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The Brief: Cruz’s “Knockout Speech” in Atlanta

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, a 2016 presidential candidate, speaking at the RedState Gathering in Atlanta on Aug. 8, 2015.

The Big Conversation

Following a relatively muted debate performance Thursday, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz addressed a packed and enthusiastic room Saturday at the RedState Gathering in Atlanta as part of his swing through Southern states.

And his message, report the Medill News Service’s Dean DeChiaro and Emily Hoerner, was that Republican voters should “hold other Republican presidential hopefuls ……… read more here.

by Polo Rocha


Fort Bend County Commissioners vote themselves a pay raise—local media yawns

Image: Stock 

Fort Bend County Commissioners and the County Judge voted themselves a pay raise this past week but if you thought the local newspapers would write a story about it—well, you’d be wrong.

According to ……… read more here


G. E. Kruckeberg: Evolved View

The Houston Chronicle published an amusing piece on Saturday’s editorial page titled Evolved View.  The Chronicle doesn’t often engage in satire, so when they do, it’s particularly titillating.  The article purports to equate Shell Oil’s recent announcement that they are severing ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) with the latter’s stance on “climate change.” 
This is amusing because ALEC has no stance on the climate change myth.  ALEC is concerned only with tailoring legislation and regulations that are business friendly, which includes fighting business-strangling regulations designed to combat the mythical climate change chimera.  In actuality, Shell simply caved under pressure from Common Cause and the Union of Concerned “Scientists,” who see the bugaboo of “climate change denial” in any effort to curtail such harmful and unnecessary regulations.
As the article goes on, the satire gets deeper.  I particularly liked “Ten of the warmest years on record have occurred in the last 12 years.”  This is hilarious since everyone knows, of course, that for the last 15 years winters have been getting progressively longer and more severe throughout the world.  Furthermore, there are many who are aware that the warmest years on record occurred during the solar warming cycle of the 1930s, with the hottest month ever recorded being July 1936.
And “glaciers and ice sheets are melting all over the world and oceans are rising as a result” made me burst out in laughter.  Everyone knows that more and more sea water is being locked up in polar ice every year.  The north polar ice cap has grown 50% in the last two years and is still growing, and the south polar ice cap is growing so fast that a few years ago it swallowed up the ship of some Australian econuts who had gone to Antarctica to “study the effects of global warming.”
And “Climate change deniers often say we’re just in a warmer meteorological cycle” is classic satire.  First of all, they characterize normal people as “climate change deniers,” as if there were actually something to deny.  And then they portray them as saying we’re in a warming cycle, when all normal people know, of course, that we’re currently in a solar cooling cycle.
And “The U.S. is second to China in total man-produced emissions of the gas considered the top climate change culprit” was priceless.  Everyone knows that water vapor is the only gas that controls the surface temperature of the earth, and that carbon dioxide, at 1/50 the atmospheric concentration of water, couldn’t possibly have any further effect on our temperature.
Their “each day humans pour 80 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere,” however, was a bit of a reach.  Many people don’t know that 97% of atmospheric carbon dioxide comes from natural processes beyond human control, and that if the entire human race were to vanish from the earth tomorrow, the reduction in carbon dioxide would be only 3%.
I should like to suggest that the Chronicle needs to be more careful in future satirical pieces.  There may be some people out there who are actually stupid enough to take satire seriously and buy into the global warming scam.
By G. E. Kruckeberg

Census: Record 42.1 Million Immigrants in U.S., Mexicans Drive Latest Surge


A new analysis of legal and illegal immigrant counts by the Census Bureau revealed Thursday that there is a record 42.1 million in the United States, an explosion that is being driven by Mexicans flooding across the border.

In a report provided to Secrets by the Center for Immigration Studies, the total immigrant population surged 1.7 million since 2014. The growth was ………… read more here.



George P. Bush: Land Office Faces Internal “Threat”

George P. Bush speaks to employees in late July 2015.

In a wood-trimmed room packed with his employees, George P. Bush spoke matter-of-factly of “many threats, asymmetric threats” swirling around the Texas General Land Office, the versatile state agency he oversees.

But the land commissioner, still in his first few months of office, wasn’t talking about the federal government or plummeting oil prices.

“The real threat, really, is ……. read more here. 

by Jim Malewitz and Neena Satija

George Rodriguez: Does #HistoryMatter?

Many liberty-minded citizens have been wondering when the anti-confederate hysteria and the re-writing of history would being to impact and affect Texas history. In San Antonio we have already seen some young uninformed people demanding the change of Robert E. Lee high school, and we have seen Bexar County commissioners remove some plaques honoring Confederate leaders.

On Sunday, August 16, the liberal/progressive/leftist San Antonio Express-News published a guest editorial entitled “The other baggage of Confederate symbols: anti-Mexican sentiment”. The article is written by Dr. Teresa Van Hoy, a professor at St. Mary’s University who’s an expert on history. Since grassroots citizens are less intelligent, it’s obvious they should let the experts guide and direct our history, culture and lives.

Two years ago, “El Conservador” warned the citizens of San Antonio and Texas that U.N. involvement was coming to the Alamo, and with that a re-writing of Texas and American history.

This article by Dr. Van Hoy is another effort to rewrite history by creating a sense of guilt in being Texans. The Alamo, and other historical places in Texas, are sacred and important parts of our culture and history. Rather than blame racism, American imperialist expansion, and even Christianity for the Mexican War and Mexico’s loss of Texas and the SW United States, they should blame Santa Ana and an inept and corrupt Mexican government which continues even today.

Believe me when I say that Mexico suffers from a national inferiority complex of its own doing, but always blames the U.S. (Similar to how President Obama blames everyone for his own short comings.) Texans should reject attempts to rewrite our history by those who use guilt and reverse-racism.

My last name Rodriguez and I thank God for “Manifest Destiny” which allowed me to born a Texan and an American.

Wake up Texans. Challenge these pin-head experts who hate Texas, America and Christianity.

Save Texas history before it’s too late!

Open carry activist announces run for state senate

State senate candidate CJ Grisham on his farm in Bell County. Grisham, a U.S. Army veteran, heads the advocacy group Open Carry Texas. [Photo by Grisham Campaign]

AUSTIN – Open carry activist CJ Grisham on Wednesday formally announced he is running to represent Senate District 24, which stretches from just north of San Antonio through west Austin, Killeen and up to Abilene.

Grisham, a U.S. Army veteran and head of the advocacy group Open Carry Texas, first said he was mulling the run nearly a month ago. He told the Chronicle at that time his advocacy during the  …… read more here

By Lauren McGaughy


Assistant Harris County Attorney Found Guilty of Assault

Harris County Courthouse

An assistant Harris County attorney has been found guilty of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in a road rage incident.

Forty-six year-old Susan Marie Sciacca was found guilty Thursday. According to …….. read more here.


Angela Box: Hey Democrats- Your Leaders Think You Are Morons

I came across a hysterical, hyperventilating article the other day on the mentally deranged liberal website entitled “Anti-Abortion Activists Trying To Pretend Women In Texas No Longer Have Right To Choose.” Intrigued, I read further.

It seems that the author, a genius named Tara Culp-Ressler (hyphenated last name required, naturally), is lamenting the fact that Texas’ common-sense abortion laws (no murdering after 20-weeks’ gestation, requiring an ultrasound before a murder can be committed, making sure the butchers calling themselves doctors are qualified and have hospital admitting privileges—you know, Medieval stuff like that) have caused some of the Democrats’ most ardent supporters to believe that abortion has magically become illegal in the state of Texas.

Now, forgive me if I’m wrong, but pretty much every illegal alien and citizen alike knows that the detestable Roe v. Wade decision has been the law of the land for 42 years. In all 50 states. Since 1973.

But Democrats seem to think their supporters are so mind-numbingly stupid (and who can blame them, they vote Democrat) they have to be reminded of this fact.

A particularly telling pull quote from Culp’s (I’m not hyphenating) piece reads as follows: ““They’ll say, well, I heard on my local news channel that my local clinic was closed because of the law, so I thought all of the clinics were closed because of the same law,” recounted Amanda Williams, who serves as a board member for the Lilith Fund, a nonprofit organization that helps pay for low-income Texans’ abortions. “We hear it on our hotline all the time. We hear from our clients who say, until I found this number or until I found my local clinic, I didn’t know I could get an abortion, I didn’t know abortion was still legal.””

Notice what this Amanda Williams person is implying. Her clients—the low-income Texans seeking abortions—are stupid. And like the eugenics-promoting Margaret Sanger before her, weeding out the stupid is one of Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers’ top goals. Forget education—just weed them out!

So, in essence, the pro-abortion advocacy groups (I mean, Democrats), think they need to take the hand of every woman in the state of Texas and walk her personally to an abortion clinic just to reassure her that she can indeed still murder her unborn child.

What is it about this crowd? They have no issue with using an ultrasound to make sure they rip a baby up in such a way as they can still harvest and sell their organs, limbs, and tissue, but God forbid you show a woman contemplating an abortion what’s actually going on inside of her! Actually, come to think of it, this makes perfect sense. In light of the Planned Parenthood baby-parts scandal, it WOULD be better business to make sure a woman doesn’t see what’s happening with the development of her unborn baby (and the further along the better, from a business standpoint) so as to sell the mutilated parts to the highest bidder. And when these people euphemistically stamp the word “choice” over their barbarism, they again expect their constituency groups to fall in line—and for the most part, they do.

This assumption of stupidity of Democrats by fellow Democrats is certainly not limited to breathless articles by leftwing kook websites lamenting that many of their constituents think abortion is illegal in Texas. Just look at what President Obama (your president, not mine), his administration, and various liberal judges say about the Texas voter I.D. law. In essence, as usual, they claim that requiring citizenship and a photo I.D. to vote somehow provides an undue burden on minorities. Huh? Why just minorities? Do minorities not buy alcohol, cigarettes, and Sudafed, get on airplanes, go to nightclubs, open bank accounts, apply for welfare, Social Security, a job, unemployment benefits, food stamps, an apartment, or buy a car? Do they not get marriage licenses, purchase a handgun, adopt a pet, adopt children, pick up a prescription, go into a casino, or any other number of activities and purchases that require a photo I.D.? Why do Democrats assume their constituents are so braindead they can’t provide something so commonplace we all (not just minorities) use every single day, often multiple times a day?

Here’s why: Democrats, since at least the time of Woodrow Wilson, the first Progressive (and pro-segregation, I might add) president, think a large swath of the population needs their guidance, their help, taxpayer money, and everything else Big Daddy Gubmn’t provides for those souls too wayward and moronic to fend for themselves. And that’s the Democrats’ dirty little secret: they think you’re stupid, and they always have.

Well played!

By Angela Box

Straus Leadership Team Behind Paxton Indictments


There is now little doubt that the coalition government of liberal Republicans and Democrats who control the Texas House are responsible for the politically motivated indictments against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

The leadership of that coalition, headed by Speaker Joe Straus, and Paxton have been political opponents for several years. In 2011, Paxton challenged Straus for the Speaker’s office and though he was unsuccessful, Paxton went on to win an open state senate seat in 2012. From there, he launched an underdog bid for Attorney General, defeating Straus’s boyhood friend, Rep. Dan Branch, in the process.

The indictments against Paxton were ………. read more here.

by Tony McDonald