Doc Greene On Demand

September 16, 2014

Doc Show Summary for 091614 Tuesday Doc started with the shooters Grill in Colo. And covered the case of the young black woman facing a 10 year sentence in prison for accidentally driving into NJ with her lawfully owned weapon yet the NAALCP and the NAG gang seem to be unable to come to her defense. Also the militia members from camp LONESTAR apparently arrested for having broken no laws, and the letter to the governor from Wolf Seinfein. Hour two he covered CPS judges in Houston apparently violating billing rules and the memo from the San Antonio Police on how to deal with Open Carry Activists.



September 15, 2014

Doc covered the militia who are vowing to close the bridges on September 20th and Scotland’s Bid for independence will possibly be hindered by people who still want free stuff. In hour two he covered the conundrums of the US. And continued with a discussion of famous Scottish actors in favor and against Scottish Independence, and covered the national government flying illegals all over the continent on MD80 aircraft possibly to boost the democrat vote illegally in areas that need help.



September 11, 2014

On the anniversary of the second major terrorist attack on the United States, Doc opened with a rant on why our current president remains free. Then Doc went on to discuss with Johnny Johnson the article written in Yahoo finance covering Scotland’s bid for independence and contrasting it to why Texas has a better reason and more chance of success. In hour two Doc and Johnny Johnson interview Ron Rendleman about his books Red Sky, The Line In The Sand, and Let The Games Begin, which were prophetic about what is happening in Texas today, and covered what happened to the other Texas Patriots who are still in prison.



September 9, 2014

Doc reported Queen Elizabeth the II is worried that she will be the last queen of scots, Then Doc interviewed the Apostle Claver T Kamau Imani CEO of Raging Elephants Radio to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of RER. In segment 3 Doc covered the nature of Evil, and at the top of the hour he had RPT treasurer Tom Mechler. To discuss the future of Texas….It got totally out of hand and is MUST listen if you are TEXAN.



September 8, 2014

Doc opened up with the announcement of the demise of Truet Cathy founder of Chick Fil A Then carried on with a discussion of the Texas Border Volunteers fundraiser than in the second segment discussed light skinned black teen girl being beaten for being too white with the Apostle Claver T Kamau Imani, in the second segment he covered the push by activists for the president to use executive orders to legalize them. Doc thinks it is delayed because PBHOs plans to either announce that all illegals are now citizens with full voting rights or just announce that we are now the North American Union, hour number two he covered the testimony of a South Texas Rancher who has been overrun by illegals on his ranch. And the surge of Mexican kidnappings now at record high.



September 5, 2014

Doc covered the pulling over of a young mother with 4 children and handcuffing them by accident, then the Louisiana Pastor that was arrested for shooting a thug stealing from his church, He reminded people on why Texas Independence is not just desirable but a necessity. In Hour 2 he started with Rand Paul’s changing position on foreign intervention. The Lesser Prairie Chicken is apparently greater than people that need jobs. DHS has partnered with the IOM to make the mass migration easier.



September 2, 2014

Doc will be providing you with a summary later. He left out of town soon after his show was over and I have not been able to get a hold of him to give me a summary.



September 1, 2014

Doc covered some the event at the Defending the American Dream summit, and then went on to do Texas News, including the fund raiser for the Texas Border Volunteers, then he reported the border patrol agent that fired five shots at a militia member who was on patrol of a Private Ranch by request of the rancher, which sparked a constitutional incident where a Texas Sheriff violated their God given rights recognized by the constitution of Both Texas and the United states and confiscated their weapons without cause. Doc spoke with one of the militia commanders who was an eyewitness to the even.



August 28, 2014

Day 149 for Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, Doc covers Muslims and Islamists trying to take away your bacon and your way of life, and Discrimination against non-church goers, and why Public funding of mass transit is not just stupid , but morally wrong, In hour Two he has the testimony of Angel Linthicum Cook about her ordeal with Texas CPS, and finally Why maybe Godly Speech is what we really need in school and the number or young girls being forced into orgies by their peers.



August 26, 2014

Day 146 for Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, Doc started out with the black protesters yelling at Jesse Jackson that he is selling them out and they don’t want him in Fergeson, then covered the story of the FedEx driver that said her truck was hijacked and all the “Air Jordan” shoes were stolen. The BLM continues to fight with Texas Land Owners , In Pharr Texas, a police officer was having sex with a minor child in an abandoned house while other cops stood guard, so good so Pharr… Convenience store clerk killed in Houston and Gang members rounded up in North Texas and Agenda 21 driving mass transit projects in Texas.



August 25, 2014

Doc covered The CDC creating designer viruses and how they all of sudden find they are missing, The covered the woman who killed the hit-man sent to kill her, and shooting of a store clerk close to the studio in Houston. He also covered the kid who was kicked out of school and arrested for writing a story about killing a dinosaur with a gun. He also expressed his opinion of the thug in Ferguson that was attempting to kill the cop after he robbed the convenience store and assaulted the clerk, and called upon black leaders to decry crime and promote virtue.



August 22, 2014

Completed the story of Glenn Atkinson and his nightmare with legal imigration. In hour 2 Doc interviews William Fortschen, about his new book “Day Of Wrath, and the coming destruction of Texas by ISIL



August 21, 2014

Today Doc covered the TABC meeting in Austin….they were afraid the hearings would turn violent, so they sent all non-essential personal home…reporting from the anchorman Jeffrey Connor and CJ Grisham both present, then Doc interviewed Glenn Atkinson, a Legal Canadian Immigrant who was arrested by ignorant US Marshalls…???? You will not be able to wrap your head around this one.



August 20, 2014

Doc opened the show with Guest MGen John T Furlow, and a discussion on Freedom of Speech being curtailed legally in the US , with TEA party leaders being given fines and prison terms for “threatening” politicians who don’t serve the people. In Hour Two he had Daniel Miller President of the Texas Nationalists on the air to discuss how the movement is going and what the people can do to save Texas from the coming tyranny.



August 19, 2014

Doc started with a and audio segment from Senator Dan Patrick on the the Drunken DA Rosemary Lehmberg, indicting him for refusing to fund her “integrity” unit, LOL, Then he went on to discuss why we are losing it in America. Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, Doc then read a story about Texas Ranchers being overrun by illegal aliens In hour two…Doc covered the need for us to return back to the basics of Family and Hard work and respect. Ending up with the story of Ebola cases being studied in New Mexico and the cop killed during a no knock raid in Killeen.



August 14, 2014

Its day 137 for Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi Doc opened with the request by Tom Bazan to change his business listing to a woman owned business because he feels like a woman today, and noted that many male contractors likely want to do the same, but the city forms don’t seem to comply with the new ordinance. Then he read a letter from a man to the Brazoria County commissioner demanding that they enforce existing law. In hour two He interviewed Paul Keefer with about the need for Texas independence, then covered the story of an American having his ranch stolen from him by the government and given to ILLEGAL ALIENS, who plan to sell it.



August 12, 2014

Crystal Lee Laramore and Pastor Terry Holcomb talked about open carry rights. New TABC movement to be at gun shows. Separation of church and state and home schooling our children.



 August 8, 2014

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi has been in a Mexican jail for 132 days today, with no hope of release…. Gun Shop owner wins 5million in his lawsuit against the City, Border Patrol agent shot and killed by two illegal aliens, Organized Crime from Mexico linked to Eric Holder, and Chicago, The Hempstead Principle fired for expecting English to be used in classes in Texas instead of Spanish, Illegal Alien with Drug Resistant TB captured after he refused treatment and escaped, and finished with a plea for all to support Texas Independence and read Patriots of Treason and the sequel State of Treason by David Thomas Roberts.



August 7, 2014

Texas Conservative and Chappy covered several topics today. Discussing the oath of office, conservatism and the stages of a nation. Also covered the communist manifesto.



August 6, 2014

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi has been in a Mexican jail for 130 days today, with no hope of release…Doc covered Tarrant County All Hell Breaking Lose over In God We Trust on state envelopes and then he had Michael Bee of Higher Truth Radio on to discuss the invasion, followed by Dr. Brian Babin Congressman Elect for CD36 and then had Michelle Prescott with MCCAII on the illegal alien gangsters being housed in Conroe.



August 4, 2014

Andrew Tahmooressi has been in a Mexican jail for 129 days today, Doc opened with the new executive order that allows the president to arrest and detain anyone on the pretext of having a respiratory disease, and the number of DHS health detention areas across the USA including Houston, Dallas, and El Paso, allegedly to stop the spread of disease yet he is sending illegal aliens with no IDs to multiple points in the USA even though they have not been cleared by health officials. He also covered in the second hour some bad guys that got their butts kicked by an MMA practitioner who was a clerk at the Fuel Depot in Houston on I 45s, LOL. And then the loss of wealth by Americans since Fancy Nancy got the check book.



July 31, 2014

Doc and his guest Chaplain Gypsy Roberts and Denis Edwards discussed government over reach the arrest of Bay Scouts and the confiscation of vehicles that don’t meet EPA standards, and the need to be active in the fight.



July 30, 2014

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi has been in a Mexican jail for 125 days today, Doc opened up with a discussion of how Mexico is upset about the “militarization” of our border, Doc covered a new sponsor that supports our snipers overseas. Operation Balls to Impeach has started, to send Boehner some balls so he can stand up for America. Is America forcing Kurdistan to become an independent nation? Doc wrapped it up with a pitch for Patriots Of Treason and State of Treason now in the RER book store on page 7. Don’t forget to tell Pet floors of Houston how much you love em , The Lifeboat is full…Prepare to repel Boarders.



July 28, 2014

Doc talked about the invasion of Ebola being spread by flying people all over the United States in Airplanes. Interviewed Nick Adams author of the book The American Boomerang.



July 25, 2014

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi has been in a Mexican jail for 117 days today Doc started with a scientist that has been censured for finding soft tissue in a dinosaur skeleton proving that the beast lived within the past 10,000 years and thus ruined the whole Old earth theory, He also renewed the call for Texas Independence, and covered the story of the Mexican police officers entering sovereign Texas Land and yet we did not retain them to trade for Sgt Tahmooressi????? And with many other words he did exhort them.



July 24, 2014

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi has been in a Mexican jail for 116 days today, Doc opened up with the Apostle Claver T Kamau Imani and the fresh news of shootings on the border, and then covered the info on who benefits from the invasion, then on to CPS in sunset hearings, and finally why the small number of un armed, Guard members solves nothing.



July 23, 2014

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi has been in a Mexican jail for 115 days today, Doc talked about the Federales, reviewing Perry’s Plan to put as many as 334 guards men per shift to protect the 1241 mile border, Then in the second hour a discussion on why Texas Independence is the only solution, Docs thoughts on the un-Affordable Care Act and the laws being broken by the Federal Government. Doc also touched on the Ice Cream shop doing a fund raiser for Planned Infanticide.



July 22, 2014

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi has been in a Mexican jail for 114 days today, Doc opened up with Rick Perry’s press conference where he rolled out Steve McCraw, David Dewhurst, Greg Abbott, and General Nichols, and they together talked tough and sent up a smoke screen of pretense to stop the invasion, all sound and fury signifying nothing. Then in hour two he spoke with State Rep Elect Molly White district 55 to see if you was willing to do something to stop the invasion.



July 21, 2014

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi has been in a Mexican jail for 113 days today, Doc covered the homosexual vendetta on Christians going worldwide, A Texas Woman forced a girl to ride on top of her car because she was wet, resulting in her death, The move by Rick Perry to send a 1000 troops to the border, and now Buskers are losing their first amendment rights.



July 18, 2014

Today Doc opened with a rant on Islam and why it can’t be tolerated, then he talked about the Case of residency against Dave Wilson for the HCC board seat ending in victory. He reminded folks that if you really care about something you will reach into your pocket and fund it. He reminded folks about the big protest rally today at the Mexican Embassy. And wrapped up with stupid crooks that failed.



July 17, 2014

Doc opened up with Sheila Jackson Lee (SheJack) saying the border is under control then the article by Steve Deace on the Border Crisis and the failure of Rick Perry to do anything about it, then he played the call to Rick Perry’s office Then reported on the feds hiding illegals in many states without notifying the officials in those states. Then he covered the recent arrest of 3 militia members for “impeding a federal officer in the performance of his duties” ending with a call to action.



July 16, 2014

Today’s show dealt with the Call for the minute men to the border by next year, and the big press conference in Austin to demand that Rick Perry either do his job or step down, then mentioning that cities all over the US that are standing up against the criminals in the national and local governments that have violated their oaths of office and supporting the invasion to destroy Texas with the help of Greg Abbott, Joe Strauss and governor Goodhair. Doc also revealed that the communist Cesar Chavez, was a ferocious conservative when it came to closing the border to protect the wages of American workers.



July 15, 2014

Doc started out with the story of the Young lady who said she wouldn’t have to pay her mortgage anymore, but now admits that PHBO is no different than the wizard of Oz then covered the LEO shooting of a 13 year old in California with an Air Soft Gun, then the Miriam Carey Shooting by DC police, the investigation of which after 9 months, has still not been released, then he covered the Big Meeting in Austin on Wednesday the 16th at 10:30 Am at the capital to move our leaders to either do their job or step down. And wrapped up with the epidemic brewing on our southern border



July 11, 2014

Doc started the show with Steve Stockman CD 36 Lame Duck calling for the arrest of Lois Lerner based on the constitutional powers granted to Congress, then He went to the Rolling Stones Article on the Jimmy Smith Ranch, BLM land grab in which Doc Greene was quoted as well as RER fans like Terry Holcomb SR. and Wolf Seinfein, for the remainder of the Show.



July 10, 2014

Doc opened up with Sunset Committee hearing on CPS DFPS from an article written by Jim Black with Angel Eyes Over Texas. Then he went on to discuss the invasion of the Body Snatchers…that is the diseased illegal Aliens that are being incubated and flown all over the US to start an epidemic



July 9, 2014

Doc opened up with the sherriff and BLM promising that Cliven Bundy will be punished for exercising his God given rights, The Movie “America” is still doing well at number 11 with no media coverage at all, and three victories, Bundy Ranch, Costco, Murietta California, Then let everyone know that Francis Scott Key had a Texas Connection, The invasion continues in Cameron County and the Texas Judge that is telling people that if they exercise their God Given rights as recognized in the US and Texas State Constitutions, they will be arrested.



July 8, 2014

Doc opened with the Jew who created the Confederate flag. Raises for CyFair ISD teachers, illegal aliens coming to a town near you, interviewed self help writer Ben DeHavin.



July 7, 2014

Today Doc talked about the revolutionary times that are upon us and the need for all citizens to join local militias and prepare to repel boarders. Then He covered the recent actions by Lubbock police prohibiting freedom of speech the South Plains Advocates who were passing out flyers on the constitution. The recent thefts of radioactive materials in Mexico that might be coming north along with the prayer rugs that have been found on the southern border, and the evidence that a Romanian citizen criminal was released in Arizona and was last seen in East Texas. Then the Apostle Claver came on to discuss why a libertarian can’t possibly win the governor’s mansion.



July 2, 2014

Today Doc broke the news that Strauss and Abbott have declared war on Texan Patriots and the Tea Party. To destroy them and they are refusing to open a special session to stop the invasion but instead to raise Taxes via an income tax to pay for the care and feeding of these little darlings. Our elected official have betrayed us and now must be removed by the Citizens of Texas and replaced by people that understand they serve the people of Texas and that will stop the invasion.



July 1, 2014

Doc opened up with the supreme court decision concerning Hobby Lobby’s right to operate according to Christian Principles and asked how this is even an issue in a free country than he went on to discuss the border Crisis noting that just the cost of delivering the children born to illegal alien girls could be as high a $36,500,000,000 to the Texas taxpayers, and that would bankrupt many hospital districts, not to mention the cost of food stamps and other support systems. Then In hour two, Dave Roberts the author of Patriots of Treason to discuss where we are today and where we are going. Also guest MGen John T Furlow former commander of the Texas Army National Guard called in.



June 30, 2014

The Border invasion dominates the show today, with stories of Armed incursions by Mexico and financial implications brought up by these problems. In the second hour MGen John T Furlow former commander of the Texas Army National Guard discussed the failures of our current leadership and what the possibilities for our near future are, and Why Kathie Glass is the only one currently running for Governor that offers any hope at all.



June 27, 2014

Friday Doc opened up with Eric Holders Thought Crimes Unit, Then covered the CNN report that Mass shootings are NOT on the rise, and the first recorded mass shooting was a business man that lost his mind over 100 years ago and that event was stopped by a citizen with a gun. Then he went over the “Rules For A Gunfight”, and conclude with the story of The Rick and Terri Reese family that was legally running a gun shop in New Mexico and How Holder paid a Mexican national criminal to frame these people and take everything they own. Be Afraid Be Very Afraid.



June 26, 2014



June 25, 2014

Today Doc started with the Singer Phil Collins of Genesis fame donating his Alamo Artifacts to the Alamo. Then covered the failure of Houston City Council to exercise any sort of financial responsibility. Then he covered the Article I Sect 8 of the US Constitution authorizing the use of the Militia to repel the invasion on our southern border and the gag order that has been placed on our border guards by Washington Devil City. And the threat that of ISIS attacking us through the southern border. Then He covered the recent raid of a former DHS member and her being forced to strip naked during the two hour raid after which she was released.



June 24, 2014

Doc began more border invasion info starting the Feds standing down and refusing to enforce border security, and the recent find of mass graves inside Texas of presumed illegal immigrants, the agents that are leaving the Border Patrol because of the current orders to catch and release, and continued to call on the governor for a special session, to stop the invasion which is even being done in plain site on Jet Skis and Boats in public park areas. Then Doc covered the corruption of Gregg Abbott who is appealing a jury verdict on yet another whistle blower proving that Gregg Abbott is as corrupt as the rest of the plutocracy.



May 30, 2014

Doc begins with a rant on the new NDO anti-Christian law, and whether or not Christians commit sin by putting their children in public school, covered the fact that most people are not happy with the content of TV in spite of a plethora of choices, mentioned briefly the Bilderberg conference where reporters are being beaten and thrown out especially Alex Jones Info Wars reporters, and then the virtues of the bullet train from Houston to Dallas to be privately funded, The lack of free speech on campuses, and the vet that shot it out with robbers in Houston .



May 29, 2014

Doc opened up with Lou Ann Anderson and the trial of the police officers in Temple for breaking a kids collar bone in a mistaken arrest, Then MGen John T Furlow joined in to talk about the decline of the country, and offers some suggestions on how to fix it, Including the new Anti Christian law passed by the homosexual mayor Anise Parker, and ended up with the CPS recommendations from the Sunset committee.



May 28, 2014

Doc did election coverage during the first hour and finished off the show talking to Jimmy Smith with BLM.



May 27, 2014

Doc opened the show reminding people to VOTE as today is the last day, The discussed how California is demanding the government follow the constitutional law in the 4th and questioned why Texas is not doing this in light of the Donny Leek III detention and abuse. Then He covered the argument for Open Carry of weapons in Texas pros and cons, and finally finished with the testimony of Donny Leek on his arrest in Eagle Pass Texas.



May 23, 2014




May 22, 2014

Doc had Lou Ann Anderson with Watchdog Wire on to talk about the Mayor Pro Tem Judy Morales who after admitting to criminal acts is now again running for city council, and then James Stanzak who is running for Congress to replace Gene Green came on to talk about the continuous egregious violations of our liberty and whether or not the vote is trustworthy, Then Doc had Ben Streusand for CD 36 and they discussed fighting for our rights in Congress , Ben Streusand re-committed to his stand to abolish current gun control laws, Rip out the IRS and replace it with the Flat Tax or the Fair Tax, and that he would be a voice like Trey Goudy for liberty. Then Doc did the story of truck driver Donny Leek who was illegally detained and tased by border patrol for reminding them of his 4th amendment rights. And covered the appeals court decision that now Cops can break into your home and confiscate your weapons for your own good as they see it.



May 19, 2014

Doc started out with Sand Antonio Mayor Julian (hooligan) Castro being selected by PHBO to head HUD and potentially be a running mate for Hillary in 2016, then launched a Rant about the Church not conforming to this world and the need to fight the militant homosexual agenda which has now caused the bank for the Benham brothers to close all of the Benhams real estate accounts. In Hour Two he interviewed John Wilford the libertarian for District 8 who loves Common Core but also wants educational vouchers, and lower taxes. Then went on to Talk about the government buying explosives and armored vehicles to defend the government from the enemy which they deem to be Christian, Military Veterans, and Gun Owners.



May 16, 2014

Doc opened up with some Texas News Stories and spoke with Harley Dockery in conjuction with the Bund Ranch BLM story, then He covered the story of the people trying to arrest their police chief for the many killings in their town and then covered the shooting of a sugarland man by the police, and finished up with CJ Grisham and the need for the May 24th event to be huge, (over 1000 people expected now) and why you should attend this historic event.



May 14, 2014

Doc Started reminding everyone to call City Hall and let them know how they feel about the unequal rights ordinance that discriminates He also made a live phone call to the mayor’s office on air, and got to talk to Ms. Darian Ward who was in the chamber while the vote was taking place, then he spoke about the current law suit brought against governor Perry for withholding funding for the Travis County DA Public Integrity Unit that is headed by the drunken DA Rosemary Lehmberg, and finally the Lack of Support even among democrats for Abortion Barbie.



May 12, 2014

Doc covered the alleged voter fraud in Montgomery County where some conservatives beat the RINOS at their own game, but the RINOs had Tommy Williams and Greg Abbott on their side so the conservatives are now facing prison time for doing what the RINOs had been doing for 14 years, Doc also covered the passing of the Bond Election in CFISD which effectively double the debt of every student currently enrolled to 2.4 million per student.


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