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Pedestrians Shot, 1 Killed in Texas Shooting Attacks

Photo: Screen shot KHOU story 

Hunt on for Suspect in Houston-Area Shootings

Police in Texas are searching for a gunman believed to have randomly attacked five people in the last week, including one who later died.

The attacks happened in Houston and nearby Missouri City, Texas, and involved pedestrians walking alone, police said.

“It has no rhyme or reason, no particular time of day, no gender, no race, any of that,” said detective Derek Spencer of the Missouri City Police Department. “It just seems that random. … That is very concerning and scary.” Read more here.



RER Sports: 25 Players from Texas Participate in NFL Combine

Photo: NFL Logo Reuters 

Indianapolis, Ind.

25 players from the state of Texas participated in the NFL Combine in Indianapolis last weekend. Almost every Texas FBS-school was represented, except one, Texas Tech. The Red Raiders sent zero players to Indy for the combine. Listed below are the participants and what the NFL thinks of them, post-combine. The analysis of these players will effect their draft status overall. The NFL Draft is scheduled to begin April 30th.


  • Malcolm Brown – RB – Texas
    • Overall Grade: 5.24
    • Strong finisher who gathers and delivers a blow at point of initial impact. Will run through arm tackles. Has no turbo in his tank. No real dynamic potential as a runner. Only gains yards that he is supposed to gain. Lacks creativity to put moves together in open field.
  • Malcolm Brown – RB – Texas
    • Overall Grade: 6.12
    • Showed great improvement during 2014 season and is considered a “riser” on draft boards by league scouts. Brown has hand quickness and uses hands like an NFL starter. Has average power in his lower body and struggles to hold his ground against double teams. His instincts and feel off the snap help him to get into the backfield quickly.
  • Christian Covington – DT – Rice
    • Overall Grade: 5.37
    • Shoots out of stance and into blocker with good pad level and forward lean. Effective two-gapper who plays with proper arm extension. Doesn’t gather feet under him after initial engagement, causing body control and balance problems. Ends up on ground far too often.
  • BJ Catalon – RB – TCU
    • Overall Grade: 5.08
    • Uses small, choppy steps as a runner, allowing for maximum balance, body control and change of direction. Comfortable in outside-zone game with one-cut burst to hit it downhill or acceleration to ride track to the corner. Diminutive frame. Stutter-stepper in short yardage and unable to punch ball in for touchdowns at the goal line. Quality football player without a true home on a depth chart.
  • Cameron Clear – TE – Texas A&M
    • Overall Grade: 4.8
    • Looks the part. Massive frame with an ability to carry almost 300 pounds, according to area scouts. Despite talent, inconsistent as a blocker. Had good, sustained run-blocking reps against Arkansas’ Trey Flowers early in the season, and then looked passive and lost after that point. Rumor has it some teams are considering Clear for a conversion to tackle.
  • Paul Dawson – LB – TCU
    • Overall Grade: 6.04
    • Flexible, agile athlete with good lower-body build. Outstanding instincts. Not a wrap-up tackler and needs work in finishing blocks. Freelances and sometimes lacks discipline to maintain assignments. Outrageously productive linebacker with a nose for the ball.
  • Quandre Diggs – CB – Texas
    • Overall Grade: 5.25
    • Intelligent player with plus instincts. Anticipates routes well and attacks the throw. Has feet to mirror and chase crossing routes. Short cornerback whose lack of height means he’ll likely have to move inside. He’s battle-tested against some of the most explosive wide receivers in the country and has developed into a mentally tough player.
  • Tayo Fabuluje – OL – TCU
    • Overall Grade: 5.31
    • Possesses a very strong core and is a difficult draw for heads-up defenders in run game. Natural, raw strength to generate push at the point and is very difficult to bull rush. A little stiff in his lower body. Played just two years of college football and has had to overcome difficult circumstances in his life.
  • Antawn Goodley – WR – Baylor
    • Overall Grade: 5.48
    • Big-time vertical speed and explosiveness. Can open up his hips and stride past corners on vertical routes. Desired body control. Inconsistent hands. Lets ball beat him up too often. Must prove he can catch the ball in traffic. Limited route exposure while at Baylor. The biggest concern in scouting circles is how quickly he can adapt to NFL routes and how his hands will hold up if he’s asked to make his living over the middle of the field in traffic.
  • Bryce Hager – LB – Baylor
    • Overall Grade: 5.07
    • Once he diagnoses, can explode to the ball. Great pursuit on the perimeter against run. Moves with ease laterally and chases with good angles. Not a downhill linebacker. Won’t beat offensive linemen to the spot against run. Hager might end up a late-round pick, but teams like his production and chase traits.
  • Chris Hackett – S – TCU
    • Overall Grade: 5.1
    • Steps downhill to support run, breaking down in space and playing under control. Smart and instinctive. Found the ball and made plays with 12 interceptions in three years. Doesn’t run well. Struggles to provide range over the top from sideline to sideline as deep safety. There are some personnel that think highly of him as a potential playmaker at the next level.
  • Jordan Hicks – LB – Texas
    • Overall Grade: 5.45
    • Looks good on the hoof. Has desired height, weight and speed. Scouts say the staff at Texas raves about the way Hicks lifts, prepares for games and takes care of his body. Has football character in spades. considered only average with instincts and anticipation. Considered by evaluators as robotic and assignment-rigid. Hicks is an improving player who will live in the film room and might end up overdrafted on the upside potential.
  • Jarvis Harrison – OL – Texas A&M
    • Overall Grade: 5.68
    • Burly lower body made for the guard position. High school basketball player who displays rare foot quickness for a man his size. Glides to second level using proper angles. Will finesse it too often. Shows signs of being a content blocker who won’t always finish. Possesses the talent, technique and physical traits to be a high-end NFL starter.
  • Gus Johnson – RB – Stephen F. Austin
    • Overall Grade: 4.9
    • Well-built with thick bubble and powerful legs. Shows necessary power to rip through arm tackles and churn out additional yardage after contact. Unable to take wide track on outside zone and then one-cut sharply without noticeable gear grind. Lacks foot quickness for sudden, lateral cuts to make defenders miss. Compact running back with power in his lower body to break tackles and extend runs, but he’s not a chain-moving power runner with a desire to punish tacklers.
  • Will Johnson – P – Texas State
    • Overall Grade: N/A
  • Jerry Lovelocke – QB – Prairie View A&M
    • Overall Grade: N/A
  • Josh Lambo – P – Texas A&M
    • Overall Grade: N/A
  • Joey Mbu – DT – Houston
    • Overall Grade: 5.16
    • Mindful of getting hands on opponent quickly and with good arm extension. Gritty and plays to the whistle every snap. Despite head movement and busy hands, he doesn’t gain much ground as a pass rusher. Mbu’s football character and size give him a shot to make an NFL team.
  • Craig Mager – CB – Texas State
    • Overall Grade: 5.4
    • Plays with excellent fire and motor throughout the game. Loves to hit. Quick-twitch athlete, with plus play strength and sudden change of direction. Instincts are average. Allows too much separation in space. Teams question his ability to carry deep speed, which could impact his draft standing, but his talent and makeup give him a shot at becoming an NFL starter.
  • Cedric Ogbuehi – OL – Texas A&M
    • Overall Grade: 5.9
    • Gifted athlete with foot quickness and ability to move easily in space. Has feet to slide and meet speed rushers. Easy weight shift to recover against counter moves. Functional power and anchor are legitimate concerns. Technique flaws make pass protection harder than it has to be. NFL evaluators are very worried about Ogbuehi’s core strength and ability to anchor in pass protection, but some of his anchor issues could be improved with technique work.
  • Bryce Petty – QB – Baylor
    • Overall Grade: 5.32
    • Possesses NFL size. Not a burner, but has enough functional movement outside of the pocket. Scouts label him ultra-competitive, tough and smart. Strong leader. Engineered 21-point fourth-quarter comeback win over TCU in 2014. Scouts concerned he could be product of Baylor’s one-read system. Has tendency to spray the ball against zone coverage on intermediate routes. NFL evaluators felt like Petty’s senior season was disappointing, but those same evaluators love his size, leadership and intangibles.
  • Spencer Roth – P – Baylor
    • Overall Grade: 5.1
    • Planted 40.4 percent of his punts inside the 20-yard line. Punted to his coverage and punt cover team swarmed almost all return attempts. Had just two touchbacks in 47 punts. verage snap-to-punt time. Must improve his ratio of punt yardage (43.4) to hang time (3.9). Showed loss of focus when heat closed in on him causing much shorter punts. Despite having just one punt blocked during time at Baylor, he might need to speed things up when he hits the next level.
  • Cedric Reed – DE – Texas
    • Overall Grade: 5.2
    • Will crash down the line of scrimmage to attack running plays when left unblocked on the open side. Can be disruptive with inside pass-rush moves. Stiff, unenthusiastic player. Has some athletic traits, but they don’t show up consistently enough on the field. Passive off the snap and lacks physicality. His improvement during his senior season could give teams enough hope to take a shot.
  • Eric Tomlinson – Tight End – UTEP
    • Overall Grade: 4.85
    • Big-bodied blocker. Has room for more weight on his frame. Takes good initial step to secure leverage as a run blocker. Slow, plodding release off the line of scrimmage and into his routes. Doesn’t have athleticism to shake defender in man coverage. Tomlinson will have to prove to teams that he has premium ability to develop as an in-line blocker because it is unlikely that most teams will view him as a combo tight end once they study the tape.
  • Kevin White – CB – TCU
    • Overall Grade: 5.26
    • Cover corner who was usually matched up with the opponent’s best receiver. Able to stay on top of receivers with size. Blanketed possession receivers. Plus ball skills. Stiff hips stall and slow him when opening to run. Struggles to stay with quick, darting wide receivers, giving away substantial separation underneath. Beaten all game long by Tyler Lockett from Kansas State. Cornerback with mismatched parts. Has temperament and play of an outside corner, but lacks size and deep speed. Has size of a slot corner but lacks foot quickness and twitch to consistently cover speed in space.
  • Trey Williams – RB – Texas A&M
    • Overall Grade: 5.24
    • Features a devastating jump-cut that torments defenders in space. One of the best “make-you-miss” types in this draft. Improvisation-oriented athlete in space. Very slightly built runner. More of an “offensive weapon” than a true running back. Ran as an off-set back from shotgun. Some teams might view Williams as a luxury talent with minimal value due to his lack of size and natural position fit, while other teams will see him as a chess piece that they can deploy to create mismatches and use to stress defenses.


Brett O’Connor 



RER Op-Ed: The Border Games


Let’s talk immigration reform. First take a look at the border situation as it is today. If we Texans didn’t have a river there would be no border at all, and forget about that fence. The fence reminds me of those white picket, half buried jobs  in the sand like you see on the beaches in the north east. Why do they build those things anyway? Are they supposed to keep Jaws out? Anyway, I digress.

The Texas border is so riddled with holes that Sunday schools have better security. On one side we have a completely defunct nation without laws, or national identity, run by criminal cartels and a busted economy. On the other side is Mexico.  We even have two sets of laws for our guests. If I get caught with an open container in my car I’ll get a boot so hard Preparation H stock will go up ten points. If Pablo de Undocumento gets caught driving drunk he gets a bartender! Santa Anna didn’t bring that many Mexicans across the border. So, how do we fix this?

Save your fork folks, this is gonna get good. The first thing you have to do when you want to secure a border is to let people know on the OTHER side that there IS a border. This is hard to do during a traffic jam. You have to demonstrate to the intruders that crossing the line without Red Rover saying, “Come over,” incurs consequences. What consequences? Well, to begin with at least throw them back over the fence. “Oh Wilbur, what about the children?” Don’t  throw them as hard. Now, I’m not going to lead you believe that this will solve the problem. This is only a preliminary to the main event.

In the border Olympics, Mexican tossing is just one of the opening games. Winners will be judged, and moved up to the next event, The Running Mexican! You see qualifications apply to the ones coming across the border as well as the patriots waiting on this side. This is an International series of games. Notice I said “Patriots” not Border Patrol because Border Patrol is about as useless as . . .well, those things you find on a boar hog. Anyway, back to the games. The Running Mexican has a simple process. Said Mexican comes out of the brush and charges across the Texas plains. In hot pursuit two or three patriots try to outrun the interloper. If the chase ends in a catch the Patriot team is allotted ten points, however five points are removed for every Mexican who escapes. When caught do NOT turn them over to the Border Patrol. At this point you revert to the first event, Mexican Toss, and get a chance to recoup lost points for lost Mexicans in The Running Mexican event.

The next event is called Sí Shoot. Kinda like skeet shoot, with a twist. Now play close attention here. Sí Shoot has very strict rules. The contestants must hit the target IN THE AIR while jumping from the top of the fence. One foot on the ground does not constitute a hit, and the Mexican must be tossed BACK over the fence to be reshot after they heal and come back. Shooting Border Patrol or National Guard is not allowed because the Guard is unarmed and the Border Patrol, being largely Gay Alliance, could lead to you being charged with a hate crime, so don’t try to steal free points by that behavior! I know they run slow. If, however, you should accidentally shoot a Cartel member you receive one hundred bonus points AND you get to keep the grass! Any other drugs are to be distributed, I mean surrendered to the Border Patrol.

At some point Mexican applicants will dwindle and when there are no more stupid, I mean adventurous enough to participate points will be totaled and prizes will be awarded. First prize will be the Governorship of Texas. Whomever wins this will have obviously done more for Texas than Rick Perry ever even thought about doing, and will make a pretty good leader. Second prize will be Speaker of the House. Third prize will be the top position of Texas DPS Region Seven, but, in all fairness Rolondo Rivas  will be given the job of grounds keeper at the Capitol. There will be an honorable mention and that winner will be given a deed to the entire state of California. I know this may rub a few Californians the wrong way, but heck, when did they ever take a stand on anything, anyway? May sure a Gay guy gets that prize and they’ll go for it.

Now, these games are for Texas only. Each other border state must divise their own games and certain restrictions apply. Arizona, for instance, has this sheriff that could handle the problem all by himself if let go, or just give Jodi Arias a butcher knife and tell her the illegals taste just like chicken. I am convinced that if my games are adhered to, in time you won’t need any more to secure the border than a red dotted line.

Wilbur Witt

Wilbur Witt
Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Lobbyist daughter of likely Texas Public Ed Committee chair quits job amid conflict-of-interest concerns

Photo: Shutterstock Image

The daughter of the likely re-appointed chair of the Texas Public Education Committee Rep. Jimmie Don Ayock has quit her job as a well-know education lobbyist in response to public concerns drawn over a potential conflict of interest.

Michelle Smith, the daughter of state Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock, has left her position at HillCo Partners following conflict of interest concerns regarding her role as a prominent education industry lobbyist and her father’s anticipated re-appointment as chair of the Texas House Public Education Committee.

In a “Clarity on Conflict Comments” statement released Friday, Aycock said Smith’s HillCo employment “predates my service as chair of the House Public Education Committee.” He further noted how “comments have persisted” despite both he and Smith filing the required disclosure forms along with….. read more here.

By Lou Ann Anderson

Texas officials warn of immigrants with terrorist ties crossing southern border

(Eric Gay/AP)

Members of the National Guard patrol along the Rio Grande at the Texas-Mexico border on Feb. 24 in Rio Grande City, Tex.

A top Texas law enforcement agency says border security organizations have apprehended several members of known Islamist terrorist organizations crossing the southern border in recent years, and while a surge of officers to the border has slowed the flow of drugs and undocumented immigrants, it’s costing the state tens of millions of dollars.

In a report to Texas elected officials, the state Department of Public Safety says border security agencies have arrested several Somali immigrants crossing the southern border who are known members of al-Shabab, the terrorist group that launched a deadly attack on the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, and Al-Itihaad al-Islamiya, another Somalia-based group once funded by Osama bin Laden. Another undocumented immigrant arrested crossing the border was on multiple U.S. terrorism watch lists, the report says.

According to the report, one member of al-Shabab, apprehended in June 2014, told authorities he had been trained for an April 2014 suicide attack in Mogadishu. He said he escaped and reported the planned attack to African Union troops, who were able to stop the attack. The FBI believed another undocumented immigrant was an al-Shabab member who helped smuggle several… more here.

By Reid Wilson

Donna Campbell Battles to Protect the Alamo from Foreign Control


State Sen. Donna Campbell (R-New Braunfels) has proposed a bill to ban foreign control of the Alamo.

On this day in 1836, a group of Texians battled to save the Alamo from an invading foreign force. They lost.

Today, 179 years later, Sen. Donna Campbell (R-New Braunfels) fought to legally ban foreign control of the Alamo.

To judge from the reaction of the members of the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Economic Development, she may lose as well.

After invoking the brave Texans “that stood up for freedom” at the Alamo, Campbell laid out Senate Bill 191.

“The intent of this bill, Senate Bill 191, is to….read more here. 

by John Savage

The Eyes of Texas: Are Police Body Cameras Inevitable?

Photo: Bob Owen/San Antonio Express-News/

At a press conference in late November, Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland called universal body cameras on police inevitable. “I think that it’s a matter of time before every law enforcement agency in the United States has body cameras,” Chief McClelland said. The catalyst, he said, was the shooting death of an unarmed teen in Missouri by an officer who went uncharged. “It’s not ‘if’ anymore,” McClelland said. “It’s ‘when.’”

In Texas, that someday is well on its way. Fort Worth police began wearing body cameras three years ago and already have more than 600, the second-most cameras of… more here.

by Emily DePrang



If you laid all elected officials end to end………. that would be nice.

Montgomery County Commissioners must be leaping for joy over how they have bamboozled normally prudent voters to see things their way.

An email circulating in last 24hrs brought this home to me.  A decent fellow citizen in precinct 3 apparently attended James Noack’s Advisory Council meeting. I called the author of the email to ask if the Commissioner had specified the terms of the bonds or the impact on our taxes, he said Noack thought the impact would be “minimal”.  I’ll agree that our commissioners court do deliver things that are minimal, like transparency, or fiscal restraint. but when it come to spending they are anything but minimalists.

Automatically, one thinks that’s where you go to advise the commissioner to maintain his fiscal sensibilities in the face of  impending financial uncertainties related to the end of destructive Quantitative Easing by the Federal Reserve Bank which has already resulted in free fall of oil prices that support the Montgomery County economy.

But no, Noack wants to respond to the infrastructure crisis brought on in Montgomery County by artificial stimulation of population growth by our plundering  over borrowing and overspending ( and selective tax abating) elected officials by doubling down on debt.

Noack is unhappy, the commissioners want to issue a miserable $300 million in bonds split four ways among commissioner precincts but that only yields a paltry $75 million for him to lavish away on what the email called his “project needs list”.

Conservative Commissioner Wants More

The lady who forwarded the email to me added her own appeal on Noack’s behalf…

Friends & neighbors, conservative S. County Commissioner (Pct. 3) James Noack needs our help.

Commissioner Noack needs our help alright, here’s how.  Commissioner Noack is not content with a possible $300 million to spend on the “project need list”. He prefers $514 Million with his cut a whopping $150 million!

That will bring commissioners court debt alone to almost One Billion dollars

Montgomery County taxpayers should share…….read more here.



Photo: Stock 
Group filed summons local and federal government consider illegal
The Bryan Police Department, the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office, the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office, Agents of the Texas District Attorney, the Texas Rangers and the FBI raided a congressional meeting for the Republic of Texas held in Bryan, Texas.

More than 20 police and agents prevented the members from leaving, seized their cellphones, recording equipment, computers and fingerprinted them.

The raid was in response to….read more


Feds raid Texas secessionist meeting


It seemed like a typical congressional meeting for the Republic of Texas. Senators and the president gathered in the center of a Bryan, Texas, meeting hall, surrounded by public onlookers, to debate issues of the national currency, develop international relations and celebrate the birthday of one of their oldest members.

But this wasn’t 1836, and this would be no ordinary legislative conference. Minutes into the meeting a man among the onlookers stood and moved to open the hall door, letting in an armed and armored force of the Bryan Police Department, the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office, the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office, Agents of the Texas District Attorney, the Texas Rangers and the FBI.

In the end, at least 20 officers corralled, searched and…… more here.

Dylan Baddour, Houston Chronicle