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Terri Leo has been involved in Texas GOP politics for nearly 40 years. She is now running for the State Republican Executive Committee to represent Senatorial District 7 in Harris County.  The election will be held at the state party convention in San Antonio that begins on July 14.

For Leo, her political activism started as a prayer and action leader for Concerned Women for America in her living room that was soon out grown.  Her current poltical pinnacle was in 1996 and her run for State Board of Education (SBOE).  Leo successfully served for 10 years also having held the Vice Chair position.

Leo points to her deep resume when speaking about her qualities to hold the SREC committee woman position.  “I feel like I’m very uniquely suited for the SREC in that I’ve had a lot of committee experience – bringing people that are in disagreement together, while at the same time holding very strong to my values. But, also being able to go out to lunch with people after the vote is said and done. And, work together on those things that we can. I think that’s a very important quality to have as an SREC member, to have the temperament to do so.”

What triggered her to run for the SREC was a Facebook post by her election opponent. In her RERvideo interview, Leo read the post that encourages Republican voters to under vote certain races in November to spite GOP nominees that were victorious in the 2018 primary election. Although they were the election winners, Leo’s opponent calls them “losers” in the Facebook post.

Leo makes the point that she supports every GOP candidate that advances from the primary election to the general election  regardless of whether she previously supported them, or not.  Leo claims that once she called her opponent out, she changed her position to advocate for GOP straight-ticket voting.

Leo believes that her conservative credentials are bolstered by the candidates she has helped to recruit for the SBOE.  The list includes conservative board members Donna Bahorich, Barbara Cargill, and Cynthia Dunbar.

When it comes to challenges facing the Texas GOP, Leo addressed the lack of diversity in the voting base. “I think we’re turning off a lot of younger voters as well as voters of color.  I think that those are two huge groups that if we don’t do a better job in recruiting, in fostering, and speaking to, in going to some of their clubs, helping to support some of their ideas, I think we’re going to see the Democrats take over.”

During the interview, Leo took a hard stance against GOP officeholders that haven’t supported the party’s platforms. When it was suggested that legislators and executives have neglected the platform and legislative priorities, Leo said, “I would go even further to say not that they were neglected (the platforms and priorities), but there were bills that were oppositional – that we had Republicans behind that were oppositional to our platform.

“You can use the bully pulpit of office as an SREC member to go lobby when the legislature is in session, and bring that information back to the voters, to clearly spell out for elected officials ‘this is what we’ve elected you to do, this is what you’ve promised to do’.”

Leo also believes that the SREC should have a strong influence with the party chair on which incumbents are going to receive financial support from the party.

When it comes to some of the more recent convention controversies, Leo was somewhat lenient on allowing neo-morality advocates to participate in the state party convention by securing vending booths.  But, she was firm against abortion advocates being allowed to participate.

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San Diego, California family physician Dr. George Delgado is leading a medical evolution that could have unimagined positive results for the pro-life movement.  While important incremental victories are being achieved through the political machinery of the United States and Texas, medical advancements are offering new hope of actually saving the lives of the unborn, currently.

Dr. Delgado is the medical director for  He and his team have discovered a way to actually reverse some types of abortions.

“I think it’s something that everyone needs to know, because the medical-induced abortion – that Planned Parenthood has called the ‘pill abortion’ – is now accounting for thirty to forty percent of all abortions in the United States,” said Dr. Delgado.

The pill formally known as RU46 is still approved and being used in the United States.  Dr. Delgado explained what choice this provides for a pregnant woman. “It’s approved in this country up to 10 weeks of pregnancy.  So women who now want to have an abortion now have an option of taking a pill that they swallow by mouth, instead of having the surgical abortion.

“The good thing for these women, however, is that if they do take that first pill, and then change their minds, we have a way to reverse the medical abortion process.  Whereas, if they go for a surgical abortion, once the instrument enters the uterus then of course it’s over.” has established a hotline to assist women that do change their minds after starting the process of a medical, or chemical, abortion. Dr. Delgado said that valid evidence shows many women do change their minds, “Many women have expressed regrets immediately after taking the abortion pill.”

In this RERhotclip, Dr. Delgado explains how the hotline connects a woman immediately to a health professional to counsel them on how to start the abortion reversal process.  He also lays out the science behind the remarkable breakthrough – how good chemistry can defeat bad chemistry.

Dr. Delgado’s team was scheduled to have their latest paper published in a peer-reviewed medical journal in May. The paper chronicles approximately 265 babies lives saved through this new abortion reversal therapy.

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The candidacy of former Bell County Judge Ben Leman for the House District 13 seat has brought out the claws between prominent Roman Catholic organizations in Texas.

The Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops (TCCB) took a wild swing at the work of Texas Right to Life (TRTL), the oldest and only legitimate statewide pro-life organization in Texas, in a Parish Advisory.  Recently in his campaign, Leman has echoed the attacks in response to his opponent, Jill Wolfskill, being endorsed by TRTL.

TRTL wasn’t going to take the allegations of TCCB laying down.  They composed a scathing rebuttal article entitled “The Bishops Lobbyist is Lying”.  And, in a teleconference that led up to the special election on May 5, TRTL President, Jim Graham hammered at the Texas Catholic Bishops for differing with the Texas GOP platform on a number of issues: gun control, welfare reform, health insurance, the travel ban, refugee policy, Cuba policy, global warming, border security, deportation, and immigration, capital punishment, and more.

In recent years, TRTL has been much more aggressive and on the offensive in their approach.  In the rebuttal article, they accuse the TCCB of not being in line with the directives issued by the Vatican.

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“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 6:21 <NIV>

The Texas House District 13 contest is a confusing mess.  The runoffs (yes, plural) are between Jill Wolfskill and Ben Leman.

State Rep. Leighton Schubert’s (R-Brenham RER70) announcement that he would not seek reelection set off the anticipated mad scramble of filings to fill the seat with five candidates making the balllot.  When Schubert amended his decision to an immediate resignation after finding a new job, two elections were now required – one to fill his vacant seat for the 2019 legislature, and another to fill his unexpired term.  In both races, Wolfskill and Leman are matched against each other in runoffs.  The runoff for the vacant 2019 seat is Tuesday, May 22.  The runoff for the unexpired term will be later in the summer.

A former Bell County Judge, Leman has cultivated big money from the worst of the Texas lobby.  From where a candidate gets campaign donations is a distinct preview of how they will perform if elected.  Especially in this runoff cycle, Leman has received contributions that indicate that his allegiance if elected will be to the Straus agenda, and the Texas Plutocracy that rules the lower chamber of the Pink Dome.


Texas House Leadership Fund: This is the personal PAC of Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus. Although Straus has decided to vacate his post as Speaker and a San Antonio state representative, he has flatly stated that he intends to remain a player in Texas politics. Straus is backing Leman in the HD13 runoff.  $10,000.

Associated Republicans of Texas: In this Texas Tribune article, ART leaders expresses their dismay over the culture war battles in Texas, and specifically the “bathroom bill”.  Beer kingpin, John Nau, is considered the dominant driver behind ART.

ART admits that they intend to be big players in GOP primaries, and will be backing the most RINO-cious of the incumbents and candidates on the ballot.  The Texas Tribune article reports to have discovered over $100,000 in donations from ART to the Leman campaign. The available spreadsheets available to RER shows a lesser amount at this time. $49,053.98

Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC (TLR): An even more horrifying sign from the Leman campaign is the acceptance of financial help from TLR. TLR postures as a “conservative” money machine that is primarily responsible for the Republicans ruling the Pink Dome. But, TLR are deceivers of the highest order.

Dick and David Weekley, of Weekley Homes fame, are at the top of the TLR organizational chart.

Unlike ART that only donates to moderate Republicans, Texans for Lawsuit Reform routinely donates to Democrats. In the 2016 primary election, their biggest campaign contribution went to a pro-abortion Democrat that formerly sat on the board of Planned Parenthood in the Rio Grande Valley that was attempting to unseat a pro-life Democrat.

TLR has financially backed pro-abortion Democrats as they did in a 2013 special election with State Rep. Carol Alvarado (D-Houston RER16) over a black Republican, R.W. Bray.  Since their creation, TLR has donated millions of dollars to Texas Democrats.

Censured State Rep. Sarah Davis (R-West University RER34) is a perennial favorite of TLR.  They enjoy organizing fundraisers for her, with Joe Straus and ART leaders usually in attendance, and throwing into the pile of money. $32,115.22

Straus’ Bag Men: In this election cycle, it appears that the top money curriers for the Straus faction of the party are State Representatives Drew Darby, John Wray, and Chris Paddie. $4,000.00

Texas Automobile Dealers Association (TADA): The auto franchisees that are anti-free market and pro protectionism. They use their financial power to block auto manufacturers like Tesla from using direct sales to sell their cars in Texas. $1,000.00

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RERhotclip Candidate Cody Harris Is Straus’ And Cook’s Boy Toy 

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 6:21

Cody Harris is a candidate for House District 8 state representative. He’s facing liberty movement favorite Thomas McNutt in the May 22 runoff to replace disgraced and party-censured State Rep. “Lord Byron” Cook (R-Corsicana RER56). has retrieved his campaign financial reports from the Texas Ethics Commission for the 2018 primary election cycle. Studying his donor spreadsheet revealed some disturbing political connections.

Cody Harris is already bought and paid for by the Straus-ian faction of the Pink Dome offering a clear choice for HD8 voters. Do they want a “King Joe” and “Lord Byron” property to continue representing them? Or, the candidate that rightly won the 2016 primary that was stolen by Cook through voter fraud?

Straus and Cook nearly simultaneously announced they were quitting their reign of terror under the Pink Dome on October 25, 2017. Yet, in his exit interview with corporate media, Straus promised to remain a player in future elections. He, and the diabolical faction he dwells within, kept the promise and they poured in big dollars to the campaigns of Harris and others.


Texas House Leadership Fund: This is the personal PAC of Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus. $92,500.00

LIFE PAC: As exposed in this RERfirst article, LIFE PAC is a fake pro-life group that has been bought by the Straus-ians to give the pro-genocide GOP faction pro-life cover. $13,284.99

Associated Republicans of Texas: One of the best-funded Plutocratic RINO PACS in Texas. You want to identify a card-caring Texas RINO, find out if ART is funding them. $156,575.82

Charles Butt & Texas Parent PAC: Charles Butt is the top guy of HEB, the grocery store empire. He a fierce opponent of school choice and is an anti-liberty force in Texas and uses two PACS to stifle education choice. One is the Texas Parents PAC. He has been a strong financial backer of Joe Straus since Straus’ entrance into the Texas Legislature. $17,727.59

TREPAC/Texas Association of Realtors PAC: This is an anti-property tax repeal or reform organization with massive bank accounts. $147,636.06

Texas Association of Business PAC (TAB): The lobbying organization against the “Bathroom Bill” in the 2017 Legislative Session and is pro neo-morality movement. $3,691.66

Texas Automobile Dealers Association (TADA): The auto franchisees that are anti-free market and pro protectionism. They use their financial power to block auto manufacturers like Tesla from using direct sales to sell their cars in Texas. $1,000.00

Straus-ian Disciples Returning to Austin in 2019 & Other RINOs: These are sitting Texas State Representatives that have decided to play in a GOP primary for the House. They are dedicated to the agenda of the Plutocracy and their master, Joe Straus. Zerwas has expressed his interest in being Straus’ successor as Texas Speaker of the House with scorecard grades that routinely sit at the bottom of the Republican House Caucus. $18,100.00


Houston Police Officers PAC: Wait. This race is centered in Corsicana. Anti-Constitutional Carry investment, perhaps? $1,000.00

Karl Rove: $7,429.34

Rob Johnson: Joe Straus’ political consultant. He handles Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar, too. $1,000.00

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It was a “Praise, God” moment when candidate Lisa Luby Ryan defeated State Rep. Jason Villalba (R-Dallas RER  ) in the 2018 GOP primary for House District 114.

Since his first term as a state rep, Villalba snuggled comfortably in the nest of Joe Straus.  He earned the nickname “Attach Chihuahua” because of his vitriolic attacks on prominent liberty movement activists like RERcontributor Alice Linahan, former Texas GOP Chairwoman Cathy Adams, and others.  He debated in proxy on behalf of the Straus reelection campaign for Texas Speaker prior to the 2015 legislative session and called Straus “Reagan-like”.  That comment resulted in ceiling-lifting laughter from the debate audience. And, he challenged the liberty movement grassroots to “take him out”.

Through the candidacy of Lisa Luby Ryan, they did.

The liberty movement had Villalba as one of its top targets to eliminate from the Austin Capitol, but could never find a strong enough candidate to extricate him from office until this past election season.  Lisa Luby Ryan possessed all the credentials to do so with extremely high name ID and a long resume of political activism.

Ryan exploited Villalba’s skyrocketing negatives among high-info voters, executed an intensive ground game, and was able to raise a competitive amount of campaign funds from individual donors to vanquish the “Attach Chihuahua” by six points.  She’s expected to be an ally on most issues with the Texas House Freedom Caucus which is majority comprised of other Dallas and North Texas reps.

In this RERexclusive interview, Ryan explains what she believes were the pertinent issues and campaign tactics that led to her success in defeating a well-entrenched incumbent with heavy financial backing from the Pink Dome plutocrats, and the favorite attack dog of the disgraced, soon-to-be former Texas Speaker, Joe Straus.

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Back in September 2017, State Rep. Jonathan Stickland (R-Colleyville RER100) unceremoniously slapped down Dr. Joe Pojman, leader of Texas Alliance for Life.  In a tweet, “Big Stick” referred to Pojman’s organization as a “fake pro life front group”.

The Twitter scrap came after a few state representatives expressed a desire to be the next Texas Speaker of the House in the aftermath of a House Republican Caucus retreat where a process was negotiated on how the next Speaker would be elected. The purpose of the exercise was to ensure a unanimous vote by the caucus with no impact from the Democrats in the House.  That was the genesis of Stickland’s initial tweet.

Pojman feebly struck back with his jab about Stickland, and all the state reps, voting for Straus in the past – with the most recent being a unanimous, on-the-record vote on the first day of the 2017 legislative session that made the Texas liberty movement furious.  Almost one month to the day of the Twitter scrap between Stickland and Pojman, because of increasingly mounting pressure from multiple factions within the Texas GOP, Joe Straus announced his retirement from the Texas House all together. Many thought this was a total collapse of power of the Establishment.

The final blow by Big Stick – calling Pojman’s group fake, and pointing to the ending of its funding – points back to the revelation that Texas Alliance for Life, and another faux pro-life org named LIFE PAC, were essentially bought off by pro-genocide financiers during the 2014 election cycle.  The primary funder was Joe Straus.

Well, not so fast, Big Stick.


In the 2014 Texas election cycle, the Texas House Leadership Fund contributed $79,000 to Texas Alliance for Life.  $25,000 went to LIFE PAC.

In the 2016 Texas election cycle, Straus ramped up the donations to LIFE PAC in the amount of $65,000 plus.  This included a donation from his campaign account, Texans for Joe Straus, of $15,000.  Texas Alliance for Life received two tranches of $15,000.

For the 2018 cycle, in defiance of Stickland’s tweeted prognostication and after Straus’ announced quitting, Straus kept his promise to be active in Texas politics and kept funding his faux pro-life buddies.  $17,000 was carved out for Texas Alliance for Life, and $20,000 to LIFE PAC.  Both contributions were drawn from the Texas House Leadership Fund account.

Since the scheme to purchase pro-life groups was launched by Straus, his henchmen, and his strategists, a total of $236,249.97 has been donated through three election cycles, as posted by the Texas Ethics Commission.




Michael Quinn Sullivan (a.k.a. MQS within the liberty movement) of EmpowerTexans rocked the Texas pro-life world in February 2014 when he traced payments from Joe Straus to two organizations who enjoyed a reputation in the state for strong pro-life advocacy.

In the article, “PAC PROTECTS LIBERAL TEXAS REPUBLICANS ON ABORTION”, Sullivan discovered that pro-genocide Republicans had started paying off Texas Alliance for Life and Texans for Life Coalition in order to get their endorsements.  These RINOs were getting snuffed by Texas Right to Life (TRTL) and not getting their seal of approval.  The pro-genocide RINOs were led by (of course) Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus.

Once again, Texas Alliance for Life is headed by Pojman.  Texans for Life Coalition is headed by Kyleen Wright.  LIFE PAC is the political arm of Texans for Life Coaliton.

In that first article, Sullivan shares how just over $20,000 had been tossed over to LIFE PAC and Wright from pro-genocide, pro neo-morality (and soon-to-be former) State Sen. John Carona (R-Dallas). The contribution was for a mailer to Carona’s district with LIFE PAC’s endorsement being featured.

In that same contribution cycle, Joe Straus’ Texas House Leadership Fund slid a cool $25,000 into LIFE PAC.

In his next article on the subject posted in January of 2015, Sullivan posted donations from Straus to Pojman’s Texas Alliance for Life for a total of $54,000.  The result?  Pro-genocide Joe Straus – he of the 100% NARAL rating and accolades from Planned Parenthood for pushing their agenda – and his band of merry RINOs, had an endorsement from a “pro-life” group.

MQS ripped the hide off of Pojman in the article for his Judas-like turn in order to give cover to the pro-genocide plutocracy, Joe Straus, and all of his Pink Dome henchmen.

Sullivan highlighted how Pojman acknowledged the pro-genocide ties of Straus back in 2010, including spotting a campaign contribution from a Planned Parenthood PAC and the gratitude expressed by the San Antonio chapter of PP for his help in advancing their agenda as Speaker.

That’s why Stickland referred to Pojman’s Texas Alliance for Life as a “fake pro life group”.

For Pojman and Wright the word got around the liberty movement of their straight sell out, and they found themselves black listed and scorned.  From the observations of liberty movement influencers and activists, neither Pojman nor Wright has done a single thing to rehabilitate their reputations.  Pojman’s September tweet is a prime indicator.  They still stand with “King Joe”.

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In what could be another tipping-point moment in the global culture wars, and have an impact on Texas commerce and politics, a new exchange traded fund (ETF) has started trading on the NASDAQ.

On January 11, 2018, the InsightShares LGBT Employment Equality ETF opened as a publically-traded investment instrument at $25.13 per share. The ticker symbol is “PRID”.

PRID’s profile on lists its investment objective:

          “The Fund seeks to track the performance of the USB LGBT Employment Equality Index.  The Fund will invest at least 80% of its assets in the index, designed to measure the performance of large and mid-capitalization U.S. companies that promote and provide equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees.”

The launching of the index by one of the globes money-center banks, USB, is an indication that Wall Street believes the neo-morality movement can create asset value and is tradeable on a global scale.  USB created the index and the ETF to be a product that can churn commissions and profits.  PRID may be the first, but others are sure to follow.

According to Bloomberg, PRID is the first ETF introduced in the U.S. market by Swiss-based UBS.  The index will be guided by a gauge created by the leading neo-morality advocacy organization, Human Rights Campaign Foundation. A portion of the fund’s revenue will also be donated to an LGBT-related charity each year.

PRID is tiny.  According to its net assets are currently $26.6 million.  Its average daily volume is 366 shares.  PRID’s price-earnings ratio is in the ozone at 26.67.

Distribution of the Fund’s prospectus is being handled through Exchange Traded Concepts, LLC in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


The Texas plutocracy, primarily led by the Texas Association of Business (TAB), has already decided to side with the neo-moralists for the purpose of capitalistic gain.  The primary argument against SB6, the “Bathroom Bill” of the 2017 Texas Legislative Session, was that it would stifle the ability of Texas to attract new business (large business) to Texas.

The biggest of the FAANG companies (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) gave backing to the TAB and not-so-gingerly threatened to punish Texas if SB6 was passed.  Amazon, Apple (with its openly homosexual CEO Tim Cook), Microsoft, Google, and other Silicon Valley anti-Christian corporations, were not shy about voicing their opposition to SB6.  The alliance of Silicon Valley and TAB was activated for the 2017 legislative session through the Keep Texas Open campaign.

Ultimately, Speaker Joe Straus, best friend of the TAB, made sure SB6 was assassinated in the Texas House.  It never received a hearing in committee.

According to Texas Ethics Commission campaign finance reports, Texans for Joe Straus, made a contribution to the Texas Association of Business of $30,000 on February 26, 2016.

But, the pressure continues with two Texas cities, Austin and Dallas, being considered by Amazon for their second headquarters.

The creation of the LGBT index and then a tradeable product, as designed, means that these companies will see pushing the neo-morality agenda as a way to potentially add value to the market cap of their companies, and their individual wealth.  Cook, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and the rest of the Silicon Valley robber barons, are already showing their intention to add value by pushing the neo-morality agenda in Texas, perhaps more aggressively as ever.  They get hometown help from Texas companies like Dell.


By far the market sector that gets the bulk of PRID’s holdings are in technology with 23.34%.

Is should be no surprise that its largest holding is in Apple with 5.17% of the near $27 million of its assets.  Amazon is right behind with 4.24%, and Microsoft makes up 4.14%.  Facebook is 2.4% of the portfolio, but right behind it is JP Morgan Chase and 2.29%.  The index may be tech heavy, but it is diverse with large holdings in media, banking, energy (Exxon Mobile), health and pharma, and major manufacturing.

On Thursday, April 12, PRID closed at $24.30 net asset value.

“It is important to note that Texans from across the state strongly showed in this past election that TAB is out of touch with Texas families, and that Texans will not be bullied into compromising the privacy of their daughters for the sake of political correctness.”
— Nicole Hudgens, Policy Analyst for Texas Values and Texas Values Action

“These people demonstrate a shrewdness befitting Satan in the garden.  Using corporate pressure and threats, they are appealing to economics, job creating and future expansion in Texas.”
— Pastor Stephen Broden, RERcontributor and SREC Committeeman

“The error in their thinking here is that Christians are intolerant bigots who should not have financial support because their values are inconsistent with freedom.  Christ gave us freedom.

“I guess this is the area of misunderstanding that we have in our country and why we continue to see division, boycotts, protests and maligning of those who uphold biblical values.”
— Tracy Shannon, RERcontributor

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If you’re a CNBC viewer, the promos are inescapable.  If you live in Houston, at least, you’ve probably seen the massive billboards – especially the one on the West Loop in the Galleria area.

The name of the prime time TV show is Billion Dollar Buyer.  The star of the show is Galveston-born Tilman Fertitta, the sole owner of the Landry’s Restaurant Empire. Forbes has labeled him the “World’s Richest Restaurateur”.

When it comes to making purchases, Fertitta is quite imperial.  Already having a portfolio of 500-plus establishments ranging from restaurants to casinos under the Landry’s banner (The Golden Nugget being the crown jewel), Fertitta added the Houston Rockets to his list of possessions when he and former owner Leslie Alexander reached agreement on a selling price of a record $2.2 billion for an NBA franchise.

In support of all those Landry’s properties, the company has to make massive supply purchases.  Thus, the premise of the CNBC TV show, Billion Dollar Buyer.

Small business owners get their shot to win the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if they have what Fertitta wants to buy for his properties.  Whether salt and pepper shakers, or light fixtures, if a vendor is able to close a deal with Fertitta, a seven-figure purchase order can make a little struggling company into an instant success. It’s mere pocket change for the Billion Dollar Buyer.

Anyone that follows Texas politics and recognizes the plutocratic nature of Texas government, can’t be surprised by the news that Fertitta does his share of politician purchasing, too. However, it’s where his money goes, to which politicians it goes, that will make the liberty-driven Texan shudder from the yuckiness.

In part one of what we think will be a three-part series, we first look at the personal political contributions of Tilman Fertitta – those separate from the massive Landry’s Political Action Committee.

In comparison to the pages and pages of financial contributions recorded by the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) for Landry’s PAC, Fertitta’s name as an individual donor is a slim one page spreadsheet with only 14 entries between the years 2000-2016.  Yet, it’s revealing.

Fertitta started small with a tiny $500 donation to former Democrat State Rep. Patricia Gray from Galveston County in 2000.  But he hadn’t yet reached financial critical mass, professionally.

In 2001 he donated another $500 to a League City councilman, Tad Nelson.  Nelson is a Galveston County DWI lawyer that was arrested in 2007 for misdemeanor assault and public intoxication, according to, for allegedly slugging a woman in a bar parking lot.

Then in 2007, Fertitta began to up his plutocratic game.  He started with a $100,000 donation to the Texans for Economic Development PAC.

His favorite pol to financially sponsor early on, personally, was former State Rep. Craig Eiland (D-Galveston).   In 2010 Fertitta tossed a cool $50,000 into Eiland’s campaign.  In ’08, Fertitta took care of the bill for two $600 helicopter tours for Eiland.

In ’14 and ’15, Fertitta liked State Rep. Harold “Do Nothin’” Dutton (D-Houston RER24) to the tune of two $1,000 contributions. He also gave $1,000 tip money to State Rep. Mary Ann Perez (D-Pasadena RER12).

Two Pink Dome RINOs received the favor of the Billion Dollar Buyer.  Long-time State Rep. Gary Elkins (R-Houston RER72) harvested $2,500 from Fertitta between 2014 and 2016.

And, how could this NOT be a part of the report.  Yes, Fertitta donated $1,000 to State Rep. Sarah “Planned Parenthood” Davis (R-West University RER36) in 2014.

Since 2000, the farthest back the TEC reports publish online financial reports, Fertitta made personal political contributions totaling $158,700.  Remove the $100,000 donation to the PAC, and what remains is $54,700 went to identifiable Democrats from 2000 to 2016.

In part 2 of the Billion Dollar Buyer series, RER will take a deep dive into the massive sums of cash pumped out to officeholders through the Landry’s PAC.

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From President Donald J. Trump, to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, all the way down to Texas Speaker Joe Straus, entrenched anti-liberty Republican officeholders have pledged their involvement in the 2018 GOP primaries around the country.  Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas has signaled the same intention.

With no credible opposition to his re-election (again), and his campaign treasury approaching a cash-on-hand total of $45 million, it’s not clear yet if Abbott is going to toss out mountains of Franklins.  But, the Governor has commenced announcing Pink Dome endorsements and it gives us a floor-to-ceiling window view into his political savvy, or the lack thereof.

What can be said of the Abbott primary endorsements, with certainty, is that they reflect the general political philosophy demonstrated by Abbott throughout his political career.  “Do the easy thing”.

The contradictions in Abbott’s endorsements are so glaring, it’s impossible to determine what parameters he and his political advisors relied on to come to their selections. The endorsed candidates’ positions on the political spectrum are as wide as the Bush Tollway.  The only spec they have in common is that they have R’s behind their names on the ballot.

To date, RER discovered 22 endorsements announced and posted to the Abbott website.  They range from State Rep. Valoree Swanson (R-Spring RER100) to State Rep. Travis Clardy (R-Nacogdoches RER52) that has been #RULE44’d by the Cherokee County Gop. (More on the Clardy endorsement in a future RER report).

The first posted endorsement is in support of State Rep. Paul Workman (R-Austin RER61) who is best known for work in previous legislative sessions to make the vilified Texas Solution a lawful reality, and giving driving licenses to illegal invaders.  Workman is infamously remembered for telling a group of his constituents that his reason for being in office was to “better his business”.

Workman faces two challengers. Jay Wiley was identified as the liberty movement (LM) candidate in their first faceoff during the 2016 primary.

The difficulty in picking challenger Susanna Dokupil over State Rep. Sarah “Planned Parenthood” Davis (R-West University RER34) points to Abbott’s penchant for doing the easy thing.

Going with State Sen. Joan Huffman (R-Houston RER75) couldn’t have been too hard with challenger Kristin Tassin’s ties to Joe Straus.  The animosity between the Texas Senate, the Governor’s Mansion, and the Straus-ians is well documented – especially after the 2017 Legislative Session ended in outright verbal combat between the governing-power Texas Triad.

Other than Davis, the only other incumbent that Abbott has endorsed against is State Rep. Wayne Faircloth (R-Galveston RER70) who faces a challenge from Wallisville’s Mayes Middleton, President of Middleton Oil Company. Middleton is the most recent endorsement posted to the Abbott site.

The good news of the Abbott endorsements is that he did endorse three incumbents that are members of the Texas House Freedom Caucus that are facing challengers in the March 6 Primary.

Along with Swanson, State Rep. Mike Lang (R-Grandbury RER98), and State Rep. Matt Schaefer (R-Tyler RER99) grabbed the Governor’s checkmark.  Religious liberty favorite State Rep. Ron Simmons (R-Carrolton RER75) may get an advantage with Abbott’s endorsement because of the weird ballot dynamic of being challenged by Kevin Simmons.

The hilarious component of the Abbott endorsements has to be the fact that of the 22 endorsements announced, eleven of them (half), don’t even have primary opponents!  (Just keep doing the easy thing, Gregory).

The Governor’s site posted the endorsement of Straus-ian RINO State Rep. Leighton Schubert (R-Caldwell RER70) on November 21.  On December 7, four days before the candidacy filing window was to close, Schubert announced his decision not to run for re-election.




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