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April 29, 2014

Of course Claver had thoughts on the Donald Sterling controversy.  And, of course, his thoughts flow outside of the mainstream.
K. Carl Smith, Frederick Douglass Republicans, had thoughts about the Sterling controversy.
Mayor Annise Parker has announced her version of a “nondiscrimination ordinance”.  She’s fast tracking the process to avoid any type of opposition.
Barry Klein, Houston Property Rights Association, gave a tutorial on how to use the petition process to change city charters and statutes.
SheJacLee opened her mouth, again.  This time she said that deportation is cruel and unusual punishment.



April 28, 2014

The abhorrent statements of the L.A. Clippers owner could have political ramifications.  Claver has his thoughts on the race to link Sterling to a political party.  R.W. Bray chatted with Claver about the subject and the threat.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker is fast-tracking her version of a non-discrimination ordinance.  Is the Church going to wake up and fight back?

The liberty candidate in the HD10 runoff is TJ Fabby.  He stops by to give us an update on his campaign.  His report was shockingly optimistic.  Let’s hope his assessment is accurate.

Claver says the controversial statements of Cliven Bundy are NOT racist! He breaks down Bundy’s statement piece by piece.



April 25, 2014

After a fatal stabbing in a Connecticut high school, Apostle Claver asks the same question he did after the tragedy of a multiple stabbing incident in Pittsburgh: Is the Left going to insist that knives are now banned in America?

Jonathan Saenz from TxValues.org called in to discuss the ruling of a Texas state district judge in a same-sex divorce case.

Joe Pickett is a Democrat state rep from El Paso. Why is he the chairman of the House’s homeland security and public safety committee?

Claver brought the attention of “The Herd” back to ISD elections and the Education Industrial Complex.



April 24, 2014

Claver believes that Abbott’s response to the BLM-Red River situation was tepid and ineffective.  Put the Texas State Guard on the border, now!

SMU you students voted down the creation of a student senate to represent homosexual students weeks ago.  But, don’t look now. They’re going to be asked to vote again.  There’s no way that the election results can be accurate?

Mayor Annise Parker is moving full steam ahead with her homosexual agenda by announcing her initiative to pass a Non Discrimination Ordinance similar to the controversial one of San Antonio.  All the while, Texas is inspiring other states to pass religious freedom legislation.

Claver has more evidence that the Democratic Party was, and still is, the party of the KKK.

There’s word of a conspiracy to weaken the power of the Lt. Gov. if Dan Patrick is elected.



April 23, 2014

CNN posted an online article that’s entirely a PR piece for Leticia Van De Putte.  Claver is wondering how can the Leftist media is going to turn Leticia into a celebrity while labeling her the “Woman That Can Turn Texas Purple”.  Claver’s response? “Ridiculous!”
Pastor Mark Keough is the state representative elect from HD15 in Montgomery County.  The pastor and the apostle had a good time chatting about godliness in government.  Claver pointed out the difference of real men and women of God seeking higher office versus the godless Democrats, such as Hillary Clinton, who fake piety.



April 22, 2014

Terri Hall, Texas TURF, made her regular visit to update us on war against transportation tyranny.  Claver engaged her in a conversation about Wendy Davis casting votes in the Texas Senate dealing with transportation that enriched her law firm.

David “The Dew” is going out with a whimper.  One of his not-so-greatest hits was the failure of the TSA bill.

What changed? Back in 2012 Dan Patrick endorsed “The Dew” for U.S. Senate.  Two years later, “Not-So-Dapper” Dan is running against the incumbent Dewhurst for Lt. Gov.



April 21, 2014

State Sen. Dr. Bob “Dr. Death” Duell (SD4 – R) has essentially called his liberty opponent Bob Hall a “wife beater” through a misinformation campaign.  Texas Politifact has labeled David “The Dew” Dewhurst’s attack ad on Dan Patrick as a “pants on fire” lie.  Whoa!
But you can’t un-ring the bell.
San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro has called all those that believe in one-man, one-woman marriage and oppose same-sex marriage, bigots.  Claver wonder’s how many Democrats and people of color will approve the mayor calling them bigots for standing for biblically-defined marriage.
Texas Eagle Forum leader, Cathie Adams, stopped by to give a preview of the coming battle at the RPT state convention dealing with the Texas Solution.



April 18, 2014

It’s Good Friday.  One of the holiest days of the Christian calendar.  But, in Texas, educational chaos has ensued. Do children have to attend school, or not, on this HOLY day?  Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values goes hard on ISDs.

Fundamentalist Mormon’s ranch in west Texas has been seized by the state.

Abbott buddies go after Wendy “Gold Diggin’” Davis on  conflict of interest votes with a attack TV ad.

It’s a weird alliance in San Antonio: Tea Party, liberty activists, Lefties, and Labor.  Who could cause such an unprecedented.



April 17, 2014

State Sen. Dr. Bob Duell has launched a vicious personal attack against liberty candidate, Bob Hall, in the SD2 runoff election.  Why?  Because “Dr. Death” Duell is finding it impossible to run from his legislative record. So he resorts to the predictable: mudslinging.
San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro has made it publically known that he aspires to live in the White House.  The Leftist media has already commenced his “celebritization”.
Texas CPS is taking custody of children that are being homeschooled.  Tim Lambert of the Texas Homeschool Coalition visits tell the horror story of the Tutt Family.
Consultant of the Dark Side, Allen Blakemore, is at it again.  One of his employees created a PAC with a dubious and insulting name.  What are these nimnongs thinking?
And Annise Parker is now proud of the fact that the city has the power to come and inspect your house to see if it’s “clean”.  Yep.  The dust police have been created.



April 16, 2014

El Conservador stopped by to chat with Claver about the Patrick-Castro debate that was held last night in San Antonio.
The Clear Lake Tea Party had an in-depth conversation with Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.  The subject turned to the ISD election process and “The Dew” made some surprising admissions and promises (that is IF he gets re-elected). To understand the impact on the Texas debt burden, James Quientero from TPPF ran down some of the eye-popping bond numbers from around the state.
New polling numbers have been released on the statewide elections in Texas.  The GOP is looking good.



April 15, 2014

Crystal Laramore of the Dam Good Times newspaper co-hosted with Apostle Claver.  It made for some “Dam Good Times”.  They addressed the mindset of the Left when it comes to social issues and same-sex “marriage” — especially San Antonio Mayor, Julian Castro, that believes standing up for biblical marriage is bigoted.
Clear Lake Tea Party leader, Geri Bentley, briefed the listeners on an upcoming Texas senate committee hearing on how ISDs conduct “private” elections for the issuance of school bonds.



April 14, 2014

Philip Eby is the liberty candidate that has advanced to the runoff in HD58.  He’s a good friend of RER and makes another appearance to give us a campaign update and his views on the latest happenings in Texas and national news.

In HD102, State Rep. Stefani Carter and former candidate Sam Brown (defeated in the primary) are trading barbs.  Mr. Brown is doubling down on his comments that Miss Carter is unfit for office since she is not married and childless.

Railroad Commission Chair, Barry Smitherman, former candidate for Attorney General, is tapping into the industry that he regulates to help retire his campaign debt.  Move on.  No conflict of interest here, right?



April 11, 2014

Texans are having to take out high interest rate loans to pay property taxes, and the loan industry isn’t worried about potential Austin oversight.
Texas GOP Chairman Steve Munisteri called in to give a report on the new ground game campaign that the party is spearheading going into the November general election.
The Libertarian Party state convention is this weekend.  How many Republicans would have to leave the GOP and join the LP before the “spoilers” have a chance to win an election?
Eddie Gallegos uses stealth in his grassroots activism.  He has witnessed the schemes of Battleground Texas and the Democrats up close.  His insight into their tactics is second to none.



April 10, 2014

The investigation into the political activities of Battleground Texas have been halted by two special prosecutors — one of which is Republican.
Kyle Coplen leads Armed Citizen Project. ACP arms single mothers with pump shotguns that live in high-crime neighborhoods.  Amber Lewis, one of the single mothers that benefited from the work of ACP, also visited RER.
The San Antonio Discrimination Ordinance potentially means that municipal governments will now dictate dress codes in private businesses.



April 9, 2014

Claver is wondering if the gun control advocates will now shift their attention to banning all Americans from possessing knives after the mass stabbing of students in a Pittsburgh high school?
State Rep. Steve Toth is running in the SD4 special election.  He had an engaging conversation with Apostle Claver about his freshman term in ATX, and his goals if promoted to senator.
Howard Ray heads Survivors of Gun Violence Against Gun Control.  Both of the Ft. Hood shooting tragedies have touch his life.  He spent a few minutes with Claver in the aftermath of the latest episode on the army base.
The San Antonio Non Discrimination Ordinance has claimed its first commercial victim.



April 8, 2014

After thrilling us with tough talk on illegal immigration, the buzz is that Lt. Gov. candidate Dan Patrick is going to tone it down at the request of Hispanic Republican elected officials.  How disappointing.
Toll roads are not merely invading Texas urban areas, they are now popping up in rural areas with low traffic volume.  Terri Hall, transportation expert, had a conversation with Apostle Claver about this newest development.
A Chicago black pastor is throwing his considerable weight behind a GOP candidate for Illinois governor.  Is this the first signs of a coming trend of blacks finally recognizing that Democrats are not good for the black community.
Claver starts the introduction for a strategy to thwart efforts to maintain the Texas Solution (amnesty) within the Texas GOP platform.



March 26, 2014

Claver comments on Jerry Patterson lobbying to have certain delegates barred from being on the RPT platform committee that oppose the Texas Solution.

Claver welcomes the first Democrat to RER.  Kesha Rogers is a candidate for the U.S. Senate and believes that Obama should be impeached!  This made for an interesting conversation, to say the least.

Claver digs into GOP resolutions from county conventions.



March 25, 2014

Breaking News:  Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson was appointed to the platform committee of the RPT state convention.  Jerry Patterson is pro open borders. A Claver explains the amnesty elements of the Texas Solution.
Claver highlights some of the resolutions that were presented at the SD7 convention — some he agrees with, some he thinks should be shredded.  As he reveals the political motivation of Dr. Steven Hotze from the resolutions Dr. Hotze advocated for at the county conventions.
Claver welcomes back transportation expert, Terri Hall, to discuss the tolling of Hwy 360 in the Metroplex and other roads.



March 24, 2014

Claver starts a review of GOP county and SD conventions. 
GOP state chairman, Steve Munisteri, called in to give the 411 on a new ground game campaign in the urban areas. 
When you discover that a candidate for Attorney General in the state of Texas has a high grade from pro-abortion NARAL, Claver only has one option.  Slam them!  Look out, Dan Branch! 

Claver tells the tale of the Texas Solution being voted down at his SD convention. 



March 20, 2014

Dan Branch is being pressured to drop out of the Attorney General’s race.  But don’t bet on it happening.  Pro-abortion Branch is the type that thrives on nasty fights.  A press release submitted to RER also reveals other GOP representatives and candidates that supported the expansion of 3rd-trimester abortions along with Branch.
Texas enjoys the reputation of being a pro business, pro free market state.  However, the Tesla controversy continues to expand as Arizona attempts to reverse its protectionist policies towards Tesla and competes for the new Tesla battery plant.
Claver celebrates his “spiritual birthday” by sharing his testimony.
Democratic Party policies are the causing a hospice to close in west Texas.



March 18, 2014

The VERY exclusive C-Club of Houston scheduled a PRIVATE debate between Lt. Gov. David “The Dew” Dewhurst and state Sen. Dan Patrick.  Sen. Patrick declined to fulfill the commitment because media was going to be barred from the event.  Claver has some thoughts on this.  Was Patrick correct?  Why would the C-Club attempt such a stunt?
Bryan Preston is an influential blogger of PJ Media.  He stays on top of things in Texas, nationally and internationally.  He joined Claver for an exhilarating conversation.



March 14, 2014

Washington Post columnist Nia Malika Henderson believes state Sen. Leticia Van de Putte is the real rising star in Texas and the key to turning Texas “blue”.
San Antonio restaurant owner and GOP fundraiser, Louis Barrios, says he’s going to raise money for Leticia Van de Putte for Lt. Gov.  Claver thinks his restaurant should be boycotted just as the Castro Brothers want to boycott Buc-ee’s.
SD2 candidate, Bob Hall, called in for a convo in the aftermath of his miraculous advance into the runoff.
Claver spotlighted the genius of such economic heroes as Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr. Walter Williams, Dr. Milton Friedman, and William F. Buckley on the matter of minimum wage and how it damages economic opportunity for blacks.



March 13, 2014

Comedy has entered into the 2014 election season.  One of the Castro brothers threatened to boycott the Buc-ee’s franchise if it was true that the company was backing State Sen. Dan Patrick in his run for Lt. Gov.
Claver was afraid that he’d lose his entire audience when he played a 10 minute speech from Houston Mayor Annise Parker.  She claims that the Democratic Party is the party of FAITH, FAMILY, and FREEDOM.  Now, that’s either more comedy are material that will make you lose your lunch.
GOP women have decided that they want to try and answer the vapid charges from the Left that there’s a war on women being conducted by Republicans.  It’s sad to see so-called conservative women of Texas stoop the level of the feminists and attack men in shameless pandering.



March 12, 2014

The Tesla motor company has been prohibited from doing business in New Jersey.  The office of Gov. Christie enacted a regulation that prevents from selling cars in the Garden State.  Typical New Jersey, blue state stuff, right?  But as Claver points out, Tesla can’t do business in Texas either!  Texas, the business-friendly state?
The Libertarian Party has been around for four decades.  The party has yet to achieve a noteworthy victory.  Yet, Libertarian candidates continue to play spoiler in elections and poach votes away from Republicans that have a chance to win and defeat outright socialist.  The special election in Florida’s 13th Congressional District is another example of how unproductive it is to support Libertarian candidates.  Claver speaks to the need of Libertarians to abandon their repeatedly failed efforts and work within the GOP to push it more to the right.



March 11, 2014

The Chairman of the Harris County GOP has be ousted after over a decade in office.  Paul Simpson is the new chair and appeared on local TV over the weekend.  Claver played the audio of the interviewed and offered commentary.
He then welcomed Eugene Ralph of GameChaingers, based in the Metroplex.  Like, RagingElephants.org,, Eugene’s org is attempting to grow the GOP through racial diversity.  Eugene and Claver had a wonderful conversation about the challenges and the victories of the past and what to expect in the future.
The United States Secret Service paid a visit to a RER team member because of a tweet.  Claver is not happy.  And you KNOW what that means!!
Does the biggest spender in a campaign always win?  Claver has done some digging and has the numbers.



March 10, 2014

Claver asked the question, ‘What happens when Tea Party leaders ‘loose their minds’ and compromise the principles of the liberty movement?” He shared the weekend interview of Gov. Rick Perry that aired on Bloomberg TV from CPAC. Claver closed the program by lamenting how Democrats in New York state are “stealing” the school choice issue from Republicans and solidifying their hold on Black voters.



March 7, 2014

Wendy Davis’ campaign sustained some major damage from the Rio Grande Valley.  What does it mean for the Abbott campaign going into November, but more importantly, for the growing of the GOP voting base in communities of color?
First-time candidate Molly White, pulled off a major upset for state representative against Ralph Sheffield in HD55.  She joined Claver for a examination of her successful campaign.
Claver runs down the campaign spending from the Primary cycle as reported by the Texas Tribune.  And he closes the program by exposing a personal attack upon him by a Tea Party leader.



March 6, 2014

Claver reflects on the historic and unprecedented Primary Election coverage of RER.  Philip Eby defied the odds and made it into the runoff in race for state representative.  Philip was Claver’s guest in the first hour.
Claver shared the resolution he offered at his precinct convention for a non-binding referendum on Texas independence.  And he reflects on the Strausian statewide candidates and the outcome of their races.



March 5, 2014

The historic and unprecedented coverage of the 2014 Texas Primary Election only expanded during Apostle Claver’s shift



March 4, 2014

Claver told the story how he was treated at his voting location.  He interacted with a voter that had a handful of voters guides.  Then he got an update from El Conservador on the Straus/Beebe race in San Antonio.
Claver read letter from Tea Party leaders from across the state to Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson.



March 3, 2014

On the eve of election day, Claver welcomed in candidates State Sen. Dr. Donna Campbell (SD25), Shannon Thomason (HD 72), and Read King (HD 64).  Claver spent more time on the deceptive scheme of pro-abortion candidates creating front PACs that will give them cover as pro-life.  And, he concluded by sharing thoughts and criticisms of the avalanche of voters guides that fill our mailboxes.


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