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RERop-ed: Abbott And Godzilla


Last November, when President Obama tried to make an end run around Congress by directing his DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson to grant amnesty to 5 million criminal infiltrators, Then-Texas Attorney General and Governor-elect Greg Abbott led a coalition of 27 States in filing for an injunction to stop the President’s illegal amnesty.

On 16 February, Abbott’s perseverance resulted in United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas Judge Andrew Hanen issuing an injunction halting Obamnesty and declaring Obama’s profligate use of his pen and telephone un-Constitutional.

Five days later, on 23 February, DOJ attorneys requested that Judge Hanen lift his injunction while the government appealed his decision.  Hanen refused, preventing the DHS from continuing with Obama’s plan to manufacture 5 million new Democrat voters.

Last week, on Tuesday 26 May, the 5th Circuit Court of appeals in New Orleans denied the government’s appeal, locking in Judge Hanen’s injunction and forcing Obama to either abandon his plot or take the case before the Supreme Court.  On Wednesday 27 May, one day after the announcement of the Appeals Court’s decision, the US Justice Department announced it would not pursue the latter action.

Has the out-of-control Godzilla monster of the Obama administration met its match in Texas Governor Greg Abbott?  It’s too early to tell whether the Criminal-in-chief will try another subterfuge, but one thing is for sure.  Godzilla can be stopped – and Greg Abbott has shown us how.

This was not Attorney General Abbott’s first victory over Godzilla.  On Thursday 9 October 2014, less than five weeks before the November election and less than two weeks before the start of early voting in Texas, Judge Nelva Gonzalez Ramos, a US District Judge in Corpus Christi, dumped a 147 page ruling that the Texas voter ID law “creat[ed] an unconstitutional burden on the right to vote.”

Attorney General Abbott immediately appealed to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, and in five days, on 14 October 2014, the appeals court issued a stay of Judge Gonzalez’ 11th hour ruling.

US Attorney General Eric Holder immediately appealed to the US Supreme Court to vacate the 5th Circuit Appeals Court’s stay, and four days later, on 18 October, the US Supreme Court declined to hear the case, thus allowing the State of Texas to apply its duly legislated voter ID law in the November elections.

It took Greg Abbott nine days to defeat Godzilla, two days longer than it took God to create the earth.  But Greg Abbott, after all, is only a mortal.

Greg Abbott, however, has shown us the way to kill Godzilla – by using the tools at our disposal.  And the most powerful tool we have in our arsenal is the Constitution of theUnited States.  If we can keep the pie-in-the-sky Article Fivers from facilitating its destruction, we can use it and the courts who are sworn to uphold it to defeat Godzilla and any other government dragons that may come our way.

Let’s just hope that the current Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, is as fierce and tenacious a dragon fighter at his predecessor.  But Greg Abbott, of course, has not ridden off into the sunset.  He’s now the Governor of Texas, and I’m sure he will see that the assault on the federal Godzilla that he initiated will not falter.

G E Kruckeberg




Joe Basel and Hannah Giles’ investigative journalism is really making Texas legislators sweat. So much that the Texas House voted Tuesday night on whether to determine their work as a violation of state law.

They must really be terrified of the undercover videos that have yet to be released. Guilty conscience much?

Here is a press release from The American Phoenix Foundation, followed by an interview with Joe Basel from Jonathan Tilove at the Statesman. Read it here

By with Doug Giles 

HERE THEY ARE: The 46 Republicans That Voted to Repeal the First Amendment #GOPFascism


When Texas legislators found out about the undercover video footage about to be released by Joseph Basel and Hannah Giles with the American Phoenix Foundation, they had to quickly push through legislation, SB 19, which would criminalize this first amendment practice. With over 800 hours of footage that have yet to be released, the following Texas Republicans are those who voted to pass SB 19.

AUSTIN – The Texas Legislature Wednesday pushed through controversial legislation which repeals portions of the First Amendment, effectively ending citizen journalism in the Capitol. The new law is an attempt for legislators to shield themselves from scrutiny even in ….. read more here.

By with Doug Giles 

Tea party bills targeting immigrant tuition, sanctuary cities die


AUSTIN — Bills offered by tea party Republicans to target illegal immigration appear to have died quietly, after stirring up some of the most emotional and intense debate of the 140-day legislative session.

Barring some last-ditch maneuvering, a proposal to repeal a law that allows some students who are in the country illegally to pay in-state college tuition is done. The same goes for an effort to ……. read more here.

Gio and the Watered Down Gold Bill


[Author’s Note: The 2013 version of the bill can be seen here; the 2015 version can be seen here.]

Longtime readers will remember that repatriating Texas’ Gold was our top priority last session.  The bill died in committee.  Obviously, this was Gio’s bill.

Thus it caught our attention when we noticed a similar bill had passed the House this session.  Something had changed.  For awhile, we were thinking that Gio had actually gotten something important in exchange for his support for Joe Straus.

Then we decided to …….. read more here.

By Cahnman

Washington Post attempts to tie Sarah Palin to Texas biker shootout

Photo: Twitter 

Liberals must sit in a room trying to figure out who has the biggest lie of the hour.
Check it out:

On Tuesday, the Washington Post attempted to tie former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to the recent biker shootout that took place at the Waco Twin Peaks in an article and a tweet promoting the article. Jannell Ross’s article, headlined, “White bikers, black thugs: Why Texas looked to relax gun laws after biker shootout,” starts with a picture of a helmeted Palin copied from Twitter. The photo appears to have been taken when she participated in “Rolling Thunder.”

Read more here.


The Republican Who Protected Unions (And Democrats)


It’s an issue that united small business, big business, the Republican establishment, and the conservative grassroots. It drew the ire of the Democratic Party and labor unions. The legislative initiative was killed not by parliamentary tricks organized by Democrats, but by the Republican chairman of one of the Texas House’s most powerful committees.

Protecting employee paychecks from having membership dues deducted is simply good public policy on its face; there is no ……… read more here.

by Michael Quinn Sullivan


RERaction: New Plan to force Accountability of TX Legislature


The 84th legislature is days away from ending and conservatives are struggling to salvage what they can in the waning days of the session.  With a new Republican Governor, a new Republican Lieutenant Governor and significant Republican majorities in both chambers of the Texas Legislature, the promised conservative legislative agenda has been delayed, attacked, changed and replaced during the session.

So who is to blame for this state of affairs?  Was it the Democrats?  Was it the legislative process itself? Why can’t an overwhelmingly Republican Legislature pass a conservative agenda?  Didn’t every Republican office holder campaign on a conservative agenda?  Weren’t we promised that this session would be a watershed moment in the legislative history of Texas with respect to liberty and freedom?  It appears that once again, the corrupt, rather than the courageous, have won the day in the Texas Legislature.

My God, my hands shake as I write this message to my Texas brothers and sisters.  The outrage is almost unbearable with the betrayal of our principles and values by those we have entrusted to protect or restore our liberties, property, and values.  Those who we are literally trusting with our lives with respect to border security, and protecting our electrical infrastructure from terrorist attack or natural disaster.  We have entrusted our prosperity, and that our children, to make Texas a free and prosperous State to those we elected, often based upon nothing but their word.  The anger I feel burns within me – and as many of you have said – within you!  Already they are either claiming “conservative” success or are making feeble excuses that with the passage of time will heal their reputations and prepare them to face their next election as “conservative champions” ready to do the people’s business.    Damn them! They are dissembling liars and must be made to pay a price!

My fellow Texans, the time to fight is now!  We cannot allow Texas to be lulled to sleep once again.  We must seize the offensive and challenge their narrative immediately before their money, media, and surrogates twist the facts of their actions.  We know from experience that waiting to engage in primary challenges is not an overly successful strategy.  We need a new battle plan.

A Texas Grassroots Accountability Plan:

Therefore, we plan to do something different after this session.  Rather than wait until the 2016 primary season, our goal is to damage or make unelectable those who have betrayed Texans during this and previous sessions well in advance of the primaries.   The essence of our new strategy is to make these bastards eat their own words!  Our plan hinges on our ability to do these simple steps:

  1. Research the campaign promises that our Representatives, Senators, Lt. Governor and Governor made during the last election.  This includes websites, old campaign materials and news articles.  We need to nail down and reference every conservative promise made prior to 84th legislative session.
  2. Next, analyze their performance during the 84th legislative session.  This includes votes taken on bills and amendments; whether legislation was held in committees or calendars; and what ‘behind the scene’ maneuvering was done to sabotage good or advance bad legislation.  It is imperative that each fact be confirmed with a legislative source (videos, bill histories, legislative journal, news articles, etc.)
  3. Build dual profiles of the politician.  One profile will be based on the campaign image they have worked so hard to craft.  The other profile will be based on their actual performance in the legislature.  In many cases, this will leave legislators with a “conservative” campaign profile and a “liberal” legislative profile.
  4. Begin a public campaign to expose those legislators that have campaigned one way and governed another.  This will be a widespread grassroots initiative requiring the extensive use of free media, radio call in shows, social media, letters to the editors, one-on-one meetings with influential citizens and political groups, challenge them at their town halls, etc.  We will build our own narrative regarding the promises and actions of our legislators.  Whether they have a challenger or not, whether they are defeated or not, we want them to be uncomfortable within their usually smug little hearts.  We want them to start looking over their shoulders and spend money trying to defend their reputations.

It’s Time to Step Up

It is time for all of us to be warriors.  You cannot rely on someone else to do the work of saving this state for you.  You either make the effort or you don’t.  This is not something that can be done by a small group of activists.  This initiative requires grassroots activists across the state to do the basic research regarding the Representatives and Senators in their area for their campaign promises and legislative performance (if you need help figuring out how to do that just let me know).  Send your research back to me and I will collect the data and build the profiles for your use.  In order to manage all the data from hundreds of activists, I will need your information sent back in a specific format:

Note that I am using the acronym TGAP (Texas Grassroots Accountability Project) to identify the email title (for example):  TGAP- Dennis Paul, HD-129

The body of the email should be composed as follows:


  1. Bullet each position and reference the source.


  1. Order legislative performance bullets same as campaign positions.  Include bills/amendments submitted and championed, votes, legislative actions, etc.  Cite sources.  Discuss relative pros and cons of the legislator’s actions.  (Don’t worry about whether or not you can do a good job – you will.  Just put down what you find and we will assemble it.  Note that there may be more than one person submitting for your legislator.  This will help in building a better profile.)


  1. Again, please maintain bullet order.  Give a quick comparison of the legislator’s campaign positions vs actual legislative performance.  Provide one or two points supporting each conclusion.

These emails will enable us to put together a Book of Truth regarding our elected legislators.  With these facts and conclusions, we can begin to bring the dishonest and corrupt to their knees.  I will make the resulting document available for all the grassroots of Texas to use.

If we put this together with the secret video recordings due to come out this summer showing the bad behavior of some of our legislators in over 800 hours of video tapes, we can definitely take out many corrupt politicians and entrenched interests in Austin.  If you will engage, we can strike a huge blow for Texans.

For those of you who will donate a few hours for liberty and better government, I would like all inputs to be done by a June 30 deadline.  In order to take advantage of the released secret recordings and to start our narrative that may possibly rock the establishment base of those currently in power.

Areas of Interest

So where do you start?  There are so many bills and issues in a legislative session.  Our recommendation is to stick to the issues that the grassroots identified before the session in order to narrow and focus your research.  I have provided a list of grassroots priorities to help you.

Border Security

Advance & protect the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death

Restore Second Amendment rights

Protect religious liberty – the right to resist violation of personal conscience

Protect religious freedom of clergy, pastors, and churches

Protect Texas from a federal redefinition of marriage

Prohibit the use of international laws in Texas Courts (ALAC)

Protect and harden the Texas electric grid – a life, security & economic issue

Provide educational freedom and choice for parents and students

Advance fiscal responsibility – constitutional spending limits, budget transparency, debt and tax reform

Reform state transportation policy to end dependence on debt and tolling

Advance private property rights – eminent domain & annexation reform


If you have read down this far –  thank you.  Mary often wears a t-shirt that says “Let it not be said that we did nothing.”  Here is our chance to go on the offensive and do something.  Together we can do something powerful that will shake the halls of Austin.  It’s time to take Texas back! We do not need a formal state wide tea party organization or a PAC.  All we need is action provided by activists.  I am proud to share your foxholes.  God Bless, Texas!

Dale Huls

Dale Huls headshot

Texas DPS head apologizes for Ranger screw up

Photo: El Paso Times Facebook page

Apology follows confidential witness interview being inadvertently released to the media.

AUSTIN >> The director of the Texas Department of Public Safety on Tuesday apologized for an embarrassing lapse by the Texas Rangers that ended with a confidential witness interview being released to the press.

News of the lapse comes on the same day the Texas House is expected to give the Rangers responsibility for investigating corruption among state officials.

In a letter to State Rep. Phil King, R-Weatherford, DPS Director Steve McCraw said that an investigator with the Rangers inadvertently gave a recording of an interview of Sate Rep. Joe Pickett, D-El Paso, to a lawyer for ………. read more here.

Waco witness: ‘It was a setup from start to finish’


WACO — Richie was the first to die, then Diesel, then Dog.

Whatever else they were in life, the men with the biker nicknames were Cossacks, loud and proud and riders in a Texas motorcycle gang. And that’s what got them killed, shot to death in a brawl with a rival gang in the parking lot of a Texas “breastaurant” that advertised hot waitresses and cold beer.

“I saw the first three of our guys fall, and ………. read more here.

Tim Madigan and Kevin Sullivan – The Washington Post