RERop-ed: The Fate of the Western World Depends on Texas

RERop-ed: The Fate of the Western World Depends on Texas


Once again, storm clouds gather over the world as they did in the 1930s. Europe is being invaded by a population determined to erase the 2000 year history of its people, and subject Europeans to lives of abject poverty and slavery. Russia seeks to reclaim the empire lost with the collapse of the Soviet Union. A combination of old communists and socialists are allied with these forces to obtain power for themselves, and loot the wealth of those who have struggled to build decent and prosperous lives. A small band of western European warriors, with help of some the countries who suffered the oppression of Soviet occupation, fight to save their heritage. By so doing, those brave souls hope to preserve for Europeans the liberty and prosperity that the United States brought to them via sacrifices we made from 1942 to 1990. Those valiant fighters realize that they can not prevail by their efforts alone.

Asia is in the grips of expansionist powers. The Islamic Caliphate in its latest incarnation, threatens all of southwest Asia, northern Africa, and Europe. Billions of people are threatened with living under a theocracy that respects no individual liberty, permits slavery, and has no concept of a rule of law independent of the will of an individual cleric. It is self evident that this entity is determined on world conquest. Meanwhile, the Peoples Republic of China lays claim to international waters, is constructing military facilities on uninhabited islands, and is building an oil pipeline from western China to Iran. Clearly, the PRC is intent on being a world power. In opposition are nations that have in the past, grown under the protection of the United States. The US, Japan, and the Philippines are challenging the PRC to maintain free navigation of the seas and air. While these nations are not weak, they are doubtful that they can prevail against the PRC. Here, Israel, South Korea, the Republic of China, Japan, and our friends in the Philippines remain the hope for individual liberty should not perish from the region.

The liberties bequeathed to us from our ancestors are also under attack. For the last 60 years, those progressing toward socialist and communist ends have subverted the public schools and universities, acquired control of courts, and embedded their minions into the positions of government power. Each of these advantages have been used by people who label themselves progressives, as engines to destroy western civilization and conduct oppression against our culture and heritage. The federal Department of Education dictates what children will be taught. The Internal Revenue Service recognizes no limits to its power to destroy your wealth and livelihood based on any regulation established by whim, and not in concurrence with any law. Those who seek redress in the courts find their complaints dismissed without standing to sue, or our Constitution ignored as having some meaning other than the plain language used to write it.

Our efforts to right the situation at the federal level have been in vain. We have elected people to redress these grievances, and return our government to a properly operating federal system constrained by our Constitution. Those we have sent to the seat of the federal government have been either unable or unwilling to do what we have sent them there to do. The Federal Reserve prints currency without restraint, to be spent with abandon at the behest of interests who tolerate no dissent from those of us who believe in the virtues of western civilization. We are convinced that we became the freest and most prosperous people on the Earth via the principles of religious tolerance, the protection of private property, and a government established for the purpose of protecting the rights of the individual against physical harm and theft.

We are now in a similar situation as those Texans who met in February of 1836. The melancholy conclusion is that a number of our fellow citizens have acquiesced in the destruction of their liberty and seem to wish no longer to remain free. As members of a federated republic, which no longer operates upon those principles of government, we will be impelled to separation. We can only hope that this can be done in peace with the good interest of all concerned. Do progressives want to fight a recalcitrant state opposed to all they believe? Let us be a good riddance to them. If it is their goal to steal our wealth to finance their schemes, then we will be better positioned to conduct the inevitable conflict. Let Texas lead the way.

An independent Texas has the power to change the world. The economy of Texas is the 13th largest in the world, ranking behind Russia and ahead of South Korea. Texas has natural allies in other states, who may be thus encouraged to preserve their cultures of ordered liberty with political and economic free markets. In current dollars, an independent Texas would have some $250 billion or more in a budget with a 10% sales tax and tariffs compared to the current $200 billion state budget. The $50 billion additional can allow for Texas to make up the $50 billion in Social Security payments and military retirement that will cease when the US goes bankrupt. This also provides funds for security and conducting the business of international trade relations and agreements.

Imagine the economic prosperity of a people who are not harassed by an income tax and the IRS. Your property remains yours after purchase because there is no property tax. There is no EPA to prevent you from using your land as you think best. You do not have to compete with non citizens for jobs. Texas exports oil and gas unhindered by the Department of Energy and other tyrants. It is a reasonable expectation that the almost $2 trillion Texas economy could grow to $2.5 trillion in short order. Texas would then need an immigration policy to attract talented workers and reward investors in the Texas economy.

Texas can show by example, the benefits of political liberty of a restrained government and a free economy. Texas can inspire others, and decide if others are worthy of assistance so that liberty can grow on our continent and give our allies around the world hope that the lamp of liberty will not be extinguished in our lifetimes.

There are challenges that require careful thought to ensure the success of the Republic of Texas. There is a need for a sound currency that preserves the hard earned wealth of the people. A constitution that establishes the framework of a government of a free people is an absolute. The right to vote and citizenship can not be taken lightly, but must be a solemn matter that is reposed in those worthy to decide the great issues which will confront a free people.

Thus, the fate of western civilization depends on Texas. And the fate of Texas depends on you.

Tommy Attaway



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