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David Michaels Rena Steinzor and the Battle Over OSHA Enforcement


Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) chief David Michaels is not happy with Rena Steinzor.

Steinzor is a professor at the University of Maryland Law School.


And she is author of a new book — Why Not Jail?  Industrial Catastrophes, Corporate Malfeasance, and Government Inaction (Cambridge University Press, 2015).

Steinzor has been critical in recent months of OSHA, in particular OSHA’s failure to refer to the Justice Department significant cases for criminal prosecution.

Steinzor says OSHA refers only a handful of cases a year to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution.

And last week, Steinzor posted an article on her blog titled Kill a Worker? You’re Not a Criminal. Steal a Worker’s Pay? You Are One.

In it, she focuses on the death of four workers at a …….. read more here.

By Editor 

Wilbur Witt: Bear Arms is not a Dress Code

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Let’s examine this. First of all you must believe in the constitution and the bill of rights. It is in fashion now for some people not to believe in these things and wish to believe in eight rights of their choice. If you are one of these don’t read no further, i will only upset you  These same people tend to dwell on the word “militia” as being translated “army.” Militia is not army. Militia is citizens groups who are not regular army.

Free state means just that. Free!  The militia, protecting the freedom of the people living in the state is protecting said people’s rights, and one of those rights is specifically mentioned here, the right to “bear arms.”

Shall not be infringed. That means don’t mess with it a little, a smidgen, a tad, or a lot!  That means that if a law abiding citizen wants to buy and own a gun he/she can do it. No ifs, no ands, no buts!

Bear arms. Now work with me here; when you bear something, you carry it. That means to have and to hold. It don’t matter if it makes the police nervous, it don’t matter if the chairwoman of the PTA don’t like it, it don’t matter what the president thinks about it. That’s what it says!

Crime statistics: Gun deaths, 2011, 11,078
Abortion deaths, 2011, 1.2 Million!

Isn’t it perfectly amazing that the group of people who want to erase the second amendment have absolutely no issues with that second entry?  And they will scream “women’s rights.” Real  handy, that word “right” when it serves YOUR purpose. And no matter how heinous the act, when it serves your liberal agenda, well, that’s ok. Don’t let a young coed have a gun in her dorm to protect herself, but it’s perfectly fine to pull a kicking, screaming human beating out of a woman with basically a pair of pliers and wait for it to strangle. “But ze babies are ze enemy!” Have we lost our minds?

Once you disassemble one part of the constitution you may as well disassemble the rest because you have set a precedent. You have shown that what our fore fathers wrote has no weight in law and we are free to ignore it and march to the beat of our own particular drummers. But then organizations like the CPS, IRS, and the Justice Department have already blazed that trail, now haven’t they? Remember back when your family was safe at home?  Daddy was daddy, and mommy was mommy, and the police officer was your friend? Most of you can’t because it’s been gone for a long time!

This second amendment fight is a line in the sand, and it doesn’t matter what you think about guns, what do you think about speaking you mind, about your locked door being secure from police, you right to worship uninhibited?  Because that’s next, folks. There is now a law that makes it a crime to demonstrate 300 yards from the president giving a speech. That literally means you can’t calmly walk up and say, “Sir, I disagree with you.” Think about that, and if this liberal Tom-foolery succeeds, you won’t believe what happens next. You’re gonna miss them gun owners, cause you’re gonna need em!

Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin