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Mayor Of Clock Boy’s Town Drops BOMBSHELL That Could Mean BIG TROUBLE

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Although Ahmed Mohamed has been living it up during his 15 minutes of fame, it turns out his new-found celebrity status could be short-lived – at least for what he was expecting. While participating in an interview yesterday, Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne dropped a major bombshell that could mean big trouble for the so-called clock “inventor.”

The remarks were ……… read more here.

by Robert Rich

Irving Mayor: Obama tweeted support of Muslim clockmaker before clock pic released


It is increasingly obvious that this was a staged, planned attempt to create an “Islamophobia” event and intimidate people into not reporting suspicious activity by Muslims. Now with this detail, the question must be asked: was Obama in on the plan from the beginning? We may never know for sure, of course, since the mainstream media refuses ever to challenge him on anything.

“Irving Mayor: Ahmed Mohamed’s Family Blocking Release of Records; Obama Tweeted Support Even Before ‘Clock’ …… read more here.


‘ShoutYourAbortion’ campaign explodes on social media

(AFP Photo/Win Mcnamee)

Los Angeles (AFP) – A social media campaign launched by three US activists to denounce the stigma surrounding abortion has gone viral as women have shared their experiences, though pro-life campaigners have hit back.

 The hashtag “#ShoutYourAbortion” was started on Twitter over the weekend after the US House of Representatives voted to cut funding for Planned Parenthood, the …….. read more here

Wendy Davis hopes to run for office again

(AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)

Remember Wendy Davis? She was the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Texas who rose to fame standing for 11 hours to protest a 20-week (five month) abortion ban, and who lost to Greg Abbott by more than 20 points.

Well, Rolling Stone, apparently fresh out of false rapes to report, decided to track down the failed candidate to “catch up” and see what she’s been doing in the 10 months since her defeat. The answer? Not much.

She’s in the …….. read more here.


Biker can’t forget helping the dying, fearing for his life at Waco Twin Peaks (update)

( Karen Warren / Houston Chronicle )

William and Morgan English with their Yamaha motorcycle, photographed on Tuesday, June 9, 2015, in Brenham. They were on site during the shootout at Twin Peaks in Waco, and both spent multiple days in jail They had just pulled up to the restaurant when the shooting started.


Motorcycle rider George Bergman,  a father of five including a state trooper, told a judge that he’ll never forget the melee at the Twin Peaks in Waco, no matter what becomes of the charges against him and 169 other bikers arrested that Sunday afternoon in May.

He’ll never forget watching police shoot into a crowd of fellow motorcycle riders.

He’ll never forget calling his wife while taking cover on the ….. read more here.

By Dane Schiller

Google’s self-driving pod cars begin testing in Austin too


Google has announced that its small, pod-like self-driving cars have arrived for testing in Austin, Texas. The vehicles, sometimes referred to as “koala cars, panda balls and many other names,” the company says, come shortly after Google’s fleet of self-driving Lexus SUVs came to Austin back in July of this year. While the little, custom-built cars use the same software as the Lexus models, and are designed to one day be ……… read more here. 

Adam Westlake


Syda Productions/Shutterstock

In Texas, at least, only two real skirmishes left in the battle to actually get the state’s recalcitrant state officials and county bureaucracies to acknowledge the United States’ new reality and issue marriage licenses to any couple who wants to get married. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, after initially feeling his dead-ender oats after the Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage, has gone quiet, as has Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. Hood County Clerk Katie Lang folded immediately after being sued by a Granbury gay couple after she refused to give them a marriage license (adding insult to Lang’s injury, the suit is still ongoing). Rusk County Clerk Joyce Lewis-Kugle formally resigned Monday, as she said in her resignation letter, “due to the recent decision by the Supreme Court, the laws [she] swore to have now changed.”

So what’s left? First, there’s Irion County. But for one thing, Irion County would not be one of the most interesting places in Texas right now. The tiny West Texas county near ……. read more.


Kruckeberg: Secretary Carlos Cascos


The Executive Department of the State of Texas is made up of six people: the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the Attorney General, the Comptroller of Public Accounts, the Commissioner of the Office of General Land, and the Secretary of State.  Under the Texas Constitution, the first five of these offices are filled by the voters.  Only the last, the Secretary of State, is an office appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Texas Senate.

The office of the Secretary of State is responsible for “ensuring the uniform application and interpretation of election laws throughout Texas,” and for “authenticat[ing] the publication of the laws, and keep[ing] a fair register of all official acts and proceedings of the Governor ….”  Under Governor Perry, the Texas State Department was given the additional responsibility of Mexican affairs and Texas border security.

Through much of Texas history the Secretary of State has been a sort of highly paid secretary, and appointments to the non-critical office have often been a reward for political support.  That may be part of the reason the position has been such a volatile one.  Sam Houston had four different Secretaries of State in two years, and eight different people held the position (some more than once) from 1839 to 1841 under Governor Mirabeau Lamar.  More recently, Governor Rick Perry appointed eight different Secretaries of State from 2001 to 2014.

But that may be changing.  Governor Perry, as noted above, expanded the responsibility of the Texas Secretary of State to include duties one would normally expect a State Department to handle – like foreign relations.

Governor Abbott seems to be building on that beginning by appointing Carlos Cascos to the office of Texas Secretary of State.  Carlos Humberto Cascos was born in MatamorosMexico 63 yeas ago.  He emigrated to the United States as a child and became a United States citizen in his teens.  Casco was a practicing CPA and had been a County Judge inCameron County since 2007 when Abbott tapped him for the Secretary of State position last November.  Cascos was confirmed by the Texas Senate on 18 February 2015 and was sworn in 7 March.

Secretary Cascos hit the ground running.  Less than two months after his inauguration, he was in Mexico City discussing Texas/Mexico trade and border problems.  The new Secretary of State says he plans to visit Mexico far more often than his predecessors – at least twice a year.  His stated mission is to shift the focus of the Texas State Department away from partisan political wrangling over voting issues towed a concentration on improving relations between Texas and Mexico and improving conditions on our southern border.

It’s refreshing to see a Secretary of State with a commitment to actually work toward improving Texas’ relations with foreign countries.  And it’s encouraging to have a Governor with the vision to turn a political plum into a valuable asset to improve the lives and well being of Texans.

And I agree with Governor Abbott that Carlos Cascos is the right man for the job.



The North Dallas Chapter of Overpasses for America and its leader Valerie Villarreal, yesterday, obtained a federal court consent judgment against the City of Dallas, Texas, which declared that the Dallas city ordinance prohibiting demonstrations on city overpasses violated their constitutionally protected First Amendment rights.

The Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of the plaintiffs in August 2014, challenging the enactment of the ordinance which restricted the plaintiffs’ right to demonstrate and display signs calling for the ….. read more here!

Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk

Governor Abbott Addresses United States Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce At National Convention Luncheon


Governor Greg Abbott traveled to Houston today to address a luncheon at the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce National Convention, America’s largest gathering of Hispanic business leaders. Governor Abbott took the opportunity to tout Texas’ powerful economic engine, discuss our state’s partnership with Mexico and share with attendees the many initiatives the Texas Legislature took this past session to make the Lone Star State an even better place to live, work and raise a family.

“Texas is the premier state for ….. read more here.