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White Gets Pummeled On-Air by Constituents for Straus Support
State Rep. James White recently announced his support for incumbent Speaker of the Texas House, Joe Straus of San Antonio. White’s announcement has sent shockwaves across the Texas liberty movement. Apparently, a contingent of his constituents are none-too-happy about the two-term rep.’s “flip”.

This audio is courtesy of​ Chip Darby and Freedom 1350 in Beaumont, Texas.

VILLALBA CALLS LIBERTY ACTIVISTS “GOONS” On Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014, State Rep. Jason Villalba (R-Dallas) called liberty activists Michael Quinn Sullivan, Alice Linahan, and Cathy Adams “goons”. The statement was made on TV station WFAA.This is a continued pattern of Villalba that has made other alarming statements in the past about the Straus-faction of the Texas GOP.

Doc tries to pin the Mayor Parker down on the Holiday Tree…amusing!
Doc Rants on the the Abomination of Desolation in our Congress
Doc’s Hot Clip on the Joe Strauss the Harry Reid of Texas
Hot Clip Amazing Doc Greene Show

Angela Box 3rd Grade Teacher vents, and Texas Tech College students display the glory of the Texas Educational System.



Doc Hot Clip Amazing Doc Greene Show…Angela Box 3rd Grade Teacher vents, and Texas Tech College students display the glory of the Texas Educational System
Tom Mechler
Greene with Tom Mechler



Doc covers Islams war with America in the 1800s



When White Dems Visit a Black Church
Three Democratic candidates in Jefferson County, Texas recently made a campaign stop on a Sunday morning in Beaumont. The venue was a black church. The occasion was to stir up the voters and get out the vote.The three candidates were: Judge Larry Thorne, judge candidate Raquel West, and district attorney candidate Bob Wortham.The internal dynamics of the event made for an incredible scene. Three white Democrat candidates campaigning to a black congregation and being endorsed by a black pastor – and it all captured on video.So few liberty activists, or even white people, have ever seen this dynamic in action. This is a rare look into the world of Democratic Party and black church politics that should be eye-opening and make each citizen ask, “Why is this behavior tolerated, and why does it continue?”Watch video here. After watching the video, please listen to the RER Hot Clip of Apostle Claver’s commentary. He will highlight some points that may go unnoticed with your initial viewing of the video.RER believes that it is wise for as many Texans that believe in liberty to view this rarely seen political activity. Therefore, we are asking you to pass this video and newsletter beyond your possession and to every liberty-loving Texan that you can reach.STAMPEDE!



Sen. Cruz & Houston Pastors’ Presser on Subpoenas
Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz and Houston pastors held a press conference at Houston 1st Baptist Church to denounce the issuing of subpoenas by Houston Mayor Annise Parker demanding that their sermons and other documents be turned over to the city in regards to the petition drive, currently in litigation, for the repeal of her ordinance to advance the homosexual agenda. ​



Ebola and Texas
The coming surge Ebola in Texas.



Ebola Transmission Interview
Hot Clip Doc Greene interviews a nurse with 17 years of healthcare experience with a major national clinic on Ebola transmission.



Judge refuses to marry Straight couple
Hot clip from the Amazing Doc Greene, homosexual judge refuses to do her duty.



While Texas Border is Invaded, Texas GOP House Reps Play Golf!
On Thursday, August 14, and Friday, August 15, the Texas House Republican Caucus will be enjoying the luxury of a central Texas golf resort paid for by the lobby. They don’t desire a special session to deal with the border invasion. However, they can’t wait to be wined and dined.



 Gov. Perry’s Press Conference on National Guard Call Up

Bowing to pressure from liberty movement activists, Texas Gov. Rick Perry went before the press to announce that he is activating a mere 1,000 Texas National Guardsmen for deployment to the international border. Joining him at the microphone were Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, Attorney General and GOP gubernatorial nominee Greg Abbott, the head of Texas DPS, and the commanding officer of the Texas National Guard. Not present? Speaker of the House Joe Straus.



Liberty Movement Leaders’ Press Conference on Border Invasion
A collection of prominent liberty movement leaders called a press conference at the Texas Capitol. The purpose was to DEMAND that the Texas Governor, Rick Perry, immediately call a special legislative session to put down the current invasion of the state’s international border. It was a final effort by the people of Texas to depend on their elected officials to represent their interests and defend them.



“Mighty Heidi” Thiess and El Conservador, George Rodriguez
“Mighty Heidi” Thiess and El Conservador, George Rodriguez engage in a drill-down discussion of the recent San Antonio eruption of political resistance in response to tactics of Mayor Julian Castro and the city council.  It has led to the unusual alliance of the firefighter’s union and Tea Party activists, the union endorsing Dan Patrick for Lt. Gov. over San Antonio native Leticia Van De Putte.



“Mighty Heidi” vs. State Sen. Jose Rodriguez on Border Security
On Monday, April 7, 2014, the Texas Senate held a hearing Texas border security.  RER broadcast activist, Heidi Thiess attended to offer testimony as an active Texas Border Volunteers member.
Freshman state senator, Jose Rodriguez of El Paso, decided to participate in the hearing and sit on the dais although he’s NOT a member of the committee.



The Armed Citizen Project
Kyle Coplen created and leads a grassroots org that arms single mothers in high-crime areas with pump shotguns



Federal Judge Overturns Texas Constitution and Ban on Same-Sex Marriage
Jonathan Saenz, of Texas Values, visits with Apostle Claver and gives his opinion of the legal and social ramifications of Judge Orlando Garcia’s, in San Antonio, ruling that found the ban on homosexual marriage within the Texas Constitution, illegal.



Hegar and Sullivan Flee from RER! Won’t Answer THE ONE Question.

State Sen. Glenn Hegar refused to justify his irrefutable lie he told to RER broadcast activist, Heidi Thiess, when approached by Apostle Claver.  And, head of Empower Texans, Michael Quinn Sullivan, refused to justify his orgs endorsement of Sen. Hegar who has miserably failed as a legislator by Empower Texans’

State Sen. Glenn Hegar refused to justify his irrefutable lie he told to RER broadcast activist, Heidi Thiess, when approached by Apostle Claver.  And, head of Empower Texans, Michael Quinn Sullivan, refused to justify his orgs endorsement of Sen. Hegar who has miserably failed as a legislator by Empower Texans’



Candidate Interview: Wayne Christian
Wayne Christian touts a 14-year legislative career.  Hailing from east Texas, Christian is a candidate for the Texas Railroad Commission that regulates the energy industry in the state.



Candidate Interview: Sid Miller  (#1)
Sid Miller is a former multi-term state representative.  He is a candidate for Texas Agriculture Commissioner.



Candidate Interview: Jerry Patterson (#2)

Jerry Patterson is a former Texas legislator, the current Texas Land Commissioner, and is a candidate for the office Texas Lt. Governor.



State Rep. Drew Darby Favors CSCOPE/Common Core!  Common Core Continues to Be Taught in Katy ISD
HD72 Rep. Drew Darby stunned his constituents with a failing answer dealing with the teaching of the indoctrination curriculum known as CSCOPE/Common Core.  The Primary challenger, Shannon Thomason, was much more prepared with an appropriate response.



Hegar Misleads Texas Voters, AGAIN!

Following his straight up lie to RER, and the voters of Texas, about his participation in the pay-to-play endorsement scheme, it’s then revealed by the Associated Press that Hegar has improperly filed his financial disclosure documents for the decade.



CONFIRMED: Texas Justices Broke the Law with Pay-To-Play

Judge Sharon McCally solidly confirms that Texas Supreme Court Justices Nathan Hecht, Jeff Brown, and Phil Johnson have blatantly violated Texas election law with their “donations” to the political action committee, Young Conservatives of Texas.



Troubling Statistics About the Texas Supreme Court
Heidi Thiess reveals some extremely disturbing statistics about the Texas Supreme Court and their tendency to support corporate interest in their decisions.  The commit an unbelievable rate of overturning jury verdicts.



Interview; Lt. Gov. Candidate Todd Staples

RER‘s Heidi Thiess converses with Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples about his platform, his pledges, and his legislative record.



Candidate Interview:  Matt Beebe HD121
Matt Beebe is running to oust Speaker Joe Straus in House District 121 in San Antonio in the 2014 GOP Primary.



Medina Strikes Back!
Natalie Arceneaux, campaign manager for candidate Debra Medina for state comptroller, offers a cutting rebuke of the Hegar campaign for its participation in the pay-to-play scheme.



Candidate Interview: Bonnie Parker
Bonnie Parker is running in House District 134.  The incumbent is pro-abortion, pro homosexual agenda, RINO Sarah Davis.



Candidate Interview: Barry Smitherman
Barry Smitherman is the current chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission.  He is running to replace Greg Abbott as Texas Attorney General in the 2014 GOP Primary.



Dissecting The Lie of State Sen. Glenn Hegar on Pay-to-Play
Supporters of comptroller candidate Hegar have expressed outrage that his denial of participating in the statewide pay-to-play scheme has been characterized as “lying”.  Claver goes through every word he spoke to RER broadcast activist, Heidi Thiess.  Then you be the judge.  Was Hegar being truthful, or attempting to conceal the actions of his campaign to the voters of Texas?



Is Scott Turner the Man, or Not for Speaker?

RER broadcast activist, Doc Greene, gets a very elusive Scott Turner on the station to face the tough questions.  State Rep. Turner has announced he is running to replace the villain of liberty, State Rep. Joe Straus, as Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives.  Is he prepared for the task? You be the judge.





Texas Supreme Court Justices Break Law. Part of Pay-to-Play Scandal!

In what can only be deemed as a scheme to make “donations” in exchange for endorsements, candidates have been observed “contributing” $7,000 a pop to the Young Conservatives of Texas PAC.  This is a violation of Texas law!  Mark McCaig, a former board member of YCT, broke the story and is the guest on RER.



How Texas Pay-to-Play Works!

Ed Hubbard has been warning and working for years against the scheme of paid endorsements and the fraudulent voters guides that have such influence on elections in Harris County and now statewide going into the 2014 primary.  But, what is the specific process?  How does it actually work?  Why would candidates participate in something so deceptive and corrupt? This Hot Clip lays it ALL out.



Big Jolly Rips the Lid Off the Pay-to-Play Scandal!

David Jennings is the investigative blogger that discovered the corrupt scheme of paying for endorsements by statewide candidates.  Hear his take on what is going on in the 2014 primary by such groups as Empower Texans and Young Conservatives of Texas, and how they’re poisoning the election process. Almost EVERY statewide candidate in a competitive primary is tangled in the filthy web.




The revelation of pay-to-play endorsements have rocked the campaigns of statewide candidates! RER broadcast activist, Heidi Thiess, shares her personal experience with pay-to-play endorsement schemes in Texas politics when she was the target of a shakedown.  Then “Mighty Heidi” shares some shocking. large money “donations” that have been forwarded to Young Conservatives of Texas and “ad buys” to deceptive voters guides.  Dave Jennings of Big Jolly Politics is the lead investigative blogger that broke the story.



U.S. Army Master Sergeant C.J. Grisham was illegally arrested in Bell County for carrying a firearm as he walked along a country with his young son who was earning a Boy Scout merit badge.  Hear how he was persecuted in a Texas courtroom.



El Conservador, George Rodriguez has a conversation with HD121 candidate, Matt Beebe, that is challenging Speaker Joe Straus in the GOP primary.



How did the Texas Solution (amnesty for illegal aliens) get placed into the Republican Party of Texas platform? Doc Greene gives the blow-by-blow details.  The tactics to thwart the will of the delegates of the 2012 convention were complex and sinister. Shocking!



Oh what a wicked web…Heidi revealed the connections between Straus-backed candidates in multiple races who are using the same consultants, websites, and position statements on their web pages!  They aren’t even TRYING to pretend they have principles to stand on!



State Rep. Scott Turner has announced his candidacy for Texas Speaker of the House to challenge the very unpopular, brutal, pro-abortion, RINO Joe Straus. Claver discusses the implications and possibilities.



Doc Greene confronts Katy ISD officials about evidence proving the use of CSCOPE curriculum and Common Core standards.  And we thought it was supposed to be illegal in Texas? STAMPEDE!



Conservative journalist Bob Price reveals that Republican AG candidate Dan Branch is in favor of 3rd-trimester abortions.



Heidi Thiess talks with grassroots activist Linda Curtis on the dirty dealings of Proposition 6.

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