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Boeing, SpaceX win bids to taxi astronauts to space station

Photo: Courtesy of Boeing – The Crew Space Transportation, CST-100, can carry a crew of seven, as shown in this artist’s depiction.

JOHNSON SPACE CENTER — Boeing and SpaceX will share the responsibilities to take astronauts to the International Space Station, NASA officials announced Tuesday.

 Boeing’s CST-100 capsule and SpaceX’s Dragon V2 spacecraft are scheduled to start sending crews to the station in 2017. The announcement marks NASA’s first steps in relying on commercial space companies to take astronauts to low-earth orbit.

Since the retirement of the Space Shuttle Program, NASA has relied on Russia to take crews to the space station. The U.S. space program was paying the Russia about $70 million per astronaut, officials said.

Under the contracts, Boeing and SpaceX will each handle up to six missions. The $6.8 billion contracts also require each company to meet NASA certification and develop and launch a demonstration flight that will have a NASA astronaut on board.

Boeing’s contract is about $4.2 billion and SpaceX will be $2.6 billion. While different in amounts, the terms of the contracts are the same, said Kathy Lueders, manager for NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.

Beyond ISS

Former mission control worker, space author and NBC News space consultant James Oberg said the announcement opens the doors to missions beyond trips to the space station.

“This promises to offer much broader access to low-earth orbit,” he said. “I see what they are doing as similar to the federally funded air cargo service in the 1920s. The government was the anchor customer, but eventually it just took off.”

Oberg said he sees NASA’s approach in a similar way.

“By developing a fleet of two different kinds of spacecraft there will be many more destinations than the space station,” he said.

He said there are companies that want to do business in space that have waited to have an option when it comes to launches to low-earth as well as suborbital flights.

He said the company left out of the contracts, Sierra Nevada, could see funding come from a third party or even another country.

A coalition of space contractors and supporters of manned space flight applauded NASA’s announcement as the first step in exploration beyond low-earth orbit.

“(This) will allow NASA to place even more focus on addressing the unique challenges of deep space exploration,” the Coalition for Space Exploration said in a statement. “NASA’s efforts aboard the station in low Earth orbit are demonstrating capabilities needed for deep space exploration, fostering ground breaking research to improve life on Earth.”

Jobs stay here

Boeing’s contract in particular was good news for local economic development officials. Much of the company’s design work for the CST-100 has been done in the Johnson Space Center area.

“Boeing is one of our biggest employers in the region,” Bob Mitchell, president of the Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership said. “So from that standpoint, (the announcement) is big.”

Had Boeing not been among the companies awarded the contract, there was a good chance that several hundred people would be looking for work.

“That would have been a significant number of people to lose from a community,” Mitchell said.

More importantly, Mitchell said, Boeing’s involvement means that the collective “brain power” of engineers and designers will remain in this region.

“This announcement maintains Houston as the center for human space exploration,” Mitchell said.

Oberg agreed with Mitchell on that point.

“Anything that makes human space flight more accessible is going to benefit the Houston community,” Oberg said. “This (area) remains the cultural capital of human space flight. With this, people just won’t come here for our museums and past glories, they will come here because future projects will take off.”

Congressional support needed

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden warned that….read more here.




Photo: {re-blogged at Islam Exposed}

OH boy, here they go again…but from the lack of coverage regarding the most recent act of Islamic jihad in Texas, well, few would be the wiser.

WHY is this? What does said virtual omerta portend?

TRAGICALLY, the more one witnesses Islamic barbarism the more one becomes immune to its effects. As time marches onward their monstrous behavior feels like “business as usual”, and with its ability to shock less and less. Yes, the above descriptor is akin to the battered wife syndrome but on a macro scale, whereby the Muslim ummah terrorizes the entire west on steroids! 

SIMILARLY, leftist revolutionaries implant threats in every sphere they seek to dominate. Bogeymen-like. While a big portion of their intimidation invariably materializes, some of it is basically designed as strong-arm tactics – do this, or else. Inherently, both leftist/reds and Islamist/greens count on a trait within human nature; one which deconstructs mental defenses via constant pressure points, be it of the physical or verbal variety. In fact, radical reds have their own bible of sorts, their guiding force, Rules For Radicals:

* RULE 9: “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” Imagination and ego can dream up many more consequences than any activist. (Perception is reality. Large organizations always prepare a worst-case scenario, something that may be furthest from the activists’ minds. The upshot is that the organization will expend enormous time and energy, creating in its own collective mind the direst of conclusions. The possibilities can easily poison the mind and result in demoralization.)

SO too Islamic jihadists depend upon similar tactics. While swathing wreckage wherever they implant their feet, they are also mindful that westerners are as afraid of what “may” happen, as much as they are of what has already happened. The fear of the unknown is a leverage like none other. 

IN this regard, even their fellow Muslims – those who prefer a more secular outlook, actually non-religious Muslims – who refuse to toe the line are targeted. To wit, no one is safe from their clutches:

A prominent Egyptian-German author has gone into hiding after Islamist hardliners in Egypt called for his death, accusing the writer of insulting Islam.

The threats against Hamed Abdel-Samad came afterhe told a conference in Cairo earlier this month that “religious fascism” can be traced back to the origins of Islam, when the Prophet Mohammed’s followers were urged to destroy pagan idols. 

That provoked a sharp reaction from Islamist hardliners on television and social media. Assem Abdel-Maged, a prominent member of the ultra-conservative Gamaa Islamiya party, described Mr. Abdel-Samad as an infidel.

“He has blatantly taken a stab at Islam, he must be punished by death,” Mr. Abdel-Maged said during an appearance last week on Al-Hafez, a privately-owned religious channel.

THUS, it should hardly shock that jihad against “infidel” America is up-ticking, especially with one of their own implanted in the People’s House. Yes, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Islam’s best friend.

BESIDES, how many acts of domestic Islamic terror will it take for the threat to be identified by western leaders and poohbahs? But never mind. Regardless, the following is a select rendering out of innumerable:

DESPITE all of the horrific information cited above, the attendant dangers are much worse, if you dare imagine. They include “hidden cells” operating out of plain sight and waiting for the orders to strike, when least expected. This is not hooey and phooey talk. It is America’s dire reality…burrowed in its heartland and in all points in between!

AND aside from all the known jihadi compounds/cells (detailed in the aforementioned links), how about the newly discovered ones:

The depositions revealed that MOA has a previously unknown property outside of Anchorage, Alaska. They also confirmed the existence of an additional New York property, as well as California and Michigan locations.

The Deputy Director of MOA, Hussein Adams, is the son of terrorist Barry Adams. During questioning he was unable to provide evidence which would indicate a lack of reasonable basis for the defendants’ claims.

While MOA officials denied assertions that they are a terrorist organization, they refused to provide basic information regarding the group and their activities.

They contended that the group kept no records, with director Adams asserting that he did not know the names of those on the town council at their flagship location, Islamberg. The identity of the person entrusted to issue checks to pay the organization’s bills was also unknown, according to director Adams.

MOA is the umbrella organization operating 22 “Islamic villages” nationwide, including “Mahmoudberg” in Sweeny, Texas. 

YES, Texas, once again….keep reading…

ALAS, every time it rears its head the Jihadi-in-Chief’s official mantra is one or the other, or a combination of both: Islamic mandated jihad is coined “workplace violence” , but certainly NOT related to Islam. Period. Case closed.

Israel Defense Forces's photo.

HMM…self explanatory…

SO how surprising was it that another “peaceful” follower of Islam woke up one morning, loaded his car with explosives, got behind the wheel and decided to ram into a Texas air base? Do pig’s fly? Is Islam capable of reforming?


CBS  Officials at Fort Sam Houston say they’ve taken into custody the driver of a vehicle that military officials say contained explosive materials, and which sparked a lockdown at the San Antonio Army base. The Bexar County Sheriff’s Department said on Twitter that the lockdown was being handled by military police, and the sheriff’s department had no units assigned to the case.

Alex Delgado, spokesman for the 502nd Air Base Wing, says in a statement that the lockdown was lifted Sunday night after officials decided it was safe to return to normal operations. It wasn’t clear how long the person taken into custody would be held or if charges would be filed. Nobody else was in the vehicle.

Military officials told KCEN-TV that the man that drove through the gate at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio was a Saudi National and that explosive materials were found in the vehicle. The unidentified man was taken into custody and officials are still trying to determine his motive. Military officials are not yet calling this an attempted terrorist attack.


According to the city of San Antonio’s website, the base was established in 1910 — the ninth-oldest Army installation in the country. Fort Sam Houston now encompasses 3,000 acres and is home of military medicine and part of Joint Base San Antonio. WE all know ……..Read more here.


San Antonio “Payday” lenders fight City Hall

Cash Station Ltd., which does business as Power Finance Texas, claims a city ordinance regulating the payday lending industry is unconstitutional.

The company that operates Power Finance Texas, a payday lender with two local stores, has sued the city of San Antonio for more than $1 million over an ordinance that regulates the industry.

Cash Station Ltd., which does business as Power Finance, called the ordinance unconstitutional and unlawful in a lawsuit filed in ………read more here.


Reporter | San Antonio Express-News

Team RER: State Rep. Riddle Calls Speaker Candidate Turner an “Opportunist”

Debbie Riddle is the Texas state representative for District 150.  She is a multi-term Republican.

During a Facebook exchange with an RER source on November 19, Riddle was determined to defend her position of support for the current Speaker of the Texas House, Joe Straus. Amongst other shocking statements made within the online conversation, Riddle called State Rep. Scott Turner an “opportunist”.  Turner is a candidate to replace Straus as Speaker.

Here is the entire text of the Facebook conversations with sections redacted to protect the anonymity of our source:

RER Source Facebook message to Debbie Riddle

I guess I am just a goon Debbie Riddle but I am a very disappointed goon. I am disappointed that woman that wrote a chapter in her book “A Seat at the Table- You May Sit Alone” would support a Speaker that will not lift a finger to put the Republican Party Platform in affect when we have 2 votes shy of a super majority. He has had 3 sessions already and he has never been a friend to the grassroots of this party. I sure wish you were sitting alone with the Scott Turner supporters.

Riddle’s Response:

(Redacted), please read my post regarding the low income housing battle with the Senate that Speaker Straus helped me win.  Truly, truly – I work hard to represent my District with integrity and I don’t fall for ugly rumors, untruths and gossip with twisted truths or total untruths.  I believe Scott Turner knows, as a freshman, he has no hope of winning this race – but it is getting him plenty of attention that he may want for future ambitions.  I have never just followed the crowd – I do what I know to be right and correct.

RER Source Response back:

Representative Riddle, I know Scott Turner cannot win just like Travis, Bowie and Crockett knew they could not win at the Alamo, but they did not desert and go fight with Santa Anna. You don’t know me from Adam but we met once at an Early Tea Party event in the auditorium at the capitol and you invited me to your office and I met your husband and you gave me your book, you signed it “TO (redacted), Your’re are a great Patriot” I was honored. Rightly or wrongly do you have any idea how many hearts you break when you support Speaker Straus? You say you don’t follow the crowd but you can’t truly believe that the Speaker will appoint Chairman and Representatives to the calendars committee that will push the Platform thru. He has had the job 3 times and pretty much proven he is no friend to the grassroots. I read the post how he help you with the low income housing issue, but what about all of the issues that have died in committee and the calendars since he has been speaker. I am not your constituent I know you will be elected as long as you want to be no matter which way you vote but it hurts to see you vote for Joe!

Riddle’s response back:

Please know I truly appreciate your passion and opinion – however I do not agree with your view of Speaker Straus. He has done a great job and is the victim of a major smear campaign of half truths, lies and gossip.  He in no way is a “Santa Anna and Scott Turner is no Bowie or Crockett.  I see Turner as an opportunist who is getting attention that may help him later.  I am supporting the person who is right and best for Speaker and that is Joe Straus.

RER Source last response was:

Thank You for taking the time to respond!

Riddle was once considered a champion on border security and fiscal responsibility.  However, in the last two sessions, her performance as it relates to serving the conservative citizens of Texas, advancing the GOP state platform, and upsetting the status quo has been baffling.  One observer noted that she has essentially, “given up fighting for anything but the ability to keep her seat and remain an insider.  She’s really become worthless to the grassroots.  So disappointing.  But if I claim I didn’t see this coming I’d be lying.”

In grading State Rep. Debbie Riddle’s level of conservatism, her RER Score is 66 out of a possible 100.


Other Texas towns join Denton in challenging fracking

LM Otero/The Associated Press

Scott Passmore, Reno’s director of public works, checks on a solar-powered seismic monitor that records earthquakes within the city limits. The city had its first recorded earthquake about a year ago, and seismologists are looking into whether that tremor and hundreds more are being caused by disposal wells on the city’s outskirts.

RENO — A Texas hamlet shaken by its first recorded earthquake last year and hundreds since then is among communities now taking steps to challenge the oil and gas industry’s traditional supremacy over the right to frack.

Reno Mayor Lyndamyrth Stokes said spooked residents started calling last November: “I heard a boom, then crack! The whole house shook. What was that?” one caller asked. The U.S. Geological Survey confirmed that Reno, a community about 50 miles west of Dallas near Paris, had its first earthquake.

Seismologists have looked into whether the tremors are being caused by disposal wells on the outskirts of Reno, where millions of gallons of water produced by hydraulic fracturing are injected every day. Reno took the first step toward what Stokes believes will be an outright ban by passing a law in April limiting disposal well activity to operators who can prove the injections won’t cause earthquakes.

Reno and other cities are taking their lead from Denton, where the state’s first ban on fracking within city limits takes effect Tuesday. The Denton ban has become a “proxy for this big war between people who want to stop fracking and people who want to see it happen,” said Michael Webber, deputy director of the Energy Institute at the University of Texas at Austin.

It also has become a referendum on Texas cities’ rights to halt drilling.

Property rights are a part of Texas’ cultural fabric, but the desire to develop hydrocarbons is strong in a state that leads the nation in oil and gas development. Furthermore, under state law, property rights are separate from mineral rights, making it possible to own one but not the other.

Cities in other states have tried to stop fracking, with varying success. Courts in Pennsylvania and New York have ruled in favor of allowing cities some control over drilling. But in Colorado, courts ruled against one city’s attempted ban.

In Texas, the fight pits municipalities against the Texas Railroad Commission, which governs the oil and gas industry, and the equally powerful General Land Office, which uses revenue from mineral rights to fund public education.

The land office, now headed by George P. Bush, a grandson and nephew of two former presidents, owns 13 million acres of land and mineral rights throughout Texas, including in Denton. It has joined an industry group seeking an injunction to stop the fracking ban from taking effect.

Bush is the managing partner of a fund that invests in oil and gas, and he trumpeted the economic benefits of fracking throughout his election campaign. A spokesman declined requests for an interview, deferring to the Railroad Commission.

The industry association’s attorney, Tom Phillips, told The Associated Press that Denton’s ban violates a state law that says mineral resources must “be fully and effectively exploited.”

Denton’s city council has pledged to defend its ban, and other cities have taken note.

“Regulation doesn’t work very well in the state of Texas because the Railroad Commission doesn’t work on the public’s behalf,” said Dan Dowdey, an anti-fracking advocate in Alpine, a college town a few hours from two major shale formations, the Permian Basin and Eagle Ford. Dowdey and others are calling for Alpine’s city commission to ban fracking — even though the closest drilling is more than 100 miles away.

“We’re familiar with what the oil and gas industry can do to an area, and it’s not real pretty and it smells bad,” Dowdey added.

Residents of Presidio, a border town southwest of Alpine, want municipal leaders to protect their water source from being……more here.

The Associated Press


City updates local-preference ordinance

File Photo

The City Council on Thursday approved changes to an ordinance that should help local businesses and those owned by veterans more easily win city contracts.

Council members celebrated the updates as one of the most significant steps they’ve taken to bolster small businesses in San Antonio.

“I believe this is one of the most important votes we’re going to take because. . . this will be the most aggressive local-preference ordinance that the city has ever seen,” Councilman Diego Bernal said. “And what that means in real terms is that local businesses will now have a leg up, an advantage when bidding on city contracts.”

In 2013, the council created both the local preference program and the veteran-owned small-business program to help level the playing field in competition for contracts. But officials realized there were loopholes that needed to be closed.

“Some of the larger corporations in the country can find ways to game the system, so we sent the ordinance back to find a way to plug all those holes,” Bernal said. “Now we have something I think we can be really, really proud of.”

The council’s approved updates will ……more here. 


Diego Bernal kicks off campaign for District 123

Photo By By John W. Gonzalez, San Antonio Express-News 

Former Councilman Diego Bernal greets supporters at his North Side campaign office on Saturday as he begins his race for Texas House District 123.

Bernal, a Democrat, is one of several candidates hoping to replace state Rep. Mike Villarreal, D-San Antonio, who’s running for mayor.

Bernal said he hopes to build on support he gained representing the city’s District 1.
“The diversity of folks is what I’m most proud of,” he said, referring to…..more here.


Rick Perry ramps up

AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Texas governor invites GOP donors to December sessions to discuss 2016.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is inviting hundreds of prominent Republican donors and policy experts to a series of gatherings next month that are intended to rebuild his damaged national brand and lay the foundation for a potential 2016 presidential campaign, fundraisers and organizers confirmed to POLITICO.

The small-group sessions kick off Tuesday and Wednesday in Austin with a pair of lunches and dinners held in the governor’s mansion wedged between policy briefings at the nearby office of Perry senior adviser Jeff Miller. In all, Perry’s team expects he will meet in person with more than 500 major donors and bundlers from around the country in December as well as a slew of operatives, Republican National Committee members and policy experts.

Perry’s intensive month of foundation-building comes as other prospective Republican presidential candidates — notably former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz — are engaging with the wealthy Texans who for years have been among the GOP’s most significant sources of cash. As the heir to a political dynasty with deep Texas ties, Bush in particular could seriously cut into Perry’s financial base. Bush over the last few months has met with major Texas donors.

(Also on POLITICO: The coming anti-abortion wave)

Perry has long enjoyed support from Texas’s biggest wallets for his state campaigns, but some of the donors remain skeptical of his presidential viability as a result of his bumbling 2012 run, during which some abandoned him in favor of eventual nominee Mitt Romney.

Perry had entered the race to much fanfare as the most formidable GOP foe to Romney. But his debate performances induced cringes, his anti-establishment tough talk prompted grumbles in the business community and he had only limited success expanding his fundraising base beyond Texas. When he dropped out not long after finishing fifth in the Iowa caucuses, Perry further alienated his party’s business wing by snubbing Romney and backing the long-shot rival campaign of Newt Gingrich.

While some in the party wonder if his star dimmed even further this summer when he was indicted on public corruption charges, Perry has nonetheless tried to remake his public image over the past year. In a series of high-profile interviews, the governor, sporting trendy new glasses that give him a more studious look, has admitted that he bungled 2012. He’s said the experience “humbled” him, and admitted he erred by jumping into the race without sufficient preparation and just six weeks after back surgery that left him in pain and unable to sleep.

Things would be different if he ran again, say sources who have interacted with the three-term governor, who is leaving the office after having held it longer than any other person in Texas history. They describe his health as “tip-top” and his policy expertise as light years ahead of where it was in the last presidential cycle — all of which he intends to highlight in his December donor meetings.

“If Gov. Perry is going to run, he’s going to be better prepared, and he’s going to have the resources necessary to compete,” said Henry Barbour, a Republican national committeeman who is helping plan for a Perry 2016 campaign and organizing next week’s donor sessions.

After next week, there will be an additional four or five sessions throughout the month, as well as an array of briefings held at Miller’s office with policy experts from leading conservative think tanks, such as the American Enterprise Institute and the Hoover Institution, according to those familiar with the planning.

The sources said Perry has been receiving twice-a-week briefings on different policy areas for months, including one on health care this past week in Austin featuring leading Obamacare critic Avik Roy of the Manhattan Institute. Perry also has been briefed —both in Austin and over the phone — by Lanhee Chen, the highly regarded policy director for Romney’s 2012 campaign, who authored a 172-page job-creation outline for Romney and likely would have played a leading role in a Romney White House.

Miller — who has overseen Perry’s post-2012 reemergence, and who many expect would run a Perry presidential campaign — added that full preparation means “not just on policy, but also with the necessary relationships in both the early states and with major donors around the country.”

Several major donors and bundlers who supported Perry’s last White House run — including some who have been invited to the Austin sessions — were cautious or even skeptical when asked this week if they’d back a Perry 2016 campaign.

“I’m a huge fan of Gov. Perry’s and would do whatever I could to help, but other stars have emerged in the party, and I want to hear what they have to say,” said Matt Keelen, a GOP lobbyist who rallied Capitol Hill support for Perry’s 2012 campaign. Keelen specifically cited Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Marco Rubio of Florida as intriguing presidential prospects.

Fort Worth investor and GOP bundler Hal Lambert supported Perry in 2012. He described the governor as “very good at working crowds and talking to people, but he’s really going to have to pick it up on the debate side. Those debates really ruined his chances last time.” While he said he wasn’t ready to commit to Perry — or anyone else — in 2016, Lambert said he’ll bring an open mind when he attends a dinner with Perry at the governor’s mansion on Dec. 17.

“I’d need to hear what the overall strategy would be for victory,” he said.

A Washington lobbyist who supported Perry last time but has since cooled on him was more blunt, asserting that Perry “ran a crummy campaign in 2012” and hasn’t demonstrated that he’s figured out how to do things differently. Donors also are concerned about the unresolved corruption indictment hanging over Perry’s head, said the lobbyist. Perry has adamantly asserted his innocence in that case, and manyacross the political spectrum have rallied to his defense, calling the prosecution a witch hunt.

“None of the D.C. lobbyist crowd who were supporting Perry in 2012 are planning to support him this cycle,” said the lobbyist, who is considering supporting Govs. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana or Scott Walker of Wisconsin should either run in 2016. “He is a good guy, but Perry’s time has passed.”

One prominent GOP bundler who was invited to Austin for one of the Perry sessions in December said, “I admire Perry, but my first commitment is to Jeb Bush and until Jeb makes up his mind, I and a lot of other folks in the Bush extended family are kind of frozen.” If Bush doesn’t run, the bundler said, “I think it’ll be time for a new generation.”

Some major bundlers for George W. Bush’s presidential campaigns — including Wayne Berman and Dirk Van Dongen — have been supportive of Rubio. But the Florida senator, who has not said whether he’s going to run, could face a difficult financial path if Bush ran, since the fellow Floridian has deeper ties to many of Rubio’s home-state benefactors, as well as the Bush family’s vaunted national money network.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) gets an endorsement for her gubernatorial run from former President George H. W. Bush and his wife Barbara outside their home on Jan. 22, 2010, in Houston. | AP Photo

Perry’s Texas network overlaps slightly with the Bush network. But there’s also been tension between the camps, stemming partly from the Bush crew’s support for then-Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, a longtime Bush family ally, in her unsuccessful challenge to Perry in the 2010 Texas GOP gubernatorial primary.

A GOP fundraiser who has worked with Texas donors said some of the richest among them have been meeting with Jeb Bush in Texas, and that his brother, the former president — and former Texas governor — George W. Bush has been…….Read more:

Team RER: State Rep. Villalba Calls Respected Liberty Activists “Goons”

Photo: KERA News

November 26, 2014

Jason Villalba is the Texas State Representative for District 112 in northeast Dallas County.  On Sunday, November 16, 2014, State Rep. Villalba referred to well-known, Texas liberty movement activists, by name, as “goons”.  The insult was delivered during the airing of a political talk show on TV station WFAA. Mr. Villalba’s comments are the result of a heated contest for Texas Speaker of the House between incumbent Joe Straus, and challenger State Rep. Scott Turner.

Here is the specific quote from Villalba:

“Let’s be clear.  These votes are going to go on record, so that organizations – that are manufactured grassroots organizations, like EmpowerTexans – can say, ‘let’s go ahead and challenge Jason in a primary’, right?  This is driven by a single person in west Texas, through his goons like Michael Quinn Sullivan, Alice Linahan, and Cathie Adams, to create this manufactured grassroots movement.  It does not exist.”

Michael Quinn Sullivan is the head of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility/EmpowerTexans.  Alice Linahan concentrates on CSCOPE/Common Core opposition, is attached to Women on the Wall, and Voices Empower.  Cathie Adams is the head of Texas Eagle Forum, and the former chairwoman of the Republican Party of Texas.  Each person has piled up years of activism/volunteerism within the Texas liberty movement.

Mr. Villalba is a vociferous supporter of the current Speaker of the Texas House, Joe Straus.  He has recently become more aggressive in his public statements in defense of Mr. Straus, apparently willingly taking an “attack dog” position in the Straus political syndicate.

In grading State Rep. Jason Villalba’s level of conservatism, his RER Score is 58.7 out of a possible 100.


Team RER