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When You See the Dashcam Video, You Might Be Shocked That This Woman Wasn’t Convicted — Until You Learn What Job She Has

Nora Longoria. (Image via McAllen Police/New York Daily News)

Did a shady Texas judge help protect one of his own from a drunk driving charge — and does video evidence now show his colleague’s guilt?

Texas judge Nora Longoria was arrested and charged with drunk driving in July, but she was let off the hook last month by fellow judge Rolando Cantu, who reportedly marked “other” as the reason for dismissing the case against her.

The apparent facts of the case:

  • The police officer who pulled Longoria over said she was speeding and smelled of booze.
  • Longoria allegedly admitted to having had five beers during the course of the evening before she was stopped.
  • Longoria refused to ……… read more here

Texas Pastor Says He Will Set Himself On Fire In Protest Over Gay Marriage

Texas pastor Rick Scarborough made the bold declaration that he would rather burn to death than sanction same-sex marriage.
The pastor made the bold declaration during a conference call with a former Virginia GOP politician that he would rather burn himself to death than sanction same-sex marriage.
Just two weeks ago, a Christian couple in Australia vowed to divorce if same-sex marriage is legalized in their country.

However, a former Baptist pastor from Texas, who is also against same-sex marriage, has taken it one step further – and beyond – by declaring that he will set himself on fire if the Supreme Court rules in favor of marriage equality.

Rick Scarborough, a Christian political activist, made the bold declaration during a conversation with right-wing minister and politician ……….. read more here. 

RERop-ed: The Last Straw

Photo Credit: Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post via Getty Images

OK!  They’ve done it this time!  This is the straw that broke the camel’s back!  The Supreme Court of the United States actually had the effrontery to spit in the face of the American People and say, “We don’t give a damn what you think.  We are decreeing that y’all have got to let queers get “married” in Texas.

On Friday, the Supreme Court of the United States, in a 5-4 decision, overturned thousands of years of precedent, convention, and common sense by denying the purpose of and obviating the very meaning of the institution of marriage.

This abortion of jurisprudence dare not be allowed to stand.  It is a perversion of the fundamental precepts of propriety on which our civilization is based, and it is an insult and an affront to every civilized human being.

But equally – if not more – importantly, this egregious overreach denies the sovereign State of Texas the Constitutionally guaranteed right to decide for ourselves whether or not we want “married” queers in our State.

Without demeaning the moral implications of this blatant excursion beyond Constitutional law and common sense, it should be noted that the practical effects of the Supreme Court’s Friday perfidy will be negligible.  Queers, according to the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law, comprise only 1.7 % of the population.  That’s about one queer to every fifty-eight normal people, which equates to a maximum of one queer “marriage” to every 58 actual marriages.

Of course, the negligibility of that statistic will be significantly diminished if one of ’em moves in next to me!

But as reprehensible as the concept of queer “marriage” may be, it’s important to realize that the legitimization of queer “marriage” was never the objective.  Queer “marriage” is a red herring.  It’s only a diversion to distract us from the true intent of the federal government – the nationalization of the United States.  And Texas –rightfully so – is the highest profile target in that federal assault.

This is just the latest sortie in the federal government’s continuing campaign – that began with Jane (Norma McCorvey) Roe vs (Dallas County District Attorney Henry) Wade – to reduce the sovereign State of Texas to a servile colony of Washington DC.

But this latest assault is clearly un-Constitutional, and is therefore illegal in the United States of America.  Judicial legislation of immorality is beyond the Constitutional authority of the Supreme Court, and of every other branch of the federal government.

This decision is, therefore, under the contract by which We the People created the federal government – the Constitution of the United States – null and void.  And we, as the sovereign State of Texas, must resist by refusing to honor this illegal abuse of authority within the borders of our State.

it is imperative that Attorney General Paxton apprise all State agencies that the Supreme Court’s illegal and ill-advised usurpation of State sovereignty and suppression of the will of the People is not legally binding within the borders of the sovereign State of Texas. We’ve got to take a stand somewhere.  And this is the place and the time.

As Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Dallas, recently said, “The Supreme Court, regardless of what they may think, is not the highest authority in the land.”

I can’t speak for the rest of “the land,” but they sure as hell ain’t the highest authority in Texas.

G. E. Kruckeberg


New districts keep towns on their toes

Hillwood Communities Chairman Ross Perot Jr. leads the Sept. 10 groundbreaking of Union Park, a 787-acre housing community on the northeast corner of U.S. Highway 380 and Navo Road near Little Elm.

Union Park just one of the latest special districts in county

Visions of this simple life have attracted thousands of people from across the Dallas-Fort Worth area to Denton County, a place known as horse country. But this attraction to small-town life is doing something country people would have never imagined: killing their way of life.

Today, the fields have been replaced with an ocean of rooftops lining what was once a lonely blacktop-road corridor of U.S. 380 east of Denton. The land that generations of Denton County residents nurtured and cultivated is disappearing, and suburban amenities such as supercenters, fast-food restaurants and mega gas stations have replaced farmland with residential communities known legally as special-purpose districts.

On Tuesday night, however, one voter in Precinct 1004 stopped the approval of $62 million in bonds and the …….. read more here. 

By Christian McPhate

Former Governor Of Mexico’s Most Violent Border State Charged With Money Laundering in Texas

(AP Photo/Harry Cabluck)

Texas Gov. Rick Perry  and  Tamaulipas Gov. Eugenio Hernandez, in Austin, Texas, in August 2006.

Texas unsealed a five-page criminal indictment against Mexican politician Eugenio Hernández, former governor of the border state of Tamaulipas, one of Mexico’s most violent states. Hernández is affiliated with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s PRI party.

Hernández, along with his brother-in-law Oscar Gómez Guerra, was charged on Friday with conspiracy to engage in a money laundering scheme aimed at ……. read more here

Dolia Estevez – Contributor 

First Texas abortion clinic closes, more to follow barring Supreme Court involvement

DALLAS, TX, June 23, 2015 (OperationRescue) — Operation Rescue has confirmed that the Routh Street Women’s Clinic in Dallas, Texas, halted abortions earlier this month, beginning what is expected to be a series of clinic closures in the wake of a ruling by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. That ruling upheld a 2013 law, HB2, that requires abortion clinics to meet minimum safety standards.

In addition, Planned Parenthood has apparently abandoned its efforts to open a larger clinic to replace its outdated facility located at 104 Babcock Road in San Antonio. Pro-life supporters with the ……. read more here.

Cheryl Sullenger

‘No open carry’ signs are likely to trigger next Texas gun debate

Michael Ainsworth/Staff Photographer

Shooting instructor Mark Brushwiller wears his gun on his hip at the Frisco Gun Club.

AUSTIN — The next tussle over Texas’ new open carry law is likely to come over one of its more mundane requirements: signs.

Starting in January, licensed Texans will be able to openly carry handguns in belt or shoulder holsters. Business owners who want patrons to leave their weapons behind will have to post one new large sign and revise one they already have.

No one considers the new rules to be a monumental burden, but some worry property owners could be …. read more here

Texas is spending $800M to increase border security. Is it necessary?


Texas Department of Safety Troopers patrol on the Rio Grand along the U.S.-Mexico border, in Mission, Texas.

Texas governor Greg Abbott has approved spending $800 million to amp up border security, causing speculation as to whether the state is creating its own border patrol.

Texas plans to spend the money on a second $7.5 million high-altitude plane to scan the border, a new border crime data center, a 5,000-acre training facility for border law-enforcement agencies, and grants for year-round helicopter flights. The state also wants to hire 24 Texas Rangers to investigate public corruption along the border and 250 new state troopers as a down payment on a permanent force along the border.

Abbott, who has been in office since January, says ………. read more here.

Who Will Be Hillary Clinton’s Vice President? We’re Hoping For These Fun & Fierce Contenders

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Though the Democratic primaries are far away, and she has yet to win the nomination, everyone is already wondering who Hillary Clinton will pick as her vice president and running mate. It’s not a stretch to say that Clinton will likely win the nomination. Among Democratic candidates, she is coming out far ahead in polls, and she’s almost as much of a pop culture icon as she is a powerhouse politician.

Some sources believe that the Clinton campaign has already found their desired vice president in former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, who …….. read more here



Hutto Police Sgt. Chris Kelley dies after being run over by car

Photo: Twitter @BlueLineAcross

HUTTO, Texas (KXAN) — A Hutto police sergeant was killed in the line of duty while trying to apprehend a suspect Wednesday morning.

According to the Department of Public Safety, Sgt. Chris Kelley, 37, was trying to pull over Colby Ray Williamson, 26, during a traffic stop around 10 a.m. on Herrera Trail in Hutto.

During the stop, authorities say Kelley and Williamson got into a …….. read more here.