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For jailed migrants, hunger strikes have mixed results

(KUT News via The Texas Tribune)

The conditions at an immigration detention center in Hutto were too much to bear for Honduran Amalia Arteaga Leal, one of tens of thousands of Central Americans who fled their homeland since last year. She said that they are being mistreated by guards and called names.

So she took a strength-in-numbers approach on Oct. 28 and joined a hunger strike, which eventually …. read more here.


Judge grants injunction for Edcouch alderwoman

Edcouch Alderwoman Rina Castillo, Place 2

EDCOUCH — A judge has ruled in favor of extending a temporary restraining order that prohibits city leaders from replacing an alderwoman for missing three meetings.

Former 13th Court of Appeals justice Rose Vela, in her capacity as a visiting judge in the 139th State District Court in Edinburg, granted Place 2 Alderwoman Rina Castillo an …….. read more here.



Mayor asks review of Romero efforts


Leeser did not respond to requests for comment on why he was asking City Manager Tommy Gonzalez, who authorized the solicitation for a new financial adviser, to oversee a report on that action.

A Times investigation found that West-Central city Rep. Larry Romero began pushing city officials to hire Estrada Hinojosa and Co. of Dallas shortly after being elected to office in 2013, without disclosing his ties to the company.

The El Paso Times discovered a 2014 audio recording in which Noe Hinojosa, the president and chief executive officer of Estrada Hinojosa, told the ……… read more here. 

Daniel Borunda, El Paso Times

Musk makes enemies fast in Texas town hosting Space-X Launches

Photo: Luke Sharrett, Bloomberg News

AUSTIN, Texas — People who live in Boca Chica Village, all 26 of them, knew Elon Musk’s SpaceX company would put the South Texas town on the map after it was selected last year as the world’s first commercial rocket-launch site. Now, many want SpaceX gone and their obscurity back.
The residents say SpaceX representatives told them recently they would be required to register with the county, wear badges and ……….. read more here. 

By Lauren Etter, Bloomberg News

Boisterous Immigration Protest At Governor’s Mansion

Several pro-immigrant groups march through the Texas Capitol grounds on November 21, 2015

Elected leaders and advocates for immigration reform staged a boisterous and sometimes angry protest Saturday outside the Texas Governor’s Mansion, where they called on Gov. Greg Abbott to meet with immigrant families and show more leniency to undocumented workers.

Many of the protesters, a few hundred in all, traveled to …….. read more here.

by Jay Root

Records: Man caught smuggling cocaine on behalf of Sinaloa drug cartel indicted

A man suspected of smuggling cocaine on behalf of the Sinaloa drug cartel has been indicted in a Laredo federal court, according to an affidavit.

An indictment handed down Nov. 10 charged ……. read more here.

By César G. Rodriguez
Laredo Morning Times

Rodriguez: Americans of Mexican decent, politics, immigration issues, and more

George Rodriguez, El Conservador,, sat down with Christian Reporter News recently and talked about Americans of Mexican decent, politics, immigration issues, and more.



North Texas schools teach staff how to fight back against intruders

Photo: Michael Sullivan – AP

Hoping to avoid deadly shootings like the one in October at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore., some North Texas school districts are teaching staff to how to defend themselves.

A growing number of Texas public school districts are embracing more aggressive tactics that allow campus staff members to defend themselves against armed classroom intruders.

The tactics — everything from hurling scissors and textbooks to stealing the bad guy’s gun — are a departure from the drop-and-hide strategy that educators have used for years.

“When this program came out, it was laughed at,” said Kevin Kinley, director of safety and security for the Keller school district. “What do you …….. read more here.



Rep. Vela: House bill reasonable approach for Syrian refugees


U.S. Rep. Filemon B. Vela Jr., D-Brownsville

Congressman Filemon Vela, D-Brownsville, was one of 47 democrats in the United States House of Representatives who voted for H.R. 4038, which would pull more agencies into the refugee vetting process.

U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Laredo, also voted in ……… read more here.


Five more Syrian refugees arrive at Texas border seeking asylum

HOUSTON — For the second time in a week, a group of Syrian migrants presented themselves at a Texas border crossing to seek asylum, evidence, some say, that more will be making the journey from Europe as anti-Syrian sentiment spreads following the Paris attacks.

Five Syrians arrived at the busy ………… read more here.