Be An Associate

Become a Associate



You’ve come to the decision that you need some extra monthly income.

Or, the job market is rough and you’ve decided that you want to create your own fulltime occupation.

Or, you want your own business, setting your own hours to your convenience, being your own boss without the headache of setting up your entire operation while exploiting your competitive nature.

Becoming a associate covers every one of these scenarios and plenty more.  This is the solution to income and a higher standard of living. is giving you a unique product to sell.  Yes, it’s radio, to be sure.  But, it’s an absolute unique product that cannot be offered through any other enterprise.  You are getting in on the ground floor.  Any smart business person knows this is the prime time to get involved – just before critical mass hits a promising company and revenues explode.  Position yourself to take advantage of the impending revenue explosion of


How Do You and Work Together?

You will be selling three advertising products: audio streaming ads, website display ads, and block programming to those that wish to produce their own show. provides you with an outstanding and unique product to sell – namely programming with a growing statewide audience – and, you establish your own sales operation that allows the enterprise to prosper and grow.

RER unceasingly works to improve the product and audience.  You press forward with inventory sales, revenue growth, and enlarging your personal net worth.


How Do You Become an RER Associate?

By deciding to be one.  There is no application process.  There is no interview process.  If you want to become an RER team member, it’s merely your responsibility to inform us that you’ve joined the team.  Yep, it’s just that simple.

Just send us an email to:

Put “New Associate” in the subject line. Include your name, address, and best telephone number.  This gets the ball rolling.  And, in a matter of days, you’re up and running.


What Is Your Compensation?

For every advertising contract you close and payment is received, you receive a 20% commission.

$5,000 in monthly contracts/billing and payments elevates your commission to 22%.

$10,000 in monthly contracts/billing and payments elevates your commission to 25% and a one-time bonus of $1,000.  Each following month of $10,000 earns you a monthly bonus of $500.

$20,000 in monthly contracts/billing and payments earns you a 25% commission, a one-time bonus of $2,000.  Each following month of $20,000 earns you a monthly bonus of $1,000.

Stacking contract upon contract builds your monthly income.  You operate as an independent contractor.  Upon becoming an associate, you’ll complete a form W-9 and will receive a Form 1099 during tax reporting season.

Your commission will be paid by direct deposit into the bank account of your choice.


You Will Get Training, Suggestions, & Tips

Through team teleconferences, webinars, videos, mixers, and site postings, your skills as an RER associate will be improved and honed.  You’ll benefit from a constant flow of information and tutorials to maximize your time and efforts.

You’ll be a part of an exclusive community of ambitious free marketers with the common interests of independence and wealth creation.


It’s Your Business.  It’s Your Expenses.

As an independent contractor, RER is simply assisting you in launching your own business with a viable product.  Therefore, like any other independent business operation, you’ll be responsible for all of your operational expenses.  Expense reimbursements will not be an RER obligation.

RER may assist with some items such as the ordering of business cards.  But, you the contractor, will be responsible for remitting payment to RER for the cards, or any other materials made available to the family of associates.


What’s Your “Territory”?

The easy answer is “the planet”.  Pragmatically, you will want to focus on companies, organizations, and events that are based in Texas.  Make your turf your driving distance, your community, and your neighborhood.  There is an abundance of companies, organizations, and events within your living area that will benefit from advertising on RER.  Companies with an internet presence – since RER is an internet-based enterprise – are a natural fit.

Additionally, developing a competent marketing operation via the internet and social media literally opens up opportunities without borders.


You Don’t Have to Collect Any Payments

RER has created an ecommerce-based payment platform.  Therefore, as an associate, you will be responsible for submitting the initial payment of an advertiser and setting up their automatic withdrawal through the RER website.

Advertisers can make payments and set up auto withdrawal with a credit/debit card, or e-check.

Associates will be required to get sales contracts signed and submitted to the RER sales department.  Beyond that, associates have no more dealings with contracts or payments unless your customer extends/renews an advertising agreement.
In the event a payment is returned or rejected, it’s the responsibility of RER corporate to collect those funds, but keep you, the associate, informed of the process.


Production Support

Once you’ve gained a new advertiser, the production team of RER will contact your customer to complete the ad production process.  This will include an interview on what product, service, issue or event they wish to advertise.  The RER team will compose ad copy and see to the recording of audio ads, and the graphics of display ads if the customer doesn’t already have these materials in hand.

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