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Houston senator’s ‘illegal aliens’ bill is itself illegal


Senate Bill 174 proposed by state Sen. Joan Huffman, R-Houston, purports to deny “community supervision” to certain defendants who in state criminal courts are found to be “illegal aliens.” Such a proposed rule is plainly unconstitutional under both the federal and Texas state constitutions. More than that, it illustrates the danger of branding people without any understanding of the complex immigration laws governing noncitizens.

The case of Arizona v. United States, decided by the U.S. Supreme Court in June, 2012, discussed the limits of a state legislature’s ability to enforce the immigration laws. In that case, the high court reviewed Arizona’s attempt to create a statutory scheme which sought to enforce the immigration laws.

The high court held that the federal constitution’s Supremacy Clause trumps the……read more here.

By Geoffrey A. Hoffman

RER Op-Ed: The Sodomization of Texas

Image: Ricardo B. Brazziell/Austin American-Statesman

Travis County Probate Judge Guy Herman ruled on Tuesday 17 February, in a contested estate case involving two lesbian partners, that the definition of marriage, as enshrined in the Constitution of the sovereign State of Texas, violates the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of “equal protection and fair treatment under the law.”

It’s obvious that Judge Herman egregiously overstepped his authority in issuing such a sweeping decision from the paltry judicial position of a county probate bench.  The last time I checked, probate judges were not empowered to rewrite the will of the people ofTexas as codified in their Constitution.  And in any case, were his illegal usurpation of judicial abrogation to stand, it would be applicable only in the Judge’s jurisdiction of Travis County Texas.

Yet, Judge Herman’s inept pronouncement was heralded by queer “rights” groups throughout the State as a “foot in the door” to sodomize Texas.  Just two days after Judge Herman’s assault on our propriety, on 19 February, District Judge David Wahlberg tried to wedge the door open even farther by ordering Travis County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir to issue a marriage license to Suzanne Bryant and Sarah Goodfriend.  The lesbian couple were “wed” by Rabbi Kerry Baker the same day outside the Travis County Courthouse.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, meanwhile, obtained from the Texas Supreme Court a stay against any same-sex marriages in Texas and a nullification of the Bryant/Goodfriend “marriage.”  And on Wednesday, 25 February, State Representative Tony Tinderholt (R-Arlington) filed a complaint against Judge Wahlberg for failing to comply with the law requiring that he notify the Texas Attorney General in any case involving a challenge to the Texas Constitution.

This case illustrates once again the almost missionary zeal with which the queer coalition tries to proselytize the 98% of us who are normal.  Why?  Why are they so eager to infect us with gender identification disorder?  It’s not for freedom, since they already have the freedom to act however they want behind closed doors or to have an attorney draw up a contract granting them all the perquisites of marriage.

And why are Texas Democrat judges so frenetically anxious to abet this assault on our morality?  Indeed, why is most of the agitation for queer “rights” coming from the straight segment of the queer coalition?  Could there be a political motive behind this burlesque playing out in our State Capital?

Moral relativism is a metastasizing cancer.  Once it infects its victim, it spreads quickly throughout the body politic, attacking any concept of right and wrong until the moral fabric that binds the society together is destroyed.  This attack is not – and never was – about queer “rights.  It’s about the destruction of the American Republic.

George Soros and his puppet President, Barack Obama, are intent on destroying American prominence in the world.  And to do that, they must first destroy the American republic and the moral underpinning that has been responsible for its prominence. Pushing homosexuality down our throats is only one of the phalanxes in their campaign.

Judges Herman and Wahlberg are only good little soldiers in the Democrat army, following their marching orders without question or thought.  The realization that they are contributing to the demise of the American Republic would, I’m sure, appall both of them (although the chances of a Democrat ever reaching that realization are extremely remote).

As Texans, we must resist this assault.  Not because we are against homosexuality, but because we are against the destruction of the Texas Republic.  Homosexuals have the right to sleep with whomever they want – but we have the right to demand that they  keep it to themselves.  They do not have the right to weaken the structure of our Republic by pandering their disorder to our children.

G. E. Kruckeberg