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Witt: The Icy Waters of the Delaware

The icy waters of the Delaware send us a modern message about Americans that ISIS has overlooked. The recent videos and audio from that group, including that smart-mouth boy with the British accent seems to elevate the terrorists over all things American, as if we were just a post script in history, a people with no purpose, or backbone. As they wag their tongues, and pray to their “god” they believe that no amount of resistance will succeed, and eventually their black flag will fly over the White House.

America never had it easy. From the Pilgrims forward, nothing came short and sweet for Americans. But, they developed personality. After fighting with natives, clearing forests, building cities, starving, and getting little or no support from the old country, a simple tea tax lit the fuse that blew up into the Revolutionary War. And, yes, God was a part of it.

It amuses me when ISIS thinks that they, and only they, have a lock on God. They act as if we are just a bunch of savages who run hither and yon with no consideration of any moral value. They know nothing about why Washington crossed the Delaware. I’m gonna be up front with ya’ll. The first part of the war was just a continuous butt stomping, delivered by the best equipped army in the world. The British burned New York right off the bat, sending the Americans scampering through the woods with no ammo, and no socks. On Christmas, of all days, Washington decides to launch an attack on Hessian forces celebrating the holiday.

Now, this gives you a view of the mindset of the forces arrayed against the patriots. They had such little regard for them that they decided to take the day off and get drunk. Washington was not like minded. Around 11:00 PM, he takes about 2400 troops, gets in a boat, and starts across the icy waters toward the Jersey side. There was supposed to be 3000 more troops to join, but they couldn’t make it. This is the way the whole war had been going, so Washington just considered it to be business as usual, and proceeded anyway.

At approximately 8 AM, he split his remaining force into two columns, reached Trenton, and entertained the hung over Hessians. The Germans rolled out of bed to find themselves surrounded, and several hundred ran off into the woods, but nearly 1000 were rounded up at the cost of only four American lives. Washington didn’t have the support of artillery to maintain the town, and withdrew, but the embarrassing whipping he had delivered to the elite German troops rallied the spirit of a nation that was doubting if this fight was going to go anywhere but the gallows. This is called audacity.

This is what ISIS does not understand. Americans will only go so far. The British missed that, the Japanese missed it, and ISIS sure missed it. In spite of the current occupant of the White House there are still about three hundred million of us who are not going to bow and scrape to some street gang following a camel dung prophet. We are not just an accident of history, and we will not just hand over all we’ve built in the last three hundred years to people who shoot little kids.

Political correctness has clouded American minds, but that will pass. One day, when Muslims gather in the streets of come city in America, you will see some other people come around the corner with bats, and guns, and Delaware in their AMERICAN hearts!


Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin

Wilbur Witt

The Bottom Line on State Championship Attendance


The 2015 season is in the books with the final ten championship games at NRG Stadium in Houston and one of the hottest topics of conversation was the lack of record-breaking attendance numbers this year.

Yes, the big question this year is attendance in the state championship game.  The DFW folks were quick to decry the attendance differential (-94,509) between the 2014 games at AT&T Stadium and this year at NRG Stadium.  Calls to make Jerry’s World the permanent home for the state championship were quickly voiced. Houston area peeps responded saying …….. read more here.

By Chris Doelle

Texas School District Arms Teachers and Staff


In the small town of Keene, Texas, the school board has voted 6-1 to allow certain teachers and staff to carry handguns during the workday. The new rule, voted into place on December 16, is expected to go into effect in the early months of 2016. Because Keene is such a small town with a vibrant population of pro-gun enthusiasts, the rule is unlikely to be as controversial as it might have been in a larger, urban area. Still, it marks one of the …… read more here. 

By : admin

Box: Why Rep. John Culberson Should be a Top Primary Target for Conservatives

Rep. John Culberson is my Congressman. Not many people around the country know much about the man, because he tends to fly under the radar, ruffle zero feathers, side with the establishment in the Republican Party, and quietly get reelected every two years.

I have called his office a number of times, urging him to vote yes or no on certain bills. Invariably, I am disappointed and angry at the outcome.

Digging in further, I realized that Culberson’s Liberty score (complied by the excellent Conservative Review) is quite abysmal. He stands at 60%–which takes into account his votes from 2009-2015. (He has been in office since 2001.) 60% is a D-minus–ONE POINT away from an F. For a Texan who claims conservatism as his philosophy, this makes no sense. Something in the milk ain’t clean.

Let’s find out why.

On immigration, Culberson claims to be as rock-ribbed for border security, defunding sanctuary cities, not granting amnesty for illegals, and everything else conservatives would demand from a presumably conservative Congressman. However, his voting record states otherwise. While he did vote to declare Obama’s illegal alien amnesty illegal, he voted FOR fully funding the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees Obama’s illegal alien amnesty. Culberson swore to his constituents in 2014 he would NOT vote to fund DHS—and yet, that’s exactly what he did—and granted $2.5 billion MORE than what Obama asked Congress to fund. So, he voted the right way for the show vote—but when it came down to funding, he went along with the crowd.

On spending, John Culberson has never met an omnibus bill he doesn’t like. He voted “yes” on the Paul Ryan/Nancy Pelosi/Barack Obama Omnibus from Hell, which fully funds the human butcher shop Planned Parenthood, the failed, family and business-crushing Obamacare, initiatives that continue the hoax of man-made climate change, all the Syrian refugees and refugees who come from countries that actively promote jihad and hatred of America and Israel, the quadrupluling of visas for foreign workers, and Obama’s illegal alien amnesty. He voted “yes” on all the massive budgets presented by Obama—with nary a peep as to why he betrayed his constituents.

On trade, Culberson voted “yes” on the disastrous TPA (Trade Promotion Authority). Normally, conservatives would support fast-tracking trade agreements, but as has been demonstrated by this lawless administration time and again, giving Obama and his henchmen the power to fast-track anything under the cover of night is disastrous. The amazing this is, both conservatives AND many Democrats actively fought Obama and the GOP establishment over this bill. It is Congressmen like John Culberson who helped deliver this major win for Obama and cronyism. In the past, he has also voted to raise the cost of imports, which conservatives actively oppose.

Want more?

Culberson voted to FULLY FUND Obamacare, after promising he would not. He voted to keep John Boehner as Speaker of the House (and voted for Paul Ryan as his replacement—which, sadly, seems to be a speakership of more of the same). On matters of the Constitution, Culberson voted AGAINST affirming the power of the Fourth Amendment, which protects Americans from unreasonable searches and seizure. The bill also sought to extend Fourth Amendment guarantees to electronic communications and require special warrants to gather this intelligence. On the debt limit, Culberson has voted to increase it—which once again, kicks the proverbial can down the road for future generations to handle.

But probably one of the most egregious “non-votes” (and there are many—John Culberson is the second highest vote-skipper of the Texas coalition) of Culberson’s long career in Congress is the Planned Parenthood defunding vote. Culberson has long claimed to be a champion of the unborn. After the horrors of the Planned Parenthood baby organ harvesting and selling scandal that rocked America over the past few months, one would think that a representative, who vowed to cut off taxpayer funding for this private organization, would leap at the chance to follow through with his promise.

But he did not.  He skipped the vote. This, along with funding the latest hellish omnibus bill, should be the last straw for Culberson’s constituents.

We deserve more—we deserve a true, fighting conservative who will join members of the Republican Freedom Caucus—not the Republican establishment helping to flush America down the toilet.

Conservative Review has done the grunt work of compiling this list of John Culberson Horribles and I applaud them for it. But now, it’s up to conservatives around the country to make this primary of Culberson a MAJOR target—and defeat him.

I know it’s daunting and dispiriting to realize that we’ve rallied the troops in so many years, only to be stabbed in the back by the very “leaders” who promised to be a voice for change, American values, national defense, religious freedom, border security, free market capitalism, life, and the Second Amendment–among other issues.  But we cannot give up. If conservatives bow out, sit out, or throw up our hands in disgust, guess who wins? Liberals and RINOs, that’s who. And trust me—they WANT us to be dispirited. They want us to give up. They want us to stay cowed and ignorant of what they are doing to us.

One race—one patriot—one conservative at a time: we can and we WILL reclaim this great country for the side of good.

We have only just begun to fight.

Angela Box

North Texas Mosque Shut Down for Funding Hamas


A north Texas mosque was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing trial in United States history. The judge found there was ample evidence that the mosque, the Islamic Association of North Texas, assisted the Holy Land Foundation in funding millions of dollars to a Palestinian military terrorist organization that has killed Israeli children.

The Richardson, Texas, mosque, also known as the Dallas Central Mosque, was set up largely for the purpose of funding Hamas and terrorist activities by funding the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF). The foundation was based in the same city as the Islamic Association of North America – Richardson, Texas.

The HLF was designated as a ……. read more here.

By Kathy

C’mon down! City opens ‘free’ TV studios

GREEN ROOM: Cable fees funded this new television studio, one of two 2,500- square-foot facilities operated by San Antonio city government.

Attention videographers: The city of San Antonio is offering state-of-the-art cameras and high-tech television studios to residents. For free.

A $15 million downtown facility is available without charge to city residents to produce programs for the San Antonio Community Access Network.

Content includes arts, music, cultural, comedy, youth and religious programming. Even politics and sex.

“The channel is available to any individual or organization within the local viewing area that meets registration and training requirements to produce ……. read more here.

By Kenric Ward

Yep, That Houston Mosque Burning was a Fake Hate Crime – Devout Muslim Jihadi Arrested


Earlier this week, we reported on a Texas mosque that caught fire, which the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms found to be suspicious. We questioned whether this was another Muslim engaging in the same kinds of fake hate crimes that sodomites do. And now, we’ve been vindicated… again. Gary Nathaniel Moore, aka Jamal Moore was arrested and charged with arson. reports:

A Houston man has been arrested in connection with a suspected arson at a mosque on …. read more here. 


Box: #BlackLivesMatter – Making Martyrs out of Miscreants, the Sandra Bland Edition

What is it about the #BlackLivesMatter grievance gang (and liberal Democrats) that constantly seeks to elevate common thugs, criminals, and troubled individuals into sainthood? Is it the rampant criminality? The violence against police and citizens? The hate-on for authority figures or people who actually work for a living? What is it?

I’m not sure, but one thing is certain: #BlackLivesMatter groupies sure do love to kiss and hug on criminals and losers in order to justify rioting, looting, acting a fool, and screaming RAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYSIISSSM every five seconds.

Like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Freddie Gray before her, Sandra Bland was no innocent bystanding little lamb when she was arrested  July 10, 2015 by Waller County police officer Brian Encina (who has been on administrative leave since the incident, shamefully). When she was pulled over for an improper lane change, Encina asked for her identification—twice.  Already Bland (who was a #BlackLivesMatter activist) was becoming belligerent. After he went back to his car to check her record, he saw that she had multiple run-ins with law enforcement: some serious, some not. He was ready to give Bland a warning, but instead she became aggressive and accusatory (no doubt lobbing “RAAYYYYSISIS” at Encina). Encina ordered her out of the car, and she refused. Did he use some “unkind” words to her? Sure. But here’s a little rule the #BlackLivesMatter folks who love rioting and looting other people’s businesses should learn: if a police officer tells you to do something, DO IT. Be polite, be courteous, and 99% of the time nothing bad will happen.

After her arrest, she was booked and asked about her background and medical history. She gave conflicting reports on if she was suicidal (in fact, in the past she had been).  Her family refused to bail her out of jail (I wonder if they’d been down that road before?) and three days later she was found hung to death in her cell. A toxicology test revealed very high levels of marijuana in her system.

This case is a tragedy, to be sure. Anyone committing suicide is a terrible burden—on the individual’s soul as well as their family’s well-being.  But there is no evidence that anyone associated with the Waller County Sheriff’s office (which presumably employs minority officers and staffers) had anything whatsoever to do with her death. This is why a duly empaneled grand jury refused to indict anyone involved in Bland’s death.

Bland was in town to begin a job at Prairie View A&M (whose board of directors inexplicably named a street on campus for her). I submit that with her arrest, her intoxication, and her history of suicidal thoughts and actions, as well as the lack of support she received from her family, Bland felt hopeless and thought the only way out was death. It is sadly an outcome for far too many people who have mental illness or depression.

As with Martin, Brown, and Gray, the extenuating circumstances surrounding the death of Sandra Bland speak not to an out-of-control police force and/or institutionalized racism, but to individuals who put themselves in criminal situations and refused to take personal responsibility for their actions.

Unfortunately, the Grievance Industry, headed by the pot-stirrers in #BlackLivesMatter, the Democrat Party, and professional Racehustlers like Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson seek not to unite Americans, but to divide us based on racial lines. This is their bread-and-butter. If they can convince 30% of the perpetually duped among us that whitey is out to get them, that the police are evil, and that black people and other minorities can never get ahead in racist America, they will forever be a force in society.

Never mind the facts: that rampant gang violence, black-on-black crime, cities and states perpetually run by Democrats, an education system run by Democrats, the destruction of the black family and the black community by Democrats, and a liberal culture which promotes blame instead of personal accountability accounts for most of this cultural rot. Never mind the fact that #BlackLivesMatter says not a word about a little nine-year-old boy in Chicago lured to his death by his gang-member father’s associates or a young black football player who heroically took bullets and lost his life in a drive-by shooting—not to mention the scores of other black people murdered by other black people. This doesn’t suit their narrative.

Yellow journalists, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Grievance Industry, and various other nefarious sources are the ones with blood on their hands. They say nothing when thugs and criminals riot and loot and intimidate; they say nothing when there is a call for cops and whitey to be indiscriminately murdered; they say nothing when gang members in Chicago hold neighborhoods hostage; they say nothing when children can’t read, write, and function in modern society because of the abject failures of the Democrat-run education system; they say nothing when their degenerate cultural push mocks traditional American values and a basic concept of right vs. wrong;  and they say nothing when a President of the United States openly and repeatedly bashes the very people who elected the first black president.

The #BlackLivesMatter groupies are a dark force whose motives are laid bare in the most ugly, racialist terms possible. It is groups like these who hinder America from moving forward, and it is groups like these who must be mocked, pilloried, and exposed for the racehustling frauds they are.

They deserve nothing else.

Angela Box