George Rodriguez On Demand

November 25, 2014

- Immigration – Illegals warned of scams in wake of Obama amnesty

- Valley News – ObamaCare roll out smoother than last year in the Valley

- Immigration/Border Crime – San Antonio couple tried to smuggle heroin by concealing it in their private parts

- Education – Ector County ISD teachers forced to apply for their jobs, after they tested poorly two years in a row

- San Antonio politics – ADL criticizes SA Pastor Hagee for calling Hussein Obama “anti-semitic”

- Education – State Ed board approves new text books over liberal Dem objections

- Immigration – Poll says Americans don’t want government shutdown over immigration issue

- Immigration – Rep. Bachmann of Minnesota and Rep. King of Iowa visit Texas/Mexico border



November 24, 2014


San Antonio grassroots quandary over supporting or opposing Speaker Straus

ObamaCare failing HIV care in Austin

Are the NFL raiders coming to SA?

Immigration update

HUD scandal in El Paso




November 21, 2014


Reaction from local Latinos to Obama’s amnesty

Commentary on federal, state, and local issues

Interview with Beck Padilla about SA political bullying



November 20, 2014


Interview with Camille Johnson about newly elected legislators in north Texas supporting Straus;

Immigration update from the Rio Grande Valley

Illegal alien camp found in the Valley

Mexican drug lord sentenced in Valley

Impact of amnesty on Texas

Border security at risk for Texas



November 18, 2014


Studies of illegal alien workers and welfare recipients compared

Dallas GOP votes to support Turner over Straus for speaker

Valley college survey about national guard deployment

Interview with Bill Peacock from Texas Public Policy Foundation about hot issues in coming state legislative session

SA City Manager’s war on SA police and firefighters escalates

SA Saul Alinsky group demands higher wages for public employees

Warning about the Alamo remodeling



November 17, 2014


New Abbott appointee for Texas secretary of state supports ObamaCare through the expansion of state Medicaid

Interview with Dr. Ed Elmer to discuss ObamaCare

Interview with Alice Linahan about the attack by state rep. Jason Villalba over Speaker race

Split in state Tea Party ranks over Speaker race reported by Dallas Morning News

Immigration update



November 13, 2014


Interview with Jeff Holmstead regarding China coal agreement

Comments on Texas economy, the Constitution, and CNN

Update on the Rio Grande Valley: Turks caught and political corruption

Professor calls for the repeal of 2nd Amendment



November 11, 2014


Interview with Amy Hedeke about the NE Tarrant County Tea Party meeting

Update on immigration and border crime

Another political scandal in Progreso TX

Interview with Jim Miller about Floresville political battles

Commentary on HUD Castro and veterans housing



November 10, 2014


Salute to Marine Corp birthday

UT Regents turmoil

Immigration update

Commentary on Straus PR

Interview with Kelly Cannon, Arlington TEA Party Vice President

Commentary on Elaine Op Ed about “Voter Supression”

Mike Villarreal leaving state legislature to run for SA mayor



November 7, 2014


Texas election analysis

GOP vs. Conservatives in the Texas legislature and the agenda

Taxes, budgets and spending discussed

Immigration update

Update on Dallas DISD scandals



November 6, 2014

Interview with Phil Pepin about Bexar County GOP politics

Commentary on SA Express Op Ed about GOP support for Dem candidate

Commentary about toll roads



November 5, 2014


Interview with James Barnes about election results in RGV

Interview with Adam Cahnman about election results in Austin

Report on Denton Fracking ban

Report on Dallas DA race

Interview with Raul Torres about election results in Corpus

Discussion about Bexar County election results



November 3, 2014

National and state election implications

State voter turnout and party expectations

Hispanic and women voters not supporting Dems

Bexar County Dem attack ads and GOP and Tea Party response

Immigration news

Dallas, Valley, Corpus elections

Denton city fracking ban on ballot



October 31, 2014


Commentary about Senator Cornyn and the Dreamers

Are the Raiders coming to San Antonio?

Election update news

Immigration update news



October 30, 2014


Interview with Susan Narviaz, congressional candidate for D-35;

Interview with Raul Torres regarding state spending and Prop 1

Ebola update

Immigration update

Election commentary written by Senator Cruz



October 29, 2014


- Is Texas Senator John Cornyn “blinking” or “winking” on immigration reform?

- Ebola and immigration: Public policies based on “political correctness” rather than on facts and law;

- Latest Pew Research on Latino voters and 2014 midterm elections

- City of San Antonio wants to tell “city first responders” where to live; Agenda 21 takes a backdoor approach;
- Election facts and figures;



October 28, 2014


Interview with state rep. Lyle Larson regarding state water resource issues

Report on state water issues in McAllen, Lubbock, and San Antonio

Election news: Texans support Voter ID law

Ebola update: economic impact in Dallas



October 27, 2014


Interview with Bexar County DA Susan Reed

Interview with Kevin O’Connell, judicial candidate for 227 Dist. Court

Discussion on early voting figures

Update on news from Austin, Dallas, Rio Grande Valley, and Laredo



October 24, 2014

- Interview with Carlton Soules, candidate for Bexar County judge
- Update on immigration issues at the Texas border
- Update on Ebola in Texas, local clinics and hospitals are NOT prepared;
- Background on state rep. Mike Villarreal who wants to be the next mayor of San Antonio



October 23, 2014


Election updates

Carry over from Claver comments on Beaumont

State election news

Another political scandal in the Rio Grande Valley in Harlingen

Ebola news update shows most medical centers are NOT prepared for emergency

Immigration update

First amendment and free speech in San Antonio



October 20, 2014


City of Floresville election and controversy

Ebola update

Immigration update

Hidalgo county Dems omit Wendy Davis from campaign ad

Laredo political scandals

Local political involvement is a must for citizens



October 17, 2014

- Interview with Terri Hall from TURF regarding Texas transportation issues and Proposition 1;
- Interview with Pastor Greg Young about the Houston and SA efforts against traditional values.
- Report on the Floresville city election;
- Ebola update;



October 16, 2014

- Ebola update, local schools closed;
- Wind farm in the Valley analyzed;
- Immigration update
- Bexar County judicial candidates controversy continues;



October 15, 2014

- Ebola update, Interview with Chris Steele, SA Firefighters’ Association, is the local government prepared to keep us safe?
- First Amendment violations by the City of Houston against religious groups?
- Update on the 6 Bexar County GOP judicial candidates who posed with the LGBT Chamber;
- Report on the arrest of activist Terry Holcomb in San Jacinto County last night;
- What are the citizens’ rights in governmental public meetings?



October 14, 2014

- Transportation tax and use of state revenue by local government;
- Bogus study on millenials and public transportation;
- Immigration update;
- Ebola update;
- McAllen city commissioner’s company gets a city contract;



October 13, 2014

- Mexico is using US taxpayer funds to help illegal aliens get legal help in the U.S. to avoid deportation and other updates on immigration;
- San Antonio EMS file complaint for lack of proper HazMat equipment in light of paramedic in Dallas testing positive for Ebola, and other updates on Ebola;
- Texas Land Comm Jerry Patterson comments Wendy Davis “wheel chair” political ad;
- Update on Bexar County judicial candidates who posed for photo with LGBT chamber;



October 10, 2014

- Interview with Larry Smith, congressional candidate for D-34;
- Update on the controversy with Bexar County judicial candidates and their photo with the local gay chamber
- Report on local political actions by moderate GOP politicians



October 8, 2014

- Border crisis update
- Ebola crisis update
- Bexar County GOP judicial candidates and LGBT photo controversy
- Prop 1 discussion



October 7, 2014

- Interview with Brad Wheeler from SAFA about controversial photo of GOP judicial candidates with LGBT Chamber;
- Energy industry growth and attacks from the left;
- Hispanic voters being ignored by Democrats;
- Judicial challenges to Texas abortion law continue;



October 6, 2014

- Bexar County GOP candidates photographed with LGBT chamber;
- Bexar County GOP leader defends the candidates and criticizes conservative pro-family values;
- Interview with Matt Mackoviak about state elections;
- Update on Ebola outbreak in Dallas;
- Update on immigration crisis;



October 3, 2014

- Update on Ebola crisis in Dallas
- Emergency Preparedness planning tips
- MALDEF alleges sex abuse of illegals in detention facility
- Mexican governor’s brother in-law indicted for theft and money laundering
- Abortion clinic ordered to shut as court upholds Texas law



October 1, 2014

RER George Rodriguez Wed Oct 1 2014.mp3
- update, Ebola virus in Dallas
- Interview with Mike Knuffke of SAFA about an anti-abortion protest in SA
- Texas troops are going to Africa to fight Ebola;



September 30, 2014


Ebola case in Dallas is confirmed; Now what??

Obama removes “traffic” as reason for deportation;

Texans say immigration and border security are biggest concerns in survey;

Some faith and business leaders back gay marriage;

“Ethos” taught as replacement for Christian ethics;

Report: Listen to the ACLU attack traditional values and ethics;

Dallas education industry advocates wants money for Pre-K;

Dallas “Home Rule” leans against home rule;



September 29, 2014


Speaker Straus and Texas Trib want to limit press access to state legislature

Travis County and Austin city taxes rise higher in 2014

Political corruption in the Valley becomes a campaign issue

McAllen city auditor fired in another possible effort to limit transparency

We must keep our free press, free speech, freedom to investigate and question government



September 22, 2014


Highland Park High in Dallas reviews 7 questionable books

Abbott pandering to Hispanics in the Valley?

Citizens demand enforcement of Mexican Water Treaty

Interview with Brad Boney regarding fishing violations by Mexico

Human Rights group wants “justice” for illegal aliens in detention centers

Texas Voter ID trial wrapped up Friday; verdict is awaited

Straus brushes off talk of challenge to speakership

Group calls off border bridge closing scheduled last weekend



September 16, 2014

- 2 Border volunteers arrested in Brownsville
- Mexican president visits border city to announce cash rules relaxed
- West Nile virus in the Valley is big concern
- Dallas ISD suspected of padding graduation stats
- Wendy Davis’ title company relationship questioned;



September 10, 2014


Obama and IRS monitoring Breitbart News

McAllen abortion clinic reopens following Judge’s ruling

Residency questions for Weslaco city leader

GOP Judge gets support from former Democrat opponent

Liberal scholars criticize TX school books as “bias”

Vote ID trial continues in Corpus

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones sued by stripper for sexual assault

EPA rules opposed by Texas officials

News from Border

Cartel operatives arrested in the Valley

Cartel and Mexican politics blend to cause problems for Texas



September 9, 2014


Rep. Scott Turner criticized for past political stands;

Special election in west Texas for state senate vote today;

Millennials being misled by Hollywood, college, and music industry;

La Joya Police upgrading their weapons after cartel shootout;

Border Patrol: “Leave law enforcement to professionals” after shooting on private property;

Mexican man hangs himself while under Border Patrol custody;

“Meatless Monday” adopted by Dripping Springs ISD for “health” and “humane” reasons;

John Stewart and “Daily Show” coming to Austin before Nov. elections;

Dallas County Comm. John Wiley Price profited from “under the table” real estate deals;



September 5, 2014

- Review of the authority of the Border Action Plan
- Update of Border: Car chased with 11 illegal aliens; Illegal alien child with cancer treated;
- Floresville city council and mayor backs down before possible show down with citizens;



September 3, 2014

- Bexar County small businesses are closing at alarming rate due to ObamaCare;
- Dallas ISD problems continue
- Dallas city budget has problems
- Border Update
– Hotels doing well with Guard and DPS
– Meth bust in Pharr
– HSD reports “only” 3100 illegal minors apprehended in August
– Texas charities struggle with Mexican political corruption
– Texas Border Crisis action plan to be present tomorrow in Austin



September 2, 2014

- Interview with KC Massey regarding shooting by BP agent at patriot;
- Eric Holder challenges TX ID voter law
- Campaign worker in Hidalgo county tells FBI she bought votes with drugs
- McAllen union group challenges city ordinance that hinders “noise”
- Border Update:
- 6 Cubans float ashore in south Texas;
- Feds find no wrong doing in illegal alien minor detention centers
- ObamaCare and aliens problems abound
- Professor in Valley studies illegal alien minors stories;
- Texas GOP legislators resist fix state school finance system until state supreme court has say



September 1, 2014


Floresville city government tries to establish a dictatorship

Answering San Antonio city manager’s open letter attacking the police and firefighters’ benefits

Discussing the court decision that overturns the state public school funding system

Updates on the border crisis

El Salvador opens a consulate in McAllen to “protect human rights”!

Shooting at private armed guard by BP agent analyzed

Central Americans are still coming to the US in spite of deportations and public announcements to discourage them

Guard presence criticized by Dems, again



August 28, 2014


Texas public schools funding ruled unconstitutional, again

Austin and Sharyland ISDs example of budget problems

Woman deported after traffic stop by DPS

Dallas female US attorney might be next head of ICE

Congressman Smith gives Obama list of legal actions he should take on immigration

Judge allows Taitz lawsuit against feds and immigration policy for proceed



August 27, 2014


Border Update:

First state guard arrive in the Valley

Mexican family sues Border Patrol for death of the their son

Waiting time for non-detainee illegal aliens averages 900 days

Gang activities in Valley escalates

Border Patrol has new reporting method to fight crime – “e-mail”

Dallas Update:

Chikungunya case found in Dallas

Dallas County commissioners spat over indicted commissioner

State News

Perry not hurt by indictment in Iowa

Fact checking Davis’ attack ad

Davis Education plans are more spending and government growth


Local debt analysis in Bexar County, San Antonio, and Northeast ISD



August 26, 2014


News from Dallas

Dallas Commissioner Mike Cantrell asks for Dallas Comm. Price to be censured for corruption;

Dallas DA has new questions regarding payment to attorneys for his being held in contempt;

News from the Border

Marijuana farm found raises questions

Orly Taitz files suit to stop illegal aliens being transported to other US communities;

Border Patrol detain convicted murder who is a Mexican illegal alien

Teen who fled and wrecked, killing 9 illegal aliens, faces sentencing

Special features

History of the drug cartel war along the Mexican border states

Cartels intimidating Mexico’s journalists

Mexico finally allowing citizens for arm themselves to defend against Cartels



August 25, 2014


Mexican President unveils a much smaller police force to stop crime

Travel warning for travelers to Mexico

Update news from border

Kathy Glass excluded from the gubernatorial debate in McAllen

Shelters for illegal minors not sought by feds anymore

Dallas Light Rail considers using buses

Austin School gives bikes to 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders to ride and get healthy

Ferguson, MO and the “thug” culture



August 21, 2014


Report on mainstream media failures mislead the public

Updates on the Border Crisis

Congressman Cuellar wants more money for Central American countries

Brooks County property owners want more help to stop illegal aliens

Violence in northern Mexico continues to grow; American tourists cautioned;

Travis County Dems push light rail agenda they don’t believe in



August 20, 2014


City of San Antonio requests denying documents about Raiders negotiations to relocated;

Round 2 of ObamaCare sign up starts;

Dallas DA opponents clash over car accident report issue;

Dallas PD host community meeting to discuss office shootings;

Dallas Poverty Taskforce tries to fight poverty and wealth gap;

Travis County Commissioner Margaret Gomez announces her opposition to rail project;

78 candidates running for 11 municipal positions in Austin;

Interview with Theresa Kleghorn, president of Republican Liberty Caucus of Bexar County;

Speaker Joe Straus’ Op Ed about the Texas House holding state agencies more accountable;



August 19, 2014


Updates on the Texas-Mexico border

Illegal alien driver stopped by DPS and turned over to BP, but immigrant rights advocates are upset;

4 illegal aliens snetanced for kidnapping

Gang member fires on police

Dallas Corruption

Dallas Housing Authority

Legislator demands state investigation of Dallas DA involved in questionable car wreck settlement



August 18, 2014


El Salvador opens consulate in McAllen to “care for immigrants’ rights”;

Rio Grande valley church providing sanctuary to illegal aliens;

Illegals posing as families to enhance their chances of avoiding deportation;

Public schools prepare for illegal aliens students;

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim has advice for U.S. Latinos to grow their own wealth;

Dallas DA under fire for secretive handling of personal accident;

Dallas County discusses new county purchasing procedures in the wake of indictment of Comm. John Wiley Price, while Price refuses to resign;

Judge Jeanine: Comments on Gov. Perry’s indictment;



August 14, 2014

- News from the Rio Grande Valley
- Illegal alien crime
- political corruption continues
- Report shows 83% want English as official language
- Dallas ordinance against free speech is challenged
- Austin budget cuts aimed at police and firefighters



August 11, 2014


Missouri riots and illegal immigration show Govt. willingness to reward bad behavior;

Murder of BP agent by illegal aliens is Govt.’s fault;

Maria Espinoza interview regarding BP agent’s death and illegal alien crime;

Larry Smith, candidate for Congress, blocks Brownsville’s International Bridge to call Mexico’s attention to enforce their immigration own laws;

Report about the highest illegal trafficking are on the south Texas border;



August 8, 2014


Mosquito with Chikungunya virus in Harris County; the sickness originates in Central America;

Lack of public information upsets local residents in Artesia NM regarding detention center for illegal alien minors;

Border Patrol seizes $429,000 in cocaine in Brownsville;

Interview with Larry Smith, candidate for US Congress in Brownsville

Dallas and San Antonio propose budgets that hurt police and firefighters;

Pastor Hagee’s comments that able bodied lazy people should go to work;



August 7, 2014


Billionaire Red McCombs says NFL’s Raiders are seirous about SA

Recording SA City Council discusses amending the city charter

Interview with Carlton Soules regarding the SA city council vote on allowing a petition to let the citizens vote;

2 Illegal aliens held for the murder of Border Patrol agent; they had been deported several times before;

Austin City Council seeks to issue municipal ID’s to illegal aliens, and seeks to help illegal minors

Plano ISD set goals for black and Hispanic students to take college entry tests;

Dallas murder rate is lower this year, so far;

Abbott and Patrick criticized by Democrats for opposing marriage redefinition;

Interview with Larry Smith, candidate for 34th Congressional district



August 4, 2014


Laredo City Councilman arrested for drug distribution

3 Honduran men murdered in Rio Grande City

2 men convicted of Meth distribution

Border Patrol rescues illegals lost in the brush

Economic ties between Mexico and Texas

What can Obama do over Congress about immigration, commentary by Charles Krauthhammer;

Commentary: GOP struggles to find immigration strategy

Answering Congressman Joaquin Castro’s comments on the Border Crisis



July 31, 2014


Texas-Border region issues are not new to me and my family

History of crime and illegal aliens; they aren’t not new;

History of voter fraud; it’s not new;

Welfare abuse if not new;

It’s all coming to a neighborhood near you;



July 24, 2014

- Cong. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) says Hispanics should get amnesty and citizenship to punish Americans who oppose illegal immigration;
- Another county (Kaufman) passes anti-illegal immigrant resettlement resolution, while two more (City of Georgetown and Collin County) consider it;
- Democrats in San Antonio demand creation of Sanctuary City;
- Audio report of Hidalgo County sheriff scandal trail;
- Audio report about San Antonio’s new interim mayor, Ivy Taylor, who outlines her goals including more spending;
- FL Senator Marco Rubio explains why illegal alien children should be deported quickly;



July 23, 2014

- Audio report of Eric Holder calling on bi-partisan support for immigration reform;
- Audio report of Senator Cornyn and McConnell criticizing Sen. Harry Reid over immigration legislation;
- Audio report from the Valley of smugglers and “stash houses” for illegal aliens;
- Audio of religious leaders visiting minors in the Valley;
- Audio of GOP Task Force recommendations about what to do to stop the boer crisis;
- Responding to an OP Ed by liberal SA Express being critical of Perry’s and Patrick’s stand on the border crisis;
- Report on the drop of reported abortions since the new law went into affect;
- Report on how Blacks could be the big political and economic losers in the border crisis;



July 22, 2014

- Report of protesters wanting to keep the illegal kids in America;
- Report of San Ysidro border confrontation between Mexicans and Border Patrol;
- Reports regarding support for national guard on the border by mayors and residents;
- Report of shots fired in Mexico heard by Texas citizens;
- Criminal illegal aliens being sentenced in Texas;
- Reaction by Dallas politicians and clergy to illegal alien minors coming to Dallas county;



July 21, 2014

- Texas Lawmakers study desalination expansion to address drought crisis;
- Wendy Davis says she can win the gubernatorial race;
- Austin officials invented “urban rail” definition to fund their project;
- TxDoT could help fund Trinity toll road in Dallas/Fort Worth;
- Dallas public housing caseworker sentenced for trading sex apartments;
- Update on Border Crisis:
- Perry calls out 1000 national guards;
- Sheriffs from around the nation visit border;
- Senator Cruz calls for a halt to amnesty talk by Obama;
- Cornyn/Cuellar bill to expedite deportations criticized;



July 18, 2014

- EPA Regulations for water in Texas could get stricter;
- Light Rail in Austin and San Antonio causing voter questions;
- Former Hidalgo County sheriff gets 5 years for corruption and residents aren’t happy;
- Dallas ISD investigator on leave after athletic scandal;
Immigration update:
- Dallas County residents protest illegal minors being housed near them;
- New facility opens in McAllen to house minors;
- Report on funding available from feds for housing kids;



July 17, 2014

- Report on the visit by Former first lady of Mexico to Valley Border Patrol stations and holding sites;
- Senator Cruz announces bill to prevent the Obama Admin from using taxpayer funds to expand benefits to illegal kids;
- Report on the immigration crisis; backlash to resettlement of illegals by some communities; cartels pay good money for vehicles stolen in the US;
- UT Pres. Bill Powers applauds court ruling that allows UT to discriminate on the basis of race/ethnicity;

- Political Scandals in the Rio Grande Valley
- – former Hidalgo County sheriff Lupe Trevino sentenced for money laundering and working with a drug trafficker;
- – 6 sentenced for voter fraud in Cameron County
- – 11 indicted for cheating on sheriff’s exam in Cameron County
- – Former Cameron County DA appeals his sentencing;
- – Cameron County Commissioner indicted for a variety of corruption charges;



July 15, 2014

- Immigrant activist who’s in the US illegal is arrested in McAllen while reporting on the invasion;
- Wendy Davis is behind Greg Abbott on fund raising in the governor’s race;
- Hidalgo County sheriff candidates participate in forum that focuses on corruption in the sheriff’s office;
- Leticia Van De Putte visits McAllen and pushes project to help Valley veterans, but avoids criticizing federal VA and Obama;
- Report that Speaker Joe Straus is pushing an investigation of Ken Paxton by Democrat group;
- DOJ continues to review Texas’ redistricting map even after the Supreme Court ruled it was OK;
- Travis County studies new election system;
- Senator Cornyn and Cong. Cuellar propose bill to deport illegals faster;
- Border Patrol union chief Chris Cabrera speaks out about illegal alien invasion;
- Jesse Jackson refuses to criticize Obama for helping illegal aliens, but wants money for Chicago.



July 14, 2014

- Report on the illegal invasion affects on the border City of Granejo, TX;
- Cong. Luis Gutierrez claims the border is secure and Obama is following the law on immigration in CBS interview;
- Border Patrol union chief talks about low morale of BP agents who can’t do their job;
- Private citizen in NC films illegals shopping at Wal Mart with federal funds, and no one knew they were being resettled in that community;
- Dallas County report on issues related to the resettlement of illegal minors in their community;
- Jeanine Pirro speaks out about immigration crisis created by Obama…on purpose. ​
RER George Rodriguez Mon Jul 14 2014.mp3



July 11, 2014

- Dem. Congressman Cuellar is chastised by the White House for criticizing Obama for not visiting the border;
- Illegal aliens are flying commercial without proper ID endangering passengers;
- House denies Obama’s request for $3.7 billion for “border security”;
- Obama falls flat in Austin by ignoring border crisis;
- Report on Valley community fearful of illegal aliens, and divided on militia help;
- Illegal aliens brothers who heckled Obama in Austin, meet with him and he promises executive action for illegals;
- New disease shows up in Texas from the Caribbean;
- Austin Energy plans “solar utility farm” that won’t sever Austin;
- UT System continues to have problems over admission scandal; ​
RER George Rodriguez Fri July 11, 2014.mp3



July 10, 2014

- Interview with Juan Benavidez and Maria Espinoza regarding illegal alien crime;
- Interview with Congressman Lamar Smith regarding the President blaming the House for the invasion of illegal aliens;
- Report of Obama in Austin for a fund raiser, but avoiding the border;
- Report of Illegal Alien criminals forging license plates to enter the US;
- Report of Gov Perry on the border while Obama is in Austin fund raising;



July 9, 2014

- Report on San Antonio anti-street car rally and petition drive including interview with Jeff Judson, SA Tea Party;
- Report on Obama’s visit to Texas and meeting with Gov. Perry;
- Report of illegal alien smugglers crossing the Rio Grande;
- Report about League City ordinance last night to keep out illegal alien resettlement their community;
- Report about militia group preparing to patrol border area and what they expect to do, and what might happen;
- Continued call for local action by RER. ​
RER George Rodriguez Weds July 9, 2014.mp3



July 8, 2014

- Report of regarding Perry to meet with Obama in Dallas; what can come of it?
- Obama Admin side-steps questions regarding deportation but announces money for pressing and caring illegal aliens;
- What’s the cost of care of illegal aliens to tax payers for “caring” for illegal aliens?
- DPS costs to Texas for helping to secure the border;
- Cost to local police for having some many illegal aliens in their communities;
- Militia groups coming to the border what will they contribute?



July 7, 2014

1. Updates on the Border Crisis
- HLS Jeh Johnson does not mention deportation of illegal aliens on Sunday shows but talks about “options”;
- Perry talks about frustration and lack of response by Obama on crisis…since 2010!
- Local action needs to be taken by local activists, and stop depending on federal or local government.



July 3, 2014

- Report and comments on the US House Committee hearing on the border crisis in McAllen;
- Two Austin men charged with helping sponsor terrorism in Somalia;
- Arrests of Mexican elected officials in Texas for corruption;
- Millennials and Agenda 21;
- Democrats in the House continue to defend the IRS;
- Commentary: Tax payers are the real victims of the illegal immigrant invasion;



July 2, 2014

- Protest in California to stop buses loads of illegals from being detained in CA communities;
- US Congressman Blake Farenthold (R-TX) says a “path way to citizenship” is possible;
- Interview with Heidi Theiss regarding “betrayal” of Tea Party by the GOP over the immigration crisis;



July 1, 2014

- Update on immigration crisis;
- Donna City Manager files suit to defend his job after being fired by City leaders;
- Dallas County is not prepared for 2000 illegal alien children; this may a political play by the County Judge;​


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