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Who knew what, and when did they know it, but wasn’t telling it, and why?

The Girls From Texas received credible information from within the Texas State House of Representatives that their offices and other areas in the building are bugged. It’s thought that even the grounds around the Capital have ears. It’s also believed that the Representatives’ phone lines and emails are being monitored.

This shocking information came to us and is compounded by the fact that the State Representatives are aware they are being monitored. Reportedly the staff carries on about their day as if they don’t know. It appears to be a dirty little secret that everyone knows.

The story of reps recording each other was first reported by the Austin American-Statesman on February 28. State Rep. Charlie “Cookie Monster” Geren (R-Fort Worth RER56) stood before both the Republican and Democrat caucus and told them to “Stop it”, according to the article.  However, Geren’s admonition seems to have been referring to reps secretly recording each other.  Our sources are saying that the recording is much more pervasive and rampant.    

The irony of the story is inescapable that in the 2015 session Texas House reps were incredulous over the aggressive video recording of their actions by the Austin-based American Phoenix Foundation.  The collection of videos unveiled the environment of hedonism that prevails during a Texas legislative session.

Some of the APF video was captured secretly — for instance recording the exploits of State Sen. Carlos Uresti (D-San Antonio RER35) not just flirting and kissing a lobbyist at a bar, but exiting a restroom two minutes after a female staffer exited the same restroom opening himself up to the speculation that a sexual encounter had occurred.

Another famous video from the project captured State Rep. Dan Huberty (R-Humble RER56) exiting the floor of the Texas House sloppy drunk.  Huberty even attempted to “pimp” his wife to the reporter during the incident just before attempting to assault the reporter in the midst of a profane-laden verbal attack.

Why are the Representatives allowing this to continue, was our first question. We were told if the bugs are removed they would just be back the next day. One of our sources said “We can’t sweep for bugs daily”.

If the Representatives and their staff know they are being bugged and monitored, then it isn’t difficult to believe our Texas State Senators and their staff would know too. Why hasn’t this been reported to the authorities so it can be investigated? We don’t know the answer to that question.

The next question would naturally be who is doing this and why? We think the answer lies within the question of who stands to gain the most and who has the power to wire the state house. It’s not likely we can blame the Russians this time or even the Democrats.

This is difficult for us to report, but we have more than one highly credible source, and felt it is our duty to let Texans know that this is happening in Austin. It’s glaringly obvious to us that what goes on in Washington D.C. is going on here in Texas.

This must be reported and stopped immediately. We need to know who is behind this. Texans have the right to know. What would you do in this situation? The ramifications are mind boggling and complicated.


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