The American Phoenix Foundation is finally starting to strike and they’re bringing the pain.

In one of their first highly-anticipated video releases, American Phoenix has dropped a bombshell. Well aware of the reputation of, American Phoenix staff personally forwarded a link to RER of a shocking 8 minute 27 second video of Texas State Representative Dan Huberty (R-Kingwood RER 61.7) coming off the floor of the Texas House heavily intoxicated and belligerent. Huberty was ready to fight the citizen journalist that confronted him and had to be physically restrained by staffers with DPS troopers standing in camera shot witnessing the entire episode.

This footage is not for children. Huberty consistently utters the foulest profanities.

In the first week of May, 2015, mainstream media — newspapers, periodicals, and electronic — reported that the group American Phoenix Foundation, based out of Austin, already compiled over 800 hours of video captured during the previous six months. The foundation confessed that they compiled the video to expose the “hypocrisy” of Texas legislators and their behavior. It is believed that a staff of 16 citizen journalist tracked legislators through the halls of the Capitol and in public places using hidden cameras to gather the footage.

John Beria, a spokesman for “American Phoenix”, told reporters back in May, “We wanted to send a team down to Austin that would document some of the moral failings and hypocrisy of some of the legislators and lobbyists — and Austin culture in general. Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, whatever — it doesn’t matter what label they wear. We just want to find the hypocrites.”

Since May, liberty movement activists and politicos from around Texas have been wondering when the battery of videos was going to begin seeping into the public domain. Speculation ran rampant without concrete evidence that State Representatives Patricia Harless (R-Spring RER 51.2) and John Otto (R-Dayton RER 53.1) we basically “forced” to announce their retirements from the Texas House and not run for re-election because of the anticipation of what will be revealed by the American Phoenix videos. In the case of Otto, he had just completed his first session as the powerful chair of the Appropriations Committee – the guy in charge of splitting up the money.

Beria, asked back in May if the investigation mainly was about lawmakers’ sex lives, replied, “I wish. … It involves sleazy behavior and people talking about things they have done.” Beria did admit that the 800 hours of video does include scenes showing at least one senator embracing a female lobbyist.

Originally, Beria said, the idea was to expose “these guys who run as one thing and then they go and turn out to be another.”

The Huberty video was published on October 13, 2015. Here is the copy composed by American Phoenix describing the video:

“Twenty minutes after the House adjourns, Houston Representative Dan Huberty, longtime supporter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, walks through the Texas Capitol offering to let people he considers a**holes talk to his wife. He leaves, and then returns to confront a reporter, answer a few questions, slur profanities, and fight his underpaid staffers. Take special note for how 3 DPS agents are assigned to the reporter, and how they are careful to politically protect Huberty by blocking stairwells for him.

“Huberty voted for SB19 that was designed to make these videos illegal.”

Senate Bill 19 (SB19) was legislation originally designed to bring ethics reform to the Texas legislature and was heavily lobbied for by Gov. Greg Abbott as one his legislative priorities for the 2015 session. However, with the revelation of the American Phoenix videos, legislators primarily in the Texas House went into panic mode. When SB19 reached the House after easily passing the Texas Senate, obviously urged by the Texas Speaker Joe Straus, Straus henchmen led by State Rep. Byron Cook, gutted the bill so severely and twisted the language for the purpose of attacking the First Amendment and making operations executed by American Phoenix “illegal”, that the bill had to be renamed when it was returned to the Texas Senate. It was wholly a different bill that made conference on SB19 impossible.

All taking place on the last weekend of the 2015 legislative session, led by Sen. Van Taylor Texas Senators were furious, composed a public letter signed by a majority of senators excoriating the Texas House leadership for their scheme, and ethics reform was dead – certainly a pleasing outcome for the members of the Texas House who are not interested in ethics reform and prefer the status quo.

American Phoenix Foundation is now establishing a pattern of releasing these illuminating videos. We anticipate that they will be sharing their work with RER, even on an exclusive basis sometimes, rapidly and consistently going forward. RER is looking forward to assisting APF with distribution of this very critical information that Texas citizens are entitled to know about.

If future videos reveal the type of behavior that is on display by Huberty in this one by other legislators, the anticipated carnage of House incumbents may turn from imaginary to extremely real. The filing window for the 2016 primary is approaching rapidly. The number of aanounced liberty movement primary challengers is now approaching 40. Currently, Huberty has not drawn an opponent. It will be fascinating to observe if this disgusting display by Huberty will get him one, now?



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