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Pflugerville ISD Violates At Least 5 Constitutional Amendments, Targets Parents’ Guns


Ironically, in the “Come and Take It” state of Texas, administrators from the Pflugerville Independent School District (ISD) distributed a questionnaire to Hendrickson High School students that has nothing to do with their education. Instead, high school students were instructed to disclose non-education related, private information about their parents political beliefs and family members’ gun ownership.

The students were asked to disclose information about which family members owned guns and for what purpose. They were also asked to identify their parents’ political views– and quantify their parents’ ideological perspectives from a scale of 1 – 10 (1=strong liberal; 10=strong conservative).

Michael Cargill, an Army veteran, owner of Central Texas Gun Works, a gun store and training facility, and radio host of “Come and Talk It,” (Austin TALK 1370 AM) sounded the alarm by publicizing the questionnaire.


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Written by Bethany Blankley

Getting ready to rumble: Texas prepares to take on the EPA in court


Texas is expected to join a challenge from about 20 states that intend on taking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to court over the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan.

An air quality lawyer who represents a group opposed to the plan told the rule is “based on such shaky legal ground” and he’s confident it will get struck down, but acknowledges it’s crucial to get a court order that will at least temporarily suspend the Clean Power Plan while the lawyers and judges thrash things out.

President Obama has described the CPP as ………… read more here. 

By Rob Nikolewski 

In North Texas, McCarty and Tea Party Flourish

Julie McCarty during the ‘What Does The Tea Party Want?’ keynote session of The Texas Tribune Festival on Sep. 28, 2013.

GRAPEVINE — When the Tea Party movement swept the country in 2009, Julie McCarty was a 38-year-old mom staying home to care for her two-year-old daughter. Her involvement in politics was “next to nothing,” she says. “I voted, and I knew that Obama was going to be trouble for America.”

That spring, she and her husband Fred attended a national Tax Day rally on the steps of the Dallas County Courthouse. The event’s leaders wanted a …….. read more here.

by Morgan Smith

(Editor comment: Please read the comments under the story. They are very telling.)

Analysis: The Hard Way to Win a Speaker’s Race

Photo by Bob Daemmrich

Joe Straus has drawn opposition in each of his three successful re-election bids as Texas House speaker. Nobody has come close. In fact, only one opponent — state Rep. Scott Turner, R-Frisco — asked his fellow House members for a vote. That was last January. Straus got 128 votes. Turner got 19. It was convincing.

They couldn’t shut Straus down, and he shut them up.

“Leading up to this day, a ………. read more here.


by Ross Ramsey