Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani On Demand

November 21, 2014

It appears that Speaker Joe Straus has sense invincibility about his political ambitions. No one truly believes he can be beaten at anything he contests. Therefore, Claver suggests, “Since he can’t be beat, why don’t we just make him king?”

With their defection to the Straus camp, state representatives that are well aware that their constituents oppose a fourth term for Joe Straus as speaker, the reps are “daring” their constituents and the citizens of Texas to hold them accountable for supporting an anti-liberty, anti-GOP Speaker.

Andy Peth, ThePartyofChoice.com, visited with Claver to share some ideas on how leftists can be converted to support the liberty agenda.

Kate Murphy, Texas Public Policy Foundation, is the new Mental Health Policy Fellow. In her premiere visit to RER, she explains the importance of applying conservative solutions to the challenges that mental health present to Texas and Texans.

In the aftermath of President Obama announcing his unilateral action to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, Claver examines the announced response of governor-elect Greg Abbott to sue the Obama administration.



November 19, 2014

More “Heroes” Turn “Judas”

Another letter of endorsement for Speaker Joe Straus has been released to the public and press.  Signers of the letter include state reps James White and Jodie Labenberg who were considered “heroes” when they voted against Straus during the 2011 legislative session.

Speaker Joe Straus gives credit to the Tea Party for the vast majorities that the GOP enjoys in the Texas legislature.  However, his “attack Chihuahua” State Rep. Jason Villalba called the Tea Party, astroturf, manufactured, and goons.

RER Contributor, Eugene Ralph of GameChaingers.org, is furious over the defections of former legislative allies to the side of Joe Straus.  He calls into question the character of these reps.

RER Contributor and citizen journalist, Kelly Horsley, gave an update on the Scott Turner campaign and the trend of Straus paying for support from legislators.

Travis County precinct chair, TJ Scott, was instrumental in seeing a platform plank included that calls for the statewide election of the Speaker of the Texas House, much like the Lt. Governor is elected by the people and not a closed body.





November 17, 2014


After examining the campaign donations of the Texas House Leadership Fund, Claver explains the math that Straus needs to lock up the gavel for another term. RER Contributor, Dwayne Stovall of GetOffMyState.com, corrected the record about the conservatism of Speaker Joe Straus.

Speaker of the Texas House Joe Straus spread a lot of money around in the 2014 election cycle.

The Speaker’s PAC is spreading the message that the House “conservatives” protected 2A rights under his gavel. But, Claver shares a sound bite of Straus truly expressing his views about gun rights in Texas.

Claver closed the program by sharing factoids about the Straus record as compiled by EmpowerTexans.



November 12, 2014

It is a very coordinated offensive to polish up the image of RINO Speaker Joe Straus. From the mailers, to the establishment of a Facebook Fan Page, to the uniform talking points being spewed by state reps, the effort to con the people of Texas was planned and is being executed.

RER Contributor, Eugene Ralph of GameChaingers.org, gives his opinion on the flipping of State Rep. Giovanni Capriglione to the “dark side” by supporting Joe Straus for another term as Speaker.

RER Contributor and citizen journalist, Kelly Horsley, gave an update on the Scott Turner campaign from Texas Speaker of the House. She expresses her view that the primary driving factor in previously-trusted reps flipping to Straus is MONEY.

Claver plays the audio, once again, of Joe Straus making the pledge that as long as he’s Speaker he will continue to appoint Democrats to critical committee chairmanships. He highlights the RPT 2014 platform that calls for the Speaker of the House become a statewide elected office.



November 11, 2014

The unthinkable has happened! A legitimate elected officer of the liberty movement has gone over to the dark side. State Rep. Giovanni Capriglione announced on Monday, November 10, 2014 that he will be supporting current Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus for another term. Claver (and, pretty much the entire liberty movement) went ballistic!

Claver shared an extended excerpt of the forum hosted by the NE Tarrant Tea Party in which Capriglione made his pronouncement. Four other reps were there and stood by the decision to support their fellow rep, Scott Turner, to be the new Speaker.

Terri Hall, RER Contributor and head of TexasTURF.org, expressed her shock at the Capriglione action, and how it’s nonsensical. How will this impact Texas transportation challenges?

Jonathan Saenz, RER Contributor and head of TxValues.org, shared his thoughts on the Capriglione controversy, and gave an update on the positive developments on the religious freedom battle and the defense of Bible-defined marriage.

Finally, Julie White McCarty, president of the NE Tarrant Tea Party, gave a blow-by-blow account of what happened at the meeting last night. She also disclosed that the group is already searching for a primary opponent for Capriglione in 2016.



November 10, 2014

After receiving mailers from the Joe Straus’ PAC, Texas House Leadership Fund, Claver encouraged the listeners of RER not to be “chumps”. The plutocrats believe they can get us to believe whatever they want us to believe.

Derrick Morgan, VP at Heritage Foundation, visited with Claver and gave his opinion about the election results of 2014 and if there will be any changes coming out of Washington that will benefit Texans.

Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, gave a little academic lecture on the beginning of Republic of Texas history — starting in the early 1820s. Then he started describing how the relationship between Texas settlers and Mexico City began to sour.



November 6, 2014

The election is complete. But the analysis is just beginning. The analysis is invaluable for the liberty movement. Claver knows how to do it. He’s begins to share his numbers crunching by looking at the counties that Wendy Davis actually won.

JoAnne Fleming, liberty movement activist, shared her thoughts on the election results and what the movement should be focusing on now with the 84th legislative session just around the corner.

RER contributor, Jared Woodfill, is also a litigant against Mayor Annise Parker and her tyrannical rampage. The courts have dealt her and the homosexual agenda a major blow. Jared gave an update on the judicial battle taking place for religious liberty and the rule of law in Texas.



November 5, 2014

No one can break down the numbers of an election like Apostle Claver T. Kamau-Imani. He starts the process of telling you what the numbers mean the day after the 2015 general election here in Texas.

Claver had three guests on the program to give their interpretation of what a GOP blowout means for Texas politics, the Democratic Party and the GOP, and the upcoming legislative session. His guests were, RER contributor Eugene Ralph, former Comal County commissioner Greg Parker, and Travis County precinct chair and astute observer and liberty activists T.J. Scott.



November 4, 2014

Happy Election Day!

Claver reveals that he voted straight-ticket Republican and why he votes that way every general election, and why YOU should do the same.

What will Claver be looking for in the election results since the winners and losers are a foregone conclusion.

Liberty hero Debra Medina, an RER contributor, shares with the audience what she will be looking for on election night. She makes the prediction that Proposition 1 will pass easily.

Fellow RER teammate, George Rodriguez, gives a report on Bexar County Democrats that produced an aired a Spanish-language TV ad that calls Tea Party members as terrorists, and attempting to equate the Gadsden with the flag of Al Queda or the Islamic State.



October 31, 2014

The Open Carry Preacher, Pastor Terry Holcomb, sitting in for the Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani.



October 28, 2014

Claver began by replaying a portion of the disturbing audio of Democrat Judge Larry Thorne of JeffCo campaigning in a black church. Notice how he has interpreted the Bible to mean Republicans are going to hell.

RER Contributor, Terri Hall of Texas Turf, came in to give us one last primer on Proposition 1 and get us up to speed on the Blacklands toll road upheaval, and eminent domain violations in Bulverde in the Hill Country.

RER Contributor Jonathan Saenz, of Texas Values, has been following the developments in the Mayor Annise Parker saga of issuing subpoenas to 5 Houston pastors. It appears the mayor has no intention of backing down on her attack of religious liberty.

Continuing to highlight certain planks in the RPT 2014 platform, Claver is quite disturbed that a plank dealing with “prison reform” calls for work “requirement”. Claver said, “I thought it was the GOP that ended slavery in America?”



October 27, 2014

Fresh from a speaking engagement in Gilmer, Texas, Claver reflects on the reaction of the attendees when he began to reveal some of the actions their Texas legislature had taken in the last session.

The Heritage Foundation’s, Cameron Seward, conversed with Claver about the upcoming amnesty action to be completed by President Obama.

Claver believes that State Rep. Scott Turner, a candidate for Speaker of the Texas House, should ask black Democrat representatives to vote for him just because he’s black.

Cyndi Martin Lawrence has been following the activities of the Katy ISD very closely as they attempt to pass a record-breaking bond issue that’s full of pork and payouts.

Michigan now joins Texas as one of 5 states that prohibits auto manufacturer, Tesla, from doing business in the state based on its business model. Texas Auto Dealers Association (TADA) has bought off the legislators that now block Tesla from setting up shop in Texas.

Jeff Foxworthy has a great set of jokes defining who’s a Muslim.



October 24, 2014

Pastor Terry Holcomb sitting in for The Apostle Claver Kamau Imani






October 23, 2014

Claver was furious about new evidence of corruption in his home of Jefferson County, Texas.

Jeff Sadighi, citizen journalist and liberty activist, reported on some illegal campaign activity of Democrat candidates in the Golden Triangle and the apparent lack of intent by the powers that be to correct the problem.

The Claver shared captured audio of a video taken within a black church in Beaumont of judicial and the DA candidate saying the most appalling things and actually committing ethics violations on video.



October 22, 2014

Citizen militia leader, K.C. Massey, has been arrested in the war zone of the RGV. RER smells a rat. A national government rat.

Claver finds it laughable the legislative power of the GOP in the U.S. Senate rests on the electoral fortunes of pizza delivery guy that is the nominee of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina.

Claver doubled down on the ridiculous notion that Libertarian candidate for Texas governor, Kathie Glass, has a chance to win. He also took her to task for “whining” about not being included in the gubernatorial televised debates within the state.

Liberty movement activist, and RER Contributor Debra Medina, furthered the education on Proposition 1 which is on the ballot November 4th.

Claver went through an abbreviated history of the LP and their dismal showings in election cycle after election cycle.



October 21, 2014

Claver introduces a new analogy to explain why it’s foolish for 3rd party or independent candidates to believe they can win elections in Texas.

RER Contributor, Dwayne Stovall of Keep Texas Free, has a conversation with Claver about the Doctrine of Incorporation which acts to nullify states’ rights and advances nationalism — which should be foreign to American and Texas society.

Claver reads the last plank of the RPT 2014 Platform that expects the 2015 Texas legislature to pass Constitutional Carry.

The activists of the liberty movement and the electorate, en masse, must embrace the primary system in order to transform Texas into a conservative, liberty-guided state.



October 20, 2014

How did Greg Abbott rise to being only a few days from winning the governorship of Texas? Claver recounts the electoral history of Abbott in which he never faced primary opposition while occupying the office of Texas Attorney General.

RER Contributor, Eugene Ralph, weighs in the on the unfathomable action of Mayor Annise Parker issuing subpoenas to five Houston pastors and ignoring the outcry of Houston, Texas, and American citizens.

State Rep. Steve Toth came on the program to explain his “tepid” support of Proposition 1 that’s on the ballot for November 4th.

Claver emphasizes the plank within the RPT 2014 Platform that supports the structure of citizen militia.



October 17, 2014

Claver points out several actions of the government at all levels that proves that the government has no fear of the people. Therefore, they continue to act tyrannically.

RER Contributor, citizen journalist Kelly Horsley spoke to Claver about the current status of the Texas Speaker’s race and the Scott Turner campaign.

On yesterday, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz joined Houston pastors in a press conference to denounce the actions of City of Houston and Mayor Annise Parker that issued subpoenas to Houston pastors that opposed her pro homosexual ordinance. Claver was at the presser and gathered comments from several of those that were on the platform, including Sen. Cruz. He played their comments.

San Jacinto Co. GOP Chair, Dwayne Wright, was an eyewitness to the inexplicable arrest of Pastor Terry Holcomb. He offered his account of the travesty, and then shared his observations about the political culture of the small rural county controlled by crony, corrupt Democrat officeholders.

A new feature for RER is the RER Sports contributor, Brett O’Connor. Brett premiered and offered observations about the Texas-based football teams — pro and college.



October 16, 2014

In the aftermath of the unnecessary arrest of RER Broadcast Activist, “Open Carry Preacher” Pastor Terry Holcomb, Claver makes a protest suggestion that would scare every tyrant in Texas.

RER Contributor, Cathie Adams of Texas Eagle Forum, joined Claver as they conversed about the reaction of Houston pastors to being issued subpoenas from the City of Houston, and the presser called by U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz.

Claver played all the comments delivered from the platform during the press conference called by U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz to address the issuing of subpoenas to Houston pastors for their sermons, notes, and comments in regards to the battle against Mayor Annise Parker’s pro homosexual ordinance.

RER Contributor Jared Woodfill is the courageous activist that sued Mayor Parker over her mass disqualification of petition signatures. He had stern comments about the subpoenas.



October 15, 2014

Mayor Annise Parker has shown her true colors and vindictiveness by issuing subpoenas to Houston pastors that opposed her homosexual agenda ordinance, for their sermons and notes dealing with the ordinance, the petition drive against it, homosexuality, and mentioned her personally.

RER Contributor, Eugene Ralph of GameChaingers.org, weighed in on the Mayor Parker controversy. He lamented the lack of activity by GOP officeholders to oppose Parker and factions within the GOP that argue that social issues should not be a part of the political dialog.

RER Broadcast Activist, the “Open Carry Preacher” Pastor Terry Holcomb, was inexplicably arrested in Coldspring, Texas for exercising his right to free speech. Claver played the audio of the arrest. Then Terry joined him to expose the deplorable order for him to be arrested by San Jacinto County Judge Fritz Faulkner.

Claver closes out the program by once again focusing in on Texan-on-Texan crime committed by elected officials within the state.



October 13, 2014

Claver continues to focus on his new axiom: Texas is a Republican state, but NOT a conservative, liberty-guided state. He revisited the party switch of State Rep. Allen Ritter from Democrat to GOP to demonstrate the truth of the axiom. After flipping parties to better the odds of his continued incumbency, Ritter didn’t change his socialist voting habits.

Fellow RER Team member, George Rodriguez, joined Claver to address GOP judicial candidates in Bexar County that are flaunting their disagreement with social conservatives by courting the support of the homosexual movement and making public appearances with such. El Conservador also speaks to the Bexar County aura and celebrity of Speaker Joe Straus.

Claver was led to read Hosea 4 and ask if America and Texas are in the condition of the prophecy.

TNM President Daniel Miller was Ritter’s primary opponent in 2012. He reveals the difficulty he faced in educating voters about the “RINO​ city” of the entrenched state rep.

State Rep. Patricia Harless declined an invitation to be interviewed on RER. Why? She’s a RINO running scared to discuss her legislative record and alliances.



October 07, 2014

The Dread Gypsy Roberts and Denis Edwards sitting in for the Apostle today, discusing the dishonesty of the CDC and our leadership on the border and Ebola



September 19, 2014

Chaplin Gypsy Roberts and Dennis Edwards sitting in for Claver today. It’s a rollicking free for all. Unbelievable! Listen now.



September 5, 2014

Claver announces that to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of RER, that the entire team will be traveling to the Rio Grande Valley to broadcast and get the real story from those that live on the border and in the war zone.

State Rep. Jason Villalba let the cat out of the bag. He let it be known that the agenda of the Texas House and Speaker Straus will be to kill ANY conservative legislation that could be produced from a more conservative Texas Senate.  His words are chilling!

Liberty movement activist, Mary Huls, gives her impressions of the emotional press conference held by leaders at the capitol on Wednesday, September 4, 2014.

James Quintero of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, made a report on the troubling rise in government debt that’s being piled up on the local level.

Corey Whalen Stephens of GenOpp, made her monthly report on the national employment numbers and the attitude of the younger generations.



September 4, 2014

Claver gives his thoughts of the press conference conducted by liberty movement leaders as they introduced their plan to secure the Texas international border.

RER contributor, Eugene Ralph, gave his thoughts on the very successful AFP summit held last week in Dallas.

RER contributor and citizen journalist, Kelly Horsley, offers thoughts on the race for Speaker of the Texas House between Joe Straus and Scott Turner.

RER broadcast activist, Heidi Hansing, after participating in the fiery press conference of liberty movement, shared the air with Claver to give her post-presser thoughts.

Legal activist, Jared Woodfill, stopped by to give an update on the battles ensuing in Houston against tyrannical Mayor Annise Parker after the Mayor disqualified tens of thousands of petition signatures against the cities pro homosexual agenda ordinance.



September 3, 2014


At the AFP Defending the Dream Summit, Claver conducted a detailed conversation with Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Kathie Glass.

The San Antonio (Oakland) Raiders are toying with the idea of moving to the Alamo Dome. And the Astros dump manager Bo Porter.

Citizen militia in the Texas war zone have been the victims of a law enforcement conspiracy to disarm them.

The IRS is now poised to start taxing corporations for the “freebies” they provide to their employees.

The U.S. State Dept. is now issuing travel warning to Americans about traveling into Mexico with the real threat of terrorist activity from just across the border from El Paso. Ft. Bliss is on high alert as the anniversary of 9/11 approaches.



September 2, 2014

Part 2 of Claver’s conversation with LP Guv nominee, Kathie Glass.

Claver doesn’t believe the Libertarian Party has a chance to win a single office in the 2014 general election.

Was the incident of a border patrol agent firing upon private security detail and intentional conspiracy to disarm the security detail.

The Internal Revenue Service is now targeting companies that offer the benefit of free lunch to their employees. They want to tax the lunch as income.

Judicial Watch is reporting the Ft. Bliss in El Paso has been put on high alert and that ISIS is across the border in Juarez.



September 1, 2014

Claver welcomed RER team member, Doc Greene, to discuss the episode of a U.S. border patrol officer firing shots at a citizen militia member in the border region. Claver believes the entire episode was orchestrated for the purpose of disarming the militia by confiscating their weapons.

Intelligence from around the state coming into RER reveals that several members of the Texas House are attempting to slither over to the inner circle of Speaker Joe Straus — the number 1 public enemy of liberty in Texas. Namely state reps Cindy Burkett, Kenneth Sheets, and Phil King.

Part one of Claver’s conversation with LP Guv candidate Kathie Glass.



August 25, 2014

On today’s show they covered Texas Border Volunteers with Jim Gibson and got up to date on the latest at the border. In our second hour they talked to Brett Rogers with Early Vote Texas talking about the ways to up the votes for our candidates. Dennis Edwards with Texas Conservative and Chappy with the American Freedom defenders.



August 20, 2014

Claver started the program by sharing a revelation he has about the role local government plays in feeding the power of national government and a strong central bureaucracy.

El Conservador, George Rodriguez, participated in a conversation with Claver about the importance of local government control, and the nuisance RER has become to the status quo. George had a local elected official contact him to complain about RER.

Wendy Davis is highlighting rape kits in her stump speech — as if THAT is a top priority for Texans. (Soooo out of touch)

The Kathie Glass fantasy of winning the gubernatorial election continues. And, Claver is going to hammer the Libertarian spoilers all the way to election day. Glass’ plan for Texas “independence” is utterly nonsensical, so says Claver.



August 19, 2014

With the new hot story being the indictment of Rick Perry, Claver started today’s program by encouraging everyone not to lose focus on the number issue facing Texas at the moment. The border invasion.

Private ranchers on the Texas international border are inviting citizen militia to patrol their property.

Claver encourages members of the Liberty Movement to continue applying pressure to Gov. Perry to call a special session to deal with the border invasion and the magnets fueling it.

Claver presents a Bible lesson from 2 Chronicles 26, ​showing how the Church should be aggressive in confronting the government and preventing government from usurping the authority of the Church.



August 18, 2014

Claver opened with brief comments on the Rick Perry indictment.

Jonathan Saenz, TxValues.org, made an appearance to update the Houston homosexual ordinance legal case.

Eugene Ralph of GameChaingers in the Metroplex, joined Claver to discuss the unrest in Ferguson, Mo.

The Texans had their second preseason game. What did Claver think?



August 14, 2014

Dennis and Chappy covered a wide range of Texas subjects today. Everything from border issues to Battle Ground Texas. With a bit of Texas history thrown in and discussion of the libertarian party with Kelly Canon who was our guest on today’s show.



August 13, 2014

On tomorrow, the Texas House GOP Caucus will be “retreating” to the Omni Barton Creek Resort to avoid dealing with the border invasion. This retreat will become the poster child of the Texas elected officials’ lack of urgency and refusal to act in regard to the border invasion.

Claver explains the difference between the klep-tocracy of Washington versus the plutocracy of Austin.

Claver shared an pro Kathie Glass article. Totally our of character for him.

RER citizen journalist, Brett O’Connor made his premiere on the air to discuss his article on the California “Liberty Kids”.



August 11, 2014

Well what ya know? After one week of bringing to light that the Texas GOP House Caucus will be having a swanky retreat outside of Austin beginning on Thursady, and that nowhere on the agenda was there any mention of the border invasion, RER is handed an “amended” agenda with the subject hastily added. Further proof that friend, foe, and plutocrat are monitoring RER.

Jerry Jordan of SETinvestigates.com usually visits us to discuss political subjects. But, Jerry is also a NASCAR beat reporter for KickingTheTires.net. So, he came in to discuss the tragic events of Tony Stewart and Kevin Ward, Jr. in which Ward lost his life.

The two major gubernatorial campaigns have released their first TV ads in the general election cycle.

Claver refocuses the attention of the audience on the expansion of gambling in Texas by the gaming commission by usurping the authority of the legislature



August 7, 2014

Houston city attorney, David Feldman, was successful in moving the lawsuit filed against the city by opponents of the pro homosexual special rights ordinance to federal court. The Houston Area Pastor Council issued a scathing statement on the move.

Exercising its right as a corporation, Starbucks cracked down on an employee with a tattoo on her hand. However, if pro homosexual ordinances are allowed to stand, they wouldn’t be able to enforce a dress code that prohibited cross dressing.

For Through Back Thursday, Claver went down memory lane with a compilation of jokes delivered by President Reagan. The audio ended with an example of the lack of articulation of President Obama without a teleprompter.

Citizen militia has been spotted at the Texas/Mexico border and there are those that are shivering.



August 1, 2014

Atheist have struck a deal with the IRS to persecute American churches.

Citizen militia has heeded the call of Apostle Claver and RER and deployed to the border. Texas Democrats are howling!

Cyndi Martin Lawrence shares the alarming news that Katy ISD is attempting another massive bond issue of $750,000,000!

Faith Bussey reports on schools in the Metroplex and elsewhere in Texas that are partnering with Planned Parenthood.

State Rep. Dennis Bonnen is on the defensive for using the term “coonass” in referring to Louisiana children. And, a leftist group from the state is threatening to sue Bonnen.



July 29, 2014

Claver finds it odd that since Gov. Perry announced the deployment of 1,000 national guardsmen to the Texas warzone that any conversation about a special legislative session has dramatically subsided. Claver believes that pressure from the citizens should increase for a special session more than ever.

The plutocrats are using Texas agencies such as the Texas Ethics Commission to attempt to silence liberty movement watchdog orgs.

Jason Miller, of NORML Houston, joined Apostle Claver to discuss the increased conversation about the legalization of marijuana and the momentum that’s building for it in the GOP.

An oil tanker off the course of Texas is playing an essential role in the Kurds’ efforts to become an independent country, separated from Iraq.



July 28, 2014

The power of bureaucracy is being demonstrated in Texas. GOP state senators and GOP senate nominees for the 2014 election have written letters opposing the actions by the Texas Gaming Commission to expand gambling in Texas without legislative approval.

Claver reminded listeners that there is an effort afoot by Joe Straus to get nominee for attorney general, Ken Paxton, off the November ballot.

State Rep. Van Taylor, and GOP nominee for Texas Senate, visited with Claver about the open letter he signed opposing the intended actions of the Texas Gaming Commission to expand gambling in Texas without legislative action.

The Texas Ethics Commission is now being used by plutocrats, namely Joe Straus, to attack Liberty Movement orgs in an attempt to silence them and not reveal the RINO actions of the Texas legislature. They’ve attacked Michael Quinn Sullivan, and he has posted an oped exposing the political motives of​



July 25, 2014

Claver read the entire Texas Declaration of Independence. Where are we now?

Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values gives us an update on the rebuke of Annise Parker and the petition drive against the pro homosexual ordinance in Houston.

The Open Carry Preacher, Pastor Terry Holcomb shared his thoughts on the border invasion and the call up of the National Guard by Gov. Perry. He’s suspicious of Perry’s motives, too.



July 24, 2014

Jerry Jordan of SETinvestigates.com, is on the ground at the Texas/Mexico border. He gave an eyewitness report on the 25 shootings and 12 deaths that occurred over the last 24 hours of his field observations.

Kelly Horsley attended the conference conducted by Glenn Beck and Freedom Works focused on Common Core. Although “laws” were passed in the 2013 Texas legislative session against the teaching of Common Core, it is still present in Texas schools. Kelly reported on the conference and the problems with the so-called curriculum that is nothing short of a program of indoctrination.

For #TBT, Claver the audio captured by RER’s Doc Greene from an October Katy ISD school board meeting in which a mother confronted the board about the teaching of Common Core. Doc then captured audio of his confronting the board and superintendent about the curriculum being taught in violation of Texas law. Yet, the board members essentially “took the 5th”. ​



July 22, 2014

Heidi was called into an emergency city council meeting. So, Claver stepped in for an extra 30 minutes. He invited State Rep. Steve Toth to join him to discuss the deployment of guardsmen to the border and the general state of the invasion.

Terri Hall of Texas TURF made her regularly scheduled visit. She briefed us on the federal plan to push down transportation burden of the interstate system onto the states. It could equal taxpayer ripoff.

Larry Kourkmas represents Texas for Immigration Reduction and Enforcement (TFIRE). He wowed the media at last week’s press conference of Liberty Movement leaders in Austin — demanding that Gov. Perry take action on the border invasion. Larry shared his thoughts and concerns about the call up of the national guard.



July 21, 2014

Gov. Rick Perry followed the lead of the Liberty Movement leaders of Texas and FINALLY announced the deployment of 1,000 national guardsmen to the international border to hopefully slow the invasion.

Immediately following the presser, State Rep. James White offered his impressions, even as he is on the way to the international border to attend security briefings.

Sam Herrera of Overpasses of America, conversed with Claver about the nationwide protests that were held over the past weekend against the invasion, and shared the contents of a meeting he had within the Mexican Consulate in Houston.

“Mighty Heidi” Thiess of RER called in for a post-game convo with Claver about the presser.



July 18, 2014

Claver continues to hammer against the Libertarian Party and its gubernatorial candidates campaign. He contends that the LP can only be what the LP has been for its entire history and more recently in other elections in other states — nothing more than a “spoiler”.

Another complaint is filed in San Antonio due to the non-discrimination ordinance giving special protections to homosexuals.

Well, whatya know? Citizens in deep blue Maryland are now standing up to the tyranny of the Obama administration. Carroll County commissioner, Robin Frazier conversed with Claver about how they are fighting.

Claver closed with the scathing comments of JoAnn Fleming, liberty movement leader, from the historical press conference of last Wednesday held at the Austin capitol.



July 17, 2014

Campaign finance reports have been turned in. Claver highlighted the record money raised by the Abbott campaign, the war chest of Wendy Davis, and the ridiculous sum of money raised by the Libertarian Party candidate for governor, Kathie Glass. Claver continues to label the Libertarian candidate nothing more than a spoiler, with no chance of victory, and politically inept and unintelligent.

Claver thinks the money totals for the Glass campaign would be comical if it wasn’t for the fact that her inept and no-chance campaign wasn’t such a threat in reducing a margin of GOP victory.

Claver highlighted the historical press conference of Liberty Movement leaders held in Austin on Wednesday, July 16, 2014. He played the comments of Larry Kourkmas of TFIRE, Katrina Pierson of Garland Tea Party, and Ray Myers of Kaufman County Tea Party.

Dwayne Stovall of Keep Texas Free, gave us a primer on how the U.S. and Texas Constitutions authorize Texas citizens to repel the border invaders.

Claver closed with the famous opening speech of the movie “Patton”.



July 16, 2014

Apostle Claver gave his stinging commentary following the unprecedented press conference held by Liberty Movement leaders of Texas at the Capitol. The leaders are DEMANDING — on behalf of all Texas citizens — that Gov. Perry immediately deploy the national guard to the international border and call a special session for the legislature to deal with the border invasion, promptly.

The press conference was a last-ditch effort to get the elected officers of Texas to fulfill their constitutional and oath of office duty to protect Texas and Texans before citizens will be FORCED to take matters into their own hands.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Democrat from Illinois, was talk show guest and spewed the amnesty talking points that encourage the continued invasion of Texas and legislation to plunder the treasury of the state and America.

State Sen.-elect Bob Hall, having just visited the border on yesterday, has received intelligence that an additional 300,000 illegals are headed toward the Texas southern border. He gives a detailed report on his border tour, and offers his thoughts on what needs to be done NOW.

RER citizen journalist, Jeffery Conner, shared his observations of the press conference.



July 15, 2014

Apostle Claver follows up on the reported story that Texas Speaker of the House, Joe Straus, is allegedly conspiring to have State Sen. Ken Paxton thrown of the November ballot as the GOP candidate for attorney general.

Claver previews the unprecedented press conference being called by Liberty Movement leaders of Texas at the state capitol on Wednesday, July 16, 2014. The leaders will be DEMANDING that a special session be called by Gov. Perry to deal with the border invasion.

Dr. Vance Ginn of the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) issued a challenge and shared a budget constructed by 14 organizations for the 2015 Texas legislature to hold spending down to under 6%.

Black citizens of Texas and America are expressing outrage at how the invaders of the Texas international border are being elevated in priority over them and their communities. Claver plays audio of a ranting black woman from Houston who was upset that invaders could possibly be housed in her neighborhood.



July 14, 2014

Claver shares his revelation that the border invasion is being coupled with the political campaign to turn Texas “blue” called Battleground Texas. And the Eric Holder justice department has announced it’s going to reinsert themselves into Texas redistricting.

A shocking report has been filed that Texas Speaker of the House, Joe Straus, is attempting to have the GOP nominee for Attorney General, State Sen. Ken Paxton, off the general election ballot!! Claver gives the rundown of the story, and the ethics issues of Paxton.

Then Claver reveals that CITIZEN MILITIA is forming and organizing to repel the invaders at the border. The militia is counting on RER to inform Texas citizens.

GOP Lt. Gov. nominee, State Sen. Dan Patrick, finally surfaced to make a media statement on MSNBC. ​



July 11, 2014

The Texas Nationalist Movement issued an official statement on the border invasion. They are proponents of what Apostle Claver has been saying for months — militarize the international border of Texas.

“Mighty Heidi” Thiess was interviewed by CNN. Heidi had to set the socialist anchor straight.

State Rep. James White is calling on the Gov. Perry to not only call a special session to deal with the border invasion, but he’s also calling on Perry to go ahead and deploy the 1,000 national guardsmen that Perry is asking Obama to deploy. The $3.7 billion being asked for by Obama for the border only has 3% allocated for border security operations. And, law enforcement is not allowed to tread on certain portions of the border that are labeled as nature preserves.



July 10, 2014

Claver his thoughts on the Perry-Obama meeting here in Texas. Of course, as Claver knew it would, the meeting produced nothing productive.

Artemio Muniz has been a longtime advocate of the Texas Solution, that can only be equated to “amnesty”. As Claver’s guest, he still will not back off on his position and yet has no answers on what to do about the current border invasion.

The Beaumont Enterprise’s editorial board is calling for a study of the Gov. Perry’s slush funds, the corporations that have benefited from said slush funds, and how much they’ve given to Perry election campaigns.



July 3, 2014

We’ve won a battle! The petition drive to oppose the Houston ordinance advancing the homosexual agenda more than reached its goal. Over 50,000 signatures were turned in today to force the issue on the ballot in November. This is huge rebuke to dictatorial mayor, Annise Parker. Jonathan Saenz of TxValues.org called in on his way to the press conference announcing the achievement.

Claver smacks around the Kathie Glass supporters. She doesn’t have a chance to win and should receive ZERO attention or support.

State Rep. Jonathan Stickland (R-Tarrant County) came on the program to give his assessment on the border invasion after visiting the warzone. He also gives his ideas on how to repel the invasion and the prospect of a special session being called by the Governor.

Corey Whalen Stephens from Generation Opportunity drilled down on the employment numbers released today for the month of June. Youth unemployment is showing no improvement, at all.

Speaker Joe Straus announce a new committee to study the financial impact of the so-called border surge. Why are there as many Democrats and Republicans? RINO Joe strikes again!



July 2, 2014

The Government of Texas has abandoned the people of the state.  The intel received by RER is that there is no will amongst the elected to have a special session to deal with the border invasion.  Rick Perry continues to blame the Washington.  And news only gets worse.

Could CIVIL WAR be the immediate future of Texas?

Even with the invasion being the most important story in Texas in decades, there still other matters that must be attended to.  Jerry Jordan of SETInvestigates.com  made another visit to give us an update on the corruption and crisis of the Beaumont ISD and the take over of the district by the Texas Education Agency.

State Sen.-elect Bob Hall, confirmed all of the inside intel that RER has been receiving on the attitude of the current Texas officeholders toward doing NOTHING about the border invasion — including the current GOP nominee for governor, AG Greg Abbott.



July 1, 2014

Nick Hanaur, uber-rich venture capitalist and self-described plutocrats, warns his fellow “zillionaires” that the people are coming after them with pitchforks. It would be great if the Texas plutocrats would take some of his advice to avoid the confrontation.

Claver offers the revelation that the border invasion is defacto immigration reform. They’ve changed the immigration policy of the United States via self will.

State Rep.-Elect Pastor Mark Keough stopped by to offer his thoughts on the border invasion and what he will face in January 2015.

The Dems had there state convention last week. Annise Parker says the Dems are the party of “Faith, Family, and Freedom”. Huh? Claver played her stump speech.



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