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Doc Greene: So, why was this AFP amicus brief filed?

Are the School administrators  spending money on things that only promote their Fiefdoms at the expense of actual education of our students?

Is the money actually being used to create a voting block?

Read this amicus brief and make your own decisions. HERE


The Brief: Patrick Endorses Bryan Hughes in Open Senate Race

Photo by Marjorie Kamys Cotera

The Big Conversation

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is endorsing Bryan Hughes in the open GOP Senate primary to find a successor to Kevin Eltife.

Patrick, as the Tribune’s Ross Ramsey reports, has already agreed to headline a couple of fundraisers for the Mineola Republican — one next Tuesday in Austin and one at a later date in Tyler. Hughes and fellow state Rep. David Simpson, R-Longview, are ……….. read more here

by John Reynolds

Abbott Withholding Records With Paxton’s Blessing

Photo illustration by Emily Albracht

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott recently added his voice to the Republican uproar over Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, congratulating a GOP presidential hopeful for saying foreign countries know more about her electronic communications than the U.S. Congress does.

But Abbott, too, often uses a private email address for official government business, and in many years as a state elected official has often decided less is more when it comes to disclosing the ……. read more here. 


Unbelievable! Large Movie Chain Implements Extreme Anti-Gun Policy


Liberals need to be taught a lesson.

That lesson, as backed up by plenty of data, would show that a gun-free zone is anything but safe.

Many theaters across the nation are gun-free zones. And  that hasn’t ever stopped criminals from using them as target rich environments.

One of the largest in the nation, Regal Cinemas, plans to enforce their gun-free policies by searching people’s bags and backpacks to “increase security.”

An asinine move to be sure, but hey they think it’ll keep people safe…(eye-roll). writes:

One of the largest movie theater chains in the country, with screens in 44 states, is now checking bags and backpacks for weapons as a ……. read more here. 


State law voids SA locking knife ban

Photo: KSAT Screen shot 

New law takes effect Sept. 1

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio’s ban on the carry of locking knives will be cut Sept. 1 when a new state law goes into effect.

The knife preemption law, passed overwhelmingly by state legislators this session, prohibits municipalities and counties from creating or enforcing their own regulations on the transfer, private ownership, keeping, transportation, licensing or registration of knives. This means San Antonio’s ordinance prohibiting anyone from carrying a knife with a locking blade will no …….. read more here.

G. E. Kruckeberg: A New HERO In Town

Houston Mayor Annise Parker’s “Houston ‘Equal Rights’ Ordinance” (HERO), which she rammed through City Council last year and then refused to let the People of Houston vote on, will be on the Texas ballot on 3 November courtesy of the Texas Supreme Court.  We can expect a deluge of rhetoric between now and then from both sides of this contentious issue.
The Parkrerites contend that the HERO is a broad guarantee of equal rights for all minorities.  But Article I Section 3a of the Texas Constitution guarantees that “Equality under the law shall not be denied or abridged because of sex, race, color, creed, or national origin.”  So Parker’s HERO is redundant except for demanding special rights for queers.
Former head of the Harris County Republican Party Jared Woodfill and his cohorts have focused on the communal rest rooms as the indigestible morsel in the ordinance.  But I think they may be overplaying their hand.  It is unlikely that this ordinance will increase the prevalence of pedophiles, although it may encourage them to practice their perversion in more out-of-sight locations.  This is not to say communal rest rooms in Houston is not a bad idea, because it is a very bad idea.
I lived for six years in Japan when I worked for RCA in the 70s.  It was not uncommon – and I’m sure it’s still not – for bars and restaurants to have a communal rest room.  But this is a culture in which every small town has a communal bath house.  The Japanese culture is steeped in Confucianism, which proscribes public displays of emotion.  In Confucian tradition, the public display of the human body has nothing to do with sex.  Sex is a private affair and is not even thought about in public.
European culture, on the other hand, still retains vestiges of Victorianism.  The reason we have always insisted on separate rest rooms for the two sexes is to protect the culturally induced modesty of women.  I recognize that Annise Parker, who proudly flaunts her sexual relationship with another woman, has no modesty.  But the overwhelming majority of women and girls do, and that modesty is offended when a man walks into a rest room while they are using it.
But the most egregious fault with HERO is that it authorizes the city of Houston to fine a business or industrial entity $5,000 for failure to comply with the arbitrary moral / religious / philosophical views of city hall.  This is in direct violation of Article I Section 19 of the Texas Constitution, which states: “No citizen of this State shall be deprived of life, liberty, property, privileges or immunities, or in any manner disfranchised, except by due course of the law of the land.”  The public imposition of the sexual perversions of a city mayor is hardly the “law of the land.”
I should like to propose a new HERO, the ‘Houston Economic Rights Ordinance.’  The Houston Economic Rights Ordinance should state that the city of Houston is prohibited from interfering with the moral and ethical conduct of any legally established business entity within the city of Houston.  Specifically, the city of Houston should be prohibited from imposing any fines, incarceration, or any other penalty on the practices of a business or manufacturing enterprise that do not directly impact the health and physical safety of the People of Houston.
The city government is there to protect us, not to impose on us their views of morality – or their lack thereof.

Border Patrol arrests heavily-armed member of ‘Texas Militia’

Photo: Laredo Police Department

Border Patrol arrested a heavily-armed man who called himself a member of a Texas militia. He carried a pistol, an automatic long rifle, two large knives, a can of mace, a baton and tactical military garb.

On Wednesday night, Laredo law enforcement arrested a heavily armed man who called himself a member of a Texas militia who was conducting his own border security operation.

Thomas Rivera, 23, was apprehended by U.S. Border Patrol and turned over to the Laredo Police Department. He is charged with misdemeanor unlawful carry and felony possession of a prohibited weapon.

On his person, Rivera had a can of mace, a baton, two knives (one with a 9.5 inch blade), a .45 caliber Glock pistol and a 1977 Romarm SA/Cugir 7.62 caliber rifle with two banana clips. He wore tactical gear, including a green camouflage uniform, a Kevlar vest, water canteens and a patch with a Texas flag that said, “secure the border.”

He told officers he was a member of a …………….. read more here

Inefficiency dogs Texas schools as classes resume

AP file photo

In a Texas Supreme Court showdown, school-reform groups are escalating the fight over education financing. Countering teacher-union claims that state funding formulas are inadequate, reformers say the system is demonstrably inefficient.

Pointing to large and growing diversions of instructional money, reformers contend that Texas schools are failing students.

“We are arguing that the system is not efficient — a term that is in the state constitution,” says Randan Steinhauser, a leader in ……… read more here.

By Kenric Ward

Despite poll, GOP officials say Paxton should not resign

(AP Photo/Collin County via AP)

AUSTIN – Gov. Greg Abbott brushed off the idea Monday that indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton should resign, while the state GOP chairman said Texas’ chief law enforcement officer “absolutely” should stay in office while he faces the charges against him.

Their comments came on the heels of a poll indicating that 62 percent of likely Republican voters in Texas think Paxton should resign after being indicted on alleged securities law violations.

“I haven’t seen the poll,” said Abbott when asked about the …… read more here. 

By Peggy Fikac

Overstaffing, pay hikes at Donna schools blamed for $2.8M deficit, trustees say


Ernesto Lugo, Donna school board trustee

DONNA — Overstaffing and unnecessary pay increases at Donna schools are to blame for the $2.8 million deficit reflected in the district’s recently approved budget, some trustees said.

The board met Tuesday night to discuss and vote on the school district’s 2015-2016 budget, which despite being in the red passed without the need of ………. read more here