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BP agent assaulted while trying to detain man


ROMA – An unidentified male assaulted a U.S. Border Patrol agent who attempted to detain the man along the border, authorities say.

Agents encountered a group of people around 4 p.m. Friday near Roma. When one of the agents tried to take one of the men into custody, a struggle ensued and… more here.

By STAFF REPORT – The Monitor 


RER Op-Ed: #likeagirl

Why the #likeagirl campaign is the actually bad for everyone, including girls.

Many of you may have seen the Always commercial that aired during last night’s Super Bowl.  You are all familiar with this mantra.  If we just shame people enough, we can sterilize or society from hurt feelings.  Of course, we all know that is impossible but that is what you get with the disease that we know as political correctness.  What we are really doing is robbing our children of the ability to handle criticism and to manage their emotions and their feelings when people treat them is a manner that they do not like.  Even if we somehow eradicate #likeagirl from the lexicon, you will never be able to eradicate human nature.  The solution is not to eliminate things that may or may not hurt one’s feelings, but to equip people with the character needed to retake ownership of their own feelings.  We need to discuss the issue based on its fundamental elements.

  • First and foremost, we need to understand how children behave and understand that there is nothing we can do that is going to prevent that. Instead, we need to make sure that we teach our children to be kind and to be generous and to stick up for people who are picked on and stand up against bullies. And the best way we can do that is to teach by example.
  • We need to be able to discern between what is an actual, harmful behavior and what is a product of human nature, and then be able to respond appropriately.
  • To say someone “throws like a girl” is a playground jab or insult. But it has very little to do with girls. The insult is one that is aimed at other boys. Now, that might not matter to some, but let’s make sure we are clear in defining the intent. Additionally, there are an unlimited number of ways that kids have been known to pick on one another.  Saying that someone has cooties is one of my favorites.  So we really need to examine the discussion and see why #likeagirl is the target de jour and I think if we do this we will start to see the true motivation and the agenda of those behind the campaign.
  • Let’s acknowledge that sometimes people suck. People are inevitably going to insult you or put you down or hurt your feelings in this world.  This starts when you are a child and continues until you die. Rather than try to sterilize our culture from hurtful things, which is impossible, we should equip our children with the ability to have a tough skin and define for themselves what their worth is.
  • We should teach our children, both boys and girls, that they are no limits to what they can achieve. They can become anything they wish so long as they strive towards it with the best of their ability. There are no guarantees of success in any endeavor, but you will build lasting character along the way and you are going to win far more than you lose if you choose this path.
  • People need to understand and accept that we are not all created with equal talents or abilities. There are going to be people who are going to do better than them and any number of things. Either due to effort or because of natural ability or yes, even because of physical characteristics.

It really is a tragedy the way that our culture has turned away from developing the characteristics of strength and pride and personal character and has instead turned to a culture that allows everyone to hide their flaws and their failures under the umbrella of perpetual victimhood.  The problem is that no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to alter the reality of human nature.  You cannot ’Hope and Change’ the human nature out of people.  #liveyourbestlife

H. Scott Apley

H Scott Apley


RERsports: Possible Texas national signing day offensive prospects


William Collins – QB – Lawton MacArthur (Okla.)

Committed to Louisiana Monroe

Collins committed to ULM since October, the 6’1”, 210 pound QB landed on the Horns’ radar after Kyler Murray reaffirmed his commitment to Texas A&M, and Zach Gentry bolted for Michigan. He took an unofficial visit to Austin last summer, but has not officially received an offer. Collins is a two-star prospect. Expect him to sign with ULM.


Kyler Murray – QB – Allen

Committed to Texas A&M

The son of A&M great, Kevin Murray, Kyler has been committed to the Aggies for a long time. Murray showed up to the Texas campus two weeks ago for an unofficial visit. He, with Damarkus Lodge, started tweeting pictures of their time in Austin. Last week, he broke Horns fans’ hearts when he reaffirmed his commitment to A&M.


Chris Warren – RB – Rockwall


It seems like Texas is the leader for Warren, although he took an official visit to Washington. The Huskies are a strong contender. Chris is 6’2” and 240 pounds. Could be a great compliment to Johnathan Gray. He should sign with Texas, but don’t be surprised if the Huskies slip in and scoop Warren up.


Soso Jamabo – RB – Plano West


Jamabo has narrowed his choices to UCLA and Texas. The 4-star running back is rumored to want to join Aledo WR Ryan Newsome at UCLA. Other rumors are saying he’s a lock to be a Longhorn. Too close to call here.


Nick Brossette – RB – University Lab (La.)

Committed to LSU

Nick is currently attending high school on the LSU campus. He took an official visit to Austin on January 16th, and the Horns really made an impression on him. Even with Brossette being impressed with the Texas staff, don’t expect him to sway from his commitment from the Tigers.


Damarkus Lodge – WR – Cedar Hill


Lodge gave UT fans some hope when he took an impromptu visit to Austin two weeks ago. He tweeted a picture of a Texas jersey, which left Texas fans up in arms. He has never really mentioned Texas as a leader. Expect the 6’2”, 190 pound playmaker to sign with Ole Miss or Texas A&M.


Ryan Newsome – WR – Aledo

Committed to UCLA

During one of the most commitment announcements ever, Newsome stunned Texas fans when he committed to UCLA. Ryan showed a huge sense of uncertainty. It looked like there was a war inside of him. Although he is committed to the Bruins, don’t be surprised if Texas is where Newsome ends up on Wednesday.

Brett O’Connor



RERsports: Possible Texas national signing day defensive prospects


Daylon Mack – DT – Gladewater


Daylon has been toying with the entire state of Texas’ emotions for over two months now. The 5-star defensive tackle is the most coveted defensive player in the state. He has narrowed his choices to TCU, Texas, and Texas A&M, with the Horned Frogs as his leader. Mack probably won’t end up in College Station, but whether he ends up in Ft. Worth or Austin is definitely a toss up.


Davante Davis – CB – Booker T Washington (Fla.)

Committed to Texas

Davis is committed to the Longhorns on paper, but Auburn has been pursuing him hard. A few weeks ago, Davis took a trip to Auburn and his good friend Tim Irvin hosted Davante for his official visit. With CBs Holton Hill and Kris Boyd committing to Texas last week, don’t be surprised if Davis decides to join his buddy at Auburn.


Shedrick Redwine – DB/ATH – Killian (Fla.)

Committed to Louisville

Redwine was one of the original Floridians on Charlie Strong’s radar. The 3-star cornerback committed to Louisville just one week ago. Shedrick, however, is good friends with Tim Irvin and Davante Davis. If Davis flips from Texas to Auburn, no one should be surprised if Redwine follows suit, if there is a spot available. If there is not a spot, expect him to stick with Louisville.


Deandre Baker – CB – Northwestern (Fla.)

Committed to Georgia

The longtime Bulldog pledge was in Austin two weekends ago. Baker enjoyed his time in Austin, and claims that the race between Georgia and Texas are “pretty close right now.” Will there be enough open cornerback spots to accommodate Baker? If not, expect Baker to stick with the Bulldogs.


Jamile Johnson – S – South Oak Cliff


Johnson originally committed to North Carolina. Then, when Texas came knocking, he decommitted and decided to commit to Texas. Last Sunday, Jamile, decommitted from Texas. It looks like the 3-star safety will be following his high school coach to Texas Tech, where he will be the director of player development.


PJ Locke – S – Central Beaumont

Committed to Oregon

Once overlooked by Texas because of pursuing other recruits, PJ Locke decided to commit to Oregon. Now that Jamile Johnson has decommitted, Locke is back on the Horns’ radar. Texas had not offered PJ a scholarship until Monday afternoon. Although it might be tempting for PJ to stay close to home, expect him to sign with Oregon on Wednesday.

Brett O’Connor


Sex and politics in Austin


‘Political chastity’ is not a common term, but it should be. Just ask General Petraeus.

What the term signifies has huge implications in the world of legislative outcomes, and should be of paramount importance to grassroots activists. The grassroots don’t want their hard work capsized because of lechers in Austin who can’t protect their own influence from being hijacked by political concubines.

Political chastity is the discipline of interested political actors not to sleep with one another. The reason this is so important, and much more than a “private matter,” is that politics is a cold war.

Part of the genius of our political system is that the energy past peoples put into armed revolutions, invasions, and coups now has a non-violent, legitimate outlet: democratic activity. If you don’t like the regime in power you don’t have to organize a militia and start killing. The founding fathers gave you a legitimate way to respond.

Still, all of this should not obscure the fact that, though cold, our politics is, after a fashion, a war.

To be sure, this is a fact special interests do everything possible to obscure or redefine. They want everyone pointed toward the same goal – theirs. They like it to be all one big, happy family, and they misuse the word “civil” a lot to this end.

But it is not one big happy family to the voters who put them there. Especially not now.

In war, sleeping with the enemy is a serious offense. In World War II women who slept with German occupiers were treated harshly and ostracized. The reason is simple – the act signifies vulnerability and openness. Someone who has slept with the enemy has significantly compromised their ability to deny the enemy access to vital communal information, and, to some extent, they’ve compromised their ability to say “no” to the enemy.

Believe it or not, Austin has actual political whores. They don’t think of themselves that way, but others do, and that is what they are. They may be a disgrace to their families, but they are rife in Austin.

In their minds they are just being “liberated women,” only they are professionally rewarded for being “liberated” in the vicinity of men with crucial intelligence or strategic access to power. It is especially important to find weak links to access in the Austin clan who don’t pledge allegiance to the current special interest regime – conservatives – and this caliber of woman can do this job uniquely well.

According to the Washington Times, General Petraeus slept with his biographer, shared classified secrets. The Justice Department is currently deciding whether or not to bring Petraeus up on charges.

Political concubines commonly work for the media or lobby, and they troll for weak-minded, lecherous staffers and legislators.

King Solomon was the wisest man in history. He wrote a wisdom course, a catechism, for his beloved son, the crown prince. He wanted his boy to be a good king.

We know this book by the name “Proverbs,” and it is the most renowned and important book of wisdom ever written.

Here is what the wisest man who ever lived taught his son, the crown Prince (Proverbs 7):

My son, keep my words; store up my commands within you. Keep my commands and live, and my instruction like the pupil of your eye. Bind them on your fingers; write them on the tablet of your heart. Say to wisdom, “You are my sister”; call understanding “friend,” so she might guard you against the mysterious woman, from the foreign woman who flatters you. When from the window of my house, from behind the screen, I gazed down, I looked among the naive young men and noticed among the youth, one who had no sense. He was crossing the street at her corner and walked down the path to her house in the early evening, at the onset of night and darkness. All of a sudden a woman approaches him, dressed like a prostitute and with a cunning mind. She is noisy and defiant; her feet don’t stay long in her own house. She has one foot in the street, one foot in the public square. She lies in wait at every corner. She grabs him and kisses him. Her face is brazen as she speaks to him: “I’ve made a sacrifice of well-being; today I fulfilled my solemn promises. So I’ve come out to meet you, seeking you, and …………….read more here.

By Weston Hicks

Muslims and protestors gather for Texas Muslim Capitol Day

Photo: FOX 7 Twitter

Thursday, hundreds from all over the state visited Austin for “Muslim Day at the Capitol,” but anti-Muslim protestors did whatever they could to interrupt the event. Less than one minute into Muslim Day an anti-Muslim protestor took over the microphone.

“I declare the name of the Lord Jesus Christ over the capital of Texas. I stand against Islam and the false prophet Mohammad. Islam will never dominate the United States and by the grace of God it will not dominate Texas,” protestor Christine Weick shouted into the microphone.

Hundreds of middle school and high school students are bused in from all over the state to celebrate Muslim Day.

“We all belong here. It is our right and responsibility to be here on the steps of the Texas Capitol,” said Ruth Nasrullah, communications coordinator with the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Protestor’s voices echoed throughout the entire event and Muslim students couldn’t help but take it personally.

“This is the greatest country to practice any religion in, including Islam, because we have the freedom to do that here and that’s why it saddens me to see people protesting against a religion when freedom is what we’re all about here,” said Nasrullah.

“We do have freedom of speech and they have freedom of speech too, but just not too long ago the leader of CAIR said that Sharia law was superior to our laws and I don’t see that being the case and if they can’t abide by our laws then they need to go home,” said anti-Muslim protestor Shannon Carpenter.

Nasrullah said they hoped Muslim Day would be a peaceful, educational event.

“This is an opportunity for everyone, including our elected officials, to hear what we’re all about and I know that our government is open to hearing us even if they don’t agree with us,” said Nasrullah.

The opposition was somewhat expected. Dozens of additional troopers helped keep the peace on the Capitol steps.

“People get scared and people go crazy, but let them get scared. Let them go crazy,” said one man with the Muslim Day event.

Outrageous behavior wasn’t……read more here.

By KTBC FOX Austin

Houston woman marries herself in lavish ceremony

Photo: NewsFix

HOUSTON – One Houston woman loves herself so much that she married herself.

Yasmin Eleby vowed that if she didn’t find love by the time she turned 40 she’d throw herself the lavish wedding she always dreamed of. So she married ………read more here.


RER Op-Ed: Islanoma

On CBS’ Face the Nation Sunday, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough told host Bob Schieffer that “We have just never said we have been in a war against terrorism.”

On that same Sunday, 49 policemen were killed in the Philippine city of Barangay Tukanalipao by guerrillas of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) for allegedly violating the self-designated (and government approved) borders of their Islamic ghetto. MILF chief “peace negotiator” Mohaquer Iqbal blamed the police – who were attempting to arrest explosives expert Zulkifli Bin Hir and fellow terrorist Basit Usman – for their own deaths because they had failed to notify him of their intention to enter the Muslim enclave.

This is not a phenomenon isolated to the Philippines.  Although the über-egalitarian government of France denies their existence, Muslim “no-go zones” throughout that country, and particularly in the outskirts of Paris, have become a problem that everyday Frenchmen can no longer afford to ignore.  Should an un-burkaed Frenchwoman happen to stray into one of these unacknowledged Little Baghdads, particularly after dark, she is subject to decapitation for indecency – after being gang raped.  And any Frenchman who does not work for the government knows and will freely acknowledge that the recent terror attacks against a French newspaper were launched from within the cells of the French Islamic underground.

And France is not alone.  Countries all over Europe, especially England and Holland, are experiencing this agglomeration of individual Islam-carcinoma cells into growing tumors within their cities.  The strategy of the international Islamic conspiracy is subtly changing from terrorism to parasitism.  If they can plant enough Islanoma tumors in a country, they can eventually take over the country from inside and subvert its republican principles and democratic institutions to Sharia law – and subjugate it to rule by an international caliphate.

And the tentacles of Islanoma have spread to the United States.  Dearborn Michigan, a suburb of Detroit and the home of Henry Ford and current headquarters of the Ford Motor Company, has become a cesspool of Cloward and Piven fodder and jihad mills. 40% of Dearborn’s population is Muslim, the highest in the country.  And the cancer is, as planned, metastasizing.  Islamic ghettos are springing up like gophers in a gully washer from Los Angeles to upstate New York.

Nor is Texas immune.  Herman Mustfa Carroll, the Executive Director of the Dallas-Fort Worth Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), said recently, “If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land.”  The embedded enemies of the American republic have become bold enough to publicly state their contempt for our culture and our laws.

And that statement is not just an opinion.  It is the credo of the more than 60,000 Muslims who have infiltrated South-West Houston – coordinated in their parasitic activities by the Islamic Society of Greater Houston.  And it is the battle cry of the Dallas-based Islamic Association of North Texas, which a year ago announced the inauguration of “the Islamic Village Project,” a planned Muslim “no-go zone” – right here in Texas.  The cancer is no longer a disease confined to Europe or to far-off Michigan.

Mr. McDonough may have been, although undoubtedly inadvertently, right for a change. We are no longer at war with Islamic terrorism.  We are at war with Islamic cancer – Islanoma.  And the war has been brought to Texas, the last bastion of American resistance against tyranny, foreign and domestic.  If Texas falls, America falls.

Our first battle in that war must be to overcome the Political Corruption that insists Islam is a religion.  It is not.  It is a subversive invasion.  Islam masquerades as a religion because they know that you can’t lick your enemy if you refuse to admit he is your enemy.

By G. E. Kruckeberg



Abbott nominee David Beck

Photo: AgendaWise 

Last week Governor Greg Abbott nominated David Beck to fill a pending vacancy on the University of Texas Board of Regents. Several media outlets noted Beck’s political contributions to both Democrats and Republicans.

The Beck donation reporting said nothing of patterns therein, and some politician names are conspicuously absent from Beck’s giving according to a search of Texas Ethics Commission records.

Beck has given Democrat Rodney Ellis $18,000 since the year 2000. Beck gave Kirk Watson, a Democrat from Austin, $1,000 in 2005.
Watson, having been appointed by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick to the Nominations Committee, will now vote yes or no to confirm Beck, and other appointees, as UT Regent.

Beck has given $43,500 to Friends of the University PAC, representing his only non-candidate giving.

Trey Martinez Fischer received one of the PAC’s biggest donations for his bid to replace Leticia Van de Putte in the Senate. Opposing Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is the centerpiece of Martinez-Fischer’s campaign.

Beck has not given to Lt. Gov. Patrick.

Recently, Martinez-Fischer has been a central part of an effort by crony elements in both parties and the media to ward off accountability and transparency efforts in Texas universities.

Beck backed Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison in 2010 against Rick Perry in their primary, giving the liberal Republican $15,000. Beck then backed Democrat Bill White in the general election contest with $10,000.

A search of TEC filings did not show Beck giving to Perry during his record setting tenure as Governor.

Since 2010 Beck has given Greg Abbott $79,500. Abbott is far and away the single largest individual political recipient of Beck’s money.

Beck is a partner in the law firm Beck Redden LLP. Currently, this firm is representing the Texas Ethics Committee in a case against conservative activist Michael Quinn Sullivan.

Overall, and according to a TEC search, Beck has given $150,000 to……read more here.

By Daniel Greer