RER Associates

The 21st Century economy is evolving at warp speed. Disruptive business models are erupting all around the globe. The vastness of the geo-economic revolution orbits around the internet and ecommerce. Even the dot com crash couldn’t kill it.

New economy business models center around liberation of the worker – their time is their time, they earn income when they want to earn income, they work when they want to work. belongs in this category.

RERassociates creates your income opportunity by combining the best of the new share economy and nails it to a radical, more comfortable, more potentially profitable variation of multi-level marketing that’s been proven workable for a half century.

Think of Uber without strangers in the back seat of your car, or AirBNB without strangers in your house. Combine that with massive inventory like an MLM without the hassle of having to recruit others for a downline in order to become financially successful.

The RERassociates compensation structure is generous, yet simple – with bonuses and designed to establish a reliable, buildable monthly income. You become your own business entity in the easiest of ways.

The support you’ll receive from your internal corporate RERteam will be second to none. The infrastructure of the operation is heavily weighted with automation to make interactions and transactions as easy and effortless as possible.


How Do You Become an RER Associate?

By deciding to be one. There is no application process. There is no interview process. If you want to become an RER team member, it’s merely your responsibility to inform us that you’ve joined the team. Yep, it’s just that simple.

Just send us an email to:

Put “New Associate” in the subject line. Include your name, address, and best telephone number. This gets the ball rolling. And, in a matter of days, you’re up and running. We’ll start by sending you an introduction package that will lay out in detail what it means to be a RERassociate.

Welcome to the RERcommunity!


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