A retired military electrical engineer for NORAD, State Sen. Hall has been the leading voice for strengthening the Texas grid in every one of his elected terms.


RERhotclip Broden Says Black Engagement Has Been A Missed Opportunity
RERcontributor Pastor Stephen Broden, a veteran political activists and member of the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC), has worked on attracting more black voters into the Republican Party for years. His work has been at the genuine grassroots level, it has been national, and his campaigns have yielded national media attention. focused on the need for black engagement by the Texas GOP for an entire week in the month of May. For his contribution to the week-long conversation, Broden began his assessment of the black engagement by the Republican Party as “lacking”.

Whatever engagement has been done by the GOP, Broden gave it this characterization. “It certainly has not been demonstrative of our philosophies and ideas that drive us a party. We have the best message in town.”


RERhotclip Dr. Laura Pressley Discusses Her Run For The SREC
The hard-charging Dr. Laura Pressley is running for the position of committeewoman on the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) for Senatorial District 14 in Travis County. The caucuses of delegates to elect their SREC representatives will be held at the Texas GOP State Convention in San Antonio this Thursday through Saturday.

Pressley stormed into prominence within the liberty movement after a failed bid for the Austin City Council in 2015. She launched an investigation into the results of both the general election and runoff and detected statistical anomalies that pointed to an extremely suspicious outcome. Pressley strongly feels that the voting machines were tampered with and believes she’s uncovered strong evidence supporting her claims.


RERhotclip RW Bray There’s No Commitment To Black Engagement In Texas GOP
R.W. Bray is the last person to lead a black engagement operation for the Texas GOP. He was appointed to the position by former Chairman Tom Mechler. But, left the position with the election of James Dickey in 2017.

“The bandwidth, and the commitment, just truly wasn’t there that we need. And, that’s why I stepped down from the position”, said Bray.

For a decade, now, several black Republican leaders in Texas have been attempting to persuade the GOP powers to make enlarging the party’s voting through racial diversity a priority. Each Texas GOP administration has failed to do so.


RERhotclip Yes Some Abortions Are Reversible 
San Diego, California family physician Dr. George Delgado is leading a medical evolution that could have unimagined positive results for the pro-life movement. While important incremental victories are being achieved through the political machinery of the United States and Texas, medical advancements are offering new hope of actually saving the lives of the unborn, currently.

Dr. Delgado is the medical director for He and his team have discovered a way to actually reverse some types of abortions.


RERhotclip Leman Campaign Ignites Texas Catholic Civll War 
The candidacy of former Bell County Judge Ben Leman for the House District 13 seat has brought out the claws between prominent Roman Catholic organizations in Texas.

The Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops (TCCB) took a wild swing at the work of Texas Right to Life (TRTL), the oldest and only legitimate statewide pro-life organization in Texas, in a Parish Advisory. Recently in his campaign, Leman has echoed the attacks in response to his opponent, Jill Wolfskill, being endorsed by TRTL.


RERhotclip Candidate Cody Harris Is Straus’ And Cook’s Boy Toy 
Cody Harris is a candidate for House District 8 state representative. He’s facing liberty movement favorite Thomas McNutt in the May 22 runoff to replace disgraced and party-censured State Rep. “Lord Byron” Cook (R-Corsicana RER56). has retrieved his campaign financial reports from the Texas Ethics Commission for the 2018 primary election cycle. Studying his donor spreadsheet revealed some disturbing political connections.


RERhotclip Lisa Luby Ryab Shares The Secrets Of Her Victory 
It was a “Praise, God” moment when candidate Lisa Luby Ryan defeated State Rep. Jason Villalba (R-Dallas RER ) in the 2018 GOP primary for House District 114.

Since his first term as a state rep, Villalba snuggled comfortably in the nest of Joe Straus. He earned the nickname “Attach Chihuahua” because of his vitriolic attacks on prominent liberty movement activists like RERcontributor Alice Linahan, former Texas GOP Chairwoman Cathy Adams, and others.


RERhotclip PRID ETF Creates Investment In Neo – Morality Movement
The large Swiss bank UBS has launched a new exchange traded fund (ETF)that tracks the performance of companies that advance the homosexual agenda. The implications for Texas commerce is huge. Apostle Claver explains the ramifications for Texas social morays.

RERhotclip Dr. Vance Ginn – Trump Tax Cuts Will Set Texas Economy On Fire
Dr. Vance Ginn is the leading economist for Texas Public Policy Foundation – the leading liberty think tank in the state.

For another fiscal year, Texas rocked the nation in economic growth. During the 2017 Texas Legislative Session, while fighting for the passage of the “bathroom bill”, State Senators Kelly Hancock and Paul Bettencourt stated on the record the strength of the Texas economy.


RERhotclip New America’s Party For Texas Battles For Ballot Access
Andy Prior is the former Chairman of the infant America’s Party for Texas (APT). According to Prior, the hurdles for a third-party to get on the ballot in Texas is perhaps the most difficult in the nation.

APT is hoping that a lawsuit filed by a ballot access organization will open the way for them to be included on the November 2018 midterm ballot. If so, Prior will be listed as a candidate for Texas Land Commissioner to challenge the primary winners of the two major parties.


RERhotclip Apostle Claver Analyzes Stanart Statement On Losing TRTL Endorsement contacted Gail Stanart via email to respond to the facts found that she lost the endorsement of Texas Right to Life (TRTL) because of her SREC “No” vote to #RULE44 State Rep. Byron Cook (R-Corsicana). Stanart is a GOP primary candidate for State Representative House District 126 in Houston. She is the State Republican Executive Committeewoman (SREC) for Senatorial District 15.


RERhotclip TRTL Yanks Endorsement Of Stanart After Cook #RULE44 ‘No’ Vote
SREC Committeewoman Gail Stanart has declared as a candidate for Texas House District 126. The endorsement of Texas Right to Life (TRTL) is one of the most sought after.

Stanart had the endorsement in the bag until she took a wrong vote on censuring State Rep. “Lord Byron” Cook and had the endorsement revoked.


RERhotclip RERcontributor Yvone Larsen Analyzes The 2017 RAGE-EES
Brand new RERcontributor Yvonne Larsen is one of the most respected and talented Texas citizen journalist. If the story is about Texas politics, Yvonne probably has some knowledge of it. She specializes in government transparency.

Larsen, the purveyor of, critically looked at the announcement of the 2017 RAGE-EES and applied her experienced analytical scalpel to the roll of awardees.

Larsen generally believed the selections were on target. Of course there were awardees that especially needed to be highlighted, in her opinion.


RERhotclip ENVELOPE PLEASE Claver And George Reveal The 2017 RAGE-EES
It’s the year-end political awards that surpass the rest.  Always containing some surprises, Claver and George reveal the winners and “losers” of 2017 with the announcement of this year’s “RAGE-EES”1


RERhotclip EXCLUSIVE Carmona Challenges Simpson For Harris GOP Chair
Chris Carmona is running for Harris County Republican Party Chairman. Carmona achieved the new Texas GOP rule that county party chair candidates must receive the signatures of 10% of the counties precinct chairs to be placed on the ballot.

Carmona, a native of Port Arthur, Texas, announced his candidacy on last Friday. The filing deadline closed on last Monday, December 11. Carmona has run for public office previously in the Houston area.

In his first live and exclusive interview on, Carmona began by presenting a gentlemanly approach to his campaign launch and initial branding. However, by segment two, Carmona’s passion for victory for Harris GOP and his frustration over previous election cycle annihilations began to seep through his comments.


RERhotclip LINAHAN – LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP Is Here In Texas 120417
RERcontributor Alice Linahan covers what we call “Big Ed” in Texas – the Texas Education Industrial Complex. After Shannon filed her report, Linahan followed up with the confirmable evidence that the same curriculum in Canada exists right here in Texas.

Within her report on RER, Linahan stated, “This has been set up. And this is what we’ve been screaming about at the to of our lungs. We have to start holding all of these people accountable no matter what side of the aisle they’re on, because they have been passing legislation making this happen.

“In November of last year, we had parents go and testify in front of the State Board of Education on the math standards, saying ‘this is not teaching our children math’!”


RERhotclip Dem State Rep Lucio’s Business And $58 Million 120417
As reported by several media outlets, on Wednesday, October 25, an illegal teenage invader was permitted to have an abortion here in Texas after an accelerated court battle. Not unusual, in court documents the pregnant teen was identified as “Jane Doe”.

Jane Doe. It’s a name that is intended to offer anonymity, but has led to the discovery that State Rep. Eddie Lucio, III (D-Brownsville RER17) is making a good living sheltering Jane Doe’s.

Here’s the kicker. It’s all government money.


RERhotclip You Bet Tracy Shannon Knows What LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP Means 120417
Many Texans surely viewed the November 29, Tucker Carlson interview on Fox News Channel with a Canadian academic about a new acronym for the neo-morality movement. LGBTQ has been extended to LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP.

RERcontributor Tracy Shannon covers the neo-morality beat for RER. As would be expected, she did research what behavior or belief each letter stands for in the 15-letter acronym.

“In 2009 Canada passed the Equity Inclusive Education Strategy. And, it required schools to implement these teachings. That’s why you’re seeing so much of that (neo-morality activity) so openly in Canada…


RERhotclip – Quintero Lays Out New Annexation Protections For Texas Dec 3 2017
At the end of Texas Legislative Sessions, session after session, perhaps a handful of planks of the current platform ever become reality. An under-appreciated and under-reported victory from the 2017 85th Legislative Session is the restraints put on the practice of annexation in Texas. It was actually achieved in the 2017 Special Legislative Session – one of the few liberty advancements.

A great tyrannical practice in Texas is the seizing of sovereign municipalities through the power annexation. Like many things in the Texas political ecosystem, it could be surmised that the property grab for taxing authority is at epidemic proportions.

James Quintero is a frequent visitor to


RERhotclip Apostle Claver – Craddick Tip Came In Unmarked Brown Envelope Dec 2 2017
A mysterious unmarked envelope showed up at It was filled with documents acting as bread crumbs to perhaps what could be some unethical behavior by Texas Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick.


RERhotclip Dan Golvach Reacts To Steinle Verdict Dec 1 2017
In January 2015 Spencer Golvach was brutally murdered by an criminal illegal invader. His father, Dan Golvach reacts to the verdict in the Kate Steinle case.


Tammy Blair is the Chairwoman of the Cherokee County GOP. Right now her county executive committee (CEC) is at the epicenter of Texas GOP upheaval and reconstitution. Cherokee is providing political drama that can’t be authored on a Holly-weird script.

On October 31, Cherokee County’s GOP CEC put on the floor a #RULE44 resolution for debate. The resolution, which carries official party censure and recommendation of sanctions by the state party, named State Rep. Travis Clardy (R-Nacogdoches RER56).

Clardy showed up for the showdown! And, as one would expect, it wasn’t long before verbal jabs and stagecraft were on full display.


RERcontributor Daniel Miller has been making back-to-back national and international media appearances over the last couple of months as the independence battle between Spain and Catalonia gains greater media attention. Miller is the President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, the world’s preeminent organization advocating for Texas independence based in Nederland, Texas. He appears weekly on

Out of the clear blue sky, Miller has been having to interact with national law enforcement and media in connection to the Russia-Facebook sensation.


RER SPECIAL PROGRAM The Election Of James Dickey As TxGOP Chair 060317

The election of James Dickey as the new Republican Party of Texas Chairman marks a tectonic shift in the power structure of the party. For the first time since the inception of the Tea Party, someone has been elected to the chair’s position that has legitimate ties to the movement. The Dallas Tea Party’s Ken Emanuelson stated on that Dickey is a co-founder of the Dallas Tea Party. Dickey also founded the Central Texas Republican Assembly.

The meeting room was too small for the crowd smashed together at the Wyndham Garden Hotel on I-35 south in Austin for the Saturday, June 3 meeting. The purpose of the gathering was the second quarter meeting of the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC), the board of directors of the Texas GOP.

The second item on the agenda was the election of the new interim Chair after the sudden resignation of ex-chair Tom Mechler on May 20. The two nominated candidates were Rick Figueroa of Brenham – an unknown and newcomer to party involvement – and, James Dickey the current chairman of the Travis County GOP.


RERhotclip Dr. Laura Pressley Endorses Dickey For TxGOP Chair 052317

Dr. Laura Pressley resides in Travis County where James Dickey is the current Republican Party chairman. She has become known around the state of Texas as the leader on election integrity after filing a lawsuit against Travis County’s election office following her run for Austin City Council in 2015.

Pressley has had the opportunity to observe the work of James Dickey, up close, since she is also an elected precinct chair. She certainly was very attentive to situation of off-the-wall ex-Chairman Robert Morrow, his resignation from the post, and the Republicans of Travis County urging Dickey to reenter the chairman’s job.


RERhotclip TEMO Figueroa Is A Peacemaker 060117

Artemio “Temo” Muniz heads up the Federation of Hispanic Republicans here in Texas. The organization is an official auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas.

Based in Houston, Temo was present and a contributor for the inception of the Tea Party in Houston. His cred as a grassroots activist cannot be questioned. His style of engagement employs tactics of benevolence in Hispanic communities. A typical example would be to expend sweat equity by cleaning up the lawn of an elderly, disabled Hispanic couple that received a citation for their poorly kept lawn from the City of Houston. Temo believes that direct, personal investment in communities of color will yield a bountiful harvest of new GOP voters from Hispanic communities.

Temo was present when things got more than a little heated within the Texas delegation to the 2016 RNC National Convention. It was all about the controversial speech of Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. Texas delegates were literally in each other’s faces – Trump verses Cruz delegates, as Temo witnessed it.

Temo videoed, and has posted, what he believes is a moment that SREC members should consider as they prepare to vote for the interim chair of the Republican Party of Texas. The candidates are Rick Figueroa and James Dickey.


RERhotclip El Conservador Calls Figueroa A Pro Hispanic 052517

George Rodriguez politically operates under the nom de guerre of El Conservador. Growing up in a liberty-guided and politically-active family in the RGV, George’s love of Texas, and his roots within her, run deep.

Before retirement, George served in the Reagan and Bush “The Elder” administrations. George was instrumental in the founding and guiding of the San Antonio Tea Party at its inception. The San Antonio Tea Party was targeted by America’s Gestapo, the Internal Revenue Service.

GRod (the nickname he picked up as a charter RER broadcast activist) is both a longtime Republican, liberty-driven grassroots activist, and measuring by his recent multiple appearances on Fox and Friends and Spanish-language media, a voice for liberty that is appreciating in value.

GRod has no tolerance for what he calls “professional Hispanics”. He considers Rick Figueroa, candidate for Texas GOP Chairman, to be a professional Hispanic.

“These folks pretend to know everything Hispanic, to speak on behalf of everyone who’s Hispanic, and to be what I call ‘professional Hispanics’.


RERhotclip Emanuelson Says Dickey Is Dallas Tea Party Co – Founder 052617

Ken Emanuelson is one of the most respected liberty movement (LM) activist in Texas. His ability to organize ground games for LM candidates, at all campaign levels, is renowned. He is best known for being a founder of the Dallas Tea Party. To this day, it is believed to be the largest Tea Party org in the nation.

Speaking on on Friday, May 26, Emanuelson dropped a bomb of knowledge that most in the know didn’t know. Emanuelson informed RER listeners that James Dickey, a candidate for Texas GOP chair, is an actual co-founder of the Dallas Tea Party.

“The Dallas Tea Party was the very first time I got to know James. I didn’t know him before that. And, so we all kind of came together, probably a little mix of fortune and the grace of God, whatever a person wants to say it was, we came together. And, I got to know James.


RERhotclip Miller Says TNM Backing Dickey For TxGOP Chair 052917

Daniel Miller is President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, the largest organization working towards Texas independence on the globe. Appearing on Monday, May 29, Miller kept his commitment to announce the TNM’s endorsement for Republican Party of Texas Chairman on RER.

“For me, I had to look at it from two different ways. Number one, I have to look at it as president of the Texas Nationalist Movement who is trying to answer a question that is being posed to us by our membership. Then, I have to look at it as someone who is a Republican voter. Watching it in those two veins (the candidate forum held in Tarrant County last Saturday), it was quite interesting,” said Miller as he wound up for the announcement. “It was very informative. I was more impressed, on both levels, with one candidate more than the other.”

Miller was immediately pressed in the interview to promptly name the candidate that the TNM is endorsing. “What we are going to recommend today, to our members that are also in the Republican Party, we’re going to recommend that they throw their full support behind James Dickey.”


RERhotclip TNM Intends To Endorse In TxGOP Chairs Race 052417

The hectic race for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas is forcing fast moves by every faction and interest in the state since RER first broke the story, Thursday, May 18.

Daniel Miller is President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, the largest and most influential organization working towards Texas independence on the globe. Appearing on Thursday, May 25, Miller stated that interest in the chairman’s race from the TNM membership is through the roof.


RERhotclip HUBBARD Rumblings That TxGOP Establishment Unhappy With Straus 052317

Texas Speaker of the House, Joe Straus, has been the prime nemesis of the LM (liberty movement) since his election in 2009 with the tally of 11 Republicans and 65 Democrats. He has held firm to power since then, thrashing any opposition to his office. When authentic conservative challengers emerged in 2011, 2013, and 2015 Straus, with the unbending support of the Establishment plutocrats, left them in the condition of mincemeat.

Currently, a whole lot of whispering is going on in the Houston area that those who once were staunch supporters of Straus may be losing some of their enthusiasm for his continued reign.

Ed Hubbard is the general counsel for the Harris County Republican Party. Being a lifetime GOP activist, Hubbard’s political associates and circles blend from distinct faction to distinct faction. His profession as a top appellate court lawyer gives him access to the highest echelon of Texas business, law, and politics. His grassroots approach to political activism has earned him allies in the LM.

Appearing on, Hubbard stated, “I’m sensing that there may finally be some groundswell to do something about the House leadership after this session is over.”


RERhotclip RERresearch Uncovers The REAL Rick Figueroa 052217

RERresearch has discovered that candidate for Republican Party of Texas Chairman, Rick Figueroa, has an interesting history of political contributions.

Figueroa, a political no-name, was the first to declare as a candidate for the suddenly-vacated chairman’s position by former chairman Tom Mechler. Liberty movement influencers were not amused by the fact that Figueroa is Mechler’s choice to succeed him, and apparently the recipient of special grooming for the position over the last year from behind the scene’s – so says a source within the party.

Although Figueroa has been following Mechler around the state like a nine-week-old puppy, the record of his campaign donations introduce the first questions about his dedication to the ideals of the Texas GOP.

For those that have initially believed that Figueroa somehow jumped to the head of the line for this plum position because he’s some sort of major donor to the Republican Party, you’ll be disappointed. A modest financial political contributor would be an appropriate description.

Of Figueroa’s entire donation history, two stand out among the few. Two to Democrats.


RERhotclip EXCLUSIVE James Dickey TxGOP Chair Announcement & Interview 052317

James Dickey, Travis County Republican Party Chairman, is officially a candidate for the vacant state party chair post.

After sending a letter of his intentions to the members of the State Republican Executive Committee, Dickey agreed to make his first media announcement and have his first interview on It’s a 40-minute probe into what led to his decision to run, and his vision for the party if he should win and be installed as the interim chair as the result of the June 3 election.

Spirits dropped around Texas win SREC Committeeman Mark Ramsey (SD7) decided not to run for the office. At the sneak-attack announcement of ex-Chair Tom Mechler last week, Ramsey was the first name to gain the most steam on social media. Liberty movement endorsements were flying free.


RERhotclip SHANNON When Your Husband DecidesHe Wants To Be A Woman 052317

Mainstream entertainment and news depicts the homosexual lifestyle as the “good life” and the homosexual movement as a force of justice. One day in American history, the White House was illuminated as a rainbow, the adopted symbol of the neo-morality left.

However, it is difficult to find the stories to the contrary. The stories of pain and destruction. The real stories of homes and lives where there is no glamour, but multitudes of tears and the trying of faith.

For RERcontributor Tracy Shannon, a contradiction to the Hollywood narrative is her real life. One day in the history of her life, her husband and father of her children walked in and announced he was to become a woman.

In preparation for an upcoming book, Shannon has spoken to over 200 ladies that had the identical experience of their husbands becoming transgendered. She discovered several common threads amongst their stories. One was the impact on the children and their mental health.


RERhotclip Holcomb Says Constitutional Carry Is Dead 051217

“Constitutional Carry is dead. It’s not going to come back. And, I can tell you why.”

That’s the opening quote in this RERhotclip from Pastor Terry Holcomb of, a leading activist for the restoration of 2nd Amendment rights in Texas.

“And, the first place I’m not going to point is Joe Straus. The first place I’m going to point is the RPT Chairman of Texas (Tom Mechler). He was absent on the legislative priorities, except the one or two that mattered to him. And, that’s just the reality of it.

“We didn’t get the support of the Republican Party of Texas that we needed to get,” said Holcomb on

Holcomb goes on the state why he thinks a major blame should also go to Gov. Greg Abbott, and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. And, he wasn’t finished there.


RERhotclip EXCLUSIVE TexasGOP Chair Tom Mechler To Resign 051817

Texas GOP Chairman, Tom Mechler, is set to announce his resignation on Saturday, May 20, so says sources of

RER’s sources are within and without, yet closely associated with the Republican Party of Texas.

Our sources have revealed who they believe is the handpicked successor of Mechler’s. Yet, the Liberty Caucus of the State Republican Executive Committee have a candidate of their own.

The quarterly SREC meeting is June 2-3. That is the time of the election of the interim chair. Follow RER on this fast-moving story that impact Texas politics and could change the balance of power.


RERhotclip SREC Edwards Calls Out TxGOP & Mechler No Black Engagement 042317

The normal tension and heat within the Republican Party of Texas has risen several degrees on the thermometer. And, this time it’s over race.

State Republican Executive Committee member from Senatorial District 11, J.T. Edwards, is calling out Texas GOP Chairman Tom Mechler for being ineffective in growing the party through new black voters.

Edwards appeared on in April to charge Mechler with not following through on his repeated promise to put heavy resources and emphasis on bringing more black voters into the party here in Texas. The result has been tensions rising between longtime black activists and officeholders in the Texas GOP over the issue of black voter engagement.

At one point during the interview conducted by Apostle Claver T. Kamau-Imani, Edwards exclaimed in complete exasperation toward Chairman Mechler, “Do your damn job!”


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