in a Congressional amendment, three-fourths of the states must ratify each amendment.

In the past seven years—and, let’s be honest, for a long time before then—the federal government has grown enormously in scope and power, amassing an unimaginable $18 trillion debt that, even if the federal government confiscated every dime from its citizens, would not even make a dent in its payment. We have a president who thinks because he has a “pen and a phone” he can override Congress’ proper role in treaties, legislation, regulatory powers, and the like. We have a Supreme Court so rogue and unaccountable that one or two individuals essentially overrule the will of the People on issue after issue, not to mention shoving grossly unconstitutional mandates like Obamacare down Americans’ throats. We have out-of-control spending that never seems to end. Crony capitalism rules the day. Reckless legislators get reelected time and again because there are no term limits on any branch of government, save the Executive Branch.  Our problems as a country are great, and growing.

The rising up of a potential Article V Convention of the States should be met with gratitude—understanding that the amendment itself was seen as a ubiquitous “Break Glass In Case Of Emergency” clause. Some conservatives are leery about such a convention, thinking that all sorts of crazy, progressive amendments would be passed. This thinking is silly. Liberals already have every other branch of government and the bureaucracy locked down. A Convention of States would, instead, greatly benefit conservative ideas and Constitutional governance, which liberals generally eschew anyway.

The growing movement of Convention of the States has catalogued four major problems in government today: The Spending and Debt Crisis, The Regulatory Crisis, Congressional Attacks on State Sovereignty, and Federal Takeover of the Decision-Making Process. (See for more details.)

As conservatives, we can all agree that these four federal government abuses are vast and stubborn. So how does Article V help?

The goal of the Convention of States is to not throw a bunch of ideas up on the wall and see what sticks. The goal is to first define the broad problem: the federal government has greatly overreached its boundaries; the states are left practically impotent; and the American people—at least the ones funding the insanity—are left in the lurch. From the Convention of States website: “A convention of states needs to be called to ensure that we are able to debate and impose a complete package of restraints on the misuse of power by all branches of the federal government.”

Some detractors of the Article V process have claimed that this would be a “runaway Constitutional Convention.” In fact, it would not be. Since the first Constitutional Convention in 1789, over 400 calls have been made for Article V hearings, but not one has made it far. Why? Because either the amendments presented were unpopular or impractical, or not enough states joined in the process.

The purpose of today’s Convention of States is to grow a coalition of at least 40 states, with 4,000 Congressional districts represented. 100 citizen—and that’s key—CITIZEN—volunteers would be needed for each district in order to both hold state legislators accountable and provide support for legislators willing to take up this fight.  After close to 40 states and their representatives in the legislatures had signed up to participate in the Article V Convention, they would meet to debate exactly what amendments they would propose.

Some amendment ideas, from the COS website, include:

  • A balanced budget amendment
  • A redefinition of the General Welfare Clause (the original view was the federal government could not spend money on any topic within the jurisdiction of the states)
  • A redefinition of the Commerce Clause (the original view was that Congress was granted a narrow and exclusive power to regulate shipments across state lines–not all the economic activity of the nation)
  • A prohibition of using international treaties and law to govern the domestic law of the United States
  • A limitation on using Executive Orders and federal regulations to enact laws (since Congress is supposed to be the exclusive agency to enact laws)
  • Imposing term limits on Congress and the Supreme Court
  • Placing an upper limit on federal taxation
  • Requiring the sunset of all existing federal taxes and a super-majority vote to replace them with new, fairer taxes

All these amendments sound quite reasonable and would begin to curb an out-of-control federal government. Liberals and establishment Republicans won’t like them, since it removes power from a centralized government, but who cares? They’ve shown they have no self-control in the offices and institutions in which voters have entrusted them, so let’s try something different.

Some detractors of a Convention of States have also said we don’t need to go this route; we just need to elect conservatives to all levels of government. The last part is true, and more so than ever today. But that still will not curb spending, regulatory insanity, the debt, and deal with ensconced bureaucrats all too willing to sell the future of this country down the river for a temporary fix of a guaranteed job. No—our Founders knew this emergency button was necessary to reset the balance of power of our Republic, and place power back in the hands of citizens in the form of states and state legislatures.

Another objection to a Convention is the thinking that if the federal government won’t adhere to the Constitution now, why would they after a Convention of States? From the COS website, because I can’t say it any better:

“When the Founders wrote the Constitution, they did not anticipate modern-day politicians who take advantage of loopholes and vague phraseology. Even though it is obvious to all reasonable Americans that the federal government is violating the original meaning of the Constitution, Washington pretends otherwise, claiming the Constitution contains broad and flexible language. Amendments at a Convention of States today will be written with the current state of the federal government in mind.

The language they use for these amendments will be unequivocal. There will be no doubt as to their meaning, no possibility of alternate interpretations, and no way for them to be legitimately broken. For example, the General Welfare Clause could be amended to add this phrase: ‘If the States have the jurisdiction to spend money on a subject matter, Congress may not tax or spend for this same subject matter.’

In addition to this, it should be noted that the federal government has not violated the amendments passed in recent years. Women’s suffrage, for example, has been 100% upheld.”

Read more about those amendments HERE.

I urge anyone who is serious about this issue, either for or against, to visit the Convention of States website. Our Founding Fathers anticipated just this type of morass in which we currently find ourselves immersed. They have given us a simple and profound remedy: Article V.

Don’t worry, liberals and establishment Republicans: you’ll always have the vast majority of the media, most of Hollywood, and the Kardashians. The states can and must take back their rightful place in governance, and thank you James Madison for having the foresight to see what a mess these people would make of the most brilliant government system ever devised.

Angela Box

HISD: Trustees approve plan to begin process of renaming 4 Confederate-titled schools

Photo: Rice University Courtesy Of Spec

(Dowling Middle School was named after Richard Dowling, a Confederate army officer. According to the most recent data from the 2013-14 school year, the school is now 57.7 percent Hispanic, 40.3 percent African American, 0.4 percent Asian, and 1.1 percent white.)


HOUSTON – The Houston Independent School District’s trustees approved a plan to begin the process of renaming four HISD schools and facilities with Confederate titles, according to HISD officials.

The discussion took place during the board’s monthly meeting Thursday at 5 p.m. HISD said the board is working to rename the schools in order to represent the values and diversity of the school district, in accordance with its non-discrimination policies.

According to HISD, the resolution will …….. read more here.

By Ciara Rouege – Digital News Editor

How Restaurants Are Responding to Texas’s New Open Carry Law

Brad Loper/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/TNS via Getty Images


Should guns be allowed in restaurants? With a new law in effect, restaurant owners must decide.

Starting on New Year’s Day, some Texas diners began sporting a totally new kind of accessory not often seen in a restaurant setting. Last June, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into law that would allow licensed handgun owners to openly display their weapons in public. Before the new law took effect on January 1, Texas was …… read more here

by Amy McCarthy

Rodriguez: Gov Haley’s Immigration Remarks

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said in her response comments to Pres. Obama’s SOTU address, that immigrants have becoming to America to live the American dream. 
She said…“During anxious times it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. We must resist that temptation. No one who is willing to work hard, abide by our laws and love our traditions should ever feel unwelcome in this country. At the same time that does not mean we just flat-out open our borders. We can’t do that.”
The key phrase is “abide by our laws” because from the very moment that an immigrant enters the country ILLEGALLY, they have failed to live the American Dream. You cannot enter someone’s home through a window or a backdoor without an invitation, and expect to be welcomed. 
Gov. Haley is either trying to comprise with “open-borders” leftists, or trying to take a swipe at those of us who want stiffer immigration controls with her comments. 
What part of the word ILLEGAL doesn’t Gov. Haley understand? 
George Rodriguez


Witt: God Bless Americans

With all the talk about seceding, I’d like to give my understanding, and prediction to what will most likely happen to the American union in the next fifty years. This is natural evolution. One mistake that governments make is drawing lines. It happened in the Middle East. The powers that were drew straight lines and said, “This is Iraq, this is Syria, Egypt,” and so forth and so on without any consideration of tribal loyalties, family, religious differences, or politics of the inhabitants therein. Just turn on CNN if you want to see how well this worked. When the thirteen colonies sued for independence from England, their borders had been defined by the common interests of the settlers who had been there since the pilgrims set foot on Plymouth Rock. As manifest destiny “manifested” itself, the states that came about west of the Mississippi were more “straight line,” than natural. Texas and Utah are prime examples. Brigham Young had a vastly different vision of “Deseret” its boundaries included Utah, Nevada, and parts of New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, California, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado. Young had it set up with the capitol being in Salt Lake City, of course he would be the governor, and the form of government would be a Theodemocracy. The US “defined” that to conform to what they considered to be a more feasible layout.

Texas had the same problem. The original Republic of Texas was not the manicured track of land we see today.  While not being as adventurous as the Mormon plan, it was still considerably larger than the Lone Star State we find today. Imagine a saber tooth tiger reduced to Tony the tiger, and the US Government thought that was greeeeeaaaaat! The original boundaries were arrived at by people with a common interest. In spite of the reformed lines defining Utah, Mormon influence is most certainly evident in the population inhabiting the region today. It does not stop at the borders imposed by congress! Cattle and oil are very disrespectful of the modern borders of Texas. Manual adjustments will never coincide with natural lay of the land.

As we all know, the American government has been overreaching for years, and part of this is because of the artificial definitions of who’s who, and what’s what. Most of the time Federal mandates, and decisions are mandatory, and arbitrary. States make laws, but why? All Uncle Sam has to do is make His law, and the state legislature becomes a complete waste of time. K. C. Massey can carry a gun under Texas law, Sammy says, “No,” K. C. goes to jail. Someone can fire up a joint in Malibu, DEA doesn’t like it, guy gets arrested and has a criminal record. Fundamentalist Mormon wants to marry twin sisters and the Fed can’t seem to find the ink to put one more square on a tax form. See where this is going, folks?

The Ottoman Empire had a pretty good run. Then, one day, someone in Turkey issued an edict, and people in a land far, far away said, “We ain’t gonna do that,” and the Empire didn’t really have the muscle to enforce the act. Slowly, but surely more and more people around the Empire began to stand up, and before long, there was still an Ottoman Empire, but it was kind of like being a Mason. All hat and no cattle. This will be the destiny of what you know as the United States.

The Fed has a choice; let nature take its course, or declare war on its entire people. The Beltway against everybody else. This won’t be North vs South, black against white, Baptists against Methodists, this will be “us” against “them,” them being the elite that have set up royalty to rule over us. Uh, they’re going to lose. In every civilization the people will only take so much before they rise up and call a halt to the whole thing. (Did someone say, “Tea Party?”) The end will come. The only variable is what forms after this event. The United States will dissolve into “regions,” of people with a common history, and common interests. Texas will produce cattle and oil, the Midwest will grow wheat, and California, well, we all know what California will be growing. These regions will have free trade, and common language, and most likely a common currency. Unfortunately there will not be any room for something like the Federal Reserve because the economy will most likely be based on things like gold, silver and oil. The Federal Reserve is based on toilette paper.

Now, of course, the former United States, i.e. being just Washington D. C. by then, will kick, and scream, and sling snot, but they will be just like the Ottoman Empire. This is not to say these regions will not come together during times of need to face a common problem. Someone knocks a couple of buildings down in New York, the regions form an Army, go over there, blow up their country, and then come home. Let themput their country back together and don’t knock down any of our buildings again.

There won’t be any more telling Texas how much oil it can produce, or sending Kansas wheat to Syria, or worrying about what Russia is up to. This will be a true American Union with the interests of each region being centered on that particular region. The interests of people in El Paso will be closer to those of people in Santa Fe, than those of people in New York, but the New Yorkers will still eat steak! If you want to smoke a joint, and marry your same sex friend just don’t go to Deseret, go to California and live the dream. Don’t be a Muslim advocating Sharia Law. These regions will be very steadfast in what they subscribe to, and unfortunately foreign governments (and that’s what Sharia Law is, folks) imposing their will upon an unwilling people will not be tolerated.

Can’t happen, you say? All you liberals out there cite the power of the Government? The power of the government is the people. Five hundred and thirty five arrogant fools cannot dictate to three hundred million citizens. Liberals crack me up. They depend upon a huge government to impose their ideas on the masses. True freedom comes from the people, and when those people get a taste of real freedom it’s gonna get bad. I’m not saying this birth of a nation will be without pain. I’m saying that hopefully, conservative common sense will prevail, and conservative minded people will see that there is more benefit in forming a new understanding that tearing up the entire nation trying to preserve a system that is nowhere near what the founding fathers had in mind in the first place. The world will be watching as cars come rolling out of Detroit, rib eyes out of Texas, and avocados out of California. The quality of American goods will go back up because this will make America Great Again! God bless America? No! God bless Americans!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin