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She Was a Famous Porn Star Who Left the Industry After Finding God. And Here’s What Happened After She Took a Year Away From Dating.

(Image via Instagram/BrittniRuiz)

Ex-porn star Brittni Ruiz says God has “transformed” her heart and mind, and that her highly publicized exit from the adult film industry after converting to Christianity also lead her closest family members to join the faith.

Ruiz, 27, who appeared on The Church Boys podcast over the weekend, dove deeper into her very personal story, explaining how she believes becoming a Christian transformed not only her actions, but also her perspective.

“The best thing that I decided to do was to stay single for a little over a year,” Ruiz said, recapping how she decided not to date and, instead, devoted herself to God after leaving porn behind. ”I just became this new creation in Christ. God — he transformed my way of thinking.”

She said that, over the course of the year, she felt as though all of her sins were no longer a part of her, and that she was “completely healed by Jesus.”

Listen to her interview with ………. read more here.

By Billy Hallowell

Woman on spring break dies after falling from South Padre balcony

Photo: South Padre Hotel 

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas – A 21-year-old woman enjoying spring break has died on South Padre Island.

Authorities say a woman celebrating spring break fell to her death from the seventh floor balcony of the Padre South Hotel.

“It is believed that she was perched on the balcony wall, kind of resting and moved to adjust herself and slipped and fell to her ……. read more


RERop-ed: Don’t Tread On Arizona

Photo: Jeff Servoss

Texas may be leading the pack in the race to nullify Washington DC, but it looks like Arizona is shortening the lead.  The Arizona House of Representatives has just passed a pair of bills that demonstrate admirably the concept of defeating the federal government by enforcing the US Constitution at the State level.

Arizona House Bill 2368, passed by the Arizona House Wednesday 18 March with a vote of 36-24, would prohibit the State of Arizona ” or any of its political subdivisions from using any personnel or financial resources to enforce, administer or cooperate with an executive order issued by the President of the U.S. that has not been affirmed by a vote of Congress and signed into law as prescribed by the U.S. Constitution.”  The bill further prohibits “this state or any of its political subdivisions from using any personnel or financial resources to enforce, administer or cooperate with a policy directive issued by theU.S. DOJ to law enforcement agencies in this state that has not been affirmed by a vote of Congress and signed into law as prescribed by the U.S. Constitution.”

In other words, any of Emperor Obama’s illegal “executive legislations” or of Obama’s enforcer Eric Holder’s lawless attempts to nationalize the nations police departments is illegal in Arizona.  And these acts are illegal because they do not conform to the Constitution of the United States that Arizona agreed to when she became a State in 1912.

The Arizona House also passed, on Thursday 12 March, House Bill 2643, that would prohibit the State of Arizona from “using any personnel or financial resources to enforce, administer or cooperate with the Affordable Care Act.”  So Arizona is also opting out of Obamacare, on the grounds that the ACA was passed by Congress in violation of Constitutional procedures and that the provisions of the Act violate the guarantees provided in the Constitution of the United States.

Both bills have been forwarded to the Arizona Senate, where their prognosis is good. When the Senate passes them, Arizona Governor Ducey will almost certainly sign them into law.

And both these bills should serve as a template for Texas to take similar action to nullify federal incursions into our State sovereignty.  Texans ought not be too proud to follow a good example if it serves our mutual purpose.

This is the way to win back America.  Even if we could successfully pull off an Article V Constitutional convention without losing more than we gained, we’d be wasting our time amending a Constitution that the federal government consistently ignores.  The first thing we’ve got to do is get Washington DC to admit that the Constitution exists, and the way to do that is to insist on its enforcement within the borders of our several sovereign States.

Yes, Eric Holder will challenge these laws, as he challenged the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals nullification of Federal Judge Neva Gonzales’ attempt to overturn Texas’ voting law last October.  But Holder lost that round, and he will lose more and more rounds because the Constitution – as it stands right now – guarantees that he will lose.  And every time he loses, the strength and the power of the Constitution of the United Stateswill become more and more evident to more and more Americans.

Eventually, State law by State law and State court victory by State court victory, we will take back our country from the enemies domestic who have stolen it from us.  But Texas can’t do it all alone, and we should be grateful for Arizona’s assistance as a staunch ally in the fight to liberate America.

So, Greg, Dan.  ‘You gonna let Doug Ducey show us up?

G.E. Kruckeberg



Border Patrol apprehends undocumented immigrant convicted of a sexual offense

An undocumented immigrant who had previously been convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a child has been apprehended by Border Patrol agents in Laredo.

Agents assigned to the ………. read more here.

By Laredo Morning Times

Citizens see Border Patrol Agents and volunteer group as heroes for safety

Photo courtesy of Texas Border Volunteers

Death, especially in the summer, is a common occurrence in Brooks County, Texas. Volunteers, citizens, and Border Patrol Agents reported over 300 illegal immigrant bodies found in 2014.

“If it weren’t for our Border Patrol and volunteers that help, our way of life and the ability to live safe near the border, would not be possible,” Eduardo Salinas said Monday, as his neighbors agreed. “We’ve lived here all of our lives so we know and see what is happening that others might get a glimpse of on the news. We know it’s not getting better.”

Salinas and other U.S. citizens near Falfurrias, Texas, as well as the Rio Grande Valley population in general see the Border Patrol as “our heroes to keep the drugs away from our children and the criminals from our schools. But they need more help.”

“We just don’t see things improving,” Salinas, who was the chosen leader from his community to speak with Examiner on March 23, 2015, stated. “We know they bring in new technology, drones and blimps and things, but the amount of people and the kinds of aliens that are crossing (into the United States) is not good.”

It’s getting worse,” Salinas observes. “Sure there are children and ………. read more here.

By Jack Dennis – San Antonio Headlines Examiner


Man Tased during scuffle with CBP officers

One killed, several injured in Texas highway bridge collapse

Photo: Nick Delgado/KWTX

Rescue workers respond to a partial bridge collapse involving an 18-wheeler truck on interstate I-35 in Salado, Central Texas on March 26, 2016.

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) – At least one person was killed and several others were injured when a truck hit a support beam on a highway bridge under construction above Interstate 35 in central Texas, causing a collapse that showered debris on vehicles, officials said.

The accident took place in Salado, about 50 miles (80 km) north of Austin, on the …… read more here.

Reporting by Jim Forsyth in San Antonio and Jon Herskovitz in Austin; Editing by Will Dunham, Susan Heavey and Sandra Maler


Islamic Center of Irving releases statement about Shariah courts


Here is a statement from Imam Zia ul Haque Sheikh of the Islamic Center of Irving:

Irving, Texas, February 10, 2015 – Over the past few days, some media speculation has led members of the local community to wonder if the Islamic Center of Irving is facilitating “Shariah Courts” at our Mosque. The management of the Islamic Center of Irving categorically declares that no such court operates on the center’s premises. However, there is an Islamic Tribunal that operates in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex to address a genuine need within our faith community for intra-community arbitration. The religious leader of our center, Dr. Zia Sheikh, in his …. read more here.

By Deborah Fleck/Staff Writer


Former Alamo managers sue Texas in battle over archives


(Reuters) – The private heritage group that managed the Alamo, the site of the famed 1836 battle for Texas independence, has sued the state over what it says is an illegal attempt to take over some 38,000 rare books, letters, and artifacts it owns.

The lawsuit filed by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT), which had run the San Antonio site for more than century before being dismissed by the Texas Land Office earlier this month, claims the office “unilaterally declared” the state is the rightful owner of the valuable collection.

“The DRT, indeed all Texans, deserve ………. read more here!


Dispute over Islam lands Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne on national stage

Photo: Gregory Castillo/Staff Photographer

Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne listens to a speech from Anthony Bond, founder of the Irving NAACP chapter. As Van Duyne goes from a fractious city council into the national spotlight, a trail of colleagues remember her, alternately, as an eloquent speaker who rescued the city from bad projects, or as a ruthless backroom fighter who has accomplished little for the city.

Before she made national headlines as the tough Texas mayor taking on Islam, before Facebook fans prayed for her and religious leaders lamented her, Beth Van Duyne stood alone on a stage and compared local politics to war.

Speaking to a dining hall full of Irving’s business elite last year, the mayor quoted from a book on corporate culture:

“Divisions compete for resources, sabotage each other to steal glory. Bosses pit subordinates against one another so that no one can mount a coup,” the mayor said in her State of the City address. “Companies aren’t families; they’re battlefields in a civil war.”

“I’m gonna tell you, City Council is not much different,” she continued a moment later, cracking a small smile to scattered laughs. “But these debates, these intense discussions and sometimes disagreements bring forward excellent, excellent results in the end.”

Van Duyne’s fans and foes dispute the results of her decade in power in Irving, but few question that her own star is on the rise.

Four months after that speech, Van Duyne won a second term in a 40-point landslide. By this month, Fox News sought her for an interview after her attacks on a Muslim religious panel made her a hero to those who fear the religion.

But as the 44-year-old mayor leaps from a fractious city council into the national spotlight, a trail of colleagues remember her ……….. read more here.