RERfirst – TRTL YANKED STANART ENDORSEMENT AFTER COOK #RULE44 “NO” VOTE (AUDIO) has learned from sources inside of Texas Right to Life (TRTL) that the organization pulled the endorsement of state representative candidate Gail Stanart for Texas House District 126 for a vote she recorded as a member of the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC).

On December 2, 2017, the SREC held their quarterly meeting in Austin.  The most anticipated debate and last vote of the weekend was a #RULE44 censure and penalty resolution that passed through the Resolutions Committee naming State Rep. Byron Cook (R-Corsicana RER56).  This would be the first attempt by the Republican Party of Texas to officially censure and apply crippling sanctions on an incumbent Republican officeholder.  Although the resolution received a majority vote of the SREC, it did not meet the rule requirement of a 2/3-vote threshold.

The SREC official record shows Stanart voted against the resolution to censure and sanction Byron Cook.

The Quorum Report posted the story on November 14 that Stanart, the wife of Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart, intended to compete for the seat being vacated by State Rep. Kevin Roberts (R-Houston) who has entered the dog-pile U.S. Congress 2 race to replace Ted Poe. was able to confirm with two sources inside TRTL, one of the most powerful and best funded political organizations in the state, the decision had been finalized to endorse Stanart in the HD126 race and would be announced as such when TRTL released the full 2018 endorsement list.  We were also able to view an internal communique stating the reason for stripping Stanart of the endorsement was specifically tied to the Cook #RULE44 vote.

One internal source stated, “Yes, we were going to endorse Gail (Stanart). Everyone knows Gail.  She and Stan (her husband and Harris County Clerk) have been involved for a long time.  But, if you know anything about Byron Cook, and you can’t find it within yourself to censure him, then that sends up big red flags for TRTL leaders, especially if you want to serve in the House.  Think of the migraines they’ve had (Jim and Elizabeth Graham) dealing with House leadership over the last decade?”

The enmity between TRTL and “Lord Byron” Cook has a long and deep history.  In 2015 TRTL publically labeled Cook as a pro-life fraud.

Graham, and his wife Elizabeth, consistently claim that under the orders of Texas Speaker Joe Straus, Cook has purposefully, and in agreement with Straus, thwarted pro-life legislation grabbed up by the House State Affairs Committee to kill it. The Grahams believe Cook especially targeted TRTL legislation for extermination.

The Grahams and TRTL intently followed the proceedings within Cook’s district to have him #RULE’d. Anderson and Hill Counties’ GOP Executive Committees, did censure Cook. The SREC vote on December 2, after Stanart’s November 14 campaign announcement, would have completed the process of official party censure with penalties applied.

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