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Sheriff Meeks Silent as Another Assault Caught on Video in Hunt County

Image: Screen shot

GREENVILLE TX –  The Hunt County Sheriff’s Office is back in the spotlight again, as we reported a few weeks ago with this same department punching a handcuffed pregnant woman. This time with the help of interior and exterior cameras in and around the courthouse. These videos reveal a shackled and handcuffed man being slammed head-first twice into a …….. read more here.

Posted by: Andre Gabriel Esparza 

Texas Sheriff: Cops Get Their Authority from God


Forget the Texas Constitution, Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks, who you may remember from his departments excessive force incidents, wants you to know that his authority is granted by God and you must obey him because the Bible says so.

Just days after a Hunt County grand jury cleared one of his deputies in the beating of then pregnant Deanna Robinson, Sheriff Meeks strung a ……….. read more here. 

Posted by: Brett Sanders   

121 murders attributed to illegals released by Obama administration

(Associated Press)

A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent escorts a handcuffed illegal immigrant convicted of a felony that was taken into custody during an early morning operation in Dallas on March 6, 2015.

More than 100 immigrants whom the Obama administration released back into the community went on to be charged with subsequent killings, according to government data released Monday that raises more questions about whether immigration authorities are doing enough to detail illegal immigrants awaiting …… read more here.

– The Washington Times

Texas DPS report shows Lubbock a large producer of gang members

Image: Provided by ICE

The Texas Department of Public Safety released its 2015 Texas Gang Threat Assessment, and about 39 percent of all gang members entering the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in northwest Texas originated from the Lubbock metropolitan statistical area.

According to the …….. read more here.




DPS Releases 2015 Texas Gang Threat Assessment


AUSTIN – The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has released the 2015 Texas Gang Threat Assessment, which was developed to provide an extensive overview of gang activity in the state of Texas.

“Because of their propensity for violence and close associations with ruthless Mexican cartels, gangs are a serious threat to public safety in Texas. Our residents have a right to live free from …….. read more here. 

TX Dept of Public Safety 

2 arrested, charged with murder in Abilene officer’s death

(Photo: KIDY)

Abilene Police Sgt. Lynn Beard

Two “persons of interest” were taken into custody and charged with murder in the death of an off-duty Abilene police officer, Abilene Police said Thursday.

Violet Walter and ……. read more here.

Landon Haaf, WFAA

A final salute for Texas deputy sheriff shot to death at gas station


(CNN)Mourners will gather Friday to give a final salute to a deputy sheriff shot to death last week while fueling his patrol car near Houston.

Deputy Darren H. Goforth died at the scene on August 28 when a gunman came up behind him at a gas station and shot him in the back.

When he fell, the shooter stood over him and fired some more, authorities said.

Goforth was in his Harris County Sheriff’s Office uniform at the time of the shooting, which officials described as an “execution-style” attack.

The funeral for the 10-year veteran of the ………. read more here. 

By Faith Karimi, CNN

Wilbur Witt: The Tip of the Spear

Wilbur Witt: The Tip of the Spear

This morning Texas stands at the tip of the spear. Unless you’re living under a big yellow rock, you have got to have noticed that police officers are being killed at an alarming rate. This is not coincidence. It doesn’t matter if that man in Harris County was with an organization or just a lone wolf, he killed Officer Goforth. Now leaders of the Nation of Islam, and Black Lives Matter are calling for mass executions of white people. That’s real people, just read the news. The attack on the police is an effort to disrupt social order, throw society into chaos, and attack all existing institutions, and it has absolutely nothing to do with civil rights.

The scale has been tipped to a crazy point. While whites could never dream of advocating the mass murder of blacks, the carpetbaggers from New York can go on the air and spill their filth with no fear of reprisal. And carpetbaggers are exactly what they are. After the war of northern aggression hoards of white, and black northerners ran down to Texas to buy or steal whatever they wanted. They think this is the same situation. Al Sharpton could give a rat’s ass about black rights, but he sure likes breakfast in that country club. It’s the same in Africa where children walk the streets with flies in their eyes while the leaders sip cocktails in limos. Black people and Muslims will follow the strong man. They have a tribal view of society and that’s how they survive. They look for simple solutions to complex problems, and when they can’t see a quick fix, they riot. We have to accept this. We are required to make the difference between good blacks and bad blacks, but the radicals in the black community group all of us into one pot. They do this because they are aware of the cultural differences between us and the willingness of a majority of blacks to “follow the leader” whomever that leader may be. They vote democratic over and over and get robbed blind, BUT, they get an Obamaphone.

How do we fix this? First off they are not as organized as they would like to appear. Riots are just that, riots. Stealing a TV set from a looted store is not mounting an action on a position. Next, their leaders are capitalistic cowards. They are in it for the money! They are NOT Dr. King. All this black shirt, sunglasses, and mean look is show. One bullet in the air and they scatter. The problem is we consistently believe we pay taxes, and have police for these things. Well, they are trying to disassemble that because if there is no law enforcement, or if it is hindered, they have the run of it. Not to bring down or change a government, but to kill, steal, and destroy.

We MUST have law enforcement’s back. There is no other option. All that stands between us and Uganda is a thin blue line, and right now that line is being killed while gassing up their cars. Forget everything you ever heard about rouge cops, we can address that later. If you see an officer in jeopardy get involved. If you see one putting gas in his car, hang around. Let him know you are there, and you are on his side. In Texas we have license to carry. If you have one, carry! If you don’t, you can still carry concealed in your car. Do it! Out police must know that as a society we stand with them.

Next, we must stop the New Black Panthers, and Black Lives Matter in their tracks by all means necessary. The people must know there is a cost for their actions, and their words. You don’t just call for 10,000 killers to eradicate all white people and expect Texans to just stand by and have a beer. When they get off the plane in their get up, and go strolling through the airport make it a bad hair day for them. They are NOT welcome in Texas.

The Texas militia is made up of many components. We need a central command. Sam Houston had the same problem. William Travis had the same problem at the Alamo with the command split between himself and Bowie. We need to march to the same drummer, and this will also lead to the eventual independence of Texas. The Americans have created this problem. Their cities will burn, ours will not if we play it right.

Good, responsible black Texans need to feel secure. We are not rioters. We are not looters. They are not the enemy, and the color if their skin does not make them a problem. Their is no room for racism in this event. And it is going to be an event. It is already happening. The man that killed Officer Goforth should have never left that parking lot alive. The good news is that Texas is vast. The Yankee insurrectionists think Texas is mainly urban, like the northeast. Texas ranges from the pines of east Texas to the deserts of west Texas. And the border? Just ask THEM how much black lives matter. They’re not nice people down there.

The main attack will be in Houston because that demographic more closely resembles New York or Chicago. Dallas and San Antonio will follow. Not El Paso! Not Lampasas, or San Saba, or Sweetwater. The militias in Houston must be particularly alert. Remember, tribal, follow the leader, blind riots. Houston is a tinderbox for this, and the mayor is a person who doesn’t even know what restroom to use, much less how to quell 10,000 confused people burning and smashing. And Jade Helm? Useless as the tits on a boar hog. We have to handle this.

Texas will survive this, but we have to move decisively. We have to let the capetbagging, opportunistic race baiters know that their actions will not be tolerated in Texas. Finally, when it’s all over we must clean up the remaining pools of ideology that started this in the first place. We must stop the genocide of Planned Parenthood, the perversion of marriage, and we must educate all people so that we never have to do this again. Their are black people who think Dr. King freed the slaves. It’s time to stop laughing and start teaching. This time can be a total disaster, or a shining Texas example of what the founding fathers meant when then said all men are crated equal. Let’s make them truly equal.

Wilbur Witt

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VIDEO: Black Activist Learns Deputy Shot … Issues Response That Could Get Himself Killed

Image: Facebook 

It’s a sad commentary on today’s supposedly civilized society that an individual who voices his convictions may be putting his life in danger.

But that is what is happening to Joe Evans, who, in the aftermath of the senseless murder of Texas Deputy Daron Goforth, called for President Barack Obama to ……….. read more here.



G.E. Kruckeberg: Parallel Humorverses

Texan Hubris
Vernon called the President
One day in the oval office,
And said,” This here is Vernon Bent
Down here in Cut and shoot, Texas.
“I called to tell you some of us
Old boys is fixin’ to cecede.
And we’re prepared, if you make a fuss.”
The President said, “How big’s your army?”
Vern said, “There’s me, my brother Dean,
Harlley Simpson, my cousin Bu-Bu,
And Harley’s whole dang bowling team,
And six guys from the Vee Eff Dub’ya.”
The President said, “And cavalry?”
Vern said, “We got six pickup trucks,
A ridin’ mower, a ATV,
A John Deere tractor, and three golf carts.”
The President said, “I can muster
A hundred tanks, ten thousand troops,
And fifty attack helicopters.”
Vernon said, “I’ll get back to you.”
The next day, Vern called back at nine,
And said, “We’re callin’ off this war.”
The President said, “What changed your mind?”
Vern said, “It’s more’n we can afford.
“We done had ourselves a parlay
Over a couple Lone Star beers,
And we decided ain’t no way
We can feed ten thousand pris’ners.”
In the beginning was the law,
And the law said time brought only loss,
And everything must run down hill.
But there was another law as well.
The second law said matter might
Over ride the first law for a time
And grow itself through toil and strife.
This second law was the law of life.
Life flourished then in seas and forests
Through many a metamorphosis.
Green algae turned to sturdy ferns,
Then morphed into giant conifers.
And trilobites to fishes branched,
And then Tiktaalik crawled out on land.
The dinosaurs long held sway,
Until birds and mammals took the stage.
And then came man, maker of gods,
Subjugator of horses and dogs,
Grower of corn, wager of war,
Smarter that any creature before.
Barely two hundred years ago,
Mankind had reached a billion or so,
And Thomas Malthus said that we
Would all starve by eighteen-twenty-three.
But even as Malthus preached our doom,
Mankind was busy with something new:
The pinnacle of evolution –
The great industrial revolution.
With industry, man created wealth,
And freedom followed by itself.
And what comes after wealth and freedom?
The @&#!%* government, if we let ‘em.
G. E. Kruckeberg
Book on RER Amazon Marketplace HERE
Parallel Humorverses. Kindle Edition.