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Ethnic cleansing in NYC: Almost 50% of 2012 abortions were black

Horrific, horrific, horrific. According to the recently released Summary of Vital Statistics from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, ethnic cleansing is apparently occurring in the Big Apple.

In New York City, there were 56,000 black pregnancies in 2012. Of that total, 31,000 were aborted. That figure represents almost 50 percent of all abortions in New York City, despite the fact blacks represent less than 15 percent of the population. Read the report here.

Margaret Sanger’s grand plan for eugenics is a grand success in New York. It is progressives who fight most passionately for the policies and “freedoms” to allow this ethnic cleansing to occur. And conservatives are supposed to be the racist


Horrific, horrific, horrific. According to the recently released Summary of Vital Statistics from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, ethnic cleansing is apparently occurring in the Big Apple.

In New York City, there were 56,000 black pregnancies in 2012. Of that total, 31,000 were aborted. That figure represents almost 50 percent of all abortions in New York City, despite the fact blacks represent less than 15 percent of the population. Read the report here.

Margaret Sanger’s grand plan for eugenics is a grand success in New York. It is progressives who fight most passionately for the policies and “freedoms” to allow this ethnic cleansing to occur. And conservatives are supposed to be the racist

GW Bush media advisor helping to lead Southern gay marriage effort

Mark McKinnon (David Woo, The Dallas Morning News)

Mark McKinnon, the media guru for former President George W. Bush, is now Texas co-chair for the group Freedom to Marry.


The national organization seeks to make marriage legal for gay and lesbian couples nationwide.


McKinnon and U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro are leading the Lone Star portion of the effort that has begun a new $1 million campaign in the South.


In a statement, McKinnon tells conservatives — his own Republican Party — that gay marriage is an issue that should resonate for them because it is about limited-government and freedom.


“As a conservative, I don’t believe you or I or the government can tell people who they can love or marry,” McKinnon said. “Freedom means freedom for everyone, not just for some. That’s why I’m a southerner for the freedom to marry.”


In addition, McKinnon said, being anti-gay marriage won’t be a winning issue for long.


“The political reality is that the marriage wedge has lost its edge. This train has left the station and we all need to get onboard,” he said.


In the Republican primary, governor candidate Greg Abbott is strongly anti-gay marriage and has campaigned as a champion of defending the state’s prohibition against such unions.


In addition, all four GOP lieutenant governor and the three attorney general candidates also have been staunchly anti-gay marriage.


McKinnon is teamed with Castro, whose twin brother is San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro. The mayor recently helped shepherd through an amendment to the city’s anti-discrimination ordinance to protect gay residents that drew the ire of Abbott and the AG contenders — Dan Branch, Ken Paxton and Barry Smitherman.


The new campaign, called Southerners for the Freedom to Marry, will include field and media work that partners with other organizations across the region. Chairs in other states include civil rights leader U.S. Rep. John Lewis, D-GA, who kicked off the campaign in a web ad (below) and U.S. Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia.

In addition to those states, the new southern strategy also will involve Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina and…Continued here:

Fiscal conservative group aims at 3 North Texas GOP House members

Austin oil and gas entrepreneur Bill Jones, founder of a company that does most of the Accountability First PAC’s work (Courtesy photo)


AUSTIN — A new fiscally conservative group that is trying to extend influence in Republican state House primaries has tipped its hand on which GOP incumbents it most wants to topple. All three are in North Texas.

The Accountability First Political Action Committee is spending heavily to defeat Reps. Diane Patrick of Arlington, Bennett Ratliff of Coppell and Angie Chen Button of Garland, according to the group’s latest report to the Texas Ethics Commission.

Between Jan. 24 and Saturday, the group donated nearly $40,000 to Tony Tinderholt of Arlington, Patrick’s opponent; $34,000 to Matt Rinaldi of Irving, who’s in a rematch with Ratliff; and $32,000 to former Sachse City Council member Jared Patterson, who’s trying to take out Button.

Its help was mainly in the form of paid block walkers, who help the committee’s favored candidates use sophisticated voter lists, also donated by the group.

The group surfaced last year, when it opposed several school and city bond and tax propositions.

Its founder, oil and natural gas entrepreneur James Jones of Austin, told The Dallas Morning News this month that it calls its own shots and exists only to promote limited government and individual responsibility.

Citics have said it’s working, implicitly if not directly, with other staunchly conservative groups that regularly clash with school boards and teachers’ organizations. For many, they complain, the goal is to oust House Speaker Joe Straus, R-San Antonio, in part by helping staunch conservatives oust Straus loyalists.

In the latest reporting period, the group helped 25 House candidates, spending more than $280,000

It gave $2,500 to freshman Bedford GOP Rep. Jonathan Stickland, a fierce critic of Straus. Stickland was the fourth incumbent the group has helped. All enjoy strong tea party support.

Mostly, Accountability First has helped candidates for open House seats and opponents of Republican incumbents whom it deems too eager to raise money for schools or roads.

One is Rep. Linda Harper-Brown, an Irving Republican who has been a leading House transportation policy writer. In the past month, the committee gave her primary opponent, former Rep. Rodney Anderson of Grand Prairie, more than $10,000 in cash and voter lists.

In Denton County, the group has targeted Rep. Myra Crownover, R-Denton. Straus has named Crownover to several key committees, and Denton insurance agent Read King is the choice of staunchly conservative groups to unseat her.

In the latest period, Accountability First gave King nearly $8,000 of cash and block walking lists and software.

For the entire campaign, the group’s contributions make up about 31 percent of his total contributions, according to the Denton Record-Chronicle. A Denton businessman has contributed another $15,000, or about 39 percent, the newspaper reported Wednesday.

Crownover, though, has far outpaced King in contributions, collecting $147,286 between…Continued here:

Open Letter to Jerry Patterson


Texas Liberty Movement Leaders
United for a Strong Texas


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                               CONTACT:  Undersigned Leaders

February 21, 2014


Coalition of TEA Party Grassroots Leaders Stand with Dan Patrick in an open letter to Jerry Patterson and his cohorts:

“Jerry Patterson – You don’t get to change the subject!”


Mr. Patterson,

In your ever predictable ‘don’t look at me – look at Dan Patrick’ campaign tactics, you’ve made yet another desperate attempt to change the subject in the lieutenant governor’s race. Your strategy was two-pronged – 1) to kick enough dust up in the air in early voting that you would weaken the strong and growing support for Dan Patrick, and 2) to distract and deflect scrutiny away from your own record and your own words. 

Mr. Patterson, early on, it was obvious that you were taking a page out of the Dewhurst US Senate race playbook for this campaign. You’ve spent more time railing at Senator Patrick and working to personally destroy him than talking about the big issues facing Texas. How well did that work out for Mr. Dewhurst? Not well at all – as we know from being on the frontlines and in the trenches with Ted Cruz. Every time the nasty attacks flew, we dug in deeper.

So, Mr. Patterson, here’s what we have to say to you – nice try. You private investigation yielded fodder for mocking cartoons of Dan Patrick and blaring headlines in newspapers whose editors would rather drink strychnine than to write anything good about the solutions offered by a genuine conservative like Dan Patrick. While you are entitled to your opinions and to spend campaign funds to tear down Dan Patrick for allegedly hiring a worker in the 80s who allegedly was here illegally, you aren’t entitled to distort the facts about this matter and your own record.

First, we wonder how many people on the ballot have ever hired an illegal worker or contracted with a service company that employs illegal workers? Quite a few, we imagine, but unlike today, back in the 80s it was not illegal to hire an undocumented person.

Second, unlike Dan Patrick, you have been openly derisive when questioned at forums about your “amnesty-lite” positions and your years of deafening silence about the security threats that come with sanctuary cities and the plethora of social service magnets that we can ill afford. 

When asked in debates to square your “amnesty-lite” positions with the 2013 Texas Public Safety Threat Overview and this comment from DPS Director Steven McCraw, “Mexican cartels constitute the greatest organized-crime threat to the state,” you sneered at the questions. [Source:  Star-Telegram, 06/08/13, “DFW now a ‘command and control’ center for Mexican cartels,” Steve Campbell.]

Mr. Patterson, we find your lack of concern on this issue dangerous to law enforcement and dangerous to the future of Texas. You choose to scoff and to ignore the horrific facts laid out by DPS Director McCraw as he describes six of the eight major cartels operating in Texas: “In the last half-dozen years or so, the cartels have expanded beyond drug smuggling to become multifaceted organized-crime groups dealing in murder, extortion, kidnapping, human trafficking, oil theft, money laundering, auto theft, weapons smuggling and corruption.” “McCraw said cartels are increasingly pushing back at Texas law enforcement with military tactics.” [Source:  Star-Telegram, 06/08/13, “DFW now a ‘command and control’ center for Mexican cartels,” Steve Campbell.]

Instead of focusing on these serious matters, you spend all your time catering to the cheap labor crowd and digging up dirt on Dan Patrick. Well, we are not distracted from the abysmal voting records and positions of you, David Dewhurst, and Todd Staples on the issue of illegal immigration and its impact on Texas.

Mr. Dewhurst refused to champion a ban on sanctuary cities this past legislative session – although we entreated him to do so. He failed to lead on any of these issues during the last two sessions and only recently took a stand to help law enforcement AFTER Dan Patrick made it a campaign issue. We’ve seen this play before.

Todd Staples has tried to position himself as strong on border security, yet his voting record shows he contributed to the problem. Mr. Staples’ record votes to give in-state tuition to illegals, to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, and to expand beyond basic emergency care a free, taxpayer-funded healthcare system for illegal immigrants are what they are – his record.

In an interview with the El Paso Times (02/07/2013), you, Jerry Patterson, stated your support for giving illegal immigrants some form of legal status so they would be granted in-state tuition as a legal resident. Your words: “I support the idea of fixing their status as opposed to trying

Glenn Callison, Joe Straus’s newest BFF

And there it is: the mailer for Glen Callison from something called the Texas Future PAC, a brand new lobby that represents the Texas version of the national Chamber of Commerce efforts against grassroots groups.  Breitbart writes about the group here.


While Glenn is a nice guy, what is clear is this: between his small ‘marker’ donations to Joe Straus and to Dan Branch (when it was apparent Dan was going to be Ken Paxton’s AG opponent) and his utter reliance on incompetently timed mass-mailings from various special interests, Glenn is the local best buddy of Joe Straus. The same Straus  who took a Texas House with a 95-55 GOP majority and allowed 52% of the bills passed be authored by Democrats. If you want someone to join Straus’s ever shrinking group of moderate ‘squishes’, as opposed to the ever-growing cadre of principled conservatives in the Texas house, Glenn Callison has stood up for you. If you enjoyed the Kabuki theater of verbal support without action on a number of conservative issues (gun rights, 10th amendment usage, fiscal sanity), Glenn will talk the talk without walking the walk for you.


Glenn’s buddies also painted the voluntary charity of the exceptional Collin County medical community as ‘make people work for free’: I guess, by Glenn’s definition, this author is being ‘forced’ by the Ugandan government to help orphans.  Is Glenn ‘forced’ by the Plano school board to work for them on the Plano Education Foundation? And the same mailer on Glenn’s behalf also turned Matt Shaheen’s question on technical aspects of the equipment into Matt not wanting the police to have body armor; he merely questioned why the Teflon was good for only 5 year- and SUPPORTED the acquisition. Matt is likely as aware of the Dragon Skin controversy  in which unquestioned deference to equipment vendors could have risked lives. Matt was paying attention enough to have questions; would the voters want it any other way?


It is beginning to look like Matt needs to borrow the mailer from Van Taylor to send out and assure voters he does NOT hate puppies.   But we expected such silly accusations  to come at the last minute from Glenn’s camp- since he hired the same consultants of sleaze that were responsible for the mudfest 4 years ago.

Folks, the choice for conservatives is clear in this one; Matt Shaheen is the PROVEN conservative, backed by EVERY conservative group that vetts and endorses; and Glenn Callison is the ‘go-along’ answer Straus wants to continue to allow the his Democrat buddies to hold…Continued here:

Wendy Davis gets big donations from abortion rights backers

AUSTIN — Democrat Wendy Davis collected $100,000 in the last month from Austin Planned Parenthood board member Aimee Boone and $100,000 from EMILY’s List, a political committee that supports Democratic women who back abortion rights.

Other big donors during the most recent reporting period included investor Rani Clasquin of Austin, $50,000; League City trial lawyer Ronald Krist, $50,000; and eight contributions of $25,000, including from Cecilia Boone and Suzanne Bartolucci.

In addition, her most recent report shows that Planned Parenthood’s political committee spent $20,000 to conduct a poll on Davis’ behalf and $9,000 for Web design and staff time.

Davis reported raising $2.85 million in the latest period, between Jan. 24 and Feb. 22. She has $11 million on hand. Republican challenger Greg Abbott raised $2.5 million during the same period and has nearly $30 million in his campaign account.

Underscoring the national dimension of the race, 27 percent of Davis’ total in the latest report came from outside Texas, compared with 2 percent of Abbott’s total.

But Abbott reported 15 contributions of $50,000 or more. They included $250,000 from former telecommunications executive and horse breeder Kenny Troutt of Dallas, $125,000 from Midland oilman Javaid Anwar, and several $100,000 donations, including from Dallas energy executive Trevor Rees-Jones.

Abbott relied heavily on large donors for contributions in the period. Nearly 71 percent of his total came in contributions of $10,000 or more. Less than half of Davis’ total came in contributions of $10,000 or more.

Many of Davis’ donations were smaller, but she reported $51,266 in private airplane…Continued here:

Land commissioner proposes state takeover of Alamo Plaza

Photo Eric Gay

by Stacia Willson / KENS 5

SAN ANTONIO — In a letter delivered to Major Julian Castro, Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson has proposed the city of San Antonio turn over control of the Alamo plaza restoration project to the state.



Patterson’s letter comes just a week before the City Council is expected to form a committee to update the plaza’s master plan.



Reached by phone, Patterson said he supports San Antonio’s ideas but feels additional support from the state would help further the project.


“This is a Texas shrine and not just a San Antonio shrine,” Patterson said.  “We’re going to need to raise a lot of money from a variety of sources.  I think the state has the ability to do that better than the city.”



City Councilman Diego Bernal, who represents the area at the center of the debate, responded by urging rash decisions not be made.



“We should talk about how all the groups can work together and the land commissioner and land office have a slot at the table.” Bernal said.


Patterson is one of four candidates battling for the…Continued here:

Texas State Rep. Threatens To Sue Individuals Discussing His Voting Record

An incumbent legislator has threatened cable companies with litigation if they run advertisements citing his voting record in the Texas House. Meanwhile, the same lawmaker’s chief of staff demanded that a website publishing his votes be shut down, citing a law designed to protect teenagers from cyber-bullying on social media websites.

Challenged in Texas’ March Republican Primary, State Rep. Jim Keffer of Eastland has sent letters threatening legal action against cable companies running an ad by Empower Texans that references his voting record and has been running throughout Keffer’s House District 60. The letters came from a law firm working for Keffer’s campaign.

The ad notes, among other issues, that Keffer voted to give special privileges to labor unions while attacking conservative groups.

“[No] such vote exists,” his lawyers claimed in the letters.

Yet the Official Journal of the House proceedings from 2013 shows two specific votes on Senate Bill 346 that were designed to remove special labor union privileges from the legislation. Keffer voted against the amendments, and for final passage of the legislation.

Meanwhile, the chief of staff for Jim Keffer has sent a letter invoking the state’s “cyber-bullying” law in an attempt to shutdown

“Your company is currently hosting the website, and it is in clear violation of Chapter 33.07, Texas Penal Code,” wrote Ky Ash in an e-mail sent at the end of January but only this week released from the web-hosting company.

Tony McDonald, general counsel for Empower Texans — which sponsored the website — said that while Ash’s legal reference is impressive, it is wrong.

“The law Ky cites makes it unlawful for a person to post a fake social networking page for purposes of harassing another person,” said McDonald. “It has nothing to do with the posting of legislative records on a website that is clearly labelled as coming from a third-party organization.”

McDonald explained that the law was passed in the wake of the suicide of Megan Meier, a victim of…Continued here:


Tea Party Ad: TX Rep. Pete Sessions Abandoned His District

by Tony Lee

After former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin gave her first 2014 endorsement to conservative primary challenger Katrina Pierson against incumbent Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) in Texas’s 32nd Congressional District, the White Rock Tea Party released an ad asking whether Sessions has abandoned his district.


“Does Congressman Pete Sessions live in the 32nd Congressional District he represents?” a voiceover asks in the ad before residents living in the apartment complex that Sessions claims as his residence are interviewed. Sessions has claimed his residence is Apt. 1197 on Southwestern Blvd.


One woman with a direct line of vision to the apartment said that she has never seen anyone coming from or going to the apartment in over a year. She said she has not see any cars pull up around the apartment as well. A man who lives in the complex said Sessions would probably not want to live in the “efficiency apartments” with no washing machines and dryers.

Another woman who lived in the complex for four years who described herself as “very mindful of my neighbors” has never seen him.


“I have never seen Congressman Pete Sessions anywhere around here,” she says. “Never saw him.”


A voiceover asks, “Has Congressman Pete Sessions abandoned District 32?”


After calling Pierson a “feisty fighter for freedom” who is “an emerging leader and important voice for the future of the grassroots conservative movement,” Palin mentioned that Pierson is taking on a powerful incumbent who has so lost touch with the people of his district that he’s not even bothering to spend much time in Texas anymore.”


Pierson traveled across the state for Sen. Ted Cruz when he was at 2% in the polls in his upstart primary against David Dewhurst in 2012, and she is hoping to topple Sessions in a similar manner.  Pierson told Breitbart Texas that she was honored that Palin “heard our calls for battle against the entrenched establishment” and said she would “work day and night against the unconstitutional efforts of the Democratic Party and their friends in the Republican Party.”

As Breitbart Texas has noted, Pierson has attacked Sessions for living in Florida with his new wife. Palin agreed, saying that Sessions’s absence has made him lose touch “the issues important to the voters there.” Pierson has been calling Sessions out for supporting amnesty, the bailouts, and voting to raise the debt ceiling while…Continued here:

Perry: In Texas, it’s the policies, not the people, that have fueled job growth

Under a portrait of Ronald Reagan, Gov. Rick Perry waits to begin speaking at the Texas State Society breakfast in Washington Feb. 20. Photo / Michael A. Lindenberger



WASHINGTON — Gov. Rick Perry’s stopped by the Capitol Hill Club for breakfast with the Texas State Society, a crowd of about 100 people made up mostly of Texans living or working in Washington. He was well received there, with many speaking lauding his leadership of their home state, where has been governor 12 years.


Flanked by portraits of Republican presidents Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln, and seeming at ease, Perry’s mostly causal remarks sounded familiar themes: States are America’s “50 great laboratories of innovation.” Texas leads the way in job creation — and that, he said, has more to do with the policies his government and the Legislature have established than the any special characteristic of Texans themselves. “It’s not that it’s us,” he said. “I will submit it’s the policy. … It will work in California and in New Jersey and anywhere in the United States if you have men and women courageous enough (to put those policies in place.)”

Minimum wage proposals? Bad idea, he said. Any policy ought to be tested first for whether it kills or adds jobs. Later, during questions, a single voice attempted to take Perry to task for what the questioner said was an anti-knowledge agenda, citing fights over evolution at the state school board, opposition to scientific claims about climate change and the risk of hydraulic fracking. Ignoring the climate change question, he said the science supports the notion that fracking is safe. And he said evolution fights affect so few Texans it’s not worth all the attention paid to it.


Perry also talked about the changes in Mexico and how the nation’s decision to liberalize its energy policies will prompt many Mexicans now living in Texas to cross the border back home. That, Perry said, is going to create a real challenge for Texas to figure out how to encourage more native Texans to take the jobs the returning Mexicans leave.


“There will be a major exodus of people who came to United States looking for work, they are going back to Mexico for very good jobs,” he said. “… Where are those workers going to come from?”


He spoke at length about his support of the law in Texas to let residents pay in-state tuition even if they are in the country illegally. He said states like Arizona, a hardliner on immigration, needn’t follow Texas’ example. But it was the right call for the Lone Star State, he said. Perry was criticized by some Republicans for defending this law during his abortive attempt to run for president in 2012.


But beyond jobs, the issue that got Perry the most fired up about was diversity. You can see in the video just below Perry talk warmly about the economic value of immigration, and on the pride he takes on having appointed Wallace Jefferson to the Supreme Court. Jefferson was the court’s first African-American justice and later became chief justice. See Mark Curriden of the Texas Lawbook’s story on his retirement last year..

That pride didn’t translate a few minutes later to sensitivity over comments by former rock star Ted Nugent, a 2nd Amendment enthusiast who has campaigning with Attorney General Greg Abbott in the latter’s race to succeed Perry as governor. Nugent recently called Barack Obama, the nation’s first black president, a subhuman mongrel. M colleague, bureau chief Todd Gillman, asked Perry whether he had found Ted Nugent’s comments offensive. No offense taken, Perry said. “That’s just…Continued here: