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April 29, 2014

Doc talks about a good Samaritan with a gun stopping a robbery in Houston, then he talked about parents getting confronted by police because of their opposition to common Core. Then read an article by John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute on why the schools have become indoctrination centers, Hour Two Doc read his speech from last weeks NRA convention speaking on The Dignity of armed women. And how the NRA led the fight in 1932 to steal your gun rights. Followed up with the Federal government buying yet more ammunition and building humanoid War Bots at NASA , and Sheila Jackson Lees opposition to Georgia loosening their gun laws



April 28, 2014

Doc talks about the New Non-discrimination ordinance being pushed by Mayor Parker, and how it will adversely affect Business owners with Christian viewpoints, The Abuses of the TSA and their violations of the 4th amendment, and the played Rick Perry talking about the BLM and Texas not backing down. And then he spoke of the fact that most people today do not even know what the bill of rights is.



April 25, 2014

Crystal Laramore was stand-in broadcast activisit. She talked about government over reach. The amount of government spending on ammo, the BLM in Nevada and in Texas. Then finished off the show with a conversation about education and common core testing.



April 24, 2014

Doc Spoke with Lou Ann Anderson of Watchdog wire to discuss Property Tax shifting from old folks to the young folks. Then Terry Holcomb called in about his charges being dismissed and getting back his guns, and the big rally on the Red River to stop the BLM, and then interviewed Tonya Rolland McLaughlin for the 10th Criminal Court, touching on her philosophies and her Pro 2A and Pro Life positions.



April 23, 2014

Doc opened up Kristen Ring of “Stand Across America” talking about their event Saturday, Doc covered the 9 professions that Christians may not legally perform anymore, And then He had on Jan Morgan to discuss women and gun rights and the event in Indianapolis this Saturday the 26th of April , and covered a couple of armed citizen success stories.



April 22, 2014

Doc opened up Vic Kolenc of the El Paso Times discussing the improvement of unemployment numbers in El Paso, FAA prohibition on Drones used by Equisearch, Fast and Furious info revealed by ATF whistleblower, then in hour Two interviewed Ginger Russell on her run for the Magnolia ISD school board and talked education issues. ​



April 21, 2014

Doc opened up with border issues including a Mexican standoff between Mexican Army regulars and US Border patrol. The touched on the differences between Dan Patrick and Julian Castro then spoke about a different kind of invasion by the Rasberry ants, and how to fight it, After touching on BLM atrocities by mercenarys in Nevada, George Rodriquez, El Conservador, called in to talk about the SA Teaparty leaders failing to stop all new taxes including tolls, Doc also covered the 10 worse votes by John Cornyn as reasons to fire him and hire Rebecca Paddock.



April 18, 2014

Doc spoke with Dave Wilson of the Cypress Tea Party on the need for turn out in the CY FAIR ISD bond election, since CY FAIR already owes some 2B in debt and they want to nearly double that amount. In hour two Doc spoke about the importance of Easter and reading the bible and played a segment from a Canadian TV show on how Islam is destroying Liberty. Then Doc continued on to preach from the bible and ended up with an article on the Libertarian Party convention and why you should vote for Kathie Glass.



April 17, 2014

Today Doc spoke with Lou Ann Anderson on Texas about Why Texas is not number one in all areas but instead we are number 25 in total taxation and #48 in our ability to service our debt. Then he asked why is the government including the USPS buying so many rounds of Hollow Point ammunition, yet refusing to allow the soldiers on Fort Hood to protect themselves?
Hour Two Jeff Judson of the San Antonio Tea Party came on to talk about Street cars and his support for raising taxes  for road building. Then finished up with BLM activity in Texas and the murder of a man by LEO in Nevada.



April 16, 2014

Today Doc had the first ever Article Five Constitutional Convention VS Nullification Event on his show featuring John DeMayo on the Con Con side and Patricia Carlson of Eagle Forum on the Nullification side. Since John was unable to make it in, Doc debated Patricia on the need for Texas Independence, and converted her. Doc also covered the EPA land grab to take over all rivers, streams, and dry lake beds.



April 15, 2014

Today Doc spoke on the continued problem with the Transvestite Teacher in the Lumberton School District with Guest David Bellow, and continued to talk about Harry Reid’s involvement in the Bundy Ranch, Then he covered continued build up and militarization of the police and other government agencies and the continued buying of ammunition. Including their recent acquisition of high explosives and blasting caps. He also commented on the Blood moon phenomena and the read from the prophet Joel regarding it and made an appeal for the listeners to know their God.


April 14, 2014

Talked about American citizens having first choice. How if you’re a native born citizen you should have the right to first pick on the job market or at schools. People were outraged.
Now a day’s there is no real difference between a democrat and a republican other than the democrats actively promoting homosexuality. Doc talked about common core and read an article about this mother who was against common core and it being the standard for their school the following year. She sent her son with papers to opt out of common core testing at that school and was suspended from school grounds for 14 days after taking back her papers, that her son was passing out, that was illegally obtained.



April 11, 2014

Doc interviewed Ryan Shields Libertarian for Congress to replace Lamar Smith
They were asked why they were running. He is running to go against the big guy who lacks on the representation of his people. He only represents the big money guys 50% of his money comes from PACS. His position on the debt of the government is that, they need to actually pay the bills down and the total indebtness needs not exceed 20% of the GDP. He believes veterans deserve their benefits. He will push to cut off welfare. He believes there should be a limit on unemployment insurance.  He will rip out the IRS. He believes in the fair tax and not the flat tax. He will try to abolish DHS and EPA. He was asked his stance on Federal Reserve and he wants to audit the Federal Reserve and then eliminate it.
He wants to kill the department of energy and abolish the department of education. He is for the nullification of the 16th Amendment. His stance on repealing all gun laws because it violates the second amendment is almost absolutely none.
His position on illegal immigrations is that we need to help Mexico solve their drug problems but our economy can’t support it right now. Create an economy like we used to have where there aren’t enough America’s to fill all of the jobs. His position on 1 page legislation is that there should be a limit on pages and it should be easy to read. They should have term limits. Finally they discussed his stance on Texas Independence. He said he hopes that it never happens it will be a dark day in Texas.



April 10, 2014

Hour 1:
Lou Ann Anderson was on the show. They started off by talking about immigrants and how we need to eliminate immigration until America can get back on track. Well we need to not allow illegal immigrants to come at all. Then they talked about women needing to defend themselves and if guns give them that protection why shouldn’t it be more easily accessible. Criminals are cowards and won’t want to fight a woman who has a gun. These woman having a gun will help prevent the problem of them getting beaten and raped. They talked about HED and how they keep hiring illegals knowingly. HEB wants illegals because it keeps the dollar down. Well this causes a problem making the money legal citizens make unlivable. Doc went on to talk about the federal government and the Nevada case. How they’re killing cows and not doing anything with them. If the feds really cared about the poor why didn’t they take the cows to a slaughtering factory and give the poor people food.
Hour 2:
Doc interviewed Dr. Babin. They talked about small businesses and how Dr. Babin owns a small business. Doc talked about one vendor that had to pull out money from their savings to keep their business afloat. They discussed that the government keeps borrowing money but isn’t making money from that. Why is it that social security is always broke but welfare never goes broke. The answer is that they’re buying hope without money. Tax payer’s dollars are buying those votes. If a man can’t support his own family it is worse than an infidel. They think unemployment should be for 90 days only. Dr. Babin is in favor of the fair tax act and wants to repeal the 16th amendment. No politician will get rid of a tax that’s making them money. That’s why he fears Obama Care. Took more people out of the health care system then it put it. He will be a good congressman.



April 9, 2014

Hour 1:
Doc talked about American’s having birth rights. That illegal immigrants that come in to the United States aren’t owed anything because they came here illegally. He also talked about not feeling bad for the kids that came here at no fault of their own. It is a very unfortunate situation but the parents knew what they were bringing their kids into. United State citizens should have first dibs on everything. Jobs, Schools,etc. He then goes on to talk about unemployment insurance and how it has doubled in the last ten years. It shouldn’t be a way of life for some people. The government is giving the unemployed people so much money that they aren’t going to want to go to work because they make more money not working. He thinks the only welfare system we should have is family and then church. There should not be section 8 home assistance. People will continue to have babies and not work because that’s what their getting paid by the government to do.
Hour 2:
Doc talked about a transvestite being a substitute teacher and how the parents were outraged that they now had to inform their children of this issue. The children didn’t understand why their teacher looked the way he/she did. The parents didn’t appreciate the distraction and the teacher was released of the substitute duties. Parents don’t want to worry about where the he/she will go to the bathroom, their child shouldn’t have to ask or worry about those questions right now. Doc went on to talk about his childhood and how he would feed the animals and such before getting picked up to go to school by the bus. He stated that to give us reference to the founding fathers and how their life style was. He’s worried that college graduates don’t understand the bill of rights etc. and this was written for the common farmer to be able to understand. Then he talked about Henry Visneck again and just disgraced about how he was treated. The police stopped him then told him he could go, only to taze him on his way home and then arresting him for 5 hours. Releasing him without charges and he still doesn’t have his gun. Finally Doc talked about the shooting that happened in Camp Lejeune Gate and how this is becoming the norm for our soldiers not to have weapons and get killed and it shouldn’t be. We need to arm our soldiers.



April 8, 2014

Doc had some recordings from yesterday’s visit to Austin and shared them in the first hour. He started off with a woman named Hillary who talked about Gang bangers and people having guns when not allowed. She said basically that she was against rifles because any one can get them and they don’t have to take a test. The reason all these cops are dying is because people are open carrying their rifles and she feels like she is in jeopardy. She wants people to get concealable weapons so that they can just take a simple test and back ground check. She thinks that’s the solution to all this terroristic gun shootings. But a simple back ground check will not keep guns out of the hands of criminals.
Amy Helpkey was the next speaker who is for open carry. She said that she’s never been arrested but Gary Haze was, a veteran. It is not the governments job to decide when and if we can defend ourselves. Nowhere in the constitution do you have a right to not be scared. What can be seen on tv now would have been rated x back in the day. Doc goes on to talk about family problems being family problems back in the day. Now people are getting federal assistance and not getting a job because they are getting free money for procreating.

Hour 2:
Johnny Partain CD 15
Reason he decided to get in this race was because he brought to Hinajosa’s attention that there was federal crimes happening in the federal building. Hinajosa said he would not use political capital to fix it. He goes on to talk about illegals coming in to America and are then given amnesty. Why would they want to leave? People are then taking advantage of the immigrants and it’s not a winnable situation. There is too much government. Also we should put limits on unemployment.



April 4, 2014

Doc mention the IRS got more comments on their plans to control political speech than on any other subject ever Then he covered the Changes that Fort Hood Made based on the ‘Experts” to make sure a another terrorist attack would not happen there in 2010, Then Doc rants about our leaders that have the reasoning ability of kindergartners since its obvious that the one fix that would have worked, repealing the Clinton law and re-arming our soldiers was not considered. Then he covered the Murder of Black nurse Miriam Carey by the DC police, and asked where the NAALCP, DOW, and ACLU are since after 6 months they still have not released the details of the findings. Only WND showed up at the press conference to release the Autopsy results. The Main stream media is not interested.
Hour Two Doc interviewed “Ben the Soulman Streusand”  for CD 36 where Ben said when he gets to DC he intends to break china and make people angry while he pushes to eliminate the IRS and pass a flat tax, and to repeal ALL gun laws because they are unconstitutional. He will CLOSE the borders to illegal immigration by re-allocating resources to law enforcement, and he will stop all federal aid to illegals.



April 3, 2014

Doc talked about Fort Hood. First he started off by talking about Clinton disarming our soldiers. He said how many lives will have to be lost. 4 dead and 16 wounded. 20 shots were fired in sheltered places. He then interviews Henry Visheik and he was walking in San Antonio and he ran into some police officers. He told them he was going home and they told him to continue going home. He was walking in San Antonio with his rifle. As soon as he turned around they tazed him. He then went back to talking about Fort Hood with Jerry Lienear. He first mentioned how it took the cops 15 to 20 minutes to respond to the shots being fired. Then they start talking about the time Lieanear was an MP. He thinks they should be allowed to carry arms. If he had a weapon when he was at Fort Hood then a lot of things would not have happened. They have to protect and serve but aren’t allowed to carry on base. They don’t want to pull a weapon on anyone but it’s like a fire extinguisher. You hope there isn’t a fire but it’s better to be prepared. He talked about Specs getting hacked. Talked about online hacking. Then started talking about abortions needing a real doctor to be there when abortion is happening. He also said the baby killers won’t care if the mother dies too. Then changed the subject to the animals running from Yellow State Park because they believe an eruption is bound to happen.



March 31, 2014

Doc talked about a man who climbed the white house fence and was arrested. Like the government has money to waste on keeping the fences secure. FBI and EPA agents raided companies that buy and sell spent brass. They’re raiding and getting unlawful information to do raids. Read another article about the comproller shinning the light on May’s bond election. They keep borrowing money and money with the bonds but are in debt. He read about a Texas women getting shot with a BB Gun at an ATM in North Harris County. Also talked about Texas News and how a Katy man is charged with possession of explosive materials. People that lived with him said they were scared to even go to sleep with him in the house. If sentenced he could face up to 40 years in prison. Then Doc played a clip of Mattress Mac talking to the public. He kept repeating What you don’t do is more important than what you do.



March 27, 2014

Doc talked about Texas indebtment in detail. He Interviewed John Fotril and talked about his lawsuit. How the state wants to charge him on double payment, but what the state probably doesn’t know is that there is no proof to prove it. He went into the next hour talking to Fotril about the government going into gun shops and shutting them down if they’re in favor of the tea party. The police take pictures of all their clients and that’s how they go and do the no knock raids they’ve been doing. Doc talked about how his son was searched. They even asked Doc if he believed his son had an excessive amount of guns.  His son got an onsite visit because they “feared” for the president. Also talked about HISD firing a principle for forcing the students to not use Spanish during school.



March 26, 2014

Talked about the 14th amendment. What did it do to us when it was created? Talked about the NSA.  Violation 4th amendment. Talked about Quin Eaker and how the SWAT team got false tip about guns and drugs. They did a no knock raid and took 2 tons of vegetables. Found no marijuana or guns. Still hasn’t been compensated for his loses. Talked to Steve Munistary- Texas Republican Party chairman about lack of voter participation in Texas. What he thinks it’ll take to get young people involved in voting and civic duties.



March 24, 2014

Hour 1: Talked about several local news items. Then transitioned into talking about John Calbertson
Hour 2: Played excerpts of John Calbertson’s town hall meeting. He talked about his support for fair tax. He noted that the social security system in totally broke but the welfare system never seems to be broke. Went on to talk about Social Security not having good intentions. You don’t get interest on the money that you pay into social security. You won’t be getting back even 20% of what you gave in.



March 20, 2014

Hour 1: Talked about several local news items. Then transitioned into talking about John Calbertson
Hour 2: Played excerpts of John Calbertson’s town hall meeting. He talked about his support for fair tax. He noted that the social security system in totally broke but the welfare system never seems to be broke. Went on to talk about Social Security not having good intentions. You don’t get interest on the money that you pay into social security. You won’t be getting back even 20% of what you gave in.



March 19, 2014

Hour 1: Talked about different articles first one discussing that in New York gun owners were turning registration cards into ashes. Then talked about an SC Pub Calls Gun Owners Losers, Douchebags On Their “No Guns” Sign. A big rig driver was charged with aggravated assault for shooting a guy in the rear end because the guy was slashing his tires. He is being charged because he chased the culprit Then talked about taxes and how they’re getting added and how the affordable care act is making insurance unaffordable.
Hour 2: Interviewed Colonel Sean Siebert running to replace Sheila Jackson Lee. Talked about 2nd amendment, IRS money, tax payers and then discussed the possibility of going back to paper ballots.



March 18, 2014

Doc opened the show with Scott Wilson of Connecticut Citizens Defense League and their defiance of new State law making them felons for failure to register their magazines and semi-auto weapons with state, Then he interview Alisa Mizelle who wrote a book called From Red Square to Main Street detailing her life trying to escape communism, then Doc went on in the second hour discussing the Crimea move for independence and relating that to Texas struggle for independence and also covered the more than 7000 illegal aliens that are raping our women and children and then being deported only to have them come back and do it again and again with no legal repercussions. Then he spoke of the recent move by Texas to deny Tesla Automobile the rights to do business in Texas



March 17, 2014

Hour 1: Talked about the Aris Raids in California vs the Local ATF raids going on in Houston.
Hour 2: Recapped the Waco incident from an insiders prospective.



March 14, 2014



March 13, 2014

Today on the show Doc spoke on the perfect storm of the disarmament of America. And Civil Disobedience being needed when you fly. Tell the TSA you are violating the 4th amendment.  In the second hour he interviewed John Schmude for 247th family court as the top vote getter and now endorsed by Miss Flowers.



March 12, 2014

Doc opened up with LouAnn Anderson of WatchDogWire/Texas about the Mayor Pro Tem in Temple being criminally charged for attempted coercion and tampering with City Records that would have implicated her in wrongdoing, Then Doc went on to cover the upcoming gunwalk in Austin at the SXSW festival, and continued with the discussion of the failure of 11 states that now have more welfare recipients than workers and why Texas Independence is more needed than ever, He also interviewed Dwayne Wright about his successful run for San Jacinto Party Chair, and Covered the Life begins at conception issue and the story of Valerie Gatto …Miss Pennsylvania who was a child of rape.  Doc ended up with a portion of his speech to the Sharpstown Rotary Club.



March 11, 2014

Doc opened up with an interview with Philip Eby running for state Rep, He is a solid constitutionalist. Doc spoke of the Connecticut Gun Registration efforts in violation of the Connecticut constitution  and what the gun rights groups are doing it. He alos covered the recent secret service visit to D2 to find out if he really intends to harm the president.  In hour two Doc spoke with Whitney Bilyeu Libertarian for SD7 to replace Dan Patrick. She is running against Paul Bettencourt.



March 10, 2014

Doc opened the show talking about the big Texas Independence Meeting. The then covered the alleged coercion by Dewhurst to try more lawsuits relating the Texas Wind Storm Insurance scandal and then spoke on the need for Texas to begin to put things in order in preparation for independence.,
In the second hour Doc covered the need to prepare for civil unrest with the 4 As by Sam Coffman
Attitude, Adaptability, Awareness and Accountability. Also how to use these to prevent being captured, or to escape if captured.



March 7, 2014

Doc spoke with Debra Paddock Libertarian for Texas Senator to replace John Cornyn, then Rocky Palmquist libertarian for Ag Comm then David W Smith a militia leader in east Texas and also running as an independent for the US senate.


March 6, 2014

Doc started out with Lou Ann Anderson of Watchdog wire, to discuss the malfeasance of the city government in Temple Texas, and then we spoke of the NBC show “Revolution” now in its 4th season currently on TV and what bearing does it have on us here in Texas today. Then Doc covered the Connecticut gun grab and the people that are resisting it, and could it happen here? Then Doc covered the CY FAIR ISD $1.2 BILLION  bond election so they can buy more toys for themselves, and then mentioned the fact the SAT scores are being revised so its easier to score highly even if you don’t know the answers. And finally spoke of having a made up mind when you put on your weapon.



March 5, 2014

Doc opened the 8 hours of unprecedented post Primary Election coverage.



March 4, 2014



March 3, 2014

Doc welcomed U.S. Congressional candidate, Katrina Pearson.  He was exceedingly impressed and endorsed Katrina immediately.


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